You can definitely get free stuff college students, if you know where to look.

This article reveals some of the best ways anyone can get free stuff for college students.


How and Why Free Stuff for College Students?

The real question is – why not, right?

College students spend time and money in the course of their studies and college can be quite expensive as unplanned even expenses easily crop up.

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The more stuff college students can get for free, the easier things will be for them in meeting up with the more expensive aspects of having a degree.

Many college students can now get free stuff online and offline. This help sthem save on the cost of their studies.

Talking about getting free free stuff, there are lots of ways of getting things for free these days – from free government money and financial support, free reward and gift cards, free cream and cosmetic makeup samples, free toddler care product samples, free use of reliable Internet, free shoes from big shoe brands, free educational stuff for teaching, etc.


What Free Stuff College Students Can Get 

Free stuff for college students refers to any product or service that college students can get for free.

It could be free grocery, free accommodation, free games, free apps, free mobile data, free bags, free books, free clothes, free subscriptions, etc.

Many websites, retailers, non-profit organizations, and some other institutions can offer college students free stuff.

These could be for promotional purposes, to increase sales or to create awareness, etc.


10 Legit Sources to Get Free Stuff for College Students

The following are some of the best websites to get free stuff for college students.


1. OpenStax

OpenStax is a non-profit organization based at Rice University in Houston, Texas, USA. You can access openly licensed college textbooks.

As a college student, you can take advantage of this initiative to get and read free textbooks.

It would interest you to know that the textbooks offered at this organization are used in more than 40% of the colleges and universities across the United States.

To access the free textbooks from OpenStax, all you need is to use your phone, tablet, or computer to browse and read.

Click here to check out OpenStax to get free textbooks as a college student.

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2. is a non-profit organization website. It has been publishing content since 1995.

It is owned and run by Independence Hall Association a nonprofit organization in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, founded in 1942.

The mission of the IHA is to provide a forum for learning and discussing American history and values. offers free History Textbooks to college students.

The focus of these books is on Pre-Columbian and New Millennium history.

If you are a college student that majors in American History then you will find this platform very useful.

In summary, allows you to get free online textbooks for high school courses for students, teachers, home scholars, and history lovers.

The content of these textbooks is protected by copyright.

Click here to check out U.S. for free history textbooks.


3. Bookboon

Bookboon is a website that aims to make it easier for students and everyone to develop knowledge through high-quality learning content.

If you are a college student, this platform empowers you to succeed, academically and professionally.

Students are provided with free textbooks written by professors from the world’s top universities, covering topics from Engineering and IT to Economics and Business.

You can access this website and discover new book collections that are constantly updated.

Bookboon also provides free ebooks that can be used at the workplace.

They include materials that cover topics on personal development, management, and communication & presentation.

Click here to check out Bookboon to get 1000+ free textbooks for college students.

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4. Merlot

Merlot is a website where you can get access to a wide selection of college textbooks.

If you are a college student then you can take advantage of this website for free textbooks.

There are more than 6,600 textbooks.

You can also take advantage of other free materials that will help you to learn.

So, check out Merlot for a variety of free online learnings and support materials.

Click here to check out Merlot for free learning stuff suitable for college students.


5. E-Books Directory

College students can access E-Books Directory for free digital textbooks. This platform has a huge collection of thousands of digital ebooks in hundreds of categories.

As of the time of writing this piece, students can access exactly 10839 free ebooks in 709 categories.

You can use the materials on this site to improve your studies. Apart from ebooks, you can also get access to lecture notes and other learning documents.

Yes, after all, this site is a daily growing list of links to freely accessible ebooks, documents, and lecture notes found all over the Internet.

E-Books Directory provides free learning materials in subjects or topics like arts & photography, biographies & memoirs, business & investing, children’s books, computers & Internet, etc.

Click here to check out E-Books Directory for free ebooks and other materials for college students.

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Free Stuff for College Students


6. FreeBooks4Doctors

If you are a medical student then you must take advantage of free medical books.

At FreeBooks4Doctors you can access a wide selection of free medical textbooks.

You can access medical books on different topics like Anatomy, dermatology, pharmacology, Hematology, Gynecology, Cardiology, and more.

These free books come in PDF formats and so you can download and read them electronically.

FreeBooks4Doctors aims to promote free access to medical books.

So, take advantage of this resource as you complete your college degree.

Click here to check out FreeBooks4Doctors to get free books for college students.

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7. Free Food on Campus

If you are a college student in need of free food then you can consider sites like Free Food on Campus.

This platform display lists of sites and places where you can find free food on your college campuses across the United States.

You can search this website for any free food on college campuses.

Click here to check out Free Food on Campus to access free foods for college students.


8. Free Museum Admission

College students can take advantage of free admissions to museums.

If you are a college or university student then you can get free admission to your school’s museums.

It is also possible that you take advantage of free Museums services offered to students.

In the United States, college students can get free museum admissions from many institutions include:


9. You Need a Budget (YNAB) Membership

College students can get free membership to software like YNAB. This is an app which allows you to budget your finance very well.

You can also use it to track your expenses easily.

In case you are a student that is struggling with your finance, then this is free stuff you will find very useful. It will help you save money effectively.

YNAB also has tools and features that will help you pay off your debt easily.

Click here to get free YNAB membership


10. Amazon Prime Student

If you are a college student, another way to get free stuff online is through Amazon and alternative sites to Amazon.

All you need to do is become a member of Amazon Prime.

You will enjoy different kinds of benefits that include access to movies and TV shows through the Amazon streaming platform.

You can also get access to free delivery on millions of Prime-eligible items.

As a student, you can also get a 6-month trial courtesy of Sprint carrier.

Click here to check out and enjoy Amazon Prime if you are a college student.


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As you have seen from reading this article, it’s really possible to get free stuff as a college student.

This article reveals exactly how it and works and exactly how and where to get free stuff for college students.

There are many other platforms to get this stuff.

You can also do a general Google search to find out where to get free stuff near you.