Yes, you can get paid to become a surrogate.

This revealing article explains how and some legit ways/companies that really pay or help you get paid up to $80,000 to be a surrogate.



It has been said that “A baby is God’s way of saying the world should go on.”

To hold a baby in your arms can overshadow anything that is going on in your life.

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To have their tiny hand clutch your finger brings such a sense of responsibility and love and if ever the cares of this world smother you with doom and gloom listening to a baby’s laughter dispels the dark shadows of life.

Nothing quite matches the enjoyment and experience of bringing a baby into this world.

Unfortunately, there are those couples who wish to have a child but for a variety of reasons cannot make this miracle happen.

One of the options available to a childless couple is to adopt a child.

The other possible method of bringing a child into this world is through a surrogate process.

It takes a special woman to be a surrogate.

Let us then look into this process and how a woman can be involved in this miracle of birth and be compensated for the joy of and blessing of being a surrogate mother.


10 Ways/Tips to Get Paid to Be a Surrogate


1. Know All About Being a Surrogate 

A surrogate is a woman who carries a pregnancy for an individual or couple and allows the biological process to unfold.

When the baby is born the child that is delivered becomes part of the family that utilized the biological process of the host female.

There are two types of surrogacies.

The one is defined as a gestational surrogate in which the woman carries the pregnancy for an individual or couple using an egg that is not the carrier.

The human egg may come from the intended mother or a donor.

In addition, the fertilization or sperm may come from the intended father or a donor.

This pregnancy is accomplished through in vitro fertilization.

The other type of surrogacy is known as a traditional surrogate in which the woman provides her own egg and carries the impregnated egg for a couple or an individual.

The fertilization of the egg is through intrauterine insemination with the sperm coming from the intended father or a donor.


2. Research

If considering being a surrogate it is important that before the process begins that you fully research the process as well as think through the implications of carrying a child for another couple or individual.

The research process should include the actual selection of a surrogate medical clinic or business, their reputation in the surrogacy process, their care of you as a surrogate mother from start to finish, remuneration packages, and more.


3. Requirements 

It is important to know that not just anyone can be a surrogate.

It takes a special individual to fulfill this significant and life-changing role.

Typically, the requirements for most of the clinics or companies require:

  • The woman to be under a certain age
  • A US citizen or permanent resident
  • Live within America – where surrogacy is legal
  • Physically healthy
  • Mentally healthy
  • Possibly the requirement of having given birth to one child or more
  • And other requirements as needed for different companies


4. Pay 

Because of the service that a surrogate provides, which is both mentally and physically demanding, there is the expectation that the surrogate will receive compensation.

There are different levels of payment provided and are dependent upon a number of factors.

Some of those factors could include where the potential surrogate lives as well as the number of times that they have provided this life-giving service.

The pay range can be anywhere from $50,000 and upwards.


5. Process 

The process to be considered as a surrogate begins with an initial application.

During this initial stage, a questionnaire is processed followed by a member of the staff to review your application and go over any of the specifics and answer any questions that you have.

Also, as part of the process, a background check is conducted as well as a request for a release of your medical records.

The questionnaire involves questions such as your background and family.

The medical records are requested to ascertain whether you are medically up to the challenge of being a surrogate and going through the process.

Following these process items, you will most likely be contacted by a physician who will go over the particulars of the surrogacy process with you and at this time you can have any medical questions answered.

If your application continues on to this point, you will be asked to complete a medical screening that requires lab tests, screening for any infectious diseases as well as standard prenatal tests.

Also, your reproductive system will be undergoing a battery of tests as well.

Another important part of the medical assessment is to undergo psychological screening.


6. Home Assessment

Another important component of the process is that your home life will be evaluated.

This assessment will be conducted by a licensed social worker to ensure that your home environment is conducive to a nurturing, supportive, safe, and healthy environment.


7. Matching 

Ultimately, when the screening results have come back positive, the matching process will begin that will allow you to be part of the partnership process with the intended mother and father and the provision of your surrogate services.

The process involves the intended parents being introduced to you as well as vice versa.


8. Contract

Following all of the assessments and matching processes, a contract is then drawn up and entered into by all parties concerned.

Your interests will be represented by legal representation as an attorney will be provided for you.

The legal contract will be a binding document between you and the intended parents.


9. Medical Process 

At this point, the embryo process can begin.

