Saving money is not always fun, but it can be funny.

This article will cover twenty funny ways to save money, and I bet you have not even thought of doing most of them.

Or, if you did, you realized how absurd it would be.


Why Save Money in Funny Ways

Saving money in funny ways makes it easier to save.

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Moreover, some of these ways are not only funny but also come with additional benefits.

Trying new, funny ways to save money might inspire you and those around you.

You may even find the added bonus of having fewer friends (and therefore fewer gifts to buy) because they are embarrassed by your cheap ways.


20 Best Funny Ways to Save Money


1. Replace Your Dog With a Goat

Dogs are expensive.

Their food costs could cost hundreds of dollars a month.

Trading in your dog for a goat saves you money because goats will eat your grass for free and probably everything else in your yard, including cars and trash.

A bonus benefit is you no longer have to cut your grass.

Goats are quite friendly and provide just as good companionship as dogs.


2. Use Old Underwear for Cleaning Rags

Once your underwear is stained and full of holes, you can repurpose them for cleaning rags to save money in a funny way.

Paper towels are too expensive to waste cleaning.

Even though selling your old underwear is the best way to save money, you may not feel comfortable with that.

But you can use your old underwear to clean and get a laugh out of doing it.


3. Sneak Into Weddings

Weddings have delicious food and drinks.

You can save money by sneaking into weddings at hotels and eating the food.

You will find saving money by sneaking into weddings hilarious when no one realizes you are a stranger. Be sure to dress for the part.

Wear a nondescript outfit that will blend in with the crowd.


4. Raid Every Office Breakroom

Some offices have a lot of break rooms.

If it is a big workplace, chances are there will be birthday celebrations a few times a week.

In the afternoon, run through all of the breakrooms looking for leftover cake and party food.

Be sure to bring containers to store the food in.

If anyone asks, say you are just helping them clean up after the party.

Do not forget to wish the birthday girl or boy a happy birthday.


5. Set the World Record for Fastest Shower

Try to break the world record for taking the fastest shower ever to save money in a fun way.

Currently, the world record is 33.18 seconds.

Taking a shower in less than 33 seconds will save water.

You will have fun challenging yourself to beat the world record every day.

To qualify, be sure to fully bathe while in the shower.


6. Convert Your Car to Run on Vegetable Oil

To save money on gas in a fun way, convert your diesel car to run on used vegetable oil.

You will save money, but your car will smell like the stinkiest fast food restaurant in town.

You may find that funny.

You can get used vegetable oil from restaurants and food manufacturers.

You may need to convert the vegetable oil into biodiesel before using it.

If you put used vegetable oil in your gas tank, you will likely ruin your engine.

This will not save you money and will not be funny at all.

Be sure you know what you are doing before trying this tip.


7. Crochet Plastic Bag Rugs for Presents

Plastic grocery store bags can be cut into strips and crocheted into rugs that can be gifted.

This saves you money on gifts and is a fun hobby to do.

Plastic bags make wonderful rugs.

To find crochet patterns, look for patterns that use “plarn.”

This is what the strips of plastic bags are called in crochet patterns.

You can also make bags or bowls using plarn.

It may not be possible to dye the plarn, so try to shop at different stores to get a variety of colors to use.

A few interesting patterns are:


8. Disguise Yourself as a Senior Citizen

Many restaurants and stores give a senior citizen discount.

Dress up as a senior citizen and use wrinkle stipple to age your face.

Dressing as a senior citizen is a fun way to save money because you get to pretend to be someone else, and you get discounts.

Practice speaking with a gravelly voice and walking slowly or bent over slightly.

You may need to invest in a wig, but that should not cost more than $20.

If you disguise yourself as a senior citizen, you could save 10% off every time you buy groceries, making your investment worth it.

Popular grocery stores that offer a senior citizen discount are:

  • Publix
  • Bi-lo
  • Fred Meyer
  • Compare Foods


9. Get Freebies at Job Fairs

You can save money in a fun way by collecting company marketing freebies at job fairs.

Companies hand out pens, notebooks, candy, and even toys like balls or frisbees.

When you go to the job fair, take a large bag that will hold everything you collect.

Have fun chatting with the companies.

You may even find a new job.

To keep the companies from getting irritated, bring resumes to hand out to them and show interest in their company.



10. Watch Your Neighbor’s Television Through the Window

If you are lucky enough to have a neighbor whose television is visible through the window, you can save money by canceling your own streaming and cable services.

If you can lip read or if they tend to watch television with the captions on, you can have just as much fun as you do watching television at home.

