Yes, as surprising as it may seem – you can actually get paid for having a beard and there are companies that really pay or help you get paid.

This article reveals all that, especially the legit companies that either pay you directly for having a beard or help you get paid.


Can You Really Get Paid for Having a Beard?

Of course you can and there are really legit companies that pay or help you get paid, as you will learn from the rest of this article.

But first…

First, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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What do Abraham Lincoln, ZZ Top, Duck Dynasty, and Santa Claus all have in common?

They all have identifiable beards.

There are a variety of opinions about beards.

Men with beards, according to some, are seen as more masculine, wiser, more mature, and dominant. Others see beards in the opposite light as less than attractive and sooner have the face cleaned shaven every morning.

Some women are attracted to men with beards and other women not so much.

However, before one applies the shaving cream did you know that a bearded man can get paid for having a beard?

During the early 70s, a new admiral was placed in command of naval operations. As part of his attempt to modernize the U.S. Navy, Admiral Elmo Zumwalt initiated several Z-grams.

One of those directives was to allow sailors to grow beards.

As a young sailor, I attempted to comply but my beard looked more like a barge than a sleek naval warship. For a while then my beard-growing attempts were torpedoed until I eventually got a hang of it.


Beard Facts If You Want to Make Money Having a Beard

Did you know that 33% of American men have facial hair?

55% of men, around the world, have facial hair?

Having a beard is no less hygienic than those men who are clean-shaven.

Having a beard can make a man look eight years older.

Having a beard gives the impression to others that a man is more aggressive.

41% of women find men more attractive without a beard. That leaves 59% of women believing men are more attractive with a beard.

As far as the revenue generated by the beard grooming industry the range is extreme. However, it is in the billions of dollars range and is expected to grow.

If you have a beard you are in good company.


10 Best Ways and Companies that Help You Get Paid for Having a Beard


1. YouTube

A bearded individual can take to the Internet and specifically go to YouTube. They can create my beard channel and talk to fellow bearded individuals through this medium.

Specifically, they can talk about beard grooming, the advantages of having a beard, addressing certain troublesome beard situations, having discussions, etc.

An individual can make money by creating this channel by gaining sponsors.

Sponsors can be gained by going to a few websites that will help them with their support process.

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2. Instagram

Showing one’s beard off on Instagram doesn’t necessarily generate revenue for the individual who has a sensational beard.

However, if enough followers of Instagram catch the attention of others, fame and possibly fortune may follow

In one such case, an individual had an epic beard that attracted thousands of fans.

Due to his popularity, he was able to land a modeling position and ultimately, he ended up in an E*TRADE commercial with a famous movie star.

No direct money but indirectly this bearded Instagram individual has become famous with a few dollars put into his pocket.

The name of the individual is Lane Toran.

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3. Real Bearded Men

RBM or Real Bearded Men offers beard grooming products. Some of those products include beard oil, beard balm, beard wash, combs, and other accessories.

They also operate an affiliate program for an individual who discusses subjects related to beards. Those sites could include writing a blog, YouTube channel, website, etc.

The terms of this affiliation offer the site host to place a tracking cookie on their platform. If a visitor to the site accesses that cookie and makes a purchase, the host of that venue receives a commission.

RBM tracks this activity for 30 days once the cookie is accessed.

If a sale is made the individual receives a 15% commission on sales that are made.

RBM offers one of the better affiliation programs.

Click here to check out Real Bearded Men.


4. Breweries

Many craft beer breweries see the value of promoting men who have beards along with their love and enthusiasm for drinking craft brews.

Consequently, many breweries are hosting beard contests to not only promote their brewery but of course to promote men who wear beards.

One such contest was held many years ago. Their search for the best beards narrowed the choices down to 20 finalists.

The bearded individual and his favorite brewery were highlighted in a public periodical.

Types of beards included mustaches, goatees, Dali type beards, Old Dutch, or just a simple beard. A photo album was posted on Facebook and a total of 73 entries were highlighted.

One beard contest was hosted by Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The first-place winner walked away with a $100 gift card from the brewery and of course a six-pack. Second and third places also received consolation prizes.

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5. Etsy

This website has an affiliate program. A follower of a blog or visitor to a website can access Etsy through various platforms.

Specifically, if an individual has a blog that pertains to beards in general and caring for them and grooming them specifically, they can work with Etsy in linking one’s page to their website.

If a person reading the blog comes across the Etsy advertisement on the blog page and clicks that, they are then referred to the Etsy website.

Based on the blogger or website identifier, the individual could earn a commission if the individual who is directed to this website makes a purchase.

This can be done for individuals who blog or who are have a website and have the affiliate link on their platform page.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE

Click here to check out Etsy.


6. Modeling

Growing a beard for men seems to be in vogue right now.

Therefore, many individuals who sport a good-looking and well-groomed beard may be recruited to be models.

