Of course you can get paid to become a nurse!

Nursing is one of the most important professions that save lives and there are legit companies and programs that pay you to become a nurse!

This article reveals a lot more about such companies and programs and tips to help you get paid to become a nurse!



When talking about nurses, two prominent historical nurses come to mind that revolutionized not only the field of nursing but the role that they played beyond the hospital settings of their time.

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The first historical nursing figure was Florence Nightingale.

Florence Nightingale is known as the founder of modern nursing, and it took her medical skills beyond the confines of hospitals out into the battlefield as she served during the Crimean War.

The other famous historical nurse is Clara Barton.

This American nurse took to the battlefields during the Civil War and attended to the wounds of those that fought during this significant time in American history.

Clara Barton is also the founder of the American Red Cross.

These two hero nurses made a significant impact during their day and their impact and legacy are still felt today.

Nurses are heroes whether they are on the battlefield during actual wartime or whether their battlefield is in the emergency room, in an Intensive Care Unit, assisting in the operating room, or tending to the needs of the patients in various parts of the hospital.

Nursing is an extremely noble profession that selflessly serves the medical and mental needs of individuals who are in need of medical services.

Let us look deeper into this noble profession and explore ways on how an individual can get paid to become a nurse and 10 companies that can help in that process.


10 Ways/Tips to Get Paid to Become a Nurse


1. Know all about Nursing School Cost 

When talking about ways to get paid to become a nurse, a critical component of realizing that goal is to know how much money is required to earn a nursing degree.

In essence, there are 4 degrees that an individual can pursue in becoming a nurse.

Those 4 degrees are an associate degree in nursing, a Bachelor of Science in nursing, a Master of Science in nursing, and a doctor of nursing practice.

The total investment for an associates degree in nursing (ADN) would range anywhere from $6000-$20,000 per year at a public university, the investment range to earn a Bachelor of Science in nursing degree (BSN) and Master of Science in Nursing degree (MSM) could range anywhere from $40,000-$100,000, and the price range of earning a doctor of nursing practice (DNP) degree could be between 40,000 and $70,000.


2. Have a Budget

Counting the cost, it is then important to devise a budget that can be utilized as a framework for attaining the goal of earning a nursing degree.

The two sides of the budget are income and expense and all of the revenue and expenditures for your personal budget should be listed.

It is important to remember that the budget is a tool to help you direct your money that is earned into specific expenditure line items.

It is a tool.

The budget is not a hammer to “pound away” at you but more of a tool such as a straight edge to provide guidance and parameters.


3. Plan 

As with anything in life, it is important to have a plan of action that outlines the various goals and objectives and the steps needed to meet those aims.

The same is true as you are thinking about earning your nursing degree.

Aspects of the plan should include your focus or vision, your measurable and attainable goals, methods on how you will achieve those goals, and what is your objective.

This plan will also help to keep you focused as you have put your dream and vision on something concrete that you can refer to and develop a strategy in moving forward.


4. Learn about Financial Aids

If you meet certain qualifications you may be eligible for financial aid.

This is money that is granted to you and does not need to be paid back and so of course is the best of both worlds.

In determining eligibility for financial aid you can go to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to begin the application process.


5. Grants 

Receiving an outright grant would be the optimum way to earn money to go to nursing school.

A grant is money that is awarded to an individual and does not need to be paid back as long as they meet the requirements and criteria of receiving the grant.

A great website to explore these potential opportunities can be found by accessing College Scholarships.


6. Side Hustles 

Being the focused and driven individual that you are in pursuing your career as a registered nurse, you are certainly not adverse to hard work and commitment to reach your goals.

As such, a strategy to get paid to become a nurse would be to take on the side hustle.

Side hustles are defined as those self-employment opportunities where you aggressively take on extra jobs to earn income.

Examples of side hustles that don’t require too much work and only a commitment of time are through delivery services such as www.uber.com or www.instacart.com.

These delivery services utilize your ability to drive through the use of your own vehicle and make deliveries of either people or food.

Through these websites and others, you are considered a self-employed individual and therefore can set your own schedule as to when you wish to work.

Payment is made for delivery plus you will receive tips if they are given by the customer.

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7. Scholarships 

Another opportunity to get paid to become a nurse is by earning a scholarship.