The transfer of the embryo is accomplished by a highly specialized team of medical professionals.

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10. Pregnancy 

When the pregnancy occurs and throughout the entire process, the surrogate mother is provided optimum support and care.

That care includes medical oversight, emotional support, and proper prenatal care for the baby as well as the mother.

Often as an added professional and courteous touch are niceties such as weekly supplies of fresh and organic fruits and vegetables made available for the pregnant woman.

Typically, the surrogate has her choice of local OB/GYN care.


10 Programs/Companies to Get Paid to Be a Surrogate


1. Finding 

The first order of business is thinking through the process of being a surrogate and wishing to pursue the providing of that service, you then would look at a variety of companies that provide this service between the intended parents and the surrogate.

As part of your consideration, it is important to realize that each state may have enacted different legislation as it relates to surrogacy.

The four categories or cautions as it pertains to states could be categorized as states that fully recognize the process, some states that have caveats, some states that have potential legal hurdles, and some states that one should proceed with extreme caution.

Some of those states that fully recognize the process include:

  • California
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • And six more

On the other hand states (proceed with extreme caution) that prohibit surrogacy contracts or naming both parents on a birth certificate include:

  • Louisiana
  • Michigan
  • Nebraska


2. ConceiveAbilities 

Founded in 1996 ConceiveAbilities is based in Chicago and provides the service of surrogacy for intended families but has challenges in conceiving due to infertility or other natural obstacles to pregnancy.

One such example of a natural obstacle would be the same-sex couple.

Their website indicates that they offer one of the higher compensation packages in America.

The process of surrogating utilizes the gestational method.

Click here to check out ConceiveAbilities


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3. 3SistersSurrogacy 

3SistersSurrogacy is a licensed professional surrogacy center that is complete with an infertility clinic as well as an embryology lab.

As of this writing, their Chief Executive Officer has 16 years of third-party parenting experience and donor recruitment.

The journey of being a surrogate mother begins with an application and moves forward from there.

Also, to be a surrogate mother requires that you reside in a surrogacy-friendly state.

Their website indicates that a compensation package is between 35,000 and $50,000.

Increased amounts of money may be realized due to insurance, location, and other variables such as travel, any needed bed rest, etc.

Click here to check out 3SistersSurrogacy


4. Circle Surrogacy 

Circle Surrogacy is based in Boston Massachusetts and had its origins with John Weltman who is the founder, lawyer by profession, and has benefited from the surrogacy program with two children of his own.

The program is dedicated to all involved in the surrogate process.

Those key individuals would include the intended family, donors of eggs, surrogates, and the team members to make the miracle happen.

According to their website, they have a 99.3% success rate.

Their website lists that the average surrogates are paid between $50,000 and $60,000 for their entire exciting journey.

Click here to check out Circle Surrogacy


5. Growing Generations 

The vision of Growing Generations is to passionately facilitate the achievement of family dreams through egg donations and the extraordinary women who choose to become surrogates.

Their 25+ years of service of quality service is demonstrated by the birthing of over 2000 babies.

Their compensation package for first-time surrogates can range up to $58,500 and is dependent upon the factors of the surrogate’s employment status as well as their state of residency.

In addition, there may be an opportunity for additional money being offered if the surrogacy involves the birthing of twins, any lost wages, a C-section needed, etc.

Click here to check out Growing Generations


6. West Coast Surrogacy 

West Coast Surrogacy is located in Southern California.

They have over 10 years of experience and their uniqueness is that they have a boutique style of experience.

Their average compensation for gestational surrogates ranges from $50,000-$80,000.

Click here to check out West Coast Surrogacy


7. GSHC Surrogacy 

GSHC Surrogacy or Gestational Surrogacy HealthCare has a global presence but serves families through their American location in Los Angeles, California.

Their website appears to be very comprehensive and has a great link as it relates to frequently asked questions.

Pertaining to the compensation provided to surrogate women, payments are provided to the soon-to-be mother even prior to pregnancy as well as during pregnancy so that the full experience of the surrogacy can be experienced and enjoyed without any worries about finances.

Compensation is in 10 equal payments with the first payment being made upon confirmation of pregnancy.

The surrogate can expect a compensation ranging from $35,000 to $60,000 with the higher end of the compensation range being possible if the woman has prior surrogate experience.