You may want to find a bush to hide behind while watching their television, so they do not call the police.

Binoculars may help as well.

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11. Trick or Treat Early

Many churches and cities have early trick-or-treating events.

You can save money by handing out the candy from these events on Halloween night.

This is better than trying to skip Halloween.

If you do not hand out candy, your house might get egged or worse, which would not be fun.

Handing out the candy you collect from others will be fun for you and the kids in your neighborhood.


12. Shower at Work

Showering at work can be a fun way to save money if you have to discreetly manage to do it without anyone knowing.

You will laugh thinking about how you managed to shower in the sink without getting caught.

Try to find a time when the bathroom is not used often.

For example, after lunch, the bathroom is much busier than mid-morning.

Have your soap readily available and wash one body part at a time.

If someone comes in, have an excuse ready.

Perhaps say you spilled something on yourself.


13. Put Your Kids to Work

Kids cost a lot of money.

Putting your kids to work is a funny way to save money.

Making your kids do the cleaning and yard work saves you time, which saves you money.

And you can use that time to have fun.

Read this article to see what others say about paying kids for chores or not.


14. Give Bad Paintings for Gifts

Even if you are not an artist, badly painting your friends and giving the painting as a gift is a funny way to save money.

Hopefully, your friends have a sense of humor and will laugh when they see how badly you painted them.

To save more money, check discount stores like Dollar Tree and Ollies for painting supplies.

You do not have to paint on canvas.

You can paint on discarded boxes or empty food containers to save the most money.


15. Sign Up For Birthday Discounts

Many restaurants offer discounts or coupons for birthdays.

Create 100 or more email addresses so you can sign up for lots of birthdays.

You may want to disguise yourself if you frequent the same restaurant and use birthday discounts often.


16. Take Up Speed Walking

To save money on a gym, try speed walking.

You will have fun, and you only have to buy some shoes to do it.

You will feel a bit silly, but that is okay.

Your neighbors might laugh.

Your family might disown you. But you will save money.


17. Pee in the Shower

Pee in the shower to save money on water and toilet paper.

Flushing a toilet costs 1.3 cents.

If you pee in the shower, then you save that money.

And if you have a childish sense of humor, you will have fun laughing about it.


18. Eat Your Halloween Pumpkin

Decorate a pie pumpkin with stickers instead of carving a traditional pumpkin at Halloween.

You can save money by making a pie with it instead of throwing it away.

To save money on the stickers to decorate, save any stickers you receive in the mail, like those blank stamps the post office sends out.

You may have to get creative, but cutting the stickers into shapes will only add to the fun.


19. Bring a Flask to Restaurants

Restaurants charge a lot for alcohol, but it is more fun to have alcoholic drinks with your dinner.

To save money and still have fun, bring a flask of rum with you to spike your coke.

Some restaurants may take offense to this, so be sneaky when spiking your drink.

An added bonus may be your friends buying your meal out of pity for how cheap you have to be.


20. Eat Only White Food

Eating white food saves you money because a lot of white food is cheap.

For example, pasta and rice are white and cheap.

Your diet does not have to be unhealthy.

Cauliflower, onions, and garlic are white and some of the cheapest vegetables you can buy.

Do not forget the salt, another white, cheap food.

Eating only white food can be a challenging but funny way to save money.

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Funny Ways for Saving Money FAQs


What Are the Funny Ways to Save Time?

Saving time can also save you money.

One funny way to save time is to do your makeup in the car.

You may end up looking like a clown, but your coworkers will find it funny.

Another funny way to save time is to pee while brushing your teeth.


What Are the Fast Ways to Save Money?

Use an app that will look over your credit card bill and identify subscriptions.

You may not even know you are paying for some of them and can save money fast by canceling them.

Another way to save money fast is to switch over to buying generic products.

These are often 30% less expensive than brand-name products.


How to Save Money When You Do Not Have Any Money?

If your goal is to add money, not just to avoid spending it, then you can save money by picking up a side gig or doing extra work.

You should also look into any assistance programs provided by the state or federally.


What Is the Weirdest Way to Save Money?

The weirdest way to save money is trading your pet for a goat.

Goats are not typical pets.

They are noisy and smelly, so your family and neighbors may not appreciate you trading the family pet for a goat.

But a goat saves money by eating your grass.

Talking about savings, below are some helpful guide to saving money:



Saving money can be funny.

If you are going to save money, you might as well adopt an amusing way to do it.

Some of the tips here may be a bit out there, but others are doable and will make saving money more fun.

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