Of course, scholarships can be very competitive and there are certain expectations and criteria that need to be demonstrated in order to be awarded a scholarship.

To check out possible opportunities you can go to the American Red Cross website to see what types of scholarships might be available.


8. Work-Study 

Another great option that blends working and being paid to go to school is through work-study programs.

A work-study opportunity is to work for the school that you are attending, and they pay you while you are going to school and might even, through their program, subsidize some of your educational costs.

Examples of such positions that you can hold through a work-study program are custodial or administrative jobs such as working in the school store, library, etc.


9. Apprenticeships 

Another opportunity to get paid to learn about nursing and work towards becoming a degreed nurse is through an apprenticeship program.

Due to the shortage of nurses, many hospitals offer an apprenticeship program in which you are paid and in the process learn the nursing profession as an apprentice.

An example of such a program can be found by accessing Centura Health.


10. Family 

Another possibility of getting paid to become a nurse is through the support of your immediate family.

Of course, no one wants to take advantage of anyone else let alone a member of the family.

However, perhaps their monetary commitment of a small portion of money each month would help with needed financial resources to purchase books, supplies, cover lab costs, etc.

Also, if any family member is in the financial position to help more significantly the promise to pay them back could be captured in a legally binding contract with the offer of paying the loan with interest.


10 Legit Programs/Companies to Get Paid to Become a Nurse


1. Hospitals 

As an integral part of the hospital staff, it stands to reason that hospitals would want to facilitate the education of current and future nurses.

Therefore, an opportunity that might present itself in getting paid to attend nursing school is to be part of a hospital that offers this type of benefit.

Some of the financial assistance that hospitals may offer includes tuition reimbursement, continuing educational units (CEU), work-study programs, etc.

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Some particular hospitals that are open to paying for nursing school include:

  • John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland
  • Baptist Medical Center in Jacksonville, Florida
  • Houston Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas
  • Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota
  • Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland
  • Seattle Children’s Hospital in Seattle, Washington
  • And more

An additional listing of hospitals that are conducive to developing the career of nurses can be found by clicking here.


2. Government Programs That Pay You to Become a Nurse

At Apprenticeship.gov you can find apprenticeships in various nursing programs.

This website connects programs that are available with individuals wishing to be involved in an apprenticeship program as part of their career development.


3. Johnson and Johnson 

Johnson and Johnson, a leading medical supply company, although does not appear to offer to fund, has provided a wonderful resource for individuals to receive financial support in pursuit of their nursing degree.

This website can be found at https://nursing.jnj.com/scholarships.

The nursing scholarships vary in both eligibility requirements as well as amounts of money that can be applied for.


4. One Hospital in Particular 

There are many hospitals that will help provide financial incentives for an individual to become a nurse.

One such medical facility is found in Arizona and if accepted into the program will pay up to $6000 for that student.

Requirements are fairly lenient so as to eliminate a significant number of barriers for an individual to pursue their nursing degree.

To learn more about this program you can access this website at Kingman Medical Center.


5. Federal Aid Work-Study Program 

A federal work-study (FWS) is a program that is funded by the government in which students are allowed to work part-time in order to earn money and assist with college expenses.

The successful enrollee will be hired for the full academic year.

The schedules are flexible so as to ensure time for coursework and studying.

Students are paid directly and may use the money to assist with any education-related expenditures.

Eligibility begins with applying for FWS and then completing the FAFSA and meeting the federal requirements.

To learn more about this program you can click here.

To learn more about one particular work-study program you can check out this particular website https://www.aultmancollege.edu/work-study-program.


6. Military Service 

A possible strategy of getting paid to become a nurse would be to enlist in the military.

With your propensity towards nursing, you could become a member of the Navy, Air Force, or Army and indicate that you wish to be involved in a medical field within these military branches.

The United States Marine Corps does not have a medical branch and relies on the United States Navy Corpsman to provide that medical involvement.

Upon fulfilling your contractual demands, you would be eligible for the G.I. Bill and would be able to have a significant part of your tuition and schooling needs to be met through this benefit provided to veterans.

To learn more about this benefit package you can click here.


7. Nurses.org 

At https://nurse.org/scholarships/ there are a number of scholarship listings that are available for nurses who are especially willing to work in areas of the nursing field in which there is a high demand due to a shortage.

