Yes, you can get free t-shirts if you know how and where to look.

Thankfully this article shows you the how and where to getting free T-shirts. It shows you the best sources and websites to use to get T-shirts completely free.

So yes, you don’t have to pay for T-shirts anytime you need one. There are lots of ways to get free shirts online and offline.

Some of these ways require that you simply give your email address so that the shirts can be mailed to you.

The majority of them will simply ask you to sign up with no string attached.

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You can also choose the customized shirts you want.

Keep reading for details on how and where you can get free T-shirts for your needs.


1. Yellow Circles

Yellow Circles is a non-profit organization that talks about improved reproduction. It promotes the message that people should be responsible for their reproductive health.

According to its website:

The yellow circle is a minimalistic reference to a gold medal and a yellow traffic light, which embodies the crucial message, 1) Do the Best You Can with your reproduction and 2) slow down and be cautious with reproductive health.

“Yellow Circles is pro-contraceptives, pro-waiting, pro-education, pro-liberality, pro-you.

You can get a free T-shirt from this organization if you want. All you need do is take a pledge that says “I, (Your Name), will do the best I can.” You can then claim the shirt as it is sent to you.

When you visit the website, click on the “free” link to get started.

Click here to check out Yellow Circles.


2. Freebies Lovers

You can get free T-shirts when you check out Freebies Lovers. This is a website where you can get free samples and freebies by mail.

You can check out the free stuff section and order a free T-shirt.

T-Shirts from this website are those of different organizations. You can access free T-shirts by completing tasks from some companies or brands.

In some cases, you don’t need to anything as there are no strings attached.

Examples of some of the T-shirts you can take advantage of from this platform are those of Teenage Cancer Trust and Dr. Pepper Pack shirts.

You can also enter into a game or sweepstake for a chance to win a free T-shirt.

Click here to check out Freebies Lovers to get free T-shirts.

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3. Free Samples by Mail

Free Samples by Mail is another website where you can get free stuff. If you like to have a free T-shirt then you can check out Free Samples by Mail.

You can click on the free stuff sections and get a variety of T-shirts, bodysuits, tanks, and so on.

At Free Samples by Mail, free T-shirts are always in high demand especially among those who like free freebies.

These T-shirts have a logo, slogan, or website printed on them. It would interest you to know that the purpose of the free T-shirts is to market and advertise brands.

Click here to check out Free Samples by Mail for your free T-shirts.

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4. Freebie Panda

Freebie Panda is a freebies website. You can get just about any stuff you want for free on this platform.

You can get free books, get free clothes, get free shoes, get free food, free drinks, free games, bats and so on.

You can also get gifts and gadgets for your personal or household need.

If you desire to have free T-shirts then you should check out Freebie Panda.

There are lots of branded T-shirts you can get for your lifestyle and swag.

To get most of these T-shirts, you need to sign up and place your order through the links of the brand shared on this website.

Yes, does not send out any products or free stuff. You must request the offer through the link posted.

These shirts would be mailed to the address you indicated in a couple of days or few weeks.

Click here to check out Freebie Panda.

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5. Board Vitals

Board Vitals is another legit website where you can get a free t-shirt.

This is a platform where vital content about medical and nursing school board exams is shared. Put in another way, it is an online board review resource.

This is especially if you are a nursing student. The T-shirts shared on this platform have inscriptions “Trust Me…I’M (Almost) A nurse”.

Yes, you can take advantage, and as a prospective nurse, you deserve to celebrate your progress towards becoming a nurse.

All you need to do is sign up and make an order by entering your name, email, nursing school, T-shirt size, and so on.

Click here to check out Board Vitals to get free nursing T-shirts.


Where to Get Free T-Shirts


6. is a website where users can access different types of free stuff, electronics, coupons, and so on.

It is a platform that offers lots of deals, sweepstakes, and online freebies.

You can check out this if you are interested in free T-shirts.

These shirts are branded and customized T-shirts of brands that offer different products and services.

You can check out the free T-shirt section and take hold of free T-shirt samples and T-shirts.

Click here to check out for your free T-shirts.


7. Kona Ice

Kona Ice is an ice cream brand. It serves nutritious frozen treats to its customers.

If you love this brand, then you can also get their free T-shirt. All you need to do is fill out the form and you will receive a free Kona Ice shirt.

The catch here that Kona Ice will mail you the shirt if you are picked as the winner. Yes, you will receive an email if you have won.

Click here to check out the Kona Ice form to win a free Kona Ice T-shirt.

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8. Adidas  

Adidas is the very popular sportswear company. It offers users the opportunity to get free T-shirts via its product testing endeavors.

You can apply as a product tester and they will send you free merchandise like T-shirts to test.

In most cases, you will also receive more than just free shirt samples.

Click here to check out Adidas.


9. Colo Guard

Colo Guard is a presumptive test for colorectal cancer given to older adults above 45.

Colo Guard allows you to access free T-shirts when you write an essay and share your Colo Guard story.

Yes, if you have used this test before then you can share that story and get a free T-shirt.

Click here to check out how you win a Colo Guard T-shirt.


10. Petrix

Petrix is a distribution channel for promotional shirts with printing errors or defects.

You can get a T-shirt for free after you just fill out a form.

Click here to check out Petrix.


11. Awesome Shirt

If you are a Christian then you may fancy an Awesome shirt that promotes Jesus Christ.

You can request an Awesome Jesus shirt from the Awesome website.


12. Greek Olive

Greek Olive is a company that is known to produce various types of olive-based products.

A list of their products includes Olive oil, soap, Olive Tapenade, Vacuum-preserved Olives, and so on.

You can request a free Greek Olive T-shirt. This is used to promote the company’s image and products.

Click here to check out Greek Olive.

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13. Turkey Hill Dairy

Turkey Hill Dairy is a company that sells ice cream, milk, yogurt, ice cream sandwiches, and other types of desserts and drinks.

If you become a Turkey Hill ambassador then you will get a free shirt when you are accepted.

Click here to check out Turkey Hill Diary.


14. Muscle Tech

Muscle Tech is a company that manufactures and promotes fitness and health products.

You will discover that some of its products include workout drinks, fitness clothes, and protein supplements, etc.

You can always get T-shirts completely free from this company if you sign up for their newsletter.

Click here to check out Muscle Tech.



As this article has shown, it’s indeed possible to get T-shirts for free. It showed the best sources and websites to use, to get your desired T-shirts for free.

A lot of the sources described here demand that you access free T-shirts by simply completing online offers, signing up for products, participating in the giveaway, writing essays, or simply making your request.

Every brand has its requirements. Take advantage of any of the above options and get your freebie T-shirt.