If you want to know how to get free yarn, this article is perfect for you.

It exactly how you or anyone can get free yarn  and some tips to help you.


There are many differences of opinion on a variety of subjects.

Some of the topics of discussion can range from serious to frivolous.

An example of a serious topic of discussion that would provide a variety of opinions could be what is the greatest invention ever produced by a member of the human race?

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The answers could range anywhere from the wheel to the first car to the computer, etc.

An example of a less serious topic could be a recent poll that I just saw in which the reader was asked to vote on the most iconic sports figure and the two choices were Babe Ruth or Michael Jordan.

Another topic of conversation that would garner several opinions would be the question of what is better, handmade gifts or commercially manufactured gifts?

Those individuals advocating that handmade gifts are better would give the possible reasons for the love and dedication invested in making a handmade product and that the gift would be more meaningful.

On the other hand, there would be those who would argue that a manufactured item is more cost-effective, keeps people employed, helps the economy, etc.

In either case, as it relates to this particular topic, nothing is free as there are materials to purchase and the individual’s commitment of time.

That is, however, unless you can get free yarn to make a handmade gift of a sweater or pair of socks or vest, etc.

So, speaking of free yarn let us look at ways that an individual who enjoys knitting can access free yarn.


Personal Story

Members of our family were knitters.

My aunt would always knit socks for my uncle with these great designs which he proudly wore.

In our own home, as soon as the fall months hit, the skeins of wool would come out and my second oldest sister and mom would diligently in the evening take out their knitting boxes and go to work.

The sounds of the knitting needles clicking together were always a comforting sound and seemed to symbolize that everything was all right in the world.

We all knew that underneath the Christmas tree would be handmade gifts made from wool and lovingly knit together by either my mother or sister.

Sure enough, the Christmas gift from my sister, one Christmas, was presented to me and when opened up was a beautifully knitted gray sweater.

On the back of the sweater was a hockey player in an action pose and complete with a black hockey puck at the base of his hockey stick.

What a great and loving gift that was presented to me by my sister as it represented my love for the sport of hockey but more importantly the loving work that she had put into knitting that sweater for me.


20 Best Ways to Get Free Yarn


1. Charitable Cause

One of the ways that you can get free yarn is to advocate for a charitable cause.

For example, you can gather together an avid group of knitters and knit sweaters for underserved children in the community to help them during the fall or spring months to protect them from the cooling weather.

Another possibility would be the knitting of mittens for the homeless population in your community.

In doing these types of charitable events for your neighbors in your city the community would come together and donate free yarn for the cause.


2. Yarn Drive

Another way to get free yarn would be to do a yarn driver.

The yarn would be utilized by a group of knitters to make a special knitted project for individuals who are in need in your community.

Rather than it costing an individual to enjoy a meal at a restaurant, if they brought in a skein of yarn they could get a dollar or two off of the meal price with the yarn being given to the knitters towards the completion of the project.


3. Church

Many churches have a variety of knitting groups, comprised of both men and women who like to get together and talk amongst themselves while they are knitting.

Generally, these churches do philanthropic events in helping out others such as providing knitted items for the residents of a battered women’s shelter, homeless shelter, orphanage, etc.

You could always approach these churches and ask them for any remaining yarn that is leftover so that you can utilize the yarn.

With yarn a great way to use any remnants would be to make bookmarks and provide those bookmarks to organizations that help others, provide to schools or make them available through bookstores or libraries.


4. Garage Sales

An option to find free yarn may be as close as the next garage sale that you attend.

By observing what is being sold at the garage sale, you might be able to determine whether there are knitters in the household and if so, would they give you any yarn that is remaining as an added incentive for purchasing any garage sale items.


5. Ask Friends

It never hurts to ask and given the influence of social media platforms, you can make your request known through these various platforms of your wanting to have free yarn given to you.

You can have a specific project in mind or just simply request free yarn to complete a knitted project or perhaps even teach younger kids the art of knitting and utilizing the free yarn.


6. Estates

Many relatives choose to have an estate sale when a loved one passes on.

By attending these estate sales, you might come across a supply of yarn that the previous owner had in their possession and now is either being sold or possibly just given away.

It wouldn’t hurt to attend these estate sales with the off chance of coming into some free yarn and even making a small donation in memory of the individual.

You could even talk to the family members or individuals managing the estate sale and indicate that the yarn would be utilized in a meaningful way that could be in memoriam to the deceased.


7. Facebook

There are many associations or like passions that are formed through the social media platform of Facebook.

If your affiliation on Facebook is connected with a knitting club or possibly teaching the younger generation how to knit, you could make a call out to your followers on Facebook to donate yarn that can be used in this way.


8. Craigslist

Another option of either looking for yarn that is being given away or requesting yarn to be given away is through websites such as Craigslist.

You could make a particular posting and indicate that you need yarn for your particular project or search on Craigslist for the possibility of free yarn.

As a disclaimer, it is always important that in dealing with people that you do not know that you maintain boundaries and always meet or connect with people outside of their home, take a person with you, or meet in a public space.


9. Ravelry

Ravelry is a community site for individuals who have an affinity for the world of crocheting, knitters, weavers, and dyers.

The platform is comprised of a significant number of individuals who enjoy working with their hands in this way and provides an opportunity for the “fiber artists” to monitor their projects, access a pattern library, and explore a rich database of yarns and patterns.