Upon graduation, it may require, as part of fulfilling the contract, to work in these understaffed positions.

In addition to covering almost all of the expenses associated with obtaining a nursing degree is the offering of a monthly allowance as well.

One of the requirements is that the individual needs to be currently enrolled in a nursing degree program prior to September 30 of that current calendar year.


8. Peace Corps 

The assumption in wanting to become a nurse is that you have the personality and characteristics that are conducive to the nursing field and profession.

Therefore, as an empathetic and sympathetic individual, your concern for humanity is most likely a passion.

You can couple that passion with an opportunity to earn money or receive a grant and provide service in the Peace Corps.

As a Peace Corps volunteer, you are provided a living stipend during the course of your service.

After two years of service, you are then provided a $10,000 pretax gift to help with your transition back to your previous life and there are no strings attached as to how that money can be utilized.

In addition, there may be possible student loan benefits in which certain public student loans may be eligible for deferment or possibly be forgiven by your lender due to your selfless service through the Peace Corps.

For more information you can access the website by clicking here www.peacecorps.gov/volunteer/benefits/


9. Mt. Graham Regional Medical Center 

Mt. Graham Regional Medical Center is a 49-bed community hospital located in Safford, Arizona, and offers a program in which nursing students will be paid up to $6000.

The scholarship is accepted at Eastern Arizona College and the last day to apply is March 1.

It is available to full-time students at Eastern Arizona College who must be a resident of Graham, Greenlee, or Gila counties in Arizona.

Also, the student must carry a 3.0 GPA.

The website for this hospital is www.mtgraham.org


10. HRSA 

At https://bhw.hrsa.gov/funding/apply-scholarship/nurse-corps there are a significant number of scholarships available for those individuals who are underserved and come from financially challenged families.

To be eligible for scholarships the individual would already need to be enrolled in a nursing school program.

HRSA is an acronym that stands for Health Resources and Services Administration.


Personal Story

When I had my heart attack several years ago early one Sunday afternoon, added to my stress and anxiety was trying to provide care for my Alzheimer’s stricken wife.

Having no relatives in the city where I lived, I frantically tried to call family members to let them know what was going on with me but more importantly try to make arrangements for someone to care for my wife as she had a habit of wandering.

Doing the best that I could and making calls and leaving messages, I soon found myself at the hospital, and once prepped for surgery don’t remember anything after that till sometime late in the evening when I woke up in intensive care.

I don’t remember much about the experience, but I do recall there was an intensive care nurse there caring for me medically and the phone would ring occasionally, and I would try to find out what was going on as to whether the proper arrangements have been made to care for my wife.

Eventually, the nurse intervened, took the phone out of my hand and talked to the individual at the other end of the phone line, and reminded them that I just had a heart attack and I needed to rest.

That was that.

The nurse took charge and fulfilled her oath to care for me the best that she could, which included telling people like it was and that they needed to leave me alone.

I can see where many smitten patients would be affected by the Nightingale effect.


Make Money Becoming a Nurse FAQs


What would be the characteristics to have to be a good nurse?

Given the professional duties required to fulfill the role of the nurse as well as balancing that with patient interaction, there are a number of good qualities that should be exhibited by an individual wishing to become a nurse.

Some of those qualities would include:

  • Caring
  • Communication skills
  • Empathy
  • Attention to detail
  • Skills involved with problem-solving
  • Stamina
  • A sense of humor
  • Critical thinking
  • Leadership skills
  • And more


Are There Different Roles Fulfilled as a Nurse?

The short answer is yes.

Those different types of nursing roles underneath the umbrella of nursing:

  • Operating nurse
  • Pediatric nurse
  • ICU nurse
  • Emergency room nurse
  • And more


You Can Do It

The dream of becoming a nurse is a very noble pursuit.

It is an opportunity to be caring and compassionate as it relates to meeting the medical needs of those that she or he has been called upon to serve.

If desiring to pursue this occupation it can be accomplished and there are a variety of pools of money available to help you pursue your dream.



It takes a special type of person to become a nurse.

These individuals are not only skilled educationally and experientially as it relates to the medical field but bring a particular personality in which they can be very attentive and comforting and yet on the other hand, for the benefit of the patient, can put their white shoes down and make sure that everybody follows his or her instructions.

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