Yes, it’s really possible to get free mobile data if you know the right sources to look!

This article explains how it works and reveals some of the best ways and places anyone can take advantage of, to get mobile data completely free.

You don’t have to spend money anytime you browse the Internet with your phone.

You can take advantage of free mobile data to do what you do always online.

Yes, you can get free mobile data to shopping online, take online surveys, play games, and access various websites.

I am sure you may be asking how to get free mobile data and where to get free mobile data?

Luckily, this article shares vital details that answer all the questions you may have.

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How to Get Free Mobile Data

There are many ways to get free mobile data. These include:


1. Ask your boss or employer for free mobile data.

If your job demands the use of mobile data then your employer may have a program for employees to get free mobile service.

Take advantage of this service. Although some of these programs may be restricted to work-related browsing some services may be used for personal browsing.


2. Take advantage of free mobile data from special programs for low-income residents.

Of course, most people that seek free mobile data want to save money.

Some communities offer welfare packages which low-income families with opportunities to access free mobile data plans.

You can use the plan to stay connected with your family, friends, colleagues, etc.


3. Connect to free Wi-Fi in public places if possible

You can gain access to free Wi-Fi connections near you to save mobile data.

You may be using a phone that detects and connects with free Wi-Fi in public places.

Use this when you visit the public libraries, museums, restaurants, airports, and some retail stores.


4. Take advantage of free mobile data plans from carriers and phone companies

The companies that offer phone and mobile data services regularly offer promotions and deals to attract new subscribers.

You can get free mobile data when you participate in these offers.

Talking about getting free free stuff, there are lots of ways of getting things for free these days – from free food to eat when needed, free government money and financial support, free online gift cards, free perfume, cream and cosmetic makeup samples, free toddler and baby care product samples, free shoes from big shoe brands, free educational material for teaching, etc.


8 Legit Sources to Get Free Mobile Data

The following are some websites you can access to get free mobile data.


1. Tag Mobile 

Tag Mobile is a company that provides free mobile plans to users.

It also provides cheap prepaid plans that start as low as $10 a month.

The company operates in California and may extend to other parts of the country.

Tag Mobile provides customers with the “Lifeline program”. This is a free service with unlimited talk and text and 3 GB of LTE data.

If you are eligible for this program, you can access some super low-cost plans that would make it possible for you to pay ‘nothing’ for data every month.

Click here to check out Tag Mobile


2. Databack

Databack is an app that allows you to get free mobile data. It helps you save mobile data that you use spend when using apps.

According to the site:

Databack app saves a part of your mobile data spent on browsing apps. For example: If you use an app for 10-15 minutes, you may spend around 8MB – 10MB of data, which means your data balance reduces by 8MB to 10MB. A part of this data is saved by Databack.

With this app installed on your phone, you can save up to 1GB of mobile data every month. According to the Google Play review, the top features of this app include:

  • Databack saves up to 25% 2g, 3g, or 4g of your mobile data every day!
  • You can win up to a 50MB daily bonus from the Spin the wheel game. Yes, with this app you can spin and win 3G/4G.
  • This app monitors your data to see which app uses maximum data. Also, it can track live data to see what each app consumes in real-time.
  • Databack has an offline mode that allows you to monitor your Internet usage even when you are offline.

You simply take free data to recharge packs from the data you save.

Also, you can get 100 MB of mobile data for every friend you invite to use this app.

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3. KickBit

KickBit is another popular and genuine app you can install on your mobile to get free mobile data.

This app is one of those apps that allow you to get airtime, mobile Internet, texting, and more.

Here’s a related article on how to earn money sending and receiving text messages.

The features of this Kickbit app include allowing to complete surveys, shop online, and more for free data.

KickBit app is from Verizon Wireless. Your current data plan with this network would be boosted when you complete tasks.

Yes, you earn free data and get rewarded for each task you complete and have your Verizon Wireless data account credited.

Click here to check out KickBit

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free mobile data


4. MCent

Mcent is a browser app that will allow you to earn free talk time & data.

Also, you can use your earnings for a payment towards your postpaid plan

You will earn from this platform – every month – just for browsing the internet!

It’s a bit similar to genuine and legit apps that make you money when you surf the Internet.

Simply Register to create an account, start visiting your favorite sites, read the latest news or search for anything from the search bar and watch the points grow!

Your account connects directly to your carrier within seconds!

You can use your earnings to recharge prepaid plans or use your balance towards your monthly postpaid bill!

Click here to check out mCent

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5. HotSpot Finder

HotSpot Finder is another genuine and popular app you can use to get free mobile data.

This app helps you find free Wi-Fi hotspots near your location.

Once you find these hotspots, you can then browse the Internet for free.

HotSpot Finder is an iPhone app. You can access and install it if your device runs the iOS or platform.

Click here to check out Hotspot Finder to access free mobile data that are nearby.

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6. FreedomPop

FreedomPop is a mobile carrier that offers free plans and data to people in qualifying areas.

This platform also provides its users with free mobile data to browse the Internet with.

The free mobile data provided by FreedomPop is not spammy, and you will get the data 100% free.

FreedomPop offers paid plans to customers, however, you can also access free features that include:

  • Free Wi-Fi calling
  • Free International and domestic calling
  • Unlimited texting and calls to other FreedomPop customers
  • Free 4G Internet each month with referrals
  • Access to over 8 million hotspots

The free mobile data you can get from FreedomPop will enable you to get access to 500 MB of data, 200 minutes, and 500 texts a month.

One major catch of enjoying free mobile plans from FreedomPop is that you must be on the Sprint network.

FreedomPop is available for users of both Android and iOS devices.

So, you can easily download and install the app from Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

Click here to check out FreedomPop and get access to free mobile data.

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7. Instabridge

Instabridge is another popular platform that refers to itself as the world’s largest Wi-Fi sharing community.

You can install this app and enjoy free Wi-Fi and towards saving mobile data cost in your home.

If you are seeking free mobile data, Instabridge may be a solution for you.

This Android app has high ratings and recommendations trusted online sources including Android Authority and TechCrunch.

Once you install this app on your device, you can use it to find free Wi-Fi near you.

So, Instabridge can help you get free Internet wherever you are – whether it is at a gas station, a restaurant, in a store, or any public place.

Instabridge allows you to find Wi-Fi that works in your area.

This will help you keep off from those that don’t.

Also, you can use it to easily unlock all Wi-Fi spots and Wi-Fi passwords in your city.

Instabridge is best suited for those who travel a lot and must be connected to the Internet.

With Instabridge, you can save money and time to access the free Internet.

Click here to check out Instabridge and get access to free Wi-Fi in place of free mobile data.


8. TaskBucks

TaskBucks is another well known and reputable website that rewards users for completing various online tasks.

You can be rewarded on this site for taking surveys and downloading apps.

You will get rewarded with mobile data for completing stuff.

You can take advantage of the daily sweepstakes and contests and enjoy free Internet on this platform.

Another way to earn more rewards from TaskBucks is to refer your friends. The referral program of this platform allows you to earn even when your referral earns.

Click here to check out TaskBucks to get free mobile data.

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As the above article has revealed, it’s indeed possible and easy to get free mobile data.

This article also revealed exactly how and where to get free mobile data.

You should definitely check out the details shared above if you are really serious about getting yourself mobile data without spending money.