It may provide a platform to put out a call for donated yarns.

Click here to check out Ravelry


10. Thrift Stores

An option that might present itself is finding skeins of yarn that have been donated to thrift stores.

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Some of those thrift stores that may be operated in your community include Goodwill, the family store operated by The Salvation Army, a thrift store operated by American Heart Association, etc.

In frequenting these stores, the yarn may be out on the floor but perhaps is not selling.

You could contact the manager and offer to donate at a reduced cost which, is not free in getting the yarn, but can be obtained at a significant discount with the donation going to the cause of the store’s profits.

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11. Local Yarn Shop

Some communities have stores that specialize in stocking all types of yarn that reflect a variety of styles, colors, etc.

You could always approach these stores and ask if it would be possible to have any of the yarn that maybe is not selling, defective, or is the last one in stock.

You could speak to the owner of the yarn shop to ask if they would be willing to give you that yarn at no cost.


12. Craft Stores

There are many craft or fabric stores that stock yarn.

Some of those stores could be Michael’s or JoAnn’s or Hobby Lobby.

You could contact the management of these stores and see if they would be willing to donate any of their yarn in the store for your particular project.


13. Upcycle Yarn

An option to obtain free yarn is to unravel a project that may have been in the works for some time but has gone uncompleted for a variety of reasons.

That yarn is still good and by unraveling the yarn it can be recycled and made into something new and wonderful through a different pattern than what was previously started.

What a fitting way to recycle something and make something creative to help to recycle lives by the giving of knitted projects.

The recycled yarn can create something meaningful and be given to a homeless shelter or perhaps make items for layettes to welcome a newborn in the world.



14. Blog

If you are passionate about knitting and have a bit of a knack for writing, you can start your blog.

The focus of the blog can be the sharing of any new patterns, any exciting news from the world of the knitter, special projects that you wish to give a “shout out” to, etc.

You can use your blogging platform to focus on anything related to the world of knitting.

You can also use this blog as an opportunity to solicit free yarn.


15. Yarn Giveaway

At Donnaestindesigns.com there is news about a yarn giveaway for charitable projects.

The company is Yarncanada.ca and they are donating $4000 worth of yarn for charitable projects.

Not to leave their neighbors to the south out of the equation, this company is also donating $1000 worth of yarn to an American group that has a charitable cause that they knit or crochet for.


16. Yarnspiration

At Yarnspirations.com some of the leading brands of yarn manufacturers, Patons and Red Heart, are found on this website.

They are very much into doing charitable work as seen on one of their links which is entitled Charity Corner.

It may be beneficial and productive to ask this website if they would be willing to donate yarn for your charitable cause.

Click here to check out yarnspirations.com


17. Freecycle

Freecycle.org is a website in which individuals donate items and where items can be obtained at no charge.

Some of the items that can be found include baby furniture, garden tools, electronics, building materials, etc.

It wouldn’t hurt to research this website to see if there is the yarn that has been given to the site and you can request that yarn for yourself or your group.

Click here to check out Freecycle.org


18. Listia

This is another online site in which items can be obtained at no charge.

Through this site, you can give away items that you no longer have any use for and also search for items that may be of a particular need for you as well as the possibility of getting free yarn.

The site uses a point system in which upon registration you receive bonus points.

Every time you send something in to be offered through the site you are given points and then you can use your accumulated points to obtain other items.

The website can be clicked here.


19. Friends

You can always reach out to your sphere of influence and contact your family and friends to see if they have any unused yarn that they are willing to give to you.


20. Knitting Clubs

Another way of getting free yarn is by reaching out to local knitting clubs to see if they would be willing to provide free yarn to you.

Also, you could ask them to reach out to their circle of influence and ask on your behalf for any donations of yarn.

This same process can be extended outward like a pebble causing ripples in a pond.


Getting Free Yarn FAQs


How Is Yarn Manufactured?

Yarn is comprised of fibers and the fibers are delivered to the textile mill in bales.

Natural fibers need to be cleansed and synthetic fibers only need to be separated.

The fibers are then blended, through an extensive process, and then twisted together to make the yarn.

It then goes through a process known as spending which ultimately ends up with the end product of yarn.


Are There Different Types of Yarn?

The different types of yarn include:

  • Single yarn – as the name implies is a single strand of thread
  • Ply yarn – multiple strands of yarn woven together
  • Cord yarn – a process in which ply yarns are twisted together
  • Novelty yarn – yarns with special effects
  • Textured yard – specially treated yarns to minimize properties such as transparency
  • Stretch yarn – a specially processed yarn that utilizes heat with the end product being springy-like
  • Metallic yarn – manufacturing of yarn from strips of a plastic film that is covered with metallic particles


You Can Do It

As the saying goes many hands make light work.

Additionally, the light work is further enhanced when the work is produced from items and time donated by others.

Being the creative person that you are in using your hands to skillfully create something from raw material is a tribute to your talent and an indicator of your ability to create something from an idea that speaks to your ability to obtain free yarn.



Opinions vary as to whether handcrafted items or manufactured commercially manufactured items are the best is probably one of those questions in which many individuals will weigh in on with their opinion, but no clear-cut answer can be provided.

The reality is that handcrafted items have that personal, caring, and committed touch.

Certainly, that is an added dimension that will help knit this world together to better care for each other.

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