If you want to know whether it’s possible to get paid to be a foster parent or not, this article will come very handy.

It reveals the answers to whether one can really get paid to be a foster parent or not and the best companies that help.


Why Paid Foster Parenting?

There are times where each of us goes through a crisis. The crisis can be of our own doing or can be through no fault of our own.

Unfortunately, the crisis that we face sometimes spills over into all aspects of our personal lives. As an example, a parent or parents may be in the grips of addiction.

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That addiction could be alcohol or other substance abuse.

Additionally, because of these challenges, there may be unlawful actions that occur.

A person may be detained if they were driving under the influence, or jailed for selling or buying drugs, etc. There are always consequences for both good and bad actions.

Unfortunately, there are innocent victims. There can be collateral damage that extends into the lives of the children of these adults.

Consequently, the children may be neglected, abused, or without parental supervision if the parent is jailed.

These scenarios are tragically real and not isolated cases. If there are no family members to care for these precious young lives or if no one wants to take responsibility what happens?

Often the child welfare system steps in temporarily and places the children in the home of a willing relative member, group home, or placing them in the care of a foster parent.

Statistics reveal that on any given day in America, 424,000 children are in a foster care situation.

Foster care is a living situation established for children who have been taken from their parents who, for whatever reason, are unable to provide for their children.

The ages of the assisted children range from babies to teens.

Often, over half of the children placed in other homes are returned to the care of their biological parents. The system is never about severing parental rights.

On the other hand, some children never return to the home of their biological parents and are permanently placed in the system.

The system provides for the children in meeting their mental and physical needs, but what about their emotional well-being.

As is often the case, there is no replacement for a tender touch or warm hug.

This is where the value of foster care is emphasized.

Recent statistics reveal that 56% of the children who left foster care were reunited with their families.

25% of those children were adopted and of those children that were adopted 51% were adopted by their foster parents.

The Foster care system is comprised of, for the most part, loving and caring individuals who are about the care of neglected, abandoned, and abused children.


Insight into Making Money as a Foster Parent

Insight into the foster care process is through my acquaintance of a couple that lives in the Southwest part of the United States.

They were unable to have children of their own and their desire to have a child took them through the foster care system.

A mother gave up her parental rights and this couple through foster care, nurtured this little child and eventually adopted the loving little boy as their own.

Today, they have adopted two other little children through the foster care and adoptive legal system.

Each of the children has a variety of medical needs surrounding the circumstances of their birth and yes, there are financial resources paid by the state to this couple.

However, you can’t buy the devotion, commitment, and love that these foster care and adoptive parents demonstrate.

Once neglected children are neglected no more.

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Paid to be a Foster Parent

A single foster parent or foster parent couples welcome a child within their home through the foster care program.

The majority of these foster parents do this out of the goodness of their hearts and the warmth and love that they experience with helping families and children.

Of course, caring for a child and meeting all of their needs requires financial resources.

Therefore, the foster care program provides for foster parents to be paid in meeting the clothing, food, housing needs, etc. for the child that is cared for.

Each state is different as far as monthly payments to the foster parents.

Generally, this fluctuation in amounts is due to the cost of living experienced within each of the individual states.

A base rate is offered to foster care parents that covers necessities and transportation. Payment is made monthly and foster care homes are periodically visited by social service caseworkers.

Additionally, each foster child is medically provided for by each state’s version of Medicaid.

Also, if a child is assessed as having a special need, the foster care parent is given a higher monthly payment to meet those special needs of the child.

Higher needs would include more extensive treatment by medical staff which would entail a greater number of doctor’s visits and associated costs.

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11 Supportive Companies that Pay or Help You to Be a Foster Parent


1. Swell Forever

A company that was specifically created to make the community more aware of foster care and adoption is known as Swell Forever.

They understood the importance of the foster care system and the parents that step up to provide for these children.

Additionally, as part of their focus, they wanted to ensure that these children didn’t go from one foster care family to another.

Consequently, their support also includes foster children being permanently taken into adoptive family homes.

This company specializes in creating classic heirlooms that can be passed on from generation to generation.

They personalize their creations by also adding the component of monogramming these collectibles.

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2. The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption

A popular fast-food restaurant is Wendy’s. Wendy’s is known for its square hamburgers and their delicious Frosty.

The founder of Wendy’s was a gentleman by the name of Dave Thomas.

Dave Thomas was adopted as a child and subsequently never forgot the importance of foster care and the adoption program.

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Consequently, Dave Thomas set up a foundation specifically geared to supporting the foster care program.

This foundation fulfills the dream of its founder by providing grants for adoption programs and helping to raise awareness to make the adoption process of children financially viable.

