If you want to know how to get paid for social media posts, this article will really help.

It reveals how getting paid to post on social media works and the very best companies that pay.


Power of Social Media for Getting Paid Just to Post

Social media has become the new rave for most internet users.

People are interested in getting information and even paying for that information from messaging forums such as WhatsApp to other streamlined social media forums.

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While they may browse and skim through social media for fun, some combine fun and income by earning from their use of social media.

Most of those making some money on social media are called ‘Influencers.’

Let us outline the process of becoming an influencer, getting earnings for your social media posts, and guiding you to the best-paying organizations.


Preliminary Things to Do to Become an Influencer

You cannot wake up and in one day decide to become an influencer.

It is not that easy.

You have to leverage on some resources and market yourself for potential advertising firms.

You also have to put in some real work to create your platform on your choice social media platform.

While you can be on several social media forums and link them together, it is vital to choose the primary social media platform through which you intend to earn most of your income.

These are some of the preliminary things to become in becoming an influencer:

  • Develop a Niche
  • Post contents consistently
  • Increase your followership
  • Join a Network of Influencers
  • Promote Yourself


1. Develop a Niche

Social media platforms are filled with different people doing different things. There are many interests on these forums.

If you are not determined and focused, you will find yourself jumping from one trend to another without establishing yourself as a specialist in anything.

The first thing to do in becoming an influencer is to develop a niche.

Ask yourself, ‘what immediately comes to a person when my social media handle is mentioned?’, ‘what content do they associate my handle with?’

If they cannot name a thing or two they associate with your handle, you have to streamline your contents and put yourself out as a specialist.

You could be a specialist in bodybuilding, getting paid for comedy content, getting paid for landscape photography, wedding photography, tailoring, hiking, etc.

To fully influence and increase your followership, consider identifying with some social media users who will later become your followers.


2. Post Content Consistently

To fully develop a niche and be associated with something on social media platforms, you need to post content related to that area consistently.

Let us assume to decide to be Restaurant Review Content Creator and intend to become an influencer.

You will need to post review content about restaurants within a location consistently so that food enthusiasts who are interested in getting the best food in that area will follow you and your content.

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Posting consistently also includes posting frequently. You can continually post as many times as possible in a week.

Another aspect of posting content is engaging your followers when they comment or like your content.

You are not just giving out information through your content; you are also interacting with your followers.

This builds your followership and makes them closely knit with you.


3. Increase your Followership

While influencing is not a race of users with the most followers, it is an essential aspect.

When you have thousands of followers with a unique niche, and you post frequently and get engagements, you are an influencer – influencing that seemingly small number of your followers.

One of the crucial things brands looks out for when searching for influencers to promote their work is the level of engagement.

However, where your followership is lower than the brand’s expectation, it might influence their choice.

So, to gain traction on social media, you have to increase your following to a considerable number where engagements are assured.

You can increase your followership by frequently posting, replying to your followers’ comments, do some giveaways for your followers, join a network of influencers doing similar content with you, etc.


4. Join a Network for Influencers

Influencers are doing the same thing you wish to be your niche.

While growing in your influencer’s position, you should join these networks of influencers as they provide opportunities that may not be accessible except you are in those networks.

You can enquire from an influencer doing the same niche as yourself to know the forums and how to get into these networks.

These networks could provide mentorship opportunities in advertising, billing, and other allied matters that come with being an influencer.

Brands also prefer meeting these networks to market their products instead of jumping into the DM of these influencers.

Their DMs are usually clogged with messages from their followership, making it difficult to see and reply to every message they get.


5. Promote Yourself

You should promote yourself on different social media platforms.

You can come up with an eye-catching profile for what you do. You are your brand, and you have to promote yourself in every way possible.

While it is true that the internet does not forget, social media users would forget anyone who hasn’t made a cut themselves and does not promote themselves as aggressively as possible.

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How to Get Paid for Social Media Posts

The social media advertising market, which includes influencers, is a 100 billion dollar market with the potentials to grow into a 200 billion dollar market in few years.

This means that the posting, commenting, liking, retweeting, etc., that we have been doing for free is a 100 billion dollar cow that others are milking.

So, how do we get to milk this cow because the market has enough capacity to take in tons of users?

By knowing how we could get paid for our social media posts.

Some fool proof ways are:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Creating and Selling your products
  • Selling your services
  • Sharing your Knowledge


1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate advertising is becoming more popular by the day. This advertising seems easy, but it can churn in as high payments.

So, what exactly is affiliate marketing, and where does an influencer come in?

Affiliate advertising refers to the means where organizations pay third-party marketers for generating traffic on their sites or making people buy their products.

This is being paid for directing someone to a website or making sure they buy some products. You get a commission for your effort.

If you are new to Affiliate marketing, the following articles right on this Kingged.com website will help a lot:

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Influencers come in by searching for affiliate advertising within their niche for which they create content and publicize the product or organization to their teeming followers.

