Yes, getting paid for food reviews is a thing.

If you are one of those who loves food and loves to share your thoughts and opinion on food, you can definitely get paid!

This article reveals how and some of the best companies that pay you for food reviews.



As it relates to food there are three basic approaches to eating a meal.

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There are those individuals who eat to live.

They eat modest portions and try to take in all the appropriate food groups for their health.

Then there is the individual who lives to eat and fills their mouths and bellies with as much food as they can in anticipation of when the next meal will occur.

Then there are those who see eating as an experience and savor literally and figuratively each moment.

It is important for us as human beings to always strike a balance in everything and eating is no exception.

The eating of a meal should be a delightful experience that captures all of the human senses.

As far as the appearance of the food it should look good and appealing to the eyes.

As it relates to the sense of smell, that sense is usually the first indicator that something delicious is being prepared.

Thirdly, is the sense of taste and the incredibly sensitive and eager anticipation of our taste buds in capturing the most watering flavors?

Also, our sense of touch can be part of the eating process as perhaps we pick up a piece of pizza or get ready to bite into a crispy fried chicken leg, etc.

Also, not to be excluded is the sense of our hearing.

Who hasn’t had their salivary glands stimulated at the mere sound of bacon sizzling in the frying pan?

If we are fortunate enough, we can utilize our writing skills to write a review about the incredible experience that we had with the full-bodied experience in eating food.


Personal Story

My father used to own a fish and chip store in Toronto, Canada, and the way that he prepared the fish with his specialized batter was incredible as attested to the heaviness in weight of our family.

Each summer we would try to go back home and visit the family and always as part of the meal plan was dad making fish and chips with his special batter.

Of course, the only proper fish that was permissible was halibut.

The best thing about going home was seeing the parents and the second best thing was having a feed of fish and chips.


10 Tips to Making Money Writing Food Review


1. Love Food 

In order to write a good food review and get paid, it is important to love food.

This doesn’t mean that you just eat food but that you love food.

This relationship with food should include the way that looks, the way that it is presented, the way that it smells, the texture when eaten, the experience of the taste buds in tasting the food, etc.

The whole dining experience should be savored and not just the eating of the food.


2. Culinary Arts

The professions that are usually considered to write food reviews are those who have had some sort of culinary arts training.

This doesn’t mean that you cannot write a good food review.

It just means that their level of education and experience is probably a little bit above the average individual.

An individual who has experience with the culinary arts knows what it takes to prepare the food and the blend of all the morsels of food to create a memorable dining experience.

Therefore, a little education and enlightenment from underneath a chef’s hat may be helpful.


4. No Food Allergies 

To get paid to write food reviews, it is important that the individual has no food allergies or certainly is aware of what foods you can or cannot eat.

Often, a food review consists of a combination of food items blended together to create the food entrée that needs to be reviewed.

A combination of foods may be used for this creation and therefore, having any food allergies can certainly be detrimental to your health as well as your conducting reviews on the food.


5. Age 

Most companies that want individuals to write food reviews require certain minimum qualifications in order to provide this writing.

One of those minimum requirements is that the individual would need to be at least 18 years of age or older.

This has nothing to do with an individual’s ability to provide a quality review it is more about the individual being at a certain legal age in order to enter into any consulting work or writing for a company and providing reviews.


6. Research 

Whether your food review is about eating at a particular restaurant and describing the ambiance and the food or whether a specific menu item is to be reviewed, it is important to do one’s research.

The research conducted by a knowledgeable food reviewer would include how the food is prepared, what ingredients are utilized to create the menu item, the history of the restaurant, or background on the chef themselves.

Additionally, it would be interesting to the reader to know about the background of the food being prepared, the origins of the ingredients, how the original menu fare was created, and other interesting background information.

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7. Presentation 

Another important part of the food review is the way the food is presented.

The possible deliciousness of the meal begins with the fully engaged human senses which also includes whether the food looks appetizing to one visually.

A good food review describes how the meal looks, the splashes of color, the way that it is presented on the dinner plate, how the food is served, and any other hints of creativity or splashes on the meal.

Those added features could include the description of the various sauces, added sprigs of herbs, etc.



8. Taste 

The most important part of the food review is the taste of the food.

Capture anything about the flavor that surprises you or brings your taste buds to life or creates a sensation on your palate, etc.

It is important to use descriptive words so that the reader feels that they are there with you enjoying the meal and the experience.

In describing the flavor, it is important to use creative and properly chosen words as well as possibly throw in a few similes.

The eating of, perhaps, a deliciously prepared cucumber salad, could be described as refreshing and awakening as sipping a beautifully blended ice cold mint iced tea on a hot sunny day.

If there are certain features of the meal that are distinguishable, it is important to capture that as well.

For example, the flavor of oregano, basil, garlic, etc. all need to be identified and brought forth in your review.


9. Texture 

Another important component of a quality food review is sharing with the reader the texture of the food.

The texture would be defined as how the food appeared and felt in one’s mouth.

Was there a variety of textures and if so, did they work together well? Was the texture juicy and delicate or was it a bit on the tough side?


10. Adjectives 

Just like the food that hopefully you are describing, there are a variety of adjectives that you can use to describe the food.

The adjectives can range anywhere from color, taste, appearance, etc.

In utilizing adjectives, it is important not to be repetitive but draw from your vocabulary appropriate words to describe the food differently but equally exciting, engaging, and descriptive.