These models are for various companies and a variety of advertisers who want to capitalize on the popularity of beards.

Interestingly, one recent full-time actor noted that men with both long hair and beards are in high demand as actors.

Men, as well as women, admire individuals with these growths on their chin and that is what advertisers are looking for.

They want there to be that bond between the product and the individual promoting that product to the potential customer.

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7. Competitions

There are a variety of competitions that are conducted across the United States.

One event is hosted by Beard Team USA which is a national beard club. There are ticket sales and a portion of those ticket sales go to charitable organizations.

In this particular competition, there were 18 categories which included the best for Fu Manchu mustache, best Chevron mustache, sideburns, best full beard, etc.

Although there was no monetary award, the first-place winner received an all-expense-paid trip to the following year’s competition.

There are significant dollars that are raised in a variety of beard competitions.

However, the major focus of these competitions is more for raising awareness for various charitable causes and providing a percentage of the ticket sales to these charities.

Also, the winners in the various beard and mustache categories come away with bragging rights and always hair beard hair products for their masterpieces.


Get Paid for Having a Beard


8. Mo Bro’s

Mo Bro’s is a beard grooming product company that has come up with unique ways to promote its grooming products.

A novel idea was inaugurated back in 2017 in Leicester, England. This beard grooming company offered £30 for individuals who had a 2-inch beard or longer to allow people to stroke their beard.

Although sounding a little bit weird, the intent was to help shoppers who were stressed relax and concentrate on something soft to get their minds off of the holiday season and the stresses of shopping.

Recently a new product is being tested under the label of The Aphrodite. As the name implies it is a beard oil that promotes the ability of the oil for bearded men to find love.

The key ingredients are Androstadienone and Androstenol. These love ingredients are supposedly able to stimulate the moods of heterosexual women and homosexual men.

And there is an added benefit to finding love. It is also finding money.

Mo Bro’s is willing to pay £500 to volunteers who are willing to test the product.

Click here to check out Mo Bro’s


9. A&W

As odd as this may sound some advertisers are looking for unique spaces to market their products.

Typical venues have included radio, television, periodicals, billboards, and cars.

Now advertisers are looking to place an advertisement on beards. That’s right, an advertisement placed right on the hair of an individual’s chinny chin chin.

The specific name of the Kentucky-based ad company is A&W.

Advertisers are paying men for advertisement space on their beards. The rented space will display a company’s logo.

The walking billboard with a beard is paid $5.00 per day. The ad is a little mini placard place in a gentlemen’s beard.

This concept has already caught the attention of many men with epic growth on their chins. In addition, as of this writing, this advertising agency is in negotiated talks with many advertisers.

What a unique and eye-catching opportunity to advertise. Certainly when seen one will not quickly forget and that is what the advertiser is hoping to accomplish.

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10. Icebreaker Opportunities

The usual process of making an application for a job is to submit a resume in response to a job opening.

If the position is high-paying and with a progressive company, there will probably be several applicants.

Therefore, one wants to make sure that their resume stands out from the rest of the applicants.

This can be through an eye-catching method and wowing the recruiters with one’s education and experience reflected on the resume.

Can you imagine standing in a crowd of others and there is this individual with a long, well-groomed, and stylish-looking beard?

Who are you going to remember? Those that blended in with the crowd or this individual who stood out from the crowd?

Consequently, getting paid for having a beard can be realized by the opportunities that are presented.

By standing out in a crowd comes recognition and with recognition comes opportunities and with opportunities comes the possibility of revenue generation.

You are your best asset.


Making Money with a Beard FAQs


Do People With Beards Get Paid More?

A study found that men who had a mustache earned more than men who did not.

The percentage increase of men with facial hair was at an 8.2% higher pay for a man sporting upper lip hair and 4.3% more with a beard.


Why the Sudden Popularity of Beards?

The recent rise in the popularity of beards is partially due to the recent global pandemic. Individuals were restricted from visiting public places including hair salons.

Consequently, men and women stayed home and their hair grooming was affected.


How Much Does It Cost to Keep a Beard Groomed for a Year?

To keep a beard properly groomed there are necessary products that should be utilized. Those products include beard oil, beard balm, beard shampoo, and a variety of accessories.

In addition, if an individual goes to a professional to have their beard trimmed that means going to the barber.

Consequently, the average cost yearly to maintain a beard ranges anywhere from $258 to $580.



There are many good reasons as to why a man should allow his beard to grow. Of course, it is a personal choice and can be accomplished for several reasons.

There are many benefits to having a beard. It may make the individual feel more confident and in control.

Additionally, having a beard is a distinguishing physical feature and will make an individual stand out in a crowd.

An added benefit of having a beard is the possibility of utilizing that beautiful growth on one’s chin to earn extra revenue.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE

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