Blind Blogger Goes From Frightened Radio Show Guest to Host of His Own Radio Show



Hello again;

When it comes to podcasts and radio shows, many of you know me as a prolific guest sometimes doing three or more interviews a week to share my inspiring story. I enjoy these conversations so much . But this past Monday night I had my first turn as a co-host on the Get It Moving Monday Show with my new friend Anna Banguilan.

For now the show will air once a month on the first Monday of each month. The next one is scheduled for April 4th at 7:00 PM eastern 6:00 central. The time is open to change but it will always be on Monday. The alternative time slot would be 10:00 am eastern 9:00 central.

I feel like the sooner in your day or week you start taking action the more likely you are to accomplish something. So, having it on Monday is not up for debate.

For those wondering why I’m only doing it once a month I should tell you how this came about, how we settled on Monday, and why the first show was on Leap Year Day February 29th. Last month I was a guest on Anna’s show on Universal Energy Radio.

Help With Accountability

During the interview, me and Anna talked about goal setting, deadlines, and accountability. I told her that I had been working on my second book for a while and needed something extra to motivate me to finish it.

My usual methods hadn’t been working. I had given myself multiple deadlines only to miss them all. I had shared with close friends via email. I had posted to face book groups for other coaches and authors.

So, during that show I decided to set a hard deadline and announce it on the air. I picked February 29th thinking it might have some special energy. I also picked that date not knowing I would be doing my own radio show the same night.

It may have been my subconscious at work, but I prefer to think it was God. You can say the universe or the law of attraction if you want. But I find it very humbling that I would set the due date and then just a little while later agree to do a show knowing that people would want to know if I met my goal or not. And of course Anna had threatened to play the audio from our first interview during the show if I didn’t get the book finished.

And yes Its Not the Cookie Its the Bag was finished and sent to Anna so she could verify I met my goal. Sometimes, you just need to know that people are watching.

Careful What You Wish For

I don’t know if the subject of doing a show as the co-host came up during the interview or after the show was over. I do know that I told her that many people had asked me when I would start doing interviews on my podcast or start doing my own radio show.

I explained that I always told them no because i just don’t feel I could commit to everything that would be involved in doing a weekly show. I’m also not sure about managing the technical issues of running a radio show.

And most importantly I know that for me to be effective I need to be able to concentrate completely on the other person or persons and the conversation we are having.

Well, you know what they say about wishing? 🙂 Apparently, I have been wishing for someone to offer me a way to do a radio show without the extra work or the time commitment. To give me the chance to just show up and be present in the moment and focus on the conversation.

And Anna was tuned in enough to realize this. Also, it was great timing that she had a host or co-host who was no longer able to fulfill her commitment. So, she had a show that needed a host or co-host but wouldn’t need someone every week. Thus our new show was and will be perfect for me.

Our first show was last Monday night. We were scheduled for sixty minutes, but we were having such a good time we went over by a half hour. Anna told me we had listeners. And we even had one person call in. This was great for a first anything.

A Couple Mistakes

It wasn’t perfect, but then nothing ever is. 🙂 The intro music was too long, so I was talking over it in the beginning. There were a few places where we talked over each other. But I felt we had good chemistry.

We forgot to tell people they had to press one to let us know that they wanted to be part of the conversation. Anna remembered near the end, and as soon as she made the announcement; Tim Olson aka TIMO joined us.

I have been coaching Timo on using radio shows to spread his message. I have gotten him a couple of shows already. He gave me a nice endorsement on air. And then he joined in on our theme of accountability by promising to make progress on a fund raiser to help with wells in Africa.

I couldn’t help but do some promotion on the show. So, I started the ball rolling to have Tim and Anna on each other’s shows. His is called The TIMO Show, and it focuses on inspiring people to live better lives and have healthier relationships. Well, I’m all about taking advantages of opportunities when they come your way, so I couldn’t help myself. 🙂

I should mention that I was the only one of us three who didn’t have a goal for next month’s show. Anna was nice about this saying that working with my editor Lorraine Reguly to edit, format, and submit my second book to Amazon and Create Space to join my first book Leading You Out of the Darkness Into the Light a Blind Man’s Inspirational Guide to success.

Group Coaching Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Learn As Well As Teach

However, I brought this up during my weekly call with the members of my group coaching community Big Dreams Start With Small Steps.

And two things happened. One, Edwin Polini called me out when I referred to this place between the end of one big project and uncertainty about my next goal as a dead zone.

As he rightly reminded me its all about the thoughts you have and the words you used. So, thanks to him I am now thinking of this time as being on a plateau where I can see so many amazing places stretched out in front of me. I will take the time to enjoy making it this far and to savor the moment while I decide where to go next.

And then Michael Babcock asked a great question. He asked how I set my coaching fees. I told him I am not great at setting prices and need to rethink mine.

This lead to a conversation about hourly fees verses goal based fees. In coaching more and more coaches are charging a set fee for a 30, 60, or 90 day program with a set goal in mind.

Michael point he reminded me that I had been talking about creating an in depth course on teaching people to use podcasts and radio shows to share their story, reach a broader audience, and build their brand. I had put this on hold while working to finish the book.

So, now I have a attainable goal for my next Get It Moving Monday in April. I will have my course ready to go live so I can promote it during the show. I will encourage Michael Babcock, Alex Okoroji, David Steele, Tim Olson, and others I have helped get radio bookings to call in and share their experiences. And I will have a page ready to go that I can give out live and have included in the show notes.

