Do you want to get free shoes? If yes, you should definitely read this helpful article.

It reveals some of the secrets to getting shoes completely free. And not just from any shoe company but from some of the best shoe manufacturers out there.

We are talking about getting shoes completely free from top shoe brands like Nike, Adidas, Brooks, New Balance, etc.

Yes, a lot of top shoe companies can offer you the opportunity to get free shoes, if you know how it works.


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How Getting Shoes for Free Works

It’s simply really.

You see, shoe companies usually need help with deciding what the market wants or testing their shoes before they hit the market.

You can be asked to test some of their new shoes and share your opinion. In exchange, you will get to keep the shoe sample.

These product testing programs are similar to programs that pay you to test products, software, websites, apps, etc.

You don’t have to pay a dime for such shoes and they are usually very high quality shoes, exactly the same as are sold by the shoe companies.

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10 Really Legit Companies Offering Free Shoes

Below are some of the best shoe companies offering free shoes for those participating in their product testing programs.

Make sure you check out the links included under each of the following, as they take you straight to the pages where they talk about their particular product testing programs and how they work.


1. Adidas 

Adidas is easily one of the most popular sports shoemakers out there. You can get free shoes from this company if you participate in their product testing.

You can apply if you have a passion for sports, fashion, and the Adidas brand.

Make sure you are living in the US, you have Internet access a valid e-mail address. You must also have the ability to read and write in the English Language, and so on.

Adidas would select you for their product testing based on criteria such as demographic profile, shoe/apparel size, location, sport, and athletic profile.

If you are selected the test product would be mailed to you with instructions.

You are expected to comply with the instructions which may include testing the product for a required amount of hours/mileage per week. Usually, the test period is 2-4 weeks.

You can mail back the test product and provide detailed feedback for an online questionnaire.

Click here to check out Adidas Product Testing

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2. Brooks 

Brooks is another footwear manufacturer that gives shoes for free to users who participate in their product testing program.

If you want to get free shoes, you can join the  Brooks product testing program. You would be provided with a shoe to test before it hits the market.

Brooks creates and tests shoe designs based on the principles of fit, feel, ride, and biometrics.

You can join this program for free. Yes, it is 100% free! You will receive shoes to test, and once you complete the testing, you mail back the test product.

If you do well in the test program, you would easily be invited for future product or shoe testing organized by Brooks.

Click here to check out Brooks Product Testing

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3. Columbia 

Columbia is a Sportswear company. It offers a variety of shoes and sportswear for both men and women.

If you are thinking of a place to get free shoe then you can sign up for the Columbia product testing program.

You will be offered free running shoes or hiking boots to test. If you qualify as a product tester, the footwear would be sent to you. After completion of tasks in the testing period, you can mail back the shoes.

Columbia would invite you for future product testing if you did well in the last program.

You can apply, get accepted, and become eligible to test.

Click here to check out Columbia Product Testing

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4. New Balance 

New Balance is a manufacturer of athletic shoes. This company is always on the go to improve its products.

If you can’t afford to buy shoes you need, you can join the product testing program of this company and get shoes for free.

Yes, you can help test the new design of shoes before they hit the market. You can submit your email address and receive a profile in which you will fill out your details.

Once your application is completed, you would be entered into the New Balance Tester Community database.

You must note that for applicants wearing adult size shoes – men’s 8-14 / women’s 6-12. If the applicant is younger than 18 years old, a legal guardian must participate in the application process and sign the Tester Agreement.

Products like athletic shoes would be sent to you free. You can try them out and follow the instructions provided in the study.

What makes the Product Testing Program successful is that the shoes are tested under real-life conditions.

After the test period is over, you are expected to send the test product back to New Balance.

Click here to check out New Balance Product Testing

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5. Nike

Nike is easily one of the most popular sportswear companies out there. You can sign up with the Nike Product Testing program and lend your voice to improve future sports wears and gears.

If you are interested in getting free shoes, then you may want to consider becoming a product tester with Nike.

In this program, you can get free shoes to test within the testing period. You can apply for this program.

If you are selected, a package of shoes would be sent to you for testing. You can submit your feedback via the website and return the product.

Nike Product testing is not limited to adults, teenagers and children can also apply.

Click here to check out Nike Product Testing


6. Puma 

Puma is another very reputable company you can get free shoes from. Puma offers varieties of sportswear and gears to men, women, and kids. This is one of the best brands out there.

If you want to get free running shoes, then consider joining the Puma product testing program. This program allows you to test their shoes for three weeks.

To get started with Puma product testing program, you can download the Pumatrac app from the App Store or the Google Play Store. Fill in the application and get selected. You will be sent a pair of shoes if you qualify.

Puma expects you to share your feedback during the testing period via photos, videos, and surveys.

Once you submit your testing result, you can become the owner of the shoe.

Puma testing is not regular but you can also check out the app or website for any available opportunity.

Click here to check out Puma Product Testing

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Other shoe companies you may want to check out their product testing programs include:

7. Red Wing

8. Reebok

9. Saucony

10. Under Armour

Make sure you check out the above links for these as well, as they take you straight to the pages where they talk about their particular product testing programs.

The pages also explain how you can participate, to get the shoes sent to you for free.


Other Ways of Getting Shoes Completely Free

By the way, if you are not privileged to get selected by the above footwear companies that offer free shoes near you, you still have other options for getting free shoes.

Get Free Shoes as Gifts

Yes, you can receive free shoes from friends and family members as gifts. Or, you can take advantage of free shoe offers from retailers.

Get Free Shoes With “BOGO”

There is no doubt that if you make a good search, you will find offers like “Buy One Get One” or “BOGO”. That’s another good way to get shoes completely free.


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As you can see from this article, it’s indeed possible to get free shoes without paying a dime. The above mentioned are some of the best companies where you can get free shoes.

But of course, take your time to visit each of the links included in this article to see what is required of you, to get the shoes for free.