Yes, it’s possible to get free contact lenses. This article shows you exactly how and the best sources to use.

Contact lenses can be quite expensive. On average, people in America spend $200 to $400 for contact lenses yearly.

You don’t have to pay that much for contact lenses if you don’t want to. You can get a pair for free if you know how to.

There are ways to get free pairs of lenses for improved eyesight.

Most of these ways are through programs put in place by companies, non-profit organizations, or the state/federal government.

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No doubt, if you look out around you, there could be a way to get free contact lenses.

That said, keep reading to learn how and where to get free lenses.


What are Contact Lenses?

First off, for the sake of definition – you should know that contact lenses are thin discs of plastic or glass that can be placed sit directly on the surface of the eye.

They are ocular prosthetic devices used by millions of people around the world.

The United States Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) classifies all contact lenses as medical devices, whether they correct vision or are simply used for cosmetic purposes such as to change one’s eye color.

Contact lenses can be used to correct vision in people with impaired vision. Some types are used for cosmetic or therapeutic reasons.

Cosmetic contact lenses are used to change the appearance of the eyes. In most cases, they are used for decorative purposes.


Reasons to Use Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are different from eyeglasses. While contact lenses can be placed directly on the surface of the eye, eyeglasses have frames that help hold the lenses on the front of the eye and using the bridge of the nose and the ear for support.

Some good reasons to use contact lenses instead of eyeglasses or spectacles are:

  • Contact lenses move with your eye. This allows a natural field of view and greatly reduces distortions. Yes, it has no frame to obstruct your vision.
  • Contact lenses do not fog up or get splattered by mud or rain. Once they are fixed, they look natural.
  • Contact lenses are excellent for sports and other physical activities.
  • Contact lenses make people feel they look better unlike when they use glasses.
  • Contact lenses offer better and more natural sight than eyeglasses.

The above are some solid reasons to use contact lenses. They offer some advantages over eyeglasses or spectacles


Why People Need Contact Lenses

Most people take advantage of contact lenses for two main reasons.

For eye correction

Those with impaired vision can go for contact lenses so their visions can be corrected.

For cosmetic reasons

Other people go for contact lenses so they can use them to change the appearance of their eyes.

Most actors and people who simply want to use these lenses as decorative items take advantage of this option.


Who May Need Free Contact Lenses

If you fall under any of the following categories of people, then you need a free pair of contact lenses.

  • Those who cannot afford it – Contact lenses are very expensive and those who are poor, have low income, or unemployed may need free ones.
  • Those who sign up with specific government eye care programs

Another group of people who may need contact lenses is those who take advantage of promos and offers from brands and contact lenses companies.

You may be asked to buy some contact lenses and get a pair for free. Or, you may be asked to spend a specified amount to qualify for a free pair of contact lenses.


13 Best Sources to Get Free Contact Lenses

If you want to get free contact lenses, there are many options you can avail of.

You can simply ask your optometrist for free trial lenses.

You can also look out for coupons and promotions about contact lenses from brands.

You can also check out the following websites to get free contact lenses:


1. Bausch + Lomb

Bausch + Lomb is a subsidiary of Bausch Health. It is an eye health products company based in Laval, Quebec, Canada.

This company is one of the world’s largest suppliers of contact lenses, lens care products, pharmaceuticals, intraocular lenses, and other eye surgery products.

You can get free contact lenses from this company as you take advantage of their free trial lens certificate.

Just print out a copy of the free trial contact lens certificate, which you can find on the company’s website. Then, take it with you when you visit your eye care professional.

You can redeem your certificate for a trial of various brands of contact lenses.

These may include PureVision2, PureVision2 for Astigmatism, or PureVision for Presbyopia contact lenses.

Click here to check out Baush+Lomb.


Get Free Contact Lenses


2. Fresh Look Contacts

Fresh Look Contacts is a company that offers a wide range of palettes of beautiful colors. You can get a wide selection of colorful contact lenses based on your preference.

Yes, with Fresh Look Contacts you can get contact lenses based on your natural eye color, hair color, skin tone, and the type of change you would like.

To get free contact lenses from this brand, you have to make a color selection, then you can visit your eye care professional and ask for a free in-office trial offer.

You have to register with Fresh Look Contacts through the EyeFile system to obtain free membership and to get your Free In-Office Trial Offer.

Click here to check out Fresh Look Contacts.

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3. Waldo

Waldo is a company that manufactures eye care products including contact lenses.

This company has partnered with internationally recognized and certified suppliers to make sure their eye care products always meet high-quality standards.

Waldo offers a free trial of its lenses. You get 10 pairs of premium daily contact lenses for free.

Just cover $2.95 for shipping and they would be delivered to you in 2-3 days.

Click here to check out Waldo.


4. BioTrue

BioTrue is a subsidiary of Bausch + Lomb. This company offers the ONEday lenses.

These are contact lenses you can use and get 16 hours of moisture.

Yes, BioTrue ONEday contact lenses maintain nearly 100% of their moisture for a full 16 hours. They retain the same water content as the natural eye.

With the BioTrue contact lenses, you can worry less about the discomfort of how dry your eyes feel with contact lenses.

Click here to check out BioTrue to get free contact lenses.

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5. Hubble Contacts

Hubble Contacts is a subscription-based lens company. It offers you the high-quality, affordable lenses you deserve.

According to the website:

Hubble lenses are made from high-grade methafilcon – a hydrogel material. With 55% water content, UV protection, and a thin edge, they’re designed for easy insertion, all-day comfort, and crystal clear vision.

You can get free contact lenses. For just $1, you will get 15 pairs of Hubble Lenses as your first shipment.

Click here to check out Hubble Contacts for your free contact lenses.

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6. Acuvue

Acuvue is short for “Accurate View”. It is a brand of disposable contact lenses.

The Acuvue brand has been dedicated to bringing the benefits of vision care to people around the globe.

This brand is part of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

You can get free contact lenses from this company by taking advantage of its trial lenses.

Visit the site and download your certificate. According to the site

This certificate is a useful reminder to ask your eye doctor about free contact lenses, but it is not required.

You may also receive free contact lenses by visiting any participating eye doctor, who will determine if Acuvue brand contact lenses are right for you. Trial lenses are available while supplies last.

Click here to check out Acuvue.


7. Aveo

Aveo is a company that aims to provide you with happy, healthy eyes. You can get a free contact lens trial from Aveo.

You’ll get the 10-pair trial for free. However, you will have to pay a $5 shipping fee.

Click here to check out Aveo.


Other brands you may also consider include:

8. Coopervision

9. Scout by Warby Parker

10. Sight Supply

11. Dailies

12. NextDay Contact

13. Air Optix


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As this article has shown, it’s possible and even easy to get contact lenses for free. It also showed you the best sources for getting yours for free.