Its going to be a busy month in March because that will also be the last month to promote the coaching group in advance of opening it up to subscriptions and new members on April Second.

Thanks To Brian The Hammer Jackson

I know this is a long post, but AI couldn’t end it without mentioning my first ever Radio show appearance on The Brian the Hammer Jackson Show.

It was almost three years to the day from being on his show to hosting my own show for the first time. It was a very rocky appearance. My phone dropped the call. We kept trying to call each other. And when we got together it turned out that either his producer didn’t tell him I was blind or he had forgotten.

We made it through. And he invited me back the next week. I would do his show almost every Friday for the better part of a year. We eventually parted ways as friends sometimes do. But I learned a lot about myself and got a lot of great experience doing his show.

Those of you who know me well won’t be surprised that I’m thankful to him and feel like it would be wrong not to mention him and his part in my growth.

How We Grow

I have since realized that this had to happen. If we hadn’t parted ways, I wouldn’t have started doing all the other interviews. I wouldn’t have grown into the inspirational role model I have become without losing my security blanket so to speak.

So, in three years I’ve gone from being a frightened guest doing my first radio interview to the confident co-host of my own show. Will I eventually give in and do the show every week>? I doubt it. But if that day comes, I will happily admit that some of you told me I told you so when this crazy new venture started. 🙂

In life we progress in stages. We make lots of mistakes and will make many more. But as long as we don’t turn down these opportunities when they come, we will continue to grow and become that amazing person each of us was meant to be.

Sharing Is Caring

Me and Anna want the LIVE show to become a source of inspiration and motivation for people. We hope that people will call in and share their goals and ask for our help in coming up with creative solutions to their problems as well as keeping them accountable for the completion of their shared goals. So, please share the link with all your friends, family, and coworkers. Post it on your face book, linked in, and twitter. And make a date to be there yourself.

We all have something we could do better at. So, why not share your goals and get some help accomplishing them.

Me and Anna have a lot of experience in many areas. And if we don’t know we can still support, encourage, and cheer you on.

Thanks for your continued love and support. I couldn’t do what I do without your encouragement. So, don’t hesitate to write or leave comments.

Until next time thanks and take care out there,



  1. Hi Maxwell,
    Its exciting to see you are now hosting a show with Anna Banguilan. I guess this will surely motivate you as something extra to complete your second book.

    Its not that easy hosting a show like the one you described above but with the right motivation and the right team nothing will stop a highly passionate businessman.

    Its cool noting all the efforts that have been put in place to make the Get it Moving Monday Show. I personally wish you success on your endeavor!
    Sarah John recently posted…5 Simple Tips for Writing Irresistibly Clickable HeadlinesMy Profile

  2. Hey Max,
    Its cool knowing you are now into hosting! This is exciting! After being on many years as a guest, I am sure you have gathered vital experience to host 😉 You have been amazing as a guest and I am pretty sure you will do a “better” job as a host!

    Its also good to know you are co-hosing with your new friend Anna Banguilan.

    Can’t wait to access your broadcast!

    • Hi Celine;

      I’m just happy that i have so many people who enjoy hearing me tell my story and who think i have something to offer them as a guest and or host.

      And i appreciate your having listened in the past. I’m going to do it once a month for three more months and then decide if I want to continue on that schedule or switch to doing it every week.

      I’m told that the more ways people can connect with you the more likely you are to grow your audience and create a market for coaching and or courses. i really do appreciate your support. its not just something i say when i tell you i couldn’t do it without you and the many other friends who follow my progress.


      maxwell ivey recently posted…what do an amusement park train and my possibly seeing again have in commonMy Profile

  3. Hi Maxwell,
    The word in your title “a frightened” Radio show guest is catchy. I don’t see you as someone who is frightened after listening to any of the shows you were a guest.

    If this was the case then I think you would not be motivated to become a host!

    Well, I want to congratulate you for this new ‘adventure’.

    I am expectant on the next ‘Get It Moving Monday” show and will be glad to tap into the knowledge that would be shared by those who are going to be participating as guests and co-hosts!

    Its just an exciting time once again to embark on a new adventure right?

    • Hi Sunday;

      Thanks for the kind words. maybe there is some truth in them too. my dad was one of those people who you never saw shake until after the thing causing his nerves was over.

      I think like a lot of performers I have the ability to psych myself up to d things that scare me. maybe scare isn’t exactly the right word. but there is always so much that can go wrong. live radio is that way. 🙂

      I too am looking forward to seeing the future of this show. I do know that I often find myself doing things that make others really nervous.

      One friend said they wondered if I just don’t know enough to be afraid.

      Thanks for the comment and the help with navigating kingged. Couldn’t do this without friends like you.

      Take care,

      maxwell ivey recently posted…what do an amusement park train and my possibly seeing again have in commonMy Profile

  4. Very inspiring post here.

    I am glad that you were able to break free of your comfort zone and try a new venture. Many of us do not know that it is fear, not opportunity that holds us back from the life that we want to live.

    Les Brown once said that “too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears”. This statement is so true. We must reach beyond our safety blanket and try new things.
    Lawrence Berry recently posted…10 Tips to Help You Become More Accountable in Your OrganizationMy Profile

  5. Hey Max,

    Cheers for on being a radio host. Just curious, are still at it? How has it gone for you? It sounds like a very exciting and rewarding chance to do something like this. You must have a great personality. You got to have one to be able to host your own radio show.

    Anyways, I hope you’re still doing it and its going well for you.