Getting paid to be healthy is indeed a thing!

This article reveals all the best ways to really get paid to be healthy and some of the best companies and apps that pay.



There are many ways to be wealthy.

Some of those ways include the actual monetary wealth that you can accumulate and can be reflected in your portfolio.

First, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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Another way that you can be wealthy is with the blessings that you have received through relationships, especially with family.

Of course, another way that you can be wealthy is to enjoy good health.

Good health is priceless.

For some of us, we have the benefit of good DNA and have inherited healthy genes.

Unfortunately, for the majority of us, maintaining and working at our health is a day-to-day activity and is gained through eating properly, exercising regularly, and maintaining a positive outlook on life.

It could easily be argued having one’s health can make you the wealthiest of all because without good health we are deprived of the other wealth factors in our lives.

Having said that let’s look at ways that we can not only get healthy but get paid to be healthy through various companies that will provide a financial incentive.


10 Best Apps & Companies That Pay for You to Get Healthy


1. Miles App 

The lesson for me underscored the health benefits of walking.

Many positions and health experts state that if an individual could get in 10,000 steps per day that, coupled with diet, will help the individual to lose weight.

The weight loss will be a steady and progressive path to achieving your appropriate weight.

To help with this process several electronic devices will measure your distance walked along with calories expended.

Also, there is an app that will help you to incentivize your walking by providing you rewards in proportion to the miles that you walk. The app also awards points when you take trips in cars, use public transportation, etc.

To learn more about the miles app click here.


2. StepBet

StepBet utilizes the combination of gaming along with providing money to help an individual exercise by walking.

The process begins with downloading the app and then choosing a game to accomplish what goals you wish to set for yourself

You then place a bet on yourself to meet those goals and when those goals are reached you share a pool of money with the other winners.

The bottom line is that you not only win back your own money but receive a small profit from the pooled money.

If you don’t reach your weekly goal, you are not allowed to be part of the dividing of the money that is available.

Click here to check out StepBet


3. Evidation 

This app allows a variety of ways for the individual to become healthy by downloading this software onto their smartphone.

The variety of ways an individual can earn points can be through the logging of meals, walking, and meditating.

The app connects with a variety of fitness devices that people wear to achieve their fitness goals.

Examples of those devices would include Fitbit, Apple Health, Garmin, etc.

The individual can earn up to 80 points a day for a variety of activities that they indulge in.

Also, is the opportunity to earn extra points.

These extra points are realized by taking surveys, being involved with programs and various studies as it relates to health.

$10 is paid for every 10,000 points an individual earns and payment is made through PayPal or direct deposit.


4. SweatCoin 

This app is provided at no charge to the individual and involves your walking exercise outside.

Payment of rewards is not in cash but the currency associated with SweatCoin can be used to redeem other products or services.

Click here to check out SweatCoin


5. FitFetti 

The use of this app will provide the successful user with rewards in a variety of ways.

Some of those ways include credit, free products, discounts, and money.

These rewards are earned when the individual meets their weekly step goals.

There are a variety of companies and people that participate in the program and are called your sponsors.

Upon signing up you receive your first sponsor and upon the successful steps that you achieve you to obtain more sponsorships and add additional items from the sponsors.

There is also a social connection with this app so that you can interact with others to send support messages.

This app connects with Apple’s Health, or Fitbit to track your activity.

As sponsors pledge money, the money can be redeemed through PayPal or credits from Amazon.

Click here to check out FitFetti


6. FitPotato 

FitPotato is an app that will pay you for walking and running and is designed to run on iOS.

Upon downloading the app and setting up your account, you are then given the option to join a group and make a commitment.

The commitment is your personal decision to walk a certain number of steps or take part in several sessions over one week.

To be involved in the commitment and before joining a group, you must pay an entry fee.

If your commitment and your goal are realized, you will receive an equal share in the available prize money.

It would appear that your account is credited for the value of the reward.

