Yes, it’s possible and even easy to get free shampoo samples!

This article reveals exactly how it works and the best sources you can use, to get your hands on shampoo samples for free.


Why Get Shampoo Samples for Free?

Why not, right? Especially when you really can!

You see, the internet sure is full of surprises – and freebies!

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Plus, with the current technology able to connect one person to a whole community, getting these perks are relaxed and stress-free too!

One of the best free stuff is the type that you can use every day as it can definitely save you a fair amount of cash in the long run.

A daily commodity that will be the highlight of this article is shampoo – a product we use almost every day and something that brings life to our crowning glory.

Free shampoo samples may not be as glamorous as other freebies, but if you think about it, it will save you enough cash for other more important things.

Haircare products are commodities that do not really take up a significant amount of cash from our pockets and salaries.

But considering that we use them daily, they do cost a lot within an extended period.

Saving a few bucks by having free samples of shampoos is one way of being a wise consumer, so to speak.

The good thing is that many companies and service platforms provide a wide range of freebies that anyone can get, with the littlest effort of signing-up and giving reviews.

To know how to get free shampoo samples, read along and share this article to your family and friends afterwards so you can all save more.


6 Best Sources for Getting Free Shampoo Samples


1. Aveda

The brand company offers free samples, both online and offline.

If you’re planning to make an online purchase, you better check out Aveda’s website to see their current offers and the request for free samples.

For every $25 purchase you make, they give free deluxe products, so don’t hesitate and grab that advantage.

When visiting their physical store, simply approach the beauty counter and ask the staff for free samples. The company is kind enough to give you that in a quick response.

They also offer 20-minute free facials and full makeup at their partner stores. Really generous!

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2. Pantene

Pantene is a famous brand specializing in hair care. You should not miss out on free samples from this internationally recognized brand.

By just registering an account to their website, you will be listed on their database.

Pantene will send you emails about discount coupons, current products available, and free shampoo samples.

You cannot request for a free sample anytime, though. You have to wait for an email prompt to do so, and that’s when you can make a request.

So make sure to keep an eye on your emails and don’t slip the chance on getting something free from a famous brand.


3. Shea Moisture

This all-natural haircare brand is under the significant company Unilever – a company trusted and known worldwide for making organic beauty products.

To get your freebies, visit their official website and click the “Get Started” button. You will be asked about information such as your hair type, hair issues, and other related details.

Then, you will be asked to fill out an online form regarding your shipping address. Afterwards, click “Submit” to send your request form.

Some of the free products that you can get are their Virgin Coconut Oil collection, repair collections, color collections, and many more to choose from.

The supplies are limited, so request as fast as possible!

Sad to say though, only residents from Canada can avail this amazing perk.

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4. CVS Pharmacy

Originally named as the “Consumer Value Store,” the corporation has been around since 1963.

The present CEO claimed he considers the abbreviation’s meaning as “Convenience, Value, and Service.”

The retail corporation handles a wide variety of products, including those under the health and beauty sectors.

To receive some free shampoo samples online, visit their website to request.

It is best to sign-up for their email database so that you can be alerted of discount coupons and available free samples.

Aside from giving away beauty products, they do give away free chocolates too, on some occasions.

Like most of the other companies, CVS pharmacy only ships freebies within the US territories.


5. PINCHme

Not a brand company itself, PINCHme is a service platform that provides free samples on various brands.

Up to date, over 20 million freebies had been sent out by the service to their 4 million-plus members.

To freely enjoy their perks, you must sign up to the company and become a “Pincher.”

You will be asked information for your demographic profile, and this information will be used so that you will be notified on products of your interest.

You have a responsibility, though once you have chosen and received your chosen freebie.

Aside from using your free sample and possibly enjoying it, you have to share your opinion of the product through a questionnaire on the website.

It is just a small effort for you, but a big deal to the company and the brand for further product enhancements.

Consistently write honest reviews, and you will undoubtedly be a regular on their database.


Get Free Shampoo Samples


6. BzzAgent

BzzAgent is another service organization that works the same way as PINCHme.

You have the chance to use products from known brands like Unilever, Gillette, L’Oreal Paris, and more. The P&G Company, a consumer goods brand and one of the leading companies globally, also works with BzzAgent.

If you chose to be a member, you would need to sign-up, enter your demographic profile, and wait for emails about the free samples that are available for you.

Shampoo samples are pretty usual in a wide variety from anti-dandruff to baby sample shampoos, and they sure offer more free products from their partner brands.

When you are offered the chance to have free samples, you can opt to take or refuse the product.

That way, the company will not waste samples, and you will not end up writing false feedbacks.

Once you accepted and received the product you certainly enjoy, you have to share your opinions about the product. BzzAgent will then forward your feedback to the brand’s company.

This way, you enjoyed something free, and you helped the brand develop better commodities for the public.

If you find this article helpful, better share them to your family and friends to have them enjoy these perks as well.


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As you have seen from reading this article, getting shampoo for free is possible and even easy.

This article also showed you the very best sources you can use to get your samples for free.

It’s worth repeating that saving a few bucks by having free samples of shampoos is one way of being a wise consumer, especially when it’s not that hard to get these samples for free.

The good thing is that many companies and service platforms provide a wide range of freebies that anyone can get, with the littlest effort of signing-up and giving reviews.