Are you interested in free visa gift cards? If so, then it is good you are reading this article.

It contains a good number of ways anyone can use to get free Visa gift cards.

Some of them involve activities you can do for fun and still get rewarded with these gift cards.


About Visa Gift Cards

First off, what are Visa gift cards?

Visa Gift Cards are from “Visa” branded gift cards. They are one of the most powerful gift cards you can use.

If you have access to them, you can make purchases in some of the best shops and establishments, including Amazon, Target, Macy’s, iTunes, and Google Play.

Now, to get them for free here are the best ways you can explore


10 Best Ways To Get Free Visa Gift Cards Online

Below are some of the best ways to get these gift cards for free.


1. Receive them as gifts from your loved ones

You can get free Visa gift cards if your family and friends send them as gifts to you.

They may send them as gifts for your birthday, anniversary, or any other memorable occasion.


2. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is not a new name when it comes to online rewards. You earn real cash by doing things you love doing online.

With InboxDollars:

Participating and completing some of these articles get you paid by Inboxdollars.

You can choose to redeem the cash once you reach the threshold of $30. You can also redeem your cash for free Visa gift cards.

Click here to check out InboxDollars.

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3. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is another well known online platform that you can make money from as well as get gift cards from. You earn points to complete surveys and other activities.

These points can be exchanged for gift cards of various brands. You can also redeem your points for cash.

If you want free Visa gift cards then you should sign up with PrizeRebel.

Check our our PrizeRebel review to see if this is a scam or genuine site.


3. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is another reputable money making website that provides you with points for completing various tasks online. You can earn points that would be used to get free Visa gift cards from this site.

The points can be earned from completing surveys, playing games, shopping online, searching the internet, completing offers, and more.

The more activities you engage in the more points you earn. Choose from a variety of gift cards when you redeem points. Visa gift cards are free for you to take.

Click here to check out Swagbucks.

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4. Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys is another great website where you can get paid to be an influencer for global brands.

This is one of the world’s leading market research communities. You simply get rewarded for your opinion.

When you complete online surveys on this site, you collect points. Thereafter, you redeem your points for gift cards or cash via Paypal or Branded Pay.

You can choose Visa gift cards when you are redeeming your points.

Click here to check out Branded Surveys


5. Earnably

Earnably is another reputable site and reward platform. You can sign up and complete simple tasks in exchange for rewards.

As a member of Earnably, you can get paid to watch videos, complete surveys, play games, and complete offers.

You earn points that you can redeem for gift cards including free Visa gift cards.

The more points you earn, the more gift cards you will earn. You can also redeem your points for cash and wallet codes.

Click here to check out Earnably


6. Toluna

Toluna is another well known market research company that really pays. You can take part in surveys of this company and help influence brands’ decisions.

There are many rewards you can earn after completing each survey. These rewards include free Visa gift cards.

Toluna gives you surveys to complete. You receive points for just doing this. These points can then be redeemed for all kinds of rewards.

These include gift cards, sweepstakes tickets, vouchers, or even real cash!

Click here to become  a Toluna influencer.


7. GrabPoints

GrabPoints is one of the best rewards websites around. You get rewarded with points for completing various online activities.

The things you do to earn points include watching videos, downloading apps, playing games, completing offers, taking surveys, and more.

Once you have accumulated enough points, you then exchange these points for awesome rewards including free Visa gift cards.

You need about 10,000 points to earn $1 with GrabPoints. You can claim your free Visa gift cards once you have reached the required points’ threshold.

Click here to check out GrabPoints


8. PointClub

PointClub is a membership online community where you can earn cash answering questions and taking online surveys. You can redeem your earnings for various gift cards including free Visa gift cards.

PointClub is legitimate, and the earning opportunities here are outstanding.

Once your profile is complete, you’ll receive potentially hundreds of paid surveys from various companies.

You can redeem your points for rewards once you reach the threshold. At PointClub 25,000 points are equivalent to $25.

Click here to check out PointClub


9. i-Say

i-Say is an online survey community. On this platform, you can voice your opinion on global brands, entertainment, advertising, and more.

Yes, and your opinion is always valued.

You take surveys and get rewards with various items including Google gift cards… and even Visa gift cards.

If you are interested in free Visa gift cards, then you can join this platform for it.

i-Say operates the points program. This means that you will earn points for each survey you complete.

Once you accumulate enough points, you can then exchange them for gift cards and other rewards.

Click here to check out i-Say


10. Tellwut

Tellwut is another well known and reputable online survey community that rewards members for participation.

According to the site:

Tellwut is an online survey platform which organizations and individuals can quickly and easily crowdsource information, be it from their stakeholders or the Tellwut voter panel, on an infinite variety of topics.

You can become a member of this platform and completes surveys in exchange for rewards.

You earn points that can be used towards your gift cards. So, you can exchange your points for free Visa gift cards on this platform.

Click here to check out Tellwut


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As you can see from this article, there are really genuine ways to get free Visa gift cards, if you know how to look.

You can check out any of the above online platforms to get free Visa gift cards.

Each of these sites demands you share valuable insights and make good contributions to earn points or cash towards gift cards.

So, for your free Visa gift cards, take advantage of these options.