Yes, you can get free condoms if you know how and where to check.

This article reveals the very best ways and sources to get these completely free.

So yes, if you are sexually active then there is a good chance that you have used a condom.

This is a device worn on the male or female sex organ to reduce the chances of pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease.

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In developed countries, the cost of a condom is less than $1.

This is nothing compared to the cost of getting unwanted pregnancies or contracting debilitating STDs.

Be that as it may, if the cost of a condom is still an issue for you, then you should not worry.

You can also opt for free condom. Yes, you will get them absolutely for free. This is not surprising since you can still get free laptops, free and reliable Internet, free cosmetic and make up samples, and free government money etc.

Yes, there are free condoms in many places. So, lack of money should not be a hindrance to your enjoying of a healthy and safe sexual experience.

If you go for free condoms , then you will not only save some money, you would take steps for better and safer health.

In this post, you will find the 20 best ways and places to get free condoms online and offline.


20 Ways and Places to Get Free Condoms Online


1. is a condom finder network of organizations and friendly businesses that give away condoms. is a website run by One Community Health – a private, nonprofit community health center serving the greater Sacramento area in California, USA.

One Community Health employs friendly medical professionals to provide quality  and comprehensive care in Medical, Dental, Behavioral, and Laboratory health services.

There may have work at home medical or nursing jobs openings for staff who would like to work from the comfort of their homes.

Use the “Find Free Condoms” link  on the website to pick up free condoms and lubricant packages at any condom finder distribution location.

You can also browse the map and enter your zip code to find the nearest condom distribution location.

So, start browsing  and get your free condoms today.


2. Endangered Species Crisis

The Center for Biological Diversity launched the Endangered Species Condoms project in 2009.

The aim of this project is to control the rapid growth of human population and issues free condoms that are uniquely packaged.

These condoms are wrapped in colorful, wildlife-themed packages that depict the link between explosive human population growth and the species extinction crisis.

Free condoms from the Endangered Species Crisis are distributed by volunteers on special holidays and big events like World Population Day and Earth Day.

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Check the website of the Endangered Species Crisis Project or that of the Center for Biological Diversity on a regular basis to get updated information on when free condoms are distributed.


3. Planned Parenthood Health Centers

Planned Parenthood is a non-profit organization that delivers vital reproductive health care, sex education, and information to millions of women, men and young people worldwide.

This organization distributes free condoms through its more than 600 health centers that are spread across the United States.

Some of  these include egg donation for money centers that pay good money to women who donate their eggs.

You can get free condoms for use at a Planned Parenthood Health Center near you.

Just visit the Planned Parenthood website to find a health center near you.

Put your Zip, city, or state and click on the “search” button to find the affiliated health center.

If you find one, then you should walk into the center and ask for a free condom.


4. is a website associated with the Wyoming Department of Health and the Center for Disease and Control (CDC).

The website has a list of clinics in the State of Wyoming where people can be tested for HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).

The site also provides valuable information on how to engage in a safe and healthy sexual lifestyle. gives free condoms to individuals. You can click on the “Get Free Condoms” link on the website to select a location for pickup.

Or, you can click on the “Free Condoms by Mail” like and fill a condom mail order form. Click on the “submit” button after you have filled the form.


5. is an online birth control support network for young women. It is operated by Power to Decide, a campaign established to ensure that young people have the power to decide if, when, and under what circumstances to get pregnant—increasing their opportunity to pursue the future they want.

You can get free condoms from this platform. This would be achieved if you take the quiz presented on the

Incidentally,  you can earn money competing or playing quiz online and there are programs that would really pay you.

If you qualify, then free birth controls including condoms would be sent to you. Or, you would be directed to the nearest pickup location.


6. NYC Condom

NYC Condom is New York City’s free condom Initiative.

It has been around since 1971 when the Health Department started distributing male condoms through its STD clinics.

This initiative offers free condom through its website.

If you are looking for free condoms in New York City, then you should visit to find the location or clinic.


7. is a California based information resource for reproductive health.

It was launched in 2001 and provides reliable and accurate information about STDs, birth control, healthy relationships, and teen rights to accessing sensitive services in California.

This platform gives free condoms through its Condom Access Point (CAP).

You can visit the CAP homepage, fill your city, zip code, and date of birth.

Click on the yellow “Get Your Condom” button.

Free condoms would be mailed to your address or you would be directed where you can pick up your condom.

Note though that Teens can also check out free books to read for kids online or by mail.


8. provides comprehensive sex and wellness resources to those in Washington DC.

This website highlights useful and honest conversations about sexual health and wellness.

It’s a bit similar to those sites where you can download and read helpful books online free. gives visitors opportunities to get free condoms.

You can just click the “Get Condom” link on the top bar and fill your name, zip, email, and address.

A package of free condoms and lubricants would be mailed to you in an unmarked envelope.


Get Free Condoms


9. is based in Ohio, USA. It runs the Ohio HIV/STI program.

It is a non-profit organization that provides a useful resource to those who have HIV/STI.

The hotline of this website provides HIV, STIs, sexual health, and testing/health resources – privately and anonymously.

If you live in Ohio, then you can request free condoms every month from this organization.

