Yes, as surprising as that sounds – you can really get paid for buying gas!

This insightful article reveals exactly how getting paid to buy gas works and some of the best companies that really pay or help you get paid.



Unless you drive an electric car, you are totally aware of the increased cost of a gallon of gasoline.

Pumping gas today is sure to pump up one’s heart rate as well as potential anxiety over budget concerns.

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As a result of the increased gas prices, and to maintain the household budget, it is important as much as possible to minimize the pain at the pump.

Therefore, a look into practical companies or methods that an individual can utilize to cut down the cost of rising gas prices is certainly worth fueling our effort.


10 Ways/Tips to Get Paid for Buying Gas


1. Use Apps

Today, rather than wasting gas trying to find the cheapest service station, there are apps available to the smartphone user to help find the lowest gas prices per gallon in the area.

Two of those websites and apps that provide this information are known as GasBuddy and Waze.

These two websites will inform the driver as to what stations offer the cheapest gas.


2. Skip Premium

When you pull up to a gas pump at a service station you are offered a number of grades of fuel that you can pump into your car.

It is important to realize that today most engines are very efficient and do not need the higher-priced or higher-octane levels of gasoline provided at the service stations.

Therefore, rather than pay the extra $.20-$.40 per gallon for these upgrades of gasoline, just, if it is your preference, stick with the unleaded gasoline with the lowest octane.


3. Fuel Rewards

Another option that a driver can take advantage of is to be involved with fuel rewards programs.

Many service stations that offer gasoline will provide a discount for individuals to pump their gas at these outlets.

The purpose of offering the fuel rewards is to get the customer to become loyal to purchasing their gas at that particular service station.

Of course, each program has its own set of policies and how much you can save, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to look into these programs to see what sort of discounts you may be able to attain.

Also, Pay with Gas Buddy has a fuel savings program and a driver can save up to $.25 per gallon of gas purchased.

You can also upgrade this program by paying an extra $10 a month which offers up to $.40 per gallon of gas save and provide emergency roadside assistance.


4. Rewards Credit Card

Another option for a driver looking to save money on gasoline is by using credit cards that offer rewards.

These rewards are offered at a percentage of the total amount of gasoline purchased and a reward is provided back to the driver.

One such wholesale retailer that offers a credit card and also a reward system is Costco.

Pumping gas here or at a similar place, not only will you save at a reduced cost offered by being a member, but you will also earn rewards on the purchased amount.


5. Cash

Another way that you can decrease your pain at the pump is to pay cash.

Some gasoline service stations do not take credit cards because of the costs associated with each of the transactions and charged by the credit card company.

Therefore, to eliminate these administrative fees, many gas stations do not accept credit cards but only debit cards or cash.

The driver filling up their tank with gas can do so at a reduced cost per gallon pumped.

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6. Timing

Amazingly, as it relates to spending money, timing is everything.

So it is with purchasing gas.

A recent analysis done by Gas Buddy shows that it is cheaper to buy gas earlier in the week.

Mondays and Tuesdays are your best days to buy gas while for the remainder of the week the prices of fuel escalate.


7. Discounts

The way that the individual driver can save money while filling up at the pump is to take part in various surveys that are offered.

Some of those surveys offered include My Points or Cash Karma.

By taking part in their surveys, the individual is sometimes rewarded with gift cards that can be redeemed at service stations.


Gas Saving Tips


8. Driving Habits

In addition to utilizing some of these websites and apps, another way that the individual driver can save on their cost of gasoline is by taking into account their driving habits.

For example, rather than accelerating quickly and utilizing more gas, especially between stoplights, it is best to use the accelerator sparingly and idle when approaching a stop sign or stoplight.

Also, it is important not to leave your car running for a long time before starting on your trip or journey. Simply search a car and get moving and less gas will be consumed by an idling vehicle.


9. Share Rides

Another way to be economical as it relates to gas purchasing is to be part of a rideshare program.

If individuals are going to work and live in close proximity to each other and traveling to the same or close destination, it would be best just to commute together.

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10. Reduce

Another important practical step that an individual can take to reduce their use of gasoline and save money is to minimize the use of their air-conditioner or heater.

Of course, everybody wants to have a comfortable ride, but even just raising or reducing the thermostat as needed within the car or turning it off during specific times will help to reduce the gasoline usage of the motor when these items are engaged.


10 Best Companies That Pay or Help You Get Paid for Buying Gas


1. GetUpside

With this app, the customer can save up to $.25 a gallon and never have to pay full price at any service station.

This app also shows where the best deals are on the gas prices and also offers deals that provide cashback on any convenient store items along.

This app is user-friendly and just needs to be activated to see what offers are near you.

Once you pay with a credit or debit card the app will provide cashback earnings in your account and whenever you wanted to draw out on your account you can make the transfer via your banking information, PayPal, or use an E gift card.

It is estimated that the average savings for the user of this app can save roughly $140 in a year.

There are no minimum amounts to draw from your account but a fee will be assessed of one dollar for any amounts drawn out under $15.

Click here to check out GetUpside


2. Gas Buddy

The user on their first time utilizing this app can save $.15 per gallon.

To take advantage of this significant discount, they simply use the code “pay”.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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After that Gas Buddy provides a $.05 discount.

As an incentive, Gas Buddy can keep you informed on the current gas prices.

