Getting free stuff for dialysis patients isn’t that hard if you know what to do and where to look.

This article shows some of the best ways and tips for getting completely free stuff for Dialysis Patients.



When things are working well, we don’t take much notice and continue on as usual.

However, when certain things happen or symptoms occur then we realize that these are indicators of something more serious that may be taking place.

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This can happen with our computers if they begin to slow down, our vehicles if we hear unusual noises and even our relationships that sometimes don’t seem to be as vibrant as they once were.

The same is true within our bodies as possible we don’t have the same energy levels that we once had, perhaps pains or aches in different parts of our body, even gaining or losing weight when we are not trying to do either.

There are many diseases that can affect major organs within our body.

There can be heart disease, lung disease, gallbladder disease, and so much more.

Another significant life-changing disease can be renal disease which may possibly lead to kidney failure.

This is a tragic situation and to help those that have been diagnosed with kidney failure and need to be on dialysis, there are options that can help the individual both practically and financially.


Personal Story

My wife and I went through a significant scare about 15 years ago when, after her doctor’s medical appointment, I picked her up from the clinic.

She was significantly downcast and finally, after coaxing her to share, I found out that her kidneys were failing.

Come to find out that the doctor had placed her on a different blood pressure medicine and this medicine was adversely affecting her kidney function.

Although it was bad news there was a glimmer of hope and they thought it could be reversed if they stopped the medication.

Fortunately, that is what happened and there were no further issues as it related to her kidney functions.

It certainly was a serious time as the loss of kidney function is a serious situation.


25 Best Ways & Sources for Getting Free Stuff for Dialysis Patients


1. Know all about what Dialysis is

Dialysis is the process that is done through medical machinery when the kidneys are unable to function normally

The process involves the filtering of the blind and the removal of waste, extra water, salt, etc. All this prevents the buildup of these items which is detrimental to an individual’s health.

Also, through dialysis, the certain chemicals required by the blood are maintained at a healthy level.

Some of those chemicals include sodium, bicarbonate, and potassium.

Dialysis also helps to control the individual’s blood pressure.


2. Know about the Kidneys

The critical function that the kidneys of the human body perform is to filter or cleanse the bloodstream of various types of waste.

Some of the waste can include:

  • Urea
  • Creatinine
  • Other items

The two kidneys within the human body also keep the electrolytes (sodium and potassium) and water at a normal level.

Also, the kidneys secrete a number of hormones that are essential to the health of the body.


3. The Treatment

The treatment process of dialysis requires the use of an artificial kidney machine.

The function of the artificial kidney machine is to simulate the action of the human kidneys by filtering the blood.

A total time involved with the process could be a 3 to 5-hour treatment and could take place in the hospital, or dialysis center or can be done in an individual’s home.


4. Cost of Dialysis

The cost for one dialysis treatment can be at an expense of $500 or more.

Generally, three treatments are required per week which could add up to well over $72,000 per year.


5. What Causes Kidney Failure

There are a variety of reasons why the human kidneys will cease to function.

The major causes of kidney failure include

  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension or high blood pressure
  • An obstruction in the urinary tract
  • High level of club
  • Certain medications
  • Birth defects


6. Types of Dialysis

There are two different types of dialysis available for the patient.

The first type of dialysis is known as hemodialysis which is a machine that simulates the function of the kidneys by cleaning your blood.

The other type of dialysis is peritoneal dialysis.

This method of cleansing the blood is through the use of putting fluid into the individual’s stomach to clean the body and then removed during the course of the day and nighttime.


7. Cure

There, at this time, is no known cure for kidney failure.

However, because of dialysis and the treatment that it provides, individuals are able to continue to be involved with activities that they want or need to do.

The other possibility of overcoming kidney failure is through a kidney transplant.


8. Diet

Another important component of the treatment of kidney disease is an individual’s diet.

The individual should eat the appropriate foods under the supervision of a doctor and dietitian and certainly avoid foods high that are high in sodium, potassium, and phosphorus.

Also, an individual will help their treatment by gaining knowledge regarding calories, fats, fluids that are important to ingest, and proteins.


9. American Kidney Fund

The American Kidney Fund is an organization with a not-for-profit status that can provide financial assistance to dialysis patients who are classified as low-income.

It operates a health insurance premium program that provides financial assistance long-term to individuals which enable the individual to cover the cost of health insurance.

There is a possibility that they can provide financial assistance.


10. Safety Net Program

The American kidney fund operates a program known as the Safety Net Grant Program.

Through this program, they provide financial grants to help individuals with expenses related to their healthcare needs that are not covered by insurance.

Some of those medical expenses could be the need to purchase over-the-counter medicines, copayments, and other needs that also could include the need for dentures.


11. Disaster Relief

The unfortunate reality is that many disaster victims are low-income because they live in areas that are affected by natural disasters.

The American Kidney Fund has a disaster relief grant program so that if you are one of the unfortunate ones struck by a flood, hurricane, tornado, or another disaster, being diagnosed with can email your may qualify you for a disaster relief grant.


12. Education

If you are a resident of a certain state, you may qualify for a scholarship that will help you with your education as it relates to end-stage renal disease.

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The purpose of this education scholarship is to train individuals with renal disease and help them to be educated about their disease and move them forward in their lives to resume employment and re-establish independent living.