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Advantages and Disadvantages 

As a food reviewer, it is your job to provide an honest appraisal of the dining experience,

Therefore, it is important to not only capture the positive or appealing aspects of the cuisine but also provide any critical assessments of the culinary delight.

Descriptive phrases or words that can be used that may take on a less than positive connotation could include the spices being too robust, the sauce masking the flavor of the salmon, or perhaps the texture of the food was not quite cooked to perfection.


10 Best Companies That Pay You for Food Reviews


1. Eater

The focus of this national publication is on restaurants but includes stories about the fascinating world of food and drink.

This written journal focuses on the way that our dining experience intersects with the variety of cultures.

The writing can be based upon the writer’s travel, through film and television, trends, policy, and just how people cook and eat in their own homes.

The recommended pitch to write or submit an article for this company should be a reflection of the individual’s writing style.

If you are accepted to write for this publication, the pay rates range anywhere from $.07-$.67 per word.

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2. Travel + Leisure

The focus of this magazine is that the majority of individuals when they go on an excursion wish to take in, as part of the getaway, an experience in dining.

The dining adventure can span the globe and range anywhere from New York City to Shanghai.

The food reviews can be the individual’s experience in a local restaurant on up to the most exquisite offerings of cuisine.

If accepted to write for this journal, the pay range is from $.20 to $2.00 per word.

Click here to check out Travel + Leisure


3. Extra Crispy

This periodical runs the entire gamut as it relates to the types of articles that are accepted.

The articles can be based upon the individual’s opinion, a variety of stories, humorous narratives, breakfast profiles, recipes that have been in the family for ages, etc.

The focus is on the most important meal of the day or writing about breakfast.

Click here to check out Extra Crispy


4. Eating Well

As the name implies, this magazine is all about eating healthy nutritional food.

The focus of this magazine is encapsulated in their motto which states, “Where good taste meets good health.”

They are looking for articles regarding the enjoyment of food that is not only nutritious and delicious but good for them as well.

This is the only national food magazine in which is in fire entire focus is on healthy eating.

The maximum potential pay is $1.00 per word.

Click here to check out Eating Well


5. Clean Eating

This magazine is about food that can be eaten in its natural state and only uses natural flavors to enhance the taste of deliciousness of the food.

The focus is on food that is non-compromised in order to preserve the integrity of the food that is provided.

Clean eating, as indicated in this magazine’s focus, is not about eating particular foods as it pertains to being on a diet.

It is eating food that is real with the purpose of eating the food to live a healthy and satisfying life.

Click here to check out Clean Eating


6. Saveur

The writing focus of an individual wishing to get paid for food reviews would be your unique stories about your travels and the cuisines that were enjoyed.

When you reach out to Saveur it is recommended that you provide a brief synopsis of what your article will be about, and how you will approach the writing.

The “pitch” should indicate your plan of action on how you are going to experience the travel, eating, and subsequent reporting.

Rates for this food review process are at $.30 per word.

Click here to check out Saveur


7. Wine Enthusiast

Don’t allow the title of this magazine to dissuade you as it is not only about the enjoyment of wine but also incorporating fine food and travel adventures.

The freelance writer, by accessing this website, will indicate through their initial contact their idea and how they plan on writing about their adventure.

If accepted to submit writing, pay is negotiable based upon the magazine’s acceptance of the proposal.

Click here to check out Wine Enthusiast

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8. Bon Appetit

This is a major magazine as it relates to being associated with the enjoyment of food, associated stories, and narratives.

It is also indicated that if the food reviewer is successful and resonates with the magazine that it could lead to additional writing opportunities.

As with all submissions, it is important to be familiar with the guidelines and follow them accordingly.

Although the rates are not listed for payment for a writer the possibility of earning $.50 per word is indicated.

Click here to check out Bon Appetit


9. Taste of Home

Although not a food review opportunity per se, this magazine is looking for recipes from individuals and families that have stood the test of time within those generational homes.

Therefore, the food is not about gourmet cooking or chefs preparing an incredibly tasteful meal that will stimulate one’s palate.

This magazine is about home cooking and not only features recipes but shares delightfully appealing photos of the fully prepared meal.

Any individual wishing to submit a recipe and contact the editors can be accomplished through email.

Rates, upon acceptance, will be negotiated.

Click here to check out Taste of Home


10. NPR The Salt

This magazine produced by National Public Radio is a newsy type publication that features articles ranging anywhere from the growing of the food on a farm to its arrival upon the plate of the consumer.

An idea can be submitted to the senior editor via her email.

Rates of submission range anywhere from $.20-$.29.

Click here to check out NPR The Salt


Make Money With Food Reviews FAQs


What Is the Purpose of a Restaurant Review?

The main purpose of a restaurant or food review is to take the reader into the dining area and, through writing, share that meal with the individual.

Upon reading the review, the individual may wish to frequent that restaurant or if it is not a favorable review the reader may wish to pass.


Do Restaurant Reviewers Pay for Their Meals?

In order to maintain neutrality in writing a food review, it is best for the reviewer not to accept the food as gratis.

However, if a publication commissions the individual to write a review on a certain food or at a restaurant, they, in most likelihood, will reimburse the individual for that meal.



If you have a writing flair about the food eating process, then perhaps, writing food reviews may be available to you through a number of venues.

These venues and others are looking for stories that are as fresh and new as the vegetables that are daily picked for consumption on our dining room tables.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE

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