If you want to know the best freelance jobs online for beginners, this article will prove very helpful.

It reveals the very best such jobs that beginning freelancers can do online, to make good money.

First things first…

Prestige, power, and money! What heart and mind does not get excited over any of these three words let alone the three words combined into one.

Welcome to the exciting world of freelancing.

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Imagine attending a party or social event and the topic comes up about what you do?

You modestly say I am a writer and instantaneously, people are intrigued.

You suddenly now find yourself being asked all sorts of questions about what you write.

With this sudden attention, you are showered with prestige, power, and the money that comes from the various writing opportunities that you find yourself involved with.

They don’t need to know that you’re writing a technical manual or writing about exercise bikes or other mundane subjects.

All they know is that they heard the word writer and their imagination takes off.


Freelance Flying

Recent statistics reflect that during the past year well over 2 million Americans have taken up some sort of freelancing.

Overall, the entire workforce of America now stands at 36% of those individuals who do some sort of freelancing to earn an income or supplement their income.

Freelancing is that opportunity that an individual can take advantage of because of several factors.

In particular, those factors include the need of potential employers, the skills and experience of freelancers, and the ease by which these two can be blended through technology.

Unfortunately, the increase in freelancing is due to employers downsizing their staff and working with individuals who are willing to do the same job only as a freelancer.

This saves the employer money because they are not paying any benefits and just generally pay a flat fee for the work to be done or pay on an hourly basis.

However, this bad news for the workforce can be good news for the freelancer as they can fill those positions, work from home, set their schedule, and earn a fairly decent wage depending upon the freelancing gig.


6 Best Freelance Jobs Online for Beginners


1. Writing

Communication is an important aspect of our daily lives. Generally, the communication process consists of someone speaking or writing and someone listening or reading what has been expressed.

The Internet is the ultimate communication forum in which companies want to market their product or people want to communicate with others through various social platforms.

Consequently, a great need for freelance writers avails itself through the Internet.

If you can research various subjects, communicate your research through writing and express that writing with good grammar, sentence content, and structure then perhaps a freelance writing opportunity is for you.

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Writing opportunities include research papers, product review narratives, writing blogs, and placing content on various social networking platforms.

The pay of course varies with the complexity of the article and the research that is required.

Generally, the employer of the freelance writer will offer a certain amount per word that is written.

Of course, the faster that you can write and provide quality material the greater the volume of your work and consequently the greater amount that you will be paid.

Freelance writing is the perfect gateway to enter the freelance market.

One of the most popular websites to find writing opportunities is Upwork.com. Other freelance websites like Upwork to find writing jobs include Fiverr.com, iWriter.com, etc.

The individual or freelancer looking to find work on these platforms simply registers, posts their bio, and provides other information.

The freelancer then can log into the website as often as he or she wishes and research the available various freelancing opportunities.

If interested in writing, all one needs to do is go to the jobs category and use the search bar on the freelancing website.

The freelancer can specify what sort of writing they wish to pursue. Examples of some types of writing could be technical, creative, Christian writing, poetry, etc.

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The search process will return several opportunities and the individual studies the posted job, follows the various prompts by the website, submits a bid, attaches any required examples, and waits for a response from the entity that had posted the job opportunity.

If selected, the work begins, milestones may be created, and when the job is completed simply submit the work for payment.

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2. Virtual Assistant

A great freelancing job for those starting in the freelancing business is through an opportunity known as a virtual assistant.

The business and personal requirements that would be a good match for this position is an individual who has good skills in organizing time, making contacts, setting up appointments, or other duties that a normal administrative assistant would find themselves doing.

The other prerequisite would be the devotion of a set amount of time during your day and dependent upon the needs of the one employing you.

This would be a great opportunity for someone because it can be done from home, virtually, can utilize one’s skill set already in place, and having the needed time as agreed upon by you the freelancer with the person utilizing your skills.

Often, through the various freelancing websites, there is an option for the individual to record their time spent in completing the needed tasks.

The hours are submitted by the end of the workweek, and payment is then made through the freelancing website to the freelancer.

For the virtual assistant, the anticipated hourly wage could range anywhere from $9 on up to roughly $25 per hour.

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3. Statistically Speaking

The beauty of freelancing is that there is just about something for everyone. The reality is that freelancing is the opportunity to set your own time schedule and work at your own pace from your home environment and fulfill regular jobs.

Employment that once was done in the workplace is rapidly gaining popularity through outsourcing the job to freelancers.

Consequently, even some of what would be considered more mundane jobs is available to the freelancer.

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These tedious jobs could include entering statistics on an Excel spreadsheet for a company in order for them to track their various pieces of data in a concise manner.

Therefore, a freelancing opportunity could be the inputting of this data into a spreadsheet or table within a document. Often, these jobs are outsourced because they can be mundane and can be easily accomplished by having a freelancer do it.

