Yes, you can really get free eyeglasses if you know where to look.

Thankfully reading this article will provide you with all the information you need as well as exactly where to get them for free.


Why Get Free Eyeglasses?

Why not, right? Especially if you can.

You get to save money when you get free eyeglasses or buy a pair for a discounted price.

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Eye care and glasses can be expensive and getting them for free should be welcoming.

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Types Of Eyeglasses to Get for Free?

Most of the types are those often prescribed by doctors to correct or improve many types of vision problems.

These consist of glass or hard plastic lenses mounted in a frame that holds them in front of a person’s eyes.

Eyeglasses are also known as spectacles or simply glasses.

They can also be used as eye protection against flying debris or damage from excessive levels of ultraviolet light.


Who Gets Free Eyeglasses?

Eyeglasses are very important for good sight. However, not all people can afford it.

Yes, some people cannot even afford to pay for free eye exams talk less about getting free eyeglasses.

If you need eyeglasses then it could be that you fall under the following categories of people:


14 Best Places To Get Free Eyeglasses

There are lots of places you can get free yes glasses these days.

You can easily visit eye doctors in your community clinics to get information if you have community clinics. Yes, community clinics near you may offer free eye exams, and they also care for senior citizens, adults, children, and the uninsured among others.

Another way to get free eyeglasses is through promos from brands.

Yes, if you have money to buy eyeglasses you can take advantage of promotional offers from brands or companies selling eyeglasses.

These companies offer free eyeglasses as Buy One Get One Free (BOGO), free shipping, free trial, and so on.

However, if you don’t have money to pay for eyeglasses, you can check out the following organizations or programs to get free eyeglasses.


1. EyeCare America

EyeCare America is a program and part of the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

The program is set up to provide free eye care through a pool of more than 5,500 volunteer ophthalmologists.

This program has been around since 1985 and over 2 million people have benefited from the eye care program.

EyeCare America offers two specified programs to those seeking free eye care or free eyeglasses.

If you are a senior, especially one who is 65 years and older, you can benefit from The Seniors Program.

You can also take advantage of free eye care from EyeCare America if you have Glaucoma.

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the eligibility for any of the two programs offers by EyeCare America programs include:

The Seniors Program:

  • S. citizen or legal resident
  • Age 65 or older
  • Not belong to an HMO or have eye care benefits through the VA
  • Not seen an ophthalmologist in three or more years

The Glaucoma Program:

  • S. citizen or legal resident
  • Not belong to an HMO or have eye care benefits through the VA
  • Not had an eye exam in 12 months or more
  • At increased risk for glaucoma, determined by your age, race, and family history

EyeCare America can provide or recommend resources on free eyeglasses for eligible patients that have undergone its program.

Click here to check out EyeCare America

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2. New Eyes for the Needy

New Eyes for the Needy provides free eyeglasses for individuals or families that cannot afford them.

If you are low income, unemployed, working poor, or indigent but need eyeglasses, you can take advantage of the offers of New Eyes for the Needy.

New Eyes for the Needy operates as a national non-profit organization in the United States of America. They partner with many local charities and social service organizations.

You can get free prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses by applying through their voucher program.

You can get help as children, adults, or working poor.

One of the main eligibility requirements for applicants is that they must be in financial need. Also, they must have had a recent eye exam.

Applicants would be disqualified if they have other programs that are providing them with free glasses. This includes state or federal health care programs.

After applying with New Eyes for the Needy you will receive an eyeglass voucher via any of the partner charities of social organizations.

You can redeem the voucher for glasses at any participating local optical dispensers, retailers, or eye doctors.

You will get the proper prescription glasses from these sources free of charge.

Click here to check out New Eyes for the Needy

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free eyeglasses



VISION USA is a non-profit organization that provides free vision care, eye exams, and glasses in certain cases. This organization is made up of thousands of doctors of optometry.

These professionals volunteer their time, skills, medical care, and services to families and individuals categorized as low-income unemployed, and uninsured.

You can apply to this organization and get a referral to a participating doctor of optometry in your area.

The volunteer doctors will provide you with a free, high-quality, comprehensive eye exam at no charge.

Yes, VISION USA program will provide you with free eyewear at no cost or for a small fee or donation in some states.

Click here to check out VISION USA

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4. Prevent Blindness

Prevent Blindness is a non-profit organization that aims to help prevent and eradicate blindness.

The motto of this organization states that “our mission is to prevent blindness and preserve sight”.

According to the National Eye Institute, “Prevent Blindness fulfills its mission of the prevention of vision loss through focused attention on its core public health competencies of early detection, patient support, systems enhancement, public policy, research, public awareness, and health education.

In summary, suffice it to say that this leading voluntary eye health and safety organization focuses on promoting eye health and good vision for the public.

This organization operates in the United States and partners with many affiliates.

Some of the states it operates on include Georgia, Iowa, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, and so on.

They receive donations from the public and through their programs refer adults and children to their partners for proper eye care diagnosis and treatment.

Prevent Blindness’s program may be an avenue to receive free prescription eyeglasses.

Click here to check out Prevent Blindness

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5. Lions Clubs 

Lions club is a renowned humanitarian and charitable organization. They operate around the world. This is one of the places to get free eyeglasses.

They distributed items including vouchers for hearing aids and eyeglasses.

Their Vision page reveals that Lions are known throughout the world for their work to improve the lives of the visually impaired and prevent avoidable blindness.

You can take advantage of one of their free vision-related programs to get free eyeglasses.

Locate the nearest Local Lions Club to you and get more information on how you can get free eyeglasses.

Click here to check out Lions Club

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6. ReSpectacle

ReSpectacle is a nonprofit organization that uses the power of the internet to facilitate the redistribution of high-quality, donated eyeglasses to underserved individuals & communities worldwide.

This is a website where you can get free used eyeglasses after obtaining an accurate eyeglass prescription from an eye care provider.

You can enter your prescription details on the site and get your eyeglasses within 7 to 10 days of order.

You can order 3 pairs of glasses per individual, per calendar year.

Click here to check out ReSpectacle

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7. Sight for Students

Sight for Students is a program run a Vision Service Plan program (VSP). The aim is to provide free eye exams and free glasses to low-income and uninsured children.

Over 50,000 children have received some form of assistance in the form of glasses, contacts, examinations, tests, etc.

Yes, the program strives to bring together organizations dedicated to helping America’s youth.

You can get free eyeglasses from this program as it operates through a network of community partners that include eye doctors.

The Sight for Students program has been around since 1997.

Click here to check out the Sight for Students

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8. CoolWinks

9. Glasses USA

10. Finest Glasses

11. Nationwide Vision

12. Swift Eyewear

13. Glasses Shop

14. Firmoo



As this article has revealed, it’s not only possible to get free glasses for your eyes, there are actual places that really give them for free.

This article also revealed the exact places to you or anyone else can go to get free eyeglasses.