You should definitely read this article if you want to get free diapers!

It explains how easy it is to get diapers completely free and exactly how to get your hands on some for free.

Most importantly, it reveals the best ways you or anyone else can use to get some diapers for free.

No doubts about it, new parents often face many expenses when it comes to raising their babies. A major part of this is the expenses on diapers.

It could be frustrating knowing that a lot of money goes into diapers that would be thrown away eventually.

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Since buying and using diapers has become a reality for many new parents and families, it becomes important to develop ways to cut costs on these items.

Luckily, there are lots of options to buy cheap diapers but what is more exciting is the fact that you can get diapers without paying any money.

Yes, there are lots of ways to get free diapers, and some of the common ways are revealed in this post.

Keep reading to know how to get free diapers and save money raising your new born.


What Is a Diaper?

For the uninformed, a diaper is a folded cloth drawn up between the legs and fastened at the waist. It is worn by infants to catch excrement.

There are disposal and non-disposal diapers. The former is more preferred types created and sold by many babies wear companies.

The latter type is also sold by some companies but they are preferably created and used by parents in the home.


Why Try to Get Free Diapers

The major reason you may choose to go for a free diaper is that the cost involved in buying this garment for a child in a month is huge.

The average baby can use up to 10 diapers per day. In the first year, some babies use about 2500 diapers, and some babies use this until they are more than two years.

Some studies have suggested that some families spend more than $1500 on diapers in one or two years.

So with the facts about the huge expenses about the cost of diapers, it becomes necessary to do all that is necessary to cut costs on diapers.


Ways to Get Free Diapers (10 Ways & Sources)

The following are different ways you can take advantage of to get free diapers.


1. Ask Your Pediatrician for Extra Free Diapers

One of the easiest ways to get free diapers is to ask your child’s pediatrician.

This child’s doctors may have some extras diapers in her office.

It is also possible that she often shares this with new parents.

So, ask her and you may be surprised that you will get some diapers for free.


2. Get Free Diapers From Hospitals

Similar to the fact that you can get free diapers from the pediatrician’s office, you can also get these kinds of stuff from some hospitals where you go for medical help.

Yes, some hospitals and other health institutions could have stacks of diaper samples which brands have provided them as complimentary packages.

You can make a request from the doctor’s office or from the hospital where you attend.


3. Take Advantage of Free Baby Coupons From Top Brands

A lot of companies that sell baby items including diapers may offer their customers coupons from time to time.

You can take advantage of diaper coupons that would allow you to get free diapers.

At some of these stores, the coupons may come as product promotion campaign, and you may need to buy one baby item to qualify for the coupon.

Some of the top diaper brands that offer free baby coupons that you may use to get free diapers include:

  • Huggies
  • Pampers
  • Johnson’s Baby
  • Boogie Wipes

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4. Register With Diaper Companies to Get Free Diapers

You can get free diapers if you register with the Diaper companies. There are a lot of companies out there that manufacture and sell diapers.

If you sign up for a membership with any of these companies then you may qualify to receive free trials for diapers.

Some of the companies that offer you this opportunity include Honest Diapers and Abby & Finn.


Get Free Diapers


5. Check Out the National Diaper Bank Network

The National Diaper Bank Network (NDBN) is set up to connect and support more than 200 community-based diaper banks that collect, store, and distribute free diapers to struggling families in the United States.

With this organization, you can get free diapers from diaper banks around you.

If you are in the United States, you can get access to various diaper banks through the NDBN.

This hub of diaper banks in the USA is based in New Haven, Connecticut, USA.


6. Sign Up for Free Baby Samples

You can sign up for the newsletters of some baby food brands to get free diapers.

From time to time, these brands may offers families free coupons they can use to get those diapers.

Examples of baby products brands you can sign up with to get free diapers to include:


7. Sign Up for a Loyalty Program

If you are a loyal customer to a diaper company then you can sign up with their loyalty program. In this program, you can get access to free diapers.

At some programs, you earn points anytime you make a purchase. Once the points accumulate to a specific level then you can redeem them for diapers and other items.

One of the popular loyalty programs you can check out is Huggies Rewards. You will get free diapers once you redeem the points you have accumulated from signing up and for buying Huggies diapers or wipes.

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8. Become a Diaper Ambassador

You can get free diapers if you refer others to use a specific diaper.

If you can convince other moms to use a specific brand of diaper then you can get a free diaper.

Some diaper brands or stores offer this referral program. As you make referrals, you will receive referral credit for every mom you refer to the diaper or site. is a good example of the platform that will give you free diapers for referring moms.


9. Consider the use of cloth diapers

You don’t have to spend too much money on diapers to raise your baby when you can use cloth diapers.

One of the ways you can consider to raise your baby cheaply is the use of cloth diapers.

Yes, with this option, you won’t spend money on diapers and you can reuse these clothes to raise your child.

Many moms use cloth diapers option and save lots of money every year.


10. Take surveys with companies that give free diapers

You can join some reward websites that give out gift cards that you can use to buy diapers for your new born. These types of reward and survey websites like Survey Junkie reward you just for sharing your thoughts and opinions.

Some of the best such survey websites that are legit include:

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If you want to get free diapers, then the options revealed above will help you.

Using some of the sources mentioned here, you can get your new born diapers for free and save a huge cost in a year or two of the child’s health.