If you wish to cash out this reward you need to send a written request and then that transfer will occur.

Click here to check out FitPotato


7. CirleCare 

This particular app requires a little bit more intensive involvement.

In addition to helping you track your daily walking, it also helps to monitor the overall condition of your health.

The app reminds you of any medications that need to be taken, monitor your health, facilitates involvement with communities, and offers an overall corporate wellness program.

There is a rewards system associated with Circle Care.

Five different categories are available for rewards that can be earned.

Those categories include health monitoring, health education, medication, activity, and engagement.

Each of the various categories has different goals that need to be accomplished and the user is awarded different points when successfully met.

For example, you will receive 50 care points in meeting your daily walking goal and 100 points for reaching a particular milestone.

Rewards include such items as fitness equipment, vacationing, food, and massages.

Click here to check out Circle Care


8. LifeCoin 

These app rewards individuals when they participate in running or walking and accomplished outside.

The downloaded app of Life Coin will automatically register your steps and in doing so converts them into life coins.

The coins can be eventually redeemed for gift cards, sporting goods, gadgets, and other items.

Life coins can also be presented when other people are referred in using and they begin to use the app.

Click here to check out Life Coin


9. HealthyWage 

Health Wage is an incentive app for the individual who wants to lose weight, be healthier, and commit to an exercise program of walking.

Also, the successful candidate will win money.

The process of winning money is when the individual bets on themselves by committing to a goal and when achieved gets paid.

The process begins when you calculate your priorities, set your goal and timeline, make your bet, and verify your starting weight.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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When these preliminary steps are taken, then you set about on losing weight and when accomplished you verify your results to receive the money.

To work at this program there must be a commitment to at least lose 10% of your body weight.

Involved also is a calculator in which you can choose how many pounds you wish to lose, the number of months involved, and how much you wish to bet each month.

To learn more about how all of this is played out and with associated payments click here.

Click here to check out Health Wage


10. Insurance Company 

Many companies realize that there is a cost-saving to any medical benefits that they provide to their employees if employees are more proactive.

Therefore, many companies will incentivize an employee’s effort to be more health-conscious and to take various steps to improve their health.

Some companies even offer a bonus if an individual who is a smoker will be involved in a smoking cessation program.

Also, some health companies that are associated with employee benefits will provide a free Fitbit so that the individual can monitor their daily steps.

This is part of the process of providing accountability to the employee to make sure that they reach their step goal per day.

Sometimes the benefits are given as a bonus when the individual realizes the fitness goals with the bonus being anywhere up to $150 given annually.

It is important to check with your company to see if such a wellness program is being offered and if not, maybe as a suggestion, the company could be involved in such a program.


10 Best Ways & Tips to Get Paid to Be Healthy


1. Weight Loss Participant 

An opportunity that might present itself for you to be better off health-wise as well as earning money is to be part of a weight-loss study.

To be part of such a study you can check out this clinical trials website to see if any clinical trials are available.


2. Walking Dog 

Earning money and receiving a health benefit is by walking a dog.

Through such a site as, there are listings of individuals (pet owners) that are looking to hire individuals to provide this service.


3. Competition 

A great way to work towards the achievement of your health by losing weight is to be competitive.

Between you and a friend or a group of friends, you can develop a competition to see who can lose the most weight over a given period.

The earnings could be the dividing of a pool of money where the top person or group of people are provided a free healthy dinner provided by the other individuals who fell short of their weight loss goal.


4. Deliver Food 

Many food delivery services require a self-employed individual to pick up food from a variety of restaurants or grocery stores and deliver that food to customers.

The mode of transportation can be anywhere from using a vehicle, to a bike, to walking.

As a health benefit, you can sign up for such a program at and your area of service would be the downtown area and you could deliver the food by walking or riding your bike.


5. Blogging 

You could start a blog with a focus on your weight loss or health improvement journey by blogging about your experiences.

