If you want to know how to get paid sexting, then you should definitely read this article.

It explains all about how making money from sexting works, how anyone can get started and the best companies that really pay.


What is Sexting?

Sexting is a pastime that many people indulge in. It involves exchanging or texting sexually explicit messages or content with a friend.

You can relish the idea of sexting but you will get better satisfaction if you are paid for it.

Yes, it is possible to have this double satisfaction. There are websites you can sign up with and get paid for getting involved in sexting.

Keep reading to learn more and to know some of the best sites that pay really pay.


How Making Money Sexting Works

Sexting is talking and flirting romantically over text messages or video chats.

If you are comfortable with flirting with strangers who need someone to talk to then you can start sexting.

The discussions are adult content-related. However, this type of interaction is mild compared to you offering traditional phone sex or exposing yourself via Webcam.

When you provide sexting services to clients, you get paid.

Some platforms allow you earn real cash for the time you spent chatting or sexting.

Other platforms allow you to be rewarded with virtual points or credits, which can later be converted to real cash.

Sexting for money is one of the ways to make extra money on the Internet today.

You just have to choose a legit company that will keep your privacy as well as pays you when the time comes.


16 Best Sites That Really Pay You for Sexting

Here are some of the best websites you can sign up to make money for sexting.


1. Chat Recruit

Chat Recruit is a website where you can chat and get paid.

It is a UK-based sexting service for men and women. People from other parts of the world can also use this professional service.

This website will pay you for sexting. Yes, you can offer clients chat and sexting services via text or chat.

The services provided by this online service include sexting, adult cam, phone chat, and psychic chat.

To make money sexting on this site, you can offer a variety of chat services to a client.

You can offer them exclusive chats, private chats, or group chats.

You will get paid $2 per minute even though your earnings or rate varies.

One of the advantages of choosing Chat Recruit as a place to get paid sexting is that you can choose your hours.

As mentioned above, Chat Recruit pays around $2 per minute, so you can make up to $120 per hour.

You can receive your payments through direct deposit or international wire transfer.

Click here to check out Chat Recruit.


2. TexKings

TexKings is another popular online platform where you can make money sexting.

This is an adult message and sexting platform that offers stay-at-home workers great opportunities to make money.

If you are talented in adult chat and can do dirty and flirty conversation then this site would be great for you.

At TexKings women can sext primarily with male clients and get paid.

You are expected to have a minimum typing speed of 25 words per minute before you can work with the platform.

TexKings is a legit platform and with simple registration procedures. Just ensure you are 18 years and have valid ID proof.

TexKings pays around $0.25 per text message. Most users earn around $500 per week. Yes, it’s not that hard to make as much as one thousand dollars quickly with this site!

Click here to check out TexKings.


3. Phrendly

Phrendly is another legit platform you can make money while flirting with others online.

It is also an online dating company that makes you money when using it. With this site you can be connected to the most vibrant clientele and make money from the process.

You will get a virtual drink when you send a message to someone.  This virtual drink has a monetary value.

If the cost of the drink is $5 then you will receive $5 in real cash value.

You will also get monetary compensation if the client sends you a text first.

How much you earn sexting with Phrendly differs, and it would depend on several factors.

Click here to check out Phrendly.


make money and get paid sexting


4. Lip Service

Lip Service is another popular global platform that allows people to make money flirting.

You can also take advantage of this platform if you want to get paid sexting

The features of this platform include that you must be bilingual or multilingual.

There are lots of English and Spanish-speaking operators.

You can make money with this platform when you send text messages and do phone chat.

Yes, this is one of the companies you can sign up with to make money sexting and doing live phone calls

How much you make with Lip Service depends on the clients and on the projects you carry out.

Like most other adult cam and text sites, Lip Service accepts people who are at least 21 years.

Click here to check out Lip Service and get paid to sext with this company.


5. FlirtBucks

FlirtBucks is another well known website where you can make money sexting.

You can make money through text or video chat.

With this platform, you can make about 10 cents per minute of text and 50 cents per minute of a video call.

You will get higher earnings when you spend more time using FlirtBucks website.

From 0 to 3 months, you will earn 10 cents for each minute of text and 40 cents per minute of video chat.

If you utilize this platform from 3 to 6 months then you will earn 12 cents per minute of text and 45 cents per minute of video chat.

If you use FlirtBucks for 6 or more months then you can earn 15 cents per minute of text and 50 cents per minute of video chat.

To work with FlirtBucks and making money to text, you must be fluent in English and at least 18 years old.

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6. MyGirlFund

MyGirlFund is another legit online company where you can get paid for sex.

This company is known for allowing members to chat and text with clients.

If you don’t mind flirting with strangers over video chats and texts, then you should sign up with MyGirlFund.

On this platform, clients can connect with you and also pay you for making them feel special.

Clients can give you virtual compensation or “credits” for chatting with you.

Each credit is worth $$1 and the more chats you make the more credits and real money you make.

MyGirlFund allows you to request for payout when you reach the earning threshold.

You must be 18 years and above before working with this company.

Click here to check out MyGirlFund.


7. Steemit

Steemit is another popular and reputable company that can pay you to sext.

It is a sexting and adult chat platform where you can chat with clients and get paid for your services.

If you work with Steemit as a model, you make good money.

Working as a female model with this platform is a great way to make extra money.

You need to have the mind to chat openly because Steemit is mainly an adult chat and sexting.

Take advantage of this platform if you have an updated computer with high-speed Internet connectivity.

Click here to check out Steemit.


8. Textlicious

Textlicious is another popular platform where people come together and do adult chat and texts.

It is one of the best sites to earn money if you want to be paid to sext.

Textlicious is more like a form for sexters, webcam models, and sex workers.


9. Chaturbate

Chaturbate is one of the best sites you can sign up for if you want to sext. It is a cam site that is highly recommended in the adult phone operator industry.

It is used if you want to be paid for sexting.

With many years of experience and professionalism, Chaturbate has come to be among the best adult sexting websites.

Chaturbate is visited by people who can spend money to interact, chat and sext with you.

Click here to check out Chaturbate as one of the best sites that pay for sexting.

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10. Facncentro

Facncentro is another well known website that can help you make money sexting.

It is an adult platform where adult and cam models utilize to make money via their Snapchat premium.

If you have Snapchat premium, you can use this site to make money regularly.

You can give some clients access to your sexting and adult snaps for good money.

It would interest you to know that some clients can pay you $100 to $200 for lifetime access to your content.

Click here to check out Facncentro as one of the best sites that pay you to sext.


11. Onlyfans

Onlyfans is an adult social media platform.

It is a subscription-based platform where members can make money chatting and sexting with clients.

You can sign up with this adult platform and exchange live videos, sext selfie pics, and horny texts for some extra cash.

Onlyfans allows you to access and chat live with clients who can pay you to sext.

Create a profile after you have registered, and start providing chat service on this platform.

On Onlyfans you can make money chatting with clients and also doing cam shows.

You have to make your profile appealing. This is why it is necessary to upload quality photos and videos directly.

You can set your pay but you will receive 85% of your total revenue from clients. OnlyFans keeps 15% as commission.

You will get paid via direct deposit or through other payment methods.

Click here to check out OnlyFans.


Other platforms to consider include:

12. TalktoMe

13. BoleynModels

14. ManyVids

15. Sextpanther

16. Arousr


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As this article has shown, it’s indeed possible to make money from sexting.

This article also revealed the very best, genuine and reputable companies that really pay to to sext.