Their motto is “Every child will have a permanent home in a loving family.”


3. Ferring Pharmaceuticals

This multi-national pharmaceutical company provides reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses or the offering of financial assistance to adoptive families who work within their organization.

Their generous limit of $25,000 towards these out-of-pocket expenses is available as well as offering to their staff five weeks of leave that is paid during the adoption process.


4. Citizens Financial Group

Citizen’s Financial Group is a leading financial institution that facilitates student loans, provides business and personal banking vehicles, issues credit cards, and is involved with home equity.

This company offers assistance that is connected with adoption procedures to not only staff and colleagues but customers as well.

Their assistance can equate up to as much as $22,970 and they offer up to one week of paid leave when the family proceeds with the adopting of a child.

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5. HanesBrands

This well-known brand name of American clothing, headquartered in North Carolina, provides adoption-specific benefits to their employees.

In addition to awarding the family up to $15,000 in these adoption benefits, they also allow for two weeks away from their employment position as well as other benefits awarded when the adoptive child has special needs that are required.


6. New York Life Insurance

This major insurance company extends a $10,000 reimbursement in adoption when the family chooses to adopt a child.

Also, leave with pay is allowed for not only the secondary caregiver but the primary caregiver as well.


Get Paid to Be a Foster Parent


7. Abbott Healthcare Industry

Abbott Healthcare Industry is known for its nutritionally developed products as well as the manufacturing of medical devices.

This leader in the healthcare industry allows adoptive benefits up to a maximum of $20,000 to help offset the costs associated with adopting a child.

Additionally, this forward-thinking company provides up to two weeks of paid time off to meet the travel and legal needs of the adoptive family.

Both mother and father are allowed maternity and paternity leave.

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8. Barilla America Inc.

A maximum amount of $16,000 is provided by Barilla America Inc. Barilla is the famous food manufacturer of a variety of pasta.

Additionally, in conjunction with the adoption, two weeks of paid leave are offered to the adoptive family.


9. Fried Frank Harris Shriver & Jacobson

This law firm, which specializes in accounting and consulting, provides to their employee family $15,000 to offset expenses associated with adoption.

Additionally, members of this legal firm are granted 10 weeks of paid leave to help stabilize the family and work through any processes, and familiarizing themselves with each other.

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10. Gobena Coffee

The owners of this coffee company not only put their coffee where their mouth is but encourage others to follow their lead as it relates to adoption.

The co-owners of Gobena Coffee are themselves, adoptive parents.

Their orphaned daughter Eva is Ethiopian by birth but was adopted by Steve and Danae.

Seeing the personal value of being adoptive parents, this charitable couple offers others the opportunity to do fundraisers for their adoption expenses.

Through this fundraising program, adoptive parents can earn up to 50% of the profits as they partner together in fundraising efforts with this coffee company.

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11. EY

This company specializes in providing advisory services as it relates to the tax and financial needs of the individual.

Realizing the importance of families, EY offers four months of leave for a mother or father who has brought a new family member into their home.

They also extend this same benefit to adoptive or foster parents who serve as a primary caregiver for an adoptive child.

Also as part of their benefit, they offer various resources to new parents and coach them back into the workplace after their time away.

Additionally, this people-oriented company, during its busy tax season allows for childcare and eldercare at no cost to their employees.

Also, if a family has chosen to adopt a child a maximum amount of $25,000 is provided to the family to cover adoption expenses.

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The Value of Foster Parenting

If curious about where the word foster comes from, it is a derivative of the old English word fostrian.

The word fostrian, dating back to the 13th century, was defined as supplying food, to support or nourish.

Foster care is all of that and more as certain adults and couples have answered the call to be surrogate parents during times of trouble experienced by certain families.

Yes, they are given a stipend to provide this service but if the temporary parent is compassionate and caring, you can not put a price tag on that involvement.

Additionally, demonstrating further commitment and dedication to the child, many foster parents become the child’s permanent parents through adoptive legal proceedings.

This complete process shields the child from further separation and potential mental and emotional anguish.



Nelson Mandela is quoted as saying:

Our children are our greatest treasure. They are our future. Those who abuse them tear at the fabric of our society and weaken our nation.”

Fortunately, today, we have a governmental system that intervenes in the protection of children who are abused or neglected.

In addition to these professionals, we have dedicated individuals who are willing to take these children into their own homes and nurture them as their own for a while till the home life of the children’s home is stabilized.

Additionally, as part of the supportive network of children are adoptive laws that can be exercised where children can be placed permanently in a caring and loving home.

Finally, as part of the nurturing and mending of that fabric of our society are individuals and companies who are willing to play their part.

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