Yes, you can get a lot of free stuff for kids, if you know how and where to look.

Thankfully reading this article will reveal some of the very best sources to get several types of free stuff for your kids.


One of the credit card companies had a very powerful and humorous commercial.

In one particular commercial segment, the camera follows a young lady who is getting dressed for the evening.

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The voiceover talks about the dress being $110, the handbag is $50, the shoes being $75, etc. The camera then follows her into a restaurant where she is meeting another individual for a dinner date.

The camera then pans over to a young man who is seated at a different table in the restaurant and as the woman enters the restaurant the young man does a double-take.

The thrust of the message comes through loud and clear as the narrator says that, “and the look on your ex-boyfriend’s face is priceless.”



For us as individuals, we may or may not be able to relate with the woman in the commercial ad.

However, we can most likely relate to events, things, situations, or people that we would define as priceless.

If you have a family, you most likely would say that one of those priceless relationships in your life is your children.

However, the hard-core reality is that children although they bring priceless meaning into our lives, as it relates to money, are not raised without considerable dollars.

It is estimated that the average cost for an American family to raise a child through the age of 17 is $233,610.

Children enrich our lives, but they are not priceless as it relates to the dollars needed in our commitment to investing in their lives.


How Kids Can Eat Free

It is been often said that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This may or may not be true.

However, advertisers know the reality that the way to a parent’s heart is through their children.

In some days gone by, Saturday morning on television was usually devoted to children’s viewing.

It can be argued that some of the program meetings were or weren’t beneficial to the child due to cartoons possibly being conveyed as violent.

However, the reality is that the advertisers that supported these programs knew the value of marketing and who their viewing audience was.

Consequently, they would promote all sorts of toys, games, and sugary breakfast cereals, etc.

The advertisers knew that the kids were impressionable and would ask for the latest game, toy, or sugary breakfast cereal, etc.

Also, a trip down to the local grocery store will show how the advertisers conveniently put these sugary products at the level on the grocery shelf that is viewable by the child.

They again realize that quite possibly the child will want that product and request that the apparent shopping parent buys that product for them.

Along with these advertising ploys by savvy marketers, was the promotions of kids eat free at various restaurants.

It is not for certain as to who started this marketing strategy to appeal to families for a night out of eating, but it certainly is effective and, of course, benefits all family members as they dine together in various local restaurants.

Consequently, the idea of attention given to families through their children by promoting “free things” has been a proven and successful market strategy.


11 Best Big Brands to Get Free Stuff for Kids 


1. Chuck E. Cheese

Chuck E. Cheese, the mascot of this restaurant, is an amusement center that offers families an entertainment experience.

In addition to pizza, there are a variety of games that are offered for the enjoyment of the entire family.

Tokens are used to play the game and some of the games offer tickets.

These tickets can be redeemed in the on-site store. Each item has a certain number of tickets required to claim the prize.

Free offerings from this pizza-centered indoor playground include downloadable sketches that can be colored by the child.

There are a variety of subjects (sports, academics, lost teeth, reading, holidays) that the child can draw and bring back to the restaurant.

These pictures are exchanged for tokens.

Other free items include tokens for the games and completely free of charge dominos pizza.


2. Red Robin

This restaurant specializes in creating hamburger masterpieces. It is casual dining intended to be enjoyed by the entire family.

A special offering for kids is a free hamburger or another menu item during any day of their birthday month.

Also, some Red Robins have a kid’s night. This celebration is on one consistent night of the month. Included in the festivities are a free kid’s meal, sundae, and fries.

Also, kids can play the table games at no charge to the family.


3. Dolly Parton’s Library

Dolly Parton, the well-known country and western music star also has an affinity for children and strengthening families.

As part of this entertainer’s commitment to building families, depending upon where the individual lives, they may be able to request free books every month from her library which is called Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library.

In addition to the books, they have worksheets to help the child learn about the topic of the book.

Click here to check out Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library.


4. Stuff for Kids for Free from Walt Disney

The Walt Disney corporation will make the exciting dreams of a child come true by having some of their famous characters write your child a letter.

Also, if you attend the park, you can receive at no cost celebration buttons. These buttons, available at the welcome center, congratulate the individual on their birthday.

How does a magical sprinkling of pixie dust from a real princess sound?

Going to the rear area of Cinderella’s castle, you will be offered a “wish” coupled with wishing dust.

A Disney Heart Necklace is also an item that you can receive for your child at no cost.

These necklaces are available at the International Diamonds Store in Disney Springs.