According to the site:

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“Free condoms are available to be mailed directly, and discretely, to the home or desired address of any person over the age of 16 living in the state of Ohio in the United States.”

Strict limitations do apply if you must get free condoms from this organization. These limitations include:

  • You must be living in the state of Ohio
  • The condom submission outside of Ohio will not be completed.
  • Condoms will only be sent to individuals and not to organizations.
  • Condoms will only be sent to people who are 16 years and above.

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You can visit and enter your contact and shipping information.

Hit the “Submit My Order” button and wait for your request to process.

The condoms from this site are packaged discreetly!


10. Cozy Condom

Cozy Condom is a Malaysian-based company that manufactures latex condoms. This company is also known for providing quality condoms.

It manufactures Dotted Condom, Plain Condom, Ribbed Condom, and Flavor Condoms. There is also a 3-1 condom.

Cozy Condom gives individuals free condom samples as giveaway offers.

Unless you don’t like freebies,  this is like one of  the best ways and places to get gift or reward cards giveaways.

You can start the process of getting the condoms by filling out the form on the free sample page.

A representative of the company may contact you to validate your information.

You will then receive the three free condoms within 2 to 3 weeks.

Click here to get free Cozy Condoms


11. L.A. Condom

L.A. Condom is a website that encourages Los Angeles County residents to practice safer sex and reduce exposure to HIV and STDs through the use of condoms.

This site partners with many health clinics, community organizations, and businesses to provide free condoms to the public.

You can order for 10 free condoms by mail or you call the Los Angeles County STD/HIV Hotline at 800-758-0880 to order free condoms.

You can make this in your spare time just as you would if you want to get free reward or gift cards.

Find free condoms in Los Angeles by using this Free Condom Program link of L.A Condom.


Ways and Places to Get Free Condoms Offline


12. Your College’s Health Center

Your college’s health center is a good place to get a free condom.

Of course, not all college health centers offer free condoms.

So, you should  make enquiries as to whether this is possible or not.

Health centers in colleges may also provide students with advice on how to get paid when someone sheds off weight.


13. Your College Dorm

If you are a sexually-active student, then you will need condoms most often. You can get free condoms from your dorm.

Yes, the living quarters of your college or University can provide you with free condoms.

Ask the front desk officer of the building,  and you may be given some packs of condoms for free.

However, it is important that you do your homework before hand to know if your college dorm offers these condoms.

By the way, as a student, you don’t have to spend all of your time asking for condoms.

You can actually check out how to make money online and offline as a student.


14. Your doctor’s office

Doctors and other physical health practitioners encourage patients to choose safe sexual lifestyles.

One of the best ways to encourage patients is to offer free condoms to them.

A visit to your doctor’s office can earn you a free condom.

This may be similar to the free information on the truth about health related or medical weight loss that some doctor’s share with patients.

So, when next you visit your doctor for a check-up, ask for a free condom to promote a healthier and safer lifestyle.


15. Local Health Department

You should check on the local health department of your town for free condoms.

This place can provide free condoms  in addition to the health care it provides to patients.

If the focus of the department is on sexual and reproductive health, then there is a high chance of getting regular free condoms.


16. Check at Club and Bars Bathrooms

If you are a bar regular, there is a high chance that you will ge free condoms there.

Some bars stock condoms in the bathrooms or conveniences.

In some other bars, you just ask the staff and you will receive a free pack of condom.

The free condoms are given to loyal bar patrons as rewards for their patronage or as part of the manufacturers’ promotional deals ot the club or bars.

By the way, if going to bar is your hobby, then you should be interested in the hobbies that make dollars for people.


17. Ask a friend

Yes, you can ask your friend for a free condom if you don’t have money to buy.

Or, you should take this step if you are in a situation which demands that you must refrain from unprotected sex.

A true friend should truly be concerned about your safe sexual health, just as he would be concerned if you have no cash and want to get cash quickly.

Your would friend can give you condom for free if  he or she has it!


18. Sample New Condoms for Free

You can get free condoms sent to your address if you sign up for a sampler pack. Manufacturers adopt this strategy to test new products.

You simply need to sign up a form as a sampler. After using the free condom, then you will send feedback about your experience to the company.

If you adopt this option, the condom would be yours to keep!

Check the internet to access free samples websites, including those websites where you get paid to test websites, apps, games and other products. and Snag Free Samples are a good example of where you can become a sampler for free condoms.


19. Supermarkets and Stores

Local supermarkets offer free condoms as part of their sales promotions.

Free samples of specific brands of condom are given to customers.

In addition, the distribution of condoms in such places could be part of a large scale distribution program.

You can take advantage of these offers even as you can enjoy huge savings if you shop for condoms and other items using the money back and reward apps from  these stores.


20. Local Drugstores and Pharmacies

The drugstore or pharmacy operating  in your neighborhood is another source of free condoms.

These condoms are offered freely to promote some drugs used in the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases or STDs.

Note that some of these drugs can be used to make money in paid clinical trials.

Take advantage of these freebies by patronizing  these stores today.


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The above are 20 best online and offline ways to get free condoms.

In the United States, there are many programs, campaigns, and businesses that promote the use of condoms for safer sexual health.

They also give out free condoms.

You should check on these sources for free condoms.

Lack of money to buy condom should no longer be an issue for you!

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