Yes, it’s possible and even easy to get free doordash credits, if you know how and what to do.

This article reveals exactly the best ways and tips to make this possible.



Life happens and when it happens it often causes disruptions in our lives.

Some of the more significant and less positive things that can happen in our life include the loss of a job, illness in the family, loss of a loved one, a downturn in our financial situation, etc.

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For the most part, we are resilient people and often improvise when these events happen.

Something that is not quite as traumatic but still can be disappointing is when we are unable to enjoy the simple pleasures of life such as dining out on an occasional basis.

Sometimes, such a simple pleasure is disrupted if we are homebound, have an illness, are unable to move freely, etc.

An improvisation that is has gained considerable popularity, due to the recent pandemic, has been food delivery services that will not only deliver groceries for us but also will pick up restaurant orders and deliver them to our place of residence or business.

One such food delivery service is DoorDash.

Of course, the service comes at a cost, and therefore, to make the experience even more enjoyable, if the opportunity presents itself, we can take advantage of DoorDash credits to reduce the delivery cost.

Let us climb into one of the delivery vehicles operated by a self-employed individual and take a look at ways that we can reduce the expenses.


Personal Story

My wife has an illness that prevents us from eating at restaurants and enjoying the simple pleasure of dining out and enjoying our favorite food.

However, an opportunity is now afforded to us in that if we can’t get to the restaurant, the restaurant can get to us.

This is done through the DoorDash food delivery service, and it is something that we indulge in on an occasional basis.

Additionally, we have family that quite often will order for us from our favorite restaurant and have the meal delivered.

It is not quite the same as going out and being seated, waiting on, and having the food brought to us but it is a close second and certainly is a treat to see the light come back in my wife’s eyes.

My hope is, as she eats her favorite meal, that she is remembering our times together.


What Is Doordash? 

Doordash is a food delivery service that is available in the countries of Australia, Canada, and the United States.

Food delivery not only is the transferring of food prepared by the restaurant to the customer but the delivery of groceries to an individual at their home.

This American-based company was created in 2013 and is an app-driven service that links the food needs of the customer and utilizes a self-employed driver who uses their own vehicle to make the delivery happen.

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20 Best Ways & Tips to Get Free Doordash Credits


1. Use Discount Codes 

When thinking about using DoorDash to deliver your meal, think about obtaining a coupon code through various websites on the Internet.

Simply conduct a search using a search engine and enter the search words of discount coupons for DoorDash.

You will be provided a number of websites that you can access and be provided various discounts on a variety of services provided by DoorDash.

Some of the coupon discounts could include a certain amount off on the delivery or free delivery.

Copy the code and when you make your order on your app insert that code into the field that offers you that option and you will receive your discount.

One such site is CouponsSlickDeals.


2. Giving Assistant 

Through GivingAssistant you can do a search on whatever coupon or retailer you are looking for.

Through this website, you can utilize coupons, take advantage of deals, and receive cashback in the process.

The cash that you are paid when you utilize this site are processed through PayPal or via an e-check.

The current deals that are offered to utilize DoorDash are the availability of a zero delivery fee, five dollars off on each of the first four purchases or seven dollars off on your first purchase, and more.

By accessing this site, you click on the orange button that reads show code which will then reveal the code that you can utilize to reduce the cost of your order.


3. TopCashback

Top Cashback is one of the websites and apps that reward you with cash back for shopping.

First of all, it requires that you register but in doing so gives you a $10 bonus.

Additionally, one of the promotions involves DoorDash.

The promotion provides the individual a five-dollar cashback reward on their DoorDash order.

If utilizing this option with Top Cashback it is important to order through this website when making your order.


4. Ibotta 

Ibotta may or may not have offered as it relates to discounts with DoorDash.

Sometimes they do and if so, offer a 2% discount when utilizing the DoorDash delivery service.

Click here to checkout Ibotta


5. Roommate 

If you have someone living with you this is the time opportunity to get two months of free DoorDash delivery instead of one.

This can be accomplished by downloading the DoorDash app and signing up for an account.

For the first 30 days of any orders processed through DoorDash, you will incur zero delivery fees if the order is over $10.

New sign-ups are tracked by phone number, credit card number, and email but not by physical address.

Therefore, you can get two for the price of one with delivery services.



6. RetailMeNot

RetailMeNot provides coupons and often a DoorDash coupon can be found.

For example, if you get a $15 DoorDash coupon you would enter that promo code on the DoorDash site at checkout.

This site does require that you register as a user in order to take advantage of any possible discount codes.

Also, you can activate a feature on Retail Me Not that will send you an email when certain DoorDash deals are posted and are available.


7. Target 

The next time you may be shopping at Target if you use your Target Credit Card or red card you can save 5%.

The process is simple in that you buy DoorDash gift cards utilizing your target red card and the savings is an automatic 5%.

The increments of cards that can be purchased at Target can be $25, $50, and $100.

Other vendors in which you can purchase DoorDash cards are at


8. Twitter 

If you have social media accounts, a good way to take advantage of potential coupons to reduce your DoorDash expense is to follow DoorDash on social media platforms.

Specifically, Twitter is a good site, to begin with as there are a number of freebies and deals that are offered to customers that can range anywhere from free delivery to a certain percentage off on their delivery service.