Because of the followers’ trust and closeness with these influencers, they take the influencers’ recommendations as to the gospel and buy the products, creating a payment opportunity for the influencers.


How to Get Paid for Social Media Posts


2. Sponsored Posts

You may have wondered while some social media users put the hashtags: #ads or #sponsored in their posts.

They are only informing you that they are being paid for putting up that content on their platform.

Check out the following for more tips:

Organizations try to find influencers within their niche to help publicize their products.

A good number of followers tend to influence their followers in buying the products they promote.

So, to earn money from sponsored posts, you need a good number of followers and a high rate of engagement from your followers.

Sometimes, these sponsored posts may not come with monetary advantages but with free products which you can use or gift to your followers to ensure they patronize the organization.

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3. Creating and Selling Your Products

Creating and selling your products is another way to get paid for your social media posts.

When creating a niche for yourself, you can create your products and use your influencing position to sell these products to your followers.

You may not have started your platform by selling your products, but while creating content on your niche, you can write a book and make money, open an online store related to that niche, etc., and publicize it on your page.

This will also bring revenue to you. There are purely online stores that are doing well, thanks to the influencing position of their founder.

An example is as a bodybuilding enthusiast, and you can write a book on bodybuilding or sell, online, tools for bodybuilding.


4. Selling Your Services

Just like selling your products, you can also sell your services.

Some influencers have found their niche in doing reviews about businesses in an industry.

Having built their followership and engagements, these influencers monetize this service by getting paid to review a business’ product and write about them on their page.

Consultancy is also another service for which you can get paid, including simply getting paid to give expert advice.

As a specialist in your niche with many followers and engagements to empirically prove your worth, you can provide consulting services on that niche of yours.


5. Sharing Your Knowledge

Another way to monetize your social media page is to share your knowledge. This knowledge may be academic, self-taught, etc.

You could be a lawyer making money sharing your understanding of the laws of your country on your page.

This would help churn in followers interested in knowing their country’s legal position on some matters, and through this, you can earn money.

For example, YouTube rewards its users who have at least One Thousand subscribers and Four Thousand hours of accumulated views with some months.

Several social media have ways they pay their users for their content on their platform.

You have to find their eligibility requirements and sharing your knowledge and skills.


Best Paying Companies for the Influencer Marketing Industry

Brands all over the world have increased their social media advertising expenditure as it is the future.

So many people are on different social media forums, and they constitute a significant customer base for organizations promoting their products.

The social media advertising market is the second biggest market in Digital Advertising, with a revenue of $153.7 billion in 2021.

It means organizations have seen the rewards the social media advertising brings to their products and wants to glean as much profit as possible from social media through intense advertising.

One of the means of advertisement they use is the influencers.

Let us examine some of the biggest paying organizations in the influencer advertising industry.

  • Amazon
  • Fiverr
  • Hostinger
  • Shift4shop


1. Amazon

Amazon is the behemoth of an e-commerce company that sells a variety of products online. It is a big multinational company with over $113 billion in revenue.

This organization has seen opportunities in the influencer advertising industry, particularly the affiliate advertising aspect.

It has created an affiliate program that allows influencers to earn a commission when their followers click on the amazon store link on their page and buy a product from Amazon.

With commission as high as 10%, you can earn very high when many of your followers purchase products from Amazon through your page.

You need to have an Amazon account and a YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook account to qualify for the Amazon influencer program.

You can access the different parts of the influencer program on their website. The rates for each storefront are found on the Amazon website.

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2. Fiverr

Fiverr is another company that pays highly in the influencer marketing industry.

Fiverr is one of the best freelance websites like Upwork where freelancers meet their potential clients and where payments are made between them.

Payment can go as high as $1,000 for a sale where the service price is $10,000.

Fiverr pays a 10% commission for every service contract made and paid for through the link the influencers advertise on their social media pages.

You can apply for the Fiverr affiliate program on its website.


3. Hostinger

Hostinger is a web hosting forum that provides hosting web opportunities for over 29 million users in many organizations.

The company offers a base payment of $60, and the price can go as high as $150 on every sale made through the list.

As a social media influencer, you have to sign up for its affiliate program on its website and start cashing out to earn money.


4. Shift4shop

You can earn as high as $57 to $687 on the Shift4shop affiliate program when you advert their products and services on your social media page, and your followers click on the link to pay for building a website from the Shift4shop website.

With payments up to $100 million in commission, Shift4shop takes influencer advertising seriously. You should check them out.

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As this article has shown, there are several ways of getting paid to post on social media, especially as an influencer.

Social media is a financial tool we should not be indifferent about.

Wherever you are in the world, you can sit in your room and make a lot of money through social media to last you for a long time.

Also this article revealed the preliminary steps you have to take before earning money online.

You also know the process of getting paid from your page and the best organizations to watch out for in the influencing marketing industry.

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