Click here to check out Gas Buddy


3. BPme

This app offers the user a $.05 cent reduction on every gallon that is pumped at a participating BPR Amoco gas station.

The app is activated, the user selects the appropriate fuel pump, and instantly the savings are experienced.

Also, this app automatically compares other gas prices amongst other major brands and matches the lowest best price.

If a lower price is found it is automatically credited to the individuals BP me rewards purchase

There is a monthly subscription fee of $.99.

As an added bonus, the first time the individual uses this app, entering the code SAVINGS1, they are given a one-time $.50 per gallon discount upon their second fill up at a minimum purchase of $10 or more.

Click here to check out BPme


4. Ibotta

Ibotta does not save the app using any money on their gas purchases, but the individual can earn cashback when they use the app at the retail store connected with the service station or by shopping online.

The individual just needs to check the app before they begin their shopping.

The areas of shopping can include traveling, dining, or making a purchase utilizing your app.

They can receive a cash reward.

Click here to check out Ibotta.


5. Trunow

This app reveals gasoline prices per gallon in proximity to your location.

By downloading this app, the user when he or she purchases gas will get cashback on every gallon of gasoline purchased.

All the individual needs to do is take a picture of their receipt and instant cash will be available

The power of this app and its cashback rewards is that it is available at no charge and the individual will earn one dollar on every gas station receipt that they submit.

In addition to earning cash back on gas, any groceries bought at the retail store associated with the service station will also provide a reward as well.

Once the individual reaches $10 they can cash out and continue the earning process.


6. Dosh

This cashback app is not only a way to get real savings on gasoline purchases but also make reservations at a hotel and dining out, and more.

There are over 100,000 merchants and retailers that this app can be utilized at.

The user simply downloads the app and then connects their app to a credit or debit card.

Whenever your cards are utilized, Dosh picks up that credit card or debit card usage and credits your account.

Also, with some retailers as well as restaurants, an individual may receive up to 10% back on their purchases.

The amount credited is placed in your Dosh wallet.

Also, each time you refer a friend Dosh gives one dollar for each referral who signs up and links a verifiable card.

To transfer cash the amount can be transferred from the Dosh wallet and directly deposited into one’s bank account or through PayPal.

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7. Murphy Drive Rewards

This app is best used by individuals who travel frequently on the road.

The app will provide rewards to the user on purchases of snacks, gas, drinks, etc.

Reward points are accumulated that can be redeemed for free snacks or one dollar off per gallon of gas at the pump.


8. Cashbac

This particular app can only be utilized with android systems and can provide rewards for individuals when they eat out at a restaurant, pump gas, or other retail outlets.

This app can be utilized by over 2,000 affiliated retailers as well as over 20,000 outlets that span a number of shopping categories.

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9. Receipt Hog

With this app, the user simply takes a picture of their receipt at any retailer, including a gas station, and the app will provide rewards that take on the form of coins.

These coins can be used on their virtual slot machine and a variety of prizes are awarded depending upon how the individual spins the wheel.

When the individual is ready to cash out the rewards, they can utilize PayPal or obtain an Amazon gift card.


10. Exxon Mobil Speedpass

The downloaded app is simply linked to the user’s preferred payment of choice with the Exxon Mobil rewards card.

Earning with fuel purchase occurs right away with the first gallon pumped.

The other added feature with this app is that the individual can stay within the safety and security of their car and make their purchase by utilizing the app on the smartphone.

This eliminates standing outside completing the transaction or keying in the information of the card to pay for the gasoline.


Personal Story

As they say, back in the day, my dad was on the road a lot because of his occupation as a traveling salesman for a major company that produced laundry detergent and the.

Being familiar with driving and always trying to get the best bang for his buck, as it related to his travel expenses, he would often pass up gas stations in order to get the best price per gallon.

At times it seemed we were being powered by the mere fumes of the gasoline in the gas tank.

I can recall many times the gas tank would be on the E for empty on the fuel tank and yet we would pass up the gasoline service station after service station with my dad always looking for a couple of pennies discount on the gallon of gasoline.

Although my mother never really said anything I could tell by the tenseness in the air that the gas fumes that we were riding on only paled in comparison to her fuming over my dad’s constant attempt to save money by trying to find the cheapest gas station.

With the rise in gas prices today, maybe it wouldn’t hurt to find the cheapest gas station now and use other methods of saving money on each gallon of gas purchased.




How Important is Car Tire Pressure When Trying to Save on Gasoline?

In your car manual or posted on the driver’s door of your vehicle is the manufacturer’s suggested tire pressure readings.

If proper tire pressure is not maintained on your vehicle’s tires, this can cost you money at the gas pump.

Specifically, tires that are underinflated can cost you, roughly, two cents per gallon of gasoline.

In doing the math that would be for a $15 gas fill-up $.30 which certainly will add up over time.


Does What Type of Engine Oil That I Use Affect My Gas Mileage?

If the improper grade of motor oil is not utilized in your car this can also cost you money at the pump.

Therefore, it is important to use the manufacturer’s recommendation as it relates to the grade of oil that you use for your engine.

Motor oil should be designated as “energy conserving” “or energy saving.”



The cost for the cost per gallon of gasoline is continually on the increase.

With any of these apps and more, an individual can begin to realize a discount for a gallon of gasoline which eventually adds up to a savings of getting a few tanks of gasoline at no charge.

These apps want to “pump you up.”

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE

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