Yes, you can really get paid for your jokes.

This article explains the secret ways you can get started selling your jokes and the companies that really pay!

Yes, there are really genuine companies out there that pay.

Keep reading to find out these exact companies and how it all works.


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How Getting Paid For Jokes Work

Of course it will all start if you are funny or have the talent for telling funny jokes.

If you think you are funny and have lots of jokes in your kit then you should start thinking of making money with your passion.

You can get paid for your jokes when you share them with others.

You don’t have to share your jokes for free now. Some companies pay people to share or sell their jokes.

You need to contact the best companies that pay so that you can get the best from your funny words and skits.

That said, keep reading to get some helpful tips on how to get paid for your jokes. You will also get to know the best companies that really pay.

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6 Legit Ways To Get Paid For Your Jokes 


1. Sell Your Jokes to Established comedians

You can sell your jokes to some established comedians you know.

Some of these comedians can use your jokes to add to their kit of jokes.

How much you make from them could be based on negotiations.

If you frequently create funny jokes then you will always make good money from other comedians.

If you rather get paid giving advice to people, read this article for tips on doing that.


2. Sell Jokes to Magazines or Newspapers

You can get paid for your jokes if you sell them to some magazines or publications.

These magazines may include those that regularly publish jokes for their readers.

They also create a column for jokes. You can approach any magazine or newspaper near you to sell your jokes.

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3. Submit and Sell Jokes to Comedy Shows like “Saturday Night Live”

You can approach the hosts or producers of comedy shows like “Saturday Night Live” to sell your jokes.

There is a great chance that you will receive good pay when they accept and use your jokes on the air.


4. Sell Jokes to Greeting Cards Companies

A lot of greeting card companies that pay for cards can publish touches of humor or jokes as quotes in some of their cards.

They may buy some of these jokes from people who can create touches of humor.

If you have some jokes which can be published on greeting cards, then contact the publishers and get paid to submit your jokes.


5. Sell Jokes to Websites

There are some websites where you can sell your jokes to.

These websites have their submission requirements. If you fulfill these requirements then you get paid.


6. Enter into Humor Competitions

You can sell your jokes and get paid if you enter into humor contests.

A lot of organizations or companies may organize comedy shows or contests. If you participate and win, then you get paid.

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11 Best Companies That Pay For Jokes


1. Chicken Soup for the Soul

Chicken Soup for the Soul is a company that publishes inspirational stories.

This company has the mission of making the reader “cry, laugh, get goose bumps or say Wow!'”.

You can sell jokes or funny stories to this company and get paid. Once your story is funny and based on personal experience.

If your story is accepted, Chicken Soup for the Soul will pay $200 per accepted story.

Their guidelines demand that before a story could be accepted. It must be heart-warming, exciting, and funny.

The word count for each story should be a maximum of 1200 words.

Apart from submitting stories, you can also submit poems and get paid. You can buy their books at half price if you become part of their family.

Click here to check out Chicken Soup for the Soul and get paid to submit jokes.


2. Clubhouse Magazine

Clubhouse magazine is a company that publishes both fiction and non-fiction humor.

This publication is aimed at children who are 8 to 12 years olds.

The editorial guidelines of this magazine demand that your humor stories are around 500 words.

You can be paid as much as $200 per accepted and published story.

Click here to check out Clubhouse Magazine to submit your jokes and get paid.


how to get paid for your jokes


3. CollegeHumor

CollegeHumor is a paper that publishes comedic content to people who are aged 18 to 49.

If you have jokes and can put them in writing then you can submit your humor to CollegeHumor.

The publication will pay you $25 if your article is published.

You will also enjoy extra bonuses based on the number of page views your article receives.

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4. Country Magazine

Country Magazine is another genuine and well known publication that pays people to write funny jokes and stories.

If you can write content relating to the beautiful scenery of the countryside in America then you can be paid by this platform.

You can share your personal stories and photographs.

Your story must be between 400 and 500 per page.

Country Magazine pays $250 for a funny story. If you submit a joke or short funny, this platform will pay you $25.

Click here to check out Country Magazine to get paid for your jokes.


5. Cracked

Cracked is the very popular online magazine that publishes satirical and humorous writing.

You find featured on this site funny articles, pictures, and videos.

This site pays people to write list-style types of articles.

Also, people who create entertainment and share informative images on social media are paid by Cracked.

If you want to start making money with your jokes then you should use this site.

Write and submit humorous articles and get paid if they are published or featured on this platform.

Cracked will pay $150 for the first four articles you submit. Then, they will pay $250 for each subsequent article published.

Click here to check out Cracked to start getting rewarded and paid for your jokes.


6. Ephemera

Ephemera is a company that produces stickers, magnets, and Novelty Buttons. They sell these items at several stores.

This company often seeks humorous and satirical content that can be used as topics on its slogans.

If you can write satirical and funny jokes you can submit them to this company.

Ephemera pays $50 per accepted slogan.

So, use this company if you want to be paid for your jokes!

Click here to check out Ephemera and start making money with your jokes.


7. Funds for Writers

Funds for Writers is a company that is always looking for good humor writers.

You can submit your humor pieces or jokes as a freelancer and get paid.

Funds for Writers allow you to share your funny stories and wisdom with other freelancers.

This platform pays $50 for each accepted joke or funny story.

To improve your chances of getting accepted by Funds for Writers, you must ensure your content is a story piece with a “dash of humor” and a “happy ending”.

Click here to check out Funds For Writers and get paid when you submit your jokes.

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8. Funny Times

Funny Times is an online fun magazine that published great content on several topics. The owners of this publication have been publishing for more than 30 years.

These publications must have fun themes.

You can submit funny content about topics like pets, relationships, food, news, politics, business, work, and so on.

So, if you have jokes that people would find fun in then submit them to Funny Times.

You can also get paid to draw and submit cartoons in both color and black and white formats.

Funny Times pays $60 for each submitted funny story. It pays $30 to $50 per cartoon based on reproduction size.

The submission guidelines require that your funny content must be 500 to 700 in length.

Click here to check out Funny Times and get paid to submit your humor stories or jokes.


9. Imperfect Parent

Imperfect Parent is a platform that publishes parenting articles that aimed to make you laugh.

These articles come in different topics that help to highlight the lighter side of parenting.

You can submit your jokes on this platform and get paid.

Imperfect Parent pays $25 and above for funny articles about parenting that it accepts and publishes.

If you have short essay articles, you will earn more from this platform.

Click here to check out Imperfect Parent and get paid for your jokes.

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10. Reader’s Digest

Reader’s Digest is the very popular and reputable magazine that has been publishing since 1920. It publishes varieties of topics around health, politics, lifestyles, and so on.

Reader’s Digest publishes some interesting jokes, quotes, gags, and funny stories from time to time.

These humorous pieces are mostly from freelancers.

So, if you have funny jokes you want to share, you can contact Reader’s Digest and get paid for your jokes.

It would interest you to know that this publication pays well for each joke it publishes.

On average, you can be paid $25 and $100 for each funny joke and a funny story you write.

Click here to check out Reader’s Digest and start getting paid for your jokes.

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11. The Offing

The Offing is a literary magazine that accepts funny jokes and humorous pieces from individuals.

You can submit your funny stories or jokes to this site and get paid.

The humor section of this magazine is known as “Wit Tea“. This is where you can submit your jokes for money.

The Offing pays $20 to $60 per submission. Just make sure that your submission matches their unique writing style.

Click here to check out The Offing and get paid to submit your jokes.



As this article has shown, it’s indeed possible and even easy to get paid for your jokes.

The article went further showing the different ways you can get paid and the companies that help you get paid.