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5. Lego Club Magazine

If your child is between the ages of 5 and 9, they are eligible to receive a Lego Life Magazine at no cost.

The magazine is brimming with news about Legos.

Other features of the magazine include interviews, adventures portrayed in a comic style, games, puzzles, and challenges with Lego products.

The magazine also highlights a variety of projects created by Lego enthusiasts.

The magazine is delivered to the child’s household 5 times a year.


6. MagnifiKid

This is a spiritual magazine that is published with the Catholic child in mind.

To help the child on their spiritual journey, this magazine offers to children between the ages of 6 to 12 a three months printed subscription delivered to their home.

Additionally, the magazine can be accessed digitally through its website.

The magazine can best be described as a booklet that contains 16 coloring pages representing each Sunday.

It also publishes special issues for major Christian days recognized on the calendar.

Some of those special feast days include Christmas, Ash Wednesday, holy week, ascension, assumption, and All Saints Day.

Click here to check out MagnifiKid.


7. Free Kids Stuff from Sesame Street

Ernie and Bert and all the Sesame Street gang offer an activity book that the child can have their parents obtain for them.

In addition to it being an activity book, the youngster in the family can color the pictures and not only help with her creativity but in learning about the various activities that the Sesame Street characters are teaching.

Sesame Street is not a stranger to teaching young impressionable minds about reading, learning their alphabet and basic numbers but also goes into other life events to help the child with coping.

Some of those life events could be meeting a friend who has autistic tendencies, children who worship differently or may look different than the children within the household.

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Free Stuff for Kids


8. Home Depot

Home Depot is a famous home improvement store that offers all sorts of items for the home to help the family with their do-it-yourself projects.

Home Depot is also known for the classes that they hold on-site to help individuals who want to learn more about simple repairs around the home.

To make sure that the entire family is included in these opportunities to learn they offer workshops for kids as well.

Generally, on a Saturday Home Depot will sponsor a kid’s workshop that concentrates on having the children create a craft.

The kits that are provided to the kids contain all of the needed items that are required to make the kit for that month.

Some examples of those kits that have been created by the children attending this workshop include building a birdhouse, creating a car, creating a plain mailbox, etc.


9. Free Kids Stuff from Amazon

Amazon, because of its significant contribution to making reading popular, offers books for children at no cost.

The parent just needs to go to the website and do a search containing keywords such as free e-books or similar to that to find out what books might be available for a free download.

This would be a wonderful opportunity to further engage the child in the important discipline of reading and also can be utilized to gather the family together and reading stories to the children as a family unit.


10. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a great educational resource for families and their children who to learn about a variety of educational subjects.

The individual that does this online instruction is very knowledgeable and insightful when it comes to making the topic that is being taught easy to understand.

If the parent downloads the Khan Academy app they will find a variety of free items available for the children in their life.

Some of those free educational items include books, songs, activities to be involved with, and games to make learning more fun.

The items that are offered at no cost are designed with toddlers, kindergartners, and preschoolers in mind.


11. Free Stuff for Children from Enfamil

If there is a baby in the house, there are certain companies that will offer free products that are designed with the baby in mind.

One of those companies is the producer of the baby formula Enfamil.

By going to the website the parent can sign up to join and enter a sweepstakes entitled trivial family beginnings.

When they have signed up they will receive various types of communication from this baby formula company about products and other important news about a baby’s health.

In addition, the site promises that the individual signing their family up for this program will receive $400 in gifts.


12. Get Free Fast Food for Kids

There are a variety of restaurants that endeavor to gather the family together in their restaurant.

One of the marketing ways that they do this is to offer the family that dines with them a free meal for the kids up to a certain age.

It is best to check your local community to see what restaurants participate in this great way for a family to eat together and save some money.

Some of the restaurants could include Applebee’s, Denny’s, IHOP to name a few.



Free is good!

Sometimes there are strings attached and sometimes there are no strings attached.

Some of these companies that offer free stuff to our children want good publicity, name recognition, and loyalty from existing or new customers when these items are given to children.

Whatever the rationale is of these companies it’s good to know that they appreciate the future of our nation by endeavoring to provide educational, constructional, and entertaining items to our children at no cost.

Even when a restaurant offers a free meal, they are enhancing the family unit by gathering the family together through this promotion and offering and allowing for quality memories and family time to be enjoyed.

It’s probably true, that there is no free lunch.

However, when offered enjoy, appreciate and embrace the gifts as they further the minds, and entertainment needs of our most precious asset…our children!

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