In the same vein, there are some employers who are looking for someone to simply have typing done for them.

The requirements for transcribing an audio tape or rough draft of a manuscript would require an individual to be able to accurately type so many words a minute.

A freelancer could possibly connect with a student who may be writing a term paper or working on their thesis.

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Best Freelance Jobs Online for Beginners


4. Social Media Manager

For a company to remain viable and turn a profit, they need to let their potential customers and current customers know of their products and services.

In days gone by, the marketing plan usually called for advertisements on radio, TV, printed publications, by word-of-mouth, etc.

The popularity of social media platforms gives businesses another option to get before the public. Consequently, sites such as Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, are additional methods for companies to advertise.

However, this takes considerable time and effort to keep current on using these platforms and responding to issues and questions from interested clientele.

Consequently, an employment opportunity that has taken on a more important role for a company is utilizing the social media skills of a freelancer.

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Using the freelancing skills of a competent individual is the perfect solution to respond to the social media needs of a company.

This is because the work can be done from home and monitoring of the freelancer’s work can be done remotely as well. This also frees up staff within the company who may have been tasked with this responsibility but perhaps didn’t have the time or the skills necessary.

In addition, using a freelancer minimizes the expensive overhead cost of employing an additional staff member. Specifically, there are no benefits paid out to the freelancer nor are there any payroll taxes or other deductions required.

If you are fairly comfortable using social media platforms and can devote time, this may be the perfect freelancing opportunity. Hourly pay ranges from $8 to $20 per hour.

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5. Seek and Find

Chances are if you use the Internet, you have used a variety of search engines. Those search engines could be Yahoo.com, Google.com, Bing.com, etc.

Examples of using these search engines could be to conduct some comparison shopping, doing research for homework, looking for somebody, conducting reviews of a product you are contemplating purchasing, etc.

Would it surprise you to know that many companies research people’s buying habits and gathering sales information on their competitors?

Consequently, utilizing the same search engines, companies will do word searches to provide that extra advantage in marketing their products.

Often, this research can be tedious and time-consuming, and frequently the employees within the company lack the time or are paid a higher wage. To utilize their paid time in this manner may not make good business sense.

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Consequently, enter the freelancer who enjoys this type of activity and has the time to devote to researching a subject or customer base on behalf of a company.

Although this freelancing opportunity doesn’t command a significant hourly wage, the hours can add up as the freelancer provides the needed information in a concise format for the company to utilize.

Therefore, all one needs is a computer, Internet connection, and time. The average hourly rate for this freelancing opportunity can range anywhere from five dollars up to $20 an hour depending upon the complexity of the research topic.


6. Helping Others

One final job that would be best suited for a beginner is to provide customer service to clientele associated with various businesses.

If an individual is able to work well under stress and pressure and not be agitated when confronted by a disgruntled customer, this may be the exact opportunity that is best suited for you as a freelancer.

Many companies have outsourced this important aspect of their company to freelancers. They most likely would provide training and canned responses to various questions that the customer may have.

Additionally, to prevent the freelancer from getting in over their head, the company has a procedure in which the freelancer will take the customer to a certain level.

If the issue cannot be resolved at that point then a manager is available to tag team the attainment of the customer satisfaction.

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Personal Story

Permitting me to interject my own freelancing story, due to my experience and skill set, I always felt that I could write.

While continuing to work during the day, I would take freelance writing jobs found on the Internet. I would devote my evening hours and some weekend hours to completing the writing and meeting the requirements of the person who employed me.

The beauty of the arrangement was that not only was I receiving a normal day’s steady income, but I was also experiencing and enjoying extra cash received through these writing opportunities.

A bonus to the additional cash was that I found the subjects that I was tasked to write on would challenge me. Subsequently, I learned information that I had not known previously.

The obvious beauty of the extra cash was to utilize the money to pay bills or to set aside savings.

All of which combined to help us realize a comfortable living. Today, my freelancing is in full effect and supplements my income.

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Your Online Freelancing Career Awaits

The tagline for freelancing opportunities could read, “Do we have a job for you!”

The reality is many of us have marketable talents and skills that employers are on the lookout for.

Additionally, in this day and age of working from home and outsourcing, freelancing opportunities abound.


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If you are looking to earn extra cash in addition to your 9-to-5 job during the day or if you’re just simply looking for a steady income without having to leave the friendly confines of your home, there are opportunities for you to freelance.

Freelancing is most likely the wave of the future as employers are looking to cut overhead, but still have the job completed successfully.

Looking to the world of freelancing, it is the perfect solution for the company and for the individual wishing to earn income.

It just simply takes a little time to research these jobs, make the appropriate proposal and then wait for the “Internet phone to ring.”

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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