Yes, you can really get Walmart gift cards for free, if you know how.

This article shows you some of the best ways you can use, to get these gift cards completely free.

What’s even more exciting is that some of the ways you can get these gift cards involve taking part in fun activities you would normally do without even getting rewarded.

Doing these activities can now get you rewarded with Walmart gift cards for free!


About Walmart Gift Cards

For the uninformed, Walmart gift cards are used in Walmart stores or websites.

They are rewards cards with values of currencies attached to them. With this card, you can get items for free.

These rewards vouchers come plastic cares, specialty cards, digital cards, and more. Yes, the cards are digital or non-digital cards.

Many people buy gift cards but you don’t have to do it when you can get them for free. Yes, there are things you can do to get free Walmart gift cards.


10 Best Ways To Get Free Walmart Gift Cards

The following are 10 ways to get these gift cards completely free:


1. Get Walmart Gift Cards as Gifts

You can get Walmart gift cards for free from someone as gift.

Yes, your friend, family member, or colleague may present the card to you as a gift when you are celebrating some special occasion.

The gift card is as good as a currency you can use on the Walmart shop for any item that the value on the card will take.

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2. Use the Walmart Trade-In Program 

You can get free Walmart gift cards by turning your old gadgets & games into gift cards. Yes, you do this with Walmart Trade-in.

You can turn in your cell phones, tablets, game consoles, video games, and voice speakers.

The following is how the Trade-in program works:

  • Visit the official Trade-In program page.
  • Select from the five gadget categories and get a quote.
  • Once you accept the quote, you will receive an email with a prepaid shipping label. You can then send the item free through FedEx Ground.
  • Walmart Trade-In receives your gadget and evaluates them.
  • You will receive your gift card instantly.

Click here here to check out the Walmart Trade-in program


3. Swagbucks

You should sign up with Swagbucks if you want Walmart gift cards. Swagbucks is a rewards and paid survey website that really pays.

It offers many ways to earn points that can be converted into cash or gift cards, including Walmart gift cards.

You can sign up and start earning points for shopping online, completing surveys, searching websites, playing games, and referring friends.

After accumulating enough points, you can cash out via PayPal for free or gift cards.

You need points that are worth $25 to get real cash via PayPal. For gift cards, you need a minimum of $1.

Amongst the gift cards, you can exchange your points with on this site is Walmart gift cards.

Click here to check out Swagbucks.

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4. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is another of the very genuine and well known paid survey websites where you get rewarded with points and even cash for completing surveys.

Your opinions can help brands improve their products.

Survey Junkie operates the points system. You will receive points for taking surveys and for completing other tasks.

After accumulating enough points, you can then exchange them for gift cards or cash. You can choose Walmart gift cards and use them at any Walmart store or on the website.

Click here to check out Survey Junkie.

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5. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is one of the best rewards websites around.

You earn easy cash for completing different tasks online. These tasks are the things you normally would do online but with Inboxdollars you get rewarded and even get paid money you need to do them.

These include:

For each task you complete, you earn cash. After you have accumulated enough cash, you can cash out real money. Or, you can choose to get gift cards like Walmart gift cards.

Click here to check out Inboxdollars.

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6. Vindale Research

Vindale Research provides you with an opportunity to make money online. You earn by completing surveys sent your ways.

The surveys form part of researches that brands and developers conduct to get new insights about their products or services.

So, your feedback is useful and can help companies make better decisions.

Vindale Research rewards you with real cash (not points) for completing surveys. Some of the surveys pay as high as $50.

You can cash out your earnings via PayPal or you can choose to spend your earnings any way you like. That is, you can use you earning for Walmart gift cards.

Aside from earning with surveys, you can also earn by reading emails and referring friends to use the platform.


7. Rakuten

Rakuten is a reputable and well known cashback website and app. It’s one of the best apps where you get cashback when you shop.

You can shop in-store and online and receive cashback on your purchases.

Rakuten partners with many top brands and retailers. You can shop from any of these stores and get paid or some of your cash back.

The cashback you have earned can be used to buy Walmart gift cards.

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8. Ibotta

Ibotta is an app you can use to earn cashback and save money when you shop anytime and anywhere.

You will earn up to $20 in a welcome bonus when you register for Ibotta.

You can download the ibotta app or the free browser extension.

Use the app to shop on many products at your favorite retailers. Get real cashback as soon as your order is confirmed.

Get your earnings as a Walmart gift card when you are ready to cash out.

You can also use the cashback to claim Walmart gift cards.

Click here to check out Ibotta.

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9. Buy Bulk Discounted Walmart Gift Cards

You can get discounted Walmart gift cards from popular gift card marketplaces.

When you buy in bulk from these sites, you earn extra gift cards you can use on Walmart stores. and are popular online marketplaces like Amazon but for discounted gift cards.

Sign up with any of these platforms and get stacks of gift cards you can use as gifts for others.


10. MyPoints

You can sign up with MyPoints and earn points for doing things online.

You will earn points for taking surveys, shopping online, reading emails, watching videos, completing offers, and more.

After accumulating enough points, you can redeem them for cash or gift cards. Among the gift card options, you can choose Walmart gift cards.

These cards can be used to shop for items at the Walmart website or store.

Click here to check out MyPoints.


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There are indeed many ways to get free Walmart gift cards, as you have seen from reading this article.

The various options and activities discussed above are common ways you can adopt to get those gift cards.

Don’t forget that you can engage in some of the activities in your free time and still get rewarded with these gift cards completely free.