For example, you could talk about the various steps that you have taken from identifying your need to pay attention to your health to your commitment, to the use of a variety of methods, to diets, providing recipes, etc.

This is a fairly popular topic and you might be able to obtain a following.

Payment would come from your followers, as well as affiliate ads, and possibly the securing of a sponsor.

The possibilities of a sponsor could include a weight loss program, health fitness studio, etc.


6. Plan 

A tip to get paid to be healthy would be the development of a plan.

Specifically, you could write an e-book and have it published through Amazon with the focus and goal of the book to help others in their goal of improving their health.

You could develop many chapters such as providing your experience and testimony as to why you began this journey, the steps that you began to take, and your involvement in food, exercise, and the discipline you demonstrated.

This book could be an inspiration for others as well as motivate them to take the same path of action.

To learn more about developing an e-book through Amazon you can click here.


7. Fitness Trainer 

If you have been successful in losing weight and embracing a healthier lifestyle you can get paid for your efforts by becoming a fitness trainer.

What better individual to learn from than from an individual who has been there and done that.

Possibilities of getting a job at a fitness center would be extremely possible due to your success and the fact that this fitness center could leverage that success to help others.


8. Drug Stores 

Many drugstores have reward programs in which these rewards can be redeemed for discounts on products in their retail operation.

Typically, a drugstore is synonymous with offering items such as dietary supplements, beauty products, and other healthy products that can be purchased when you are part of the reward program.

In addition to discounted items, Walgreens offers a four-week challenge in which you earn Walgreens cash rewards for each week of completion.

You can check out the Walgreens program by clicking here.


9. Walking Tours 

A perfect blend of becoming healthy and being paid to do so would be involved with a walking tour.

Many larger and moderate-sized cities are becoming more historic with each passing year.

The possibility of providing and leading a walking tour for tourists and residents of the city has potential.

This would combine the possibility of being paid to conduct this tour along with the health benefits received by walking.


10. Teaching Yoga

Perhaps as part of your mental and physical plan to become healthier was to take up the discipline of yoga.

It may have proven quite successful for you to do this and you have seen a significant change in your physical well-being as well as your mental health.

Therefore, as you moved towards your efforts in becoming healthy you can turn this into a revenue-producing program offered to others as they can pay for your instruction on yoga.

To learn more about becoming a yoga instructor you can click here.

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Personal Story

Perhaps you can relate?

I was going to go out for the day, and I decided to wear something different and went to my clothes closet.

I grabbed a pair of slacks that went well with what I was going to be wearing and began to slip on my trousers and as I tried to button up the pants, the dreaded process began where I tried to pull in my stomach to clasp the trousers that I chose.

I knew that I had put on weight but didn’t realize how severe the situation was.

Unfortunately, I had no one to blame but myself.

Yes, I had planted the seeds of a sedentary lifestyle and as a result, my stomach had grown.

The trifecta was now complete. I was now overage, overindulgent, and overweight.


Getting Paid to Be Healthy FAQs


What is the Latest Obesity Rate for Adults in America?

In 2020 Harvard conducted a study and found that one out of every three adults is obese.

This represents 36% of the population.


What is the Obesity Rate Amongst Children Ranging From the Ages of Three to 19 in the United States?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2019, it was found that 18.5% of children ranging from 2 to 19 years of age were considered obese.


You Can Do It

When we struggle to climb those stairs in our home, or try on that pair of pants or other clothing, or are winded from the slightest exertion, our body is speaking to us.

To help us in our efforts to be healthier there are a variety of methods and companies that will pay us in trying to achieve our goal.

The only thing that is lacking is the incentive to do so if we do not move and move forward.



Many incentives can drive our commitment to being healthy.

Continuing to be a part of our family’s lives and future generations is a good incentive.

Being paid to be healthy can also be a good incentive.

However, perhaps the best incentive is found within the individual themselves in that this is a goal that they wish to achieve.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE

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