Click here to check out GSHC Surrogacy


8. Southern Surrogacy 

Southern Surrogacy is based in Atlanta, GA and clearly shares with the potential surrogate that although surrogacy is a rewarding experience it can be a complex legal process as well as involvement medically in bringing a child into this world to its intended parents.

They also indicate that they understand that it is a significant commitment on the woman’s part and considerable time, energy, and some discomfort along the way.

Accordingly, they express their appreciation for the individual who is looking at this unique and miraculous experience of bringing life into the world and compensate the individual accordingly.

The range for surrogate pay with Southern Surrogacy is between $40,000 and $50,000.

Also, there are other payments that are provided during the unfolding of the pregnancy as well as all surrogacy services and reimbursement for expenses that are accumulated through the process.

Click here to check out Southern Surrogacy


9. Santa Monica Fertility 

Santa Monica Fertility is an advanced medical center that provides a full range of treatment options as it relates to fertility.

Specifically, the services that they offer are in vitro fertilization, surrogacy, gender selection, egg donation, egg freezing, tubal embryo transfer, and a broad range of other cutting-edge procedures as it relates to fertility treatments and research.

In becoming a surrogate, they understand the loving commitment of the woman in wishing to bring the miracle of birth into the lives of others.

The compensation for surrogates who utilize the Santa Monica Fertility Center and reside outside the state of California is provided a $50,000 compensation package.

Surrogates residing in California are offered $60,000.

In addition, surrogates who have been through the process previously may be able to command a higher compensation rate.

Click here to check out Santa Monica Fertility


10. Dreams of Parenthood 

Located in Torrance, California Dreams of Parenthood facilitates the dream of individuals and couples of becoming parents through the process of surrogacy.

With over 25 years of experience, they are able to go through the entire process and make the dreams of parenthood come true.

This LLC understands the integral role and part that a surrogate provides in bringing about the miracle of birth.

Their commitment is for the health and well-being of the surrogate during and after the pregnancy process.

To qualify to be part of their surrogate program requires that the woman is between the ages of 21 and 39 and has been pregnant with a child of their own and is currently parenting at least one child.

Interestingly, their body mass index can be no higher than 35 and the candidate must reside in the United States within a surrogate-friendly state.

Their website indicates that the minimum compensation for surrogates is between $30,000 and $40,000. Additionally, other benefits provided may bump that amount up to $50,000-$60,000.

Click here to check out Dreams of Parenthood


Personal Story

My wife is afflicted with the horrendous disease of Alzheimer’s.

Often this disease causes her great distress and anxiety as confusion reigns within her afflicted mind.

Through trial and error, I have found that there are two actions that I can take to help her through these difficult periods of time.

The first action step that I have found to be effective is by playing music that is familiar to her.

Somehow, the memory cells seem to reengage, and she will sing along with the vocalist and even add her own artistic flair to the song.

The second method of relieving some of the stress is to resort to YouTube and play a number of videos in which babies are laughing.

When the typical laughing and giggling of the baby begins it engages her and she will begin to coo and laugh with the baby.

The baby’s laugh resonates with possibly the child within her, or the instincts of a mother are engaged.


Make Money as a Surrogate FAQs


Can a sister be a surrogate for her sister?

The short answer is yes.

It is important to remember that the surrogate has no genetic bond to the child that she is carrying.

Therefore, even though the relationship is between sister and sister and can enhance the bond between the siblings, gestational surrogacy is purely a scientific and clinical way of creating a pregnancy.


What Was the Age of the Oldest Woman Who Became a Surrogate?

The oldest surrogate woman on record is a lady by the name of Anastassia Ontou who resides in Greece.

Anastassia was 67 years old at the time.

She gave birth to her daughter’s baby, her granddaughter, in 2016 through a C-section. Her 47-year-old daughter at the time had undergone seven failed pregnancy attempts before her mother offered to carry the baby to full term.


You Can Do It

A woman that wishes to be a surrogate is indeed a special woman.

She agrees to be a mother and to give birth to a child that is not hers.

Yes, she gets paid, but it certainly has to take on an added dimension and emphasis upon the surrogate mother psychologically and mentally.



Surrogacy can be “the miracle” that couples wishing to have a child hope for.

For all involved, it is not necessarily about the money but the joy of bringing a child into this world.

A gift to all and a strong indicator that the world will continue on.

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