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9. Restaurants 

Also, to increase business, restaurants will offer promotions and credits as it relates to your DoorDash delivery.

Some of those potential offers could include a certain amount of money off on an order or the giving of free restaurant items such as free ice cream on groceries orders that are more than a certain amount of money expended.

Therefore, keep a keen discount eye out for these opportunities through your favorite grocery store or restaurant.


10. Family Referral 

Another opportunity to get free DoorDash credits is when you refer friends and family.

This can be accomplished by going to your DoorDash app and tapping your account and you will see an item listed as refer friends get $10.

Follow that link to its completion and when your family or friends place their first order of $15 or more you will receive a discount coupon.

With that scenario, everybody wins.


11. First Order 

On your DoorDash app, there is a listing of restaurants under the heading of my “First order.”

If in fact, it is your first time utilizing DoorDash to order from one of these restaurants, you will be charged zero dollars as it relates to a delivery fee.

Some of those favorite restaurants could include Applebee’s, Panda Express, Cheesecake Factory, etc.


12. DashPass 

If you utilize DoorDash at least twice a month, a good option would be to purchase the DashPass.

This is a subscription service, and the monthly cost is $9.99.

With the subscription service, you get free delivery or lower delivery fees for each month of membership.

The reality is that the average cost for a DoorDash delivery is $5.99 a month.

Therefore, if you order twice, you would recoup your subscription fee and if you ordered more than two times a month there would be no delivery fee.

The only caveat is that on your orders you need to expend a minimum of $12.

You can cancel anytime and upon the first month, it is at no charge with the initial sign-up.


13. Double Dash 

DoorDash is always endeavoring to provide new options and features.

Such is the case with the DoubleDash option.

With this option, you can place your restaurant order and utilize the DoubleDash, option if there is in proximity a convenience store, Walgreens, etc.

On your app look at the map and identify the DashOption and add the items to your order from a different location.

When taking advantage of this feature there are no additional delivery fees or minimum order requirements.

You get two deliveries for the price of one.


14. DoorDash

When you download the DoorDash app and sign up as a newly registered customer, you are provided a promo code immediately as a new customer.

Also, it is important to check your app frequently to see what other current offers might be afforded you as a customer.


15. E-mail

Another communication opportunity to take advantage of when signing up with DoorDash is to provide your email address.

The purpose of providing the email address is so the company can send you periodic emails as to when special restaurants are offering discounted food or special promotions.

Some of those popular restaurants that offer these types of promotion could include:

  • Chipotle
  • Taco Bell
  • Wendy’s
  • Chick-fil-A
  • Panda Express


16. Hot Deals 

HotDeals is a website that offers coupons and promo codes on a number of products and brands.

On the home page, there is a search bar in which you can, in this case, type in the word DoorDash.

Click search, and you will be rewarded with a number of DoorDash coupon codes that range anywhere from $5 to $20 off or a percentage off of your total order.


17. Chase Visa 

Chase Visa is offering its customer a free DashPass.

The calendar range for this benefit can be from three months to one year.

The number of months is dependent upon the type of card you have.

For instance, if you have the Freedom Card you can qualify for three months free, and with a Sapphire Reserve, you can receive this benefit for a year.


18. Swagbucks 

Swagbucks is a survey website that provides cash and rewards for registrants who take on simple tasks.

Some of those tasks include involvement in surveys, watching movie trailers, playing games, etc.

The rewards can be actually provided to the individual in cash or the giving of reward cards.

One reward card, in particular, are DoorDash free delivery certificates.


19. InboxDollars

This is another survey site you can use.


20. MyOpinion 

Another survey site is MyOpinion.

By signing on with this website you immediately earn 1000 bonus points and every time you complete a survey you are rewarded points that can be redeemed for cash.

You can utilize your awarded money to buy DoorDash credits.


Ways to Get Doordash Credits for Free FAQs


What Happens if the Meal Order From My Favorite Restaurant and Delivered Through Doordash Is Incorrect?

If the restaurant order delivered to you is incorrect you return to your DoorDash app and on the bottom bar you will see an orders tab where you select the order that you are questioning.

The help option is then accessed and on the issues tab, you choose what the issue is whether it was the wrong meal, item missing, etc.

Customer service will then investigate the issue for you and get it sorted out.


Who Actually Pays for the Delivery of This Food Service?

The fees associated with DoorDash and its provision of delivery service is not only paid by the restaurant for their participation in the program and use of the software to accept online orders.

Also, the customer ordering the food through DoorDash pays for the delivery by the self-employed individual and if any tips are provided as well.


You Can Do It

Utilizing DoorDash is a wonderful convenience provided to the customer to have either groceries or prepared food from a restaurant delivered.

Of course, with any service, there are associated fees because a service is being rendered by a company and individuals.

However, if there are ways to cut back on the fee by getting discounts or free delivery then that is certainly an action step that one would want to take.



Americans enjoy many things in life.

Perhaps two of those pleasures, maybe within the top 10, are the enjoyment of a dining experience and saving money.

A perfect combination that satisfies both of these priorities in our lives, if unable to dine out, is the use of a food delivery service known as DoorDash.

In addition to this food delivery service delivering groceries and prepared restaurant meals, there are ways that you can get free DoorDash credits to cut back on the associated cost.

Life is good when you can have your cake and eat it too or in this case, your cake is delivered and sweetened by a reduction in cost.

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