Yes, you can get free gas cards if you know how and where to search. This article reveals exactly how and where you can get gas cards for free and the best sites to use.

So yes, you don’t have to spend all your money on gasoline. You can actually spend zero money when you  go for free gas cards.

These are free vouchers that holders can use to in exchange of free fuel or gas.

Free gas cards can help you save money on gas. These vouchers can be obtained through promotions run by brands.

Some organizations can also offer its members with gas cards for absolutely free.

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Keep reading to learn about the different ways to get free gas cards.


8 Best Ways & Sources to Get Free Gas Cards


1. Get Free Gas Cards From Get-paid-to Websites

Get-paid-to websites are websites which reward users for completing various tasks.

These sites may ask users to complete activities like shopping online, completing offers, making referrals and so on.

In exchange for these activities the users may be rewarded with points or cash. Also, you can use these rewards for gas cards.

Examples of some of the websites where you can go to get free gas cards include Swagbucks, Inboxdollars and other alternatives, iRazoo, and so on.

You can use the free gas cards earned from these platforms to get free gas at specific gas station.

It would also interest you to know that on these platforms you can get free gas cards of popular gas stations like Exxon Mobil, Chevron, and Sunoco.


2. Get Gas Cards for Free Online From Survey Websites

Survey websites are platforms that rewards members for completing surveys.

They are hired by brands to help them get information and feedback from potential customers.

The information sought for could be used to make business decisions.

If you fill surveys, you will earn rewards. You can earn points or cash. These could be used to get free gas cards.

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3. Credit Card Rewards programs

You can get free gas cards by taking advantage of credit cards rewards. Some credit cards earn you rewards when you use them to make specific purchases or at specific time.

One of such rewards could be free or cheap gas. Several reward credit cards that offer anywhere from 2% to 5% off the per-gallon price of gas.

Credit cards companies usually offer these promotions especially when the price of gas is high. You can save money when you take advantage of these programs as you can fill up your tank for free.

To make the most of using credit card rewards for free gas you must ensure you pay off the balance of your card in full each month.

Best Reward Cards to get Free Gas

Some of the rewards cards that you can use to help you get free gas include:

  • Chase Freedom Card – This card allows offers you cash back on gas purchases. You can earn 5% cash back and up to $1500 a year on purchases.
  • Discover It Card – This brand of card gives you cash back on gas purchases. Also, you can earn 5% cash on purchases up to $1500


4. Travel Rebates From Hotels, Motels, B&Bs

You can get free gas cards when you travel or book lodgings in some destinations.

There are hotels and bed & breakfast (B&B) inns that offer lodgers or travelers free gas cards.

Of course, you can only take advantage of them when you book a stay there.

If you travel regularly to a particular destination with your car then check out if your hotel offer free gas credits or gas cards as part of the rewards extended to loyal guests.

So, make a good research before you book a stay.

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Where to Get Free Gas Cards


5. Salvation Army Gas Assistance Programs

Salvation Army is a non profit organization. It is a charitable and religious organization to evangelize and to care for the poor and homeless.

From time to time, the Salvation  Army may provide gas assistance or cards to individuals or families as part of their programs.

Organisations like these usually offer assistance such as freebies for teachers, freebies for college or University students, free clothes to wear, free food for the hungry, free shoes to wear, free money for other financial needs, help with paying rents, and of course free gas cards.

Yes, in most cases, gas cards are provided to qualified individuals or families during emergencies.

Some of these centers provide free gasoline vouchers for a truck or car as part of a program known as Emergency Family Services.

You can check out the Salvation Army center near you for more information about any transportion or gas assistance.


6. Saint Vincent De Paul Gas Assistance Programs

Saint Vincent de Paul is another non-for-profit organization. It is part of the Catholic Church and set up to provide the needs of needy or poor.

This organization can also provide you with assistance in the form of free gas or free transport for the needy.

You can checkout the local Saint Vincent de Paul center to find out if you they offer free gas cards.

Click here to check out Saint Vincent de Paul.


7. Gas Card Product Promotions From Companies

You can get free gas cards when companies or retailers offer free gas card promotions. This is is usually carried out when the price of gas is high.

Loyal customers of these companies can participate in the promotion and save money when they shop or participate in the deals.

You can take advantage of these promotions and get free or cheap gas.

Companies That Offer Free Gas Card Promotions

Examples of companies that provide free gas card promotions include:

CVS “Free Gas Card” Promotion

CVS Pharmacy is an American retail corporation.

This company often offer a $10 gas card to customers who spend at least $30 on any participating products.

You can also check out any CVS store near you for available deals on free gas cards.

Click here to check out CVS free gas card promotion.

Kroger Fuel Points program

Kroger is an American retail company. This company offers loyal customers with the opportunity to save on gas.

This company offers the Fuel Points Program in which customers can save money every time they shop on this store.

Yes, you can get free gas whenever you shop and use your Shopper’s Card, you’ll earn 1 Fuel Point for every $1 you spend.

Also, this program reveals that you will earn 2x fuel points on gift cards, and you can redeem the fuel points you have earned a any of the Fuel Centers.

Click here to check out Kroger Points program.

The Safeway Gift Card

Safeway is an American supermarket chain. It is a goods and pharmaceutical retailer that operates all across the United States.

If you regularly shop with this chain, then you can also take advantage of their free gas card promo.

You can take advantage of the Safeway Gift Card to save on gas.

The Safeway gift card is accepted at over 1,250 store locations in the US.

For every dollar you spend using your Safeway Club Card, you earn 1 point towards gas rewards at Safeway, Chevron, or Texaco fuel stations.

If you accumulate up to 1,000 points then you can get $1 off per gallon of fuel you buy.

Click here to check out the Safeway Gift card.

Other companies that offer promotions on free gas cards include Winn Dixie, Stop and Shop, and others.


8. Free Gas Cards From Discounted Gift Cards Sites

There are some websites that sell discounted gift cards. On these site, you can also get free  gas cards that you  can use to save money on gas.

On these sites, you can buy unwanted gift cards for less than its face value. This is a way to get free gas cards for real.

Examples of places you can get discounted gas cards for free include sites like

  • Gift Card Granny
  • MyGiftCardsPlus

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As this article has shown, it’s easy to get gas cards for free if you know exactly how and where to search.

It went further to show the best sites to use and other helpful details for getting the best free gas cards.