13. Children

A segment of the population that can be affected by renal disease is our children.

Through the American Kidney Fund, there are grants available for children who are living with this disease and are qualified financially for this assistance.


14. Transplant

If an individual is fortunate to receive a kidney transplant, the American Kidney Fund stands ready to help with the after-transplant testing of the individual as it relates to non-rejection.

The program helps to cover the costs of any cutting-edge blood tests that are offered to monitor the health of the transplanted kidney, look for signs of rejection, and use methods that do not require the need for a kidney biopsy.


15. Prescription

The sad reality is that some private insurance companies and Medicare do not necessarily provide the needed prescription care coverage for the individual.

If this is the case, the American Kidney Fund may be able to provide financial resources to cover any prescription costs not covered by the insurance provider.


16. Veterans

It is a proven fact that, for some reason or other, veterans have a higher percentage of individuals who are suffering from chronic kidney disease

The statistics of individuals in America that suffer from chronic kidney disease is one out of every seven Americans.

With veterans, it is one in every six veterans which also includes veterans that are in the kidney failure stage and rely on dialysis.

To aid veterans, the American Kidney Fund has joined with the United States Department of Veterans Affairs to increase awareness of this disease amongst veterans and provide as much support as able.

For more information, you can log onto American Kidney Fund.


17. Medicare

Medicare is a federal medical insurance program and is available to most Americans through their employment and have paid into this system.

As part of the treatment, Medicare provides financial assistance to individuals who require dialysis.

The two parts, A & B, cover the majority of the costs for dialysis treatment while hospitalized and outpatient doctor services.

The patient would be responsible for any premiums, co-pays, yearly deductibles, and coinsurance charges.


18. Medicaid

Medicaid is a health insurance program that covers the medical costs of an individual who is classified as low-income.

Also, Medicaid may be available for low-income children, seniors, pregnant women, and people with disabilities.

Each state has its own individual program but is required to adhere to or follow the rules set by the federal government

Medicaid may supplement services that Medicare doesn’t cover.

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19. Crowdfund

Despite the fact that there are insurance programs that can help with dialysis coverage, the expense of the procedure can quickly add up and be overwhelming.

A possibility of how to get free stuff for dialysis patients is to be involved with Crowdfunding.

With Crowdfunding, you can register at their site and share your story with an entire community.

The possibility of generous neighbors helping neighbors in need to offset your expenses is a possibility.


20. Bridge of Life

Bridge of Life is devoted to caring for individuals who have been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease.

This international foundation helps dialysis patients by establishing local partnerships to make strides in kidney care treatment, and health education, to prevent kidney disease and also helps to send kids with kidney disease to a camping program.

This camping program involves the use of general practitioners, specialists, nurses, etc. as part of the staffing.


21. Davita

Davita is a dynamic movement whose mission is to elevate the quality of life by elevating the healthcare of patients around the world.

One of the focuses of this company is its commitment to providing holistic based care to individuals with kidney disease.

Davita is the largest kidney care provider and has accreditation by the National Committee For Quality Assurance.

Their care for patients covers the spectrum of whether the individual is in the early stages of the disease or is seeking a transplant while on dialysis.

As part of their services, they help with travel expenses, provide gas cards, and also are involved with treatments and procedures.


22. Area Agency on Aging

Another possible resource that may be available in your community is services provided by the Area Agency On Aging.

Additionally, if they do not offer specific services to individuals who are on dialysis, they can be a resource and offer suggestions of other agencies that may be of assistance.


23. Meals on Wheels

Because the diet is so important to the health of an individual experiencing chronic renal failure and is involved with dialysis is the need to eat nutritionally.

In many communities, there is a service known as Meals on Wheels.

A suggestion would be to contact this agency and ask whether there are special meals prepared for individuals who need the diet affiliated with renal nutrition.


24. Transportation

Many individuals undergoing dialysis have lost their ability or do not have the financial resources to drive themselves to the dialysis center for treatment.

Therefore, transportation is critical and needs to be accomplished, on average, three times a week.

It is important to research various services within your community to see if they offer this transportation at no or at a low cost.

Also, you can contact your social worker at the dialysis center to see what resources might be available to meet your transportation needs.


25. Social Security

Undergoing dialysis because of renal failure can be debilitating.

Therefore, it is important to remember that Social Security may provide additional financial benefits because of this medical diagnosis.

You may qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits (SSDI) through their program.


Freebies for Dialysis Patients FAQs


Is There a Cure for Non-function Kidneys?

At the present time there is no cure for kidney failure.


Is Dialysis Painful?

The medical procedure known as kidney dialysis is not a painful procedure with the exception of the use of needles as it relates to accessing the blood flow of the individual.


You Can Do It

If you or a loved one are going through the dialysis process you have our prayers.

It is important to remember that you are not going through this alone and in addition to your loved ones who surround you, there is a variety of helping agencies and programs that stand with you and provide practical and financial assistance.



There are no two ways about it kidney failure is a significantly serious medical diagnosis.

The good news is that, depending upon other medical conditions, an individual who is on dialysis can expect to live a fairly normal life with the exception of having to undergo dialysis on an ongoing basis.

The other significant reality is that going through this process one does not have to travel alone but there are organizations and agencies that stand ready to provide practical assistance.

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