Yes, there are really genuine ways to get free clothes and this article shows you exactly how.

In particular it shows you as many as 30 genuine ways to get free clothes that can work for just about any body.

First things first, there’s absolutely nothing wrong looking for free clothes. I mean, if you can save money on buying clothes, why not?

There are lots of ways of getting things for free these days – from free food to eat, free money, free gift cards, free makeup samples, free baby samples, free books to read, etc. That’s why trying to get free clothes is nothing new.

Whether you have the money to buy clothes but want to save your money or you don’t have the money, it doesn’t matter. You can still get clothes for free, thanks to the many legit techniques revealed in the rest of this article.


1. Ask Others for Free Clothes

Even though this is very obvious, many don’t know or don’t think of it.

But yes, the first way to get free clothes is to ask those around you. Your friend, family members, or colleagues may oblige and give you clothes completely free.

Of course, your chances of getting clothes for free this way will depend on your relationship with the person and if he or she has clothes to spare.

But the truth is that most people always have clothes they no longer wear and want to give away. And no, many of such clothes are in very good condition.

If you have a good relationship with such people you can definitely receive clothes as for free from them… if you ask.

Many people would prefer to give their friends or relatives clothes for free than give them away to strangers or even throw them away.

free clothes


2. Start a Fashion Blog to Get Free Clothes Samples

You can get free clothes by running a fashion blog. Here you can post and promote articles about trending fashion.

If the blog becomes popular, you may get free samples for promoting or writing reviews about clothes.

Yes, fashion houses or designers can compensate you with free clothes.

By the way if you want to be blogging with your mobile device, check out some of the best apps for blogging and even best apps for writing, to help out.


3. Use Craigslist to Find Free Clothes

Craigslist is a classified ads websites that people use to buy and sell stuff, especially locally.

But what many don’t know is that people also use Craigslist and other websites similar to Craigslist for offering free stuff to others.

Sometimes they offer such free stuff because of the stress of getting rid of them or just from the goodness of their hearts. Yes, some just want to help others and have no problems taking out classified ads on such sites to do so.

If you check the “free” section of Craigslist, you may find free clothes for men, women or kids.

Right under the “For Sale” section of the site, you’ll see a link that simply says “free”.

Some people give away free clothes as charity or as an incentive to encourage subscribe to a service or to buy a product.

Click here to check out Craigslist

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4. Get Rue La La Referral Credit

Rue La La is an online boutique where people buy clothes, especially for cheap. Yes, you can buy clothes from this platform and get a discount of up to 70%.

If you want to get free clothes through Rue La La, simply refer friends that will make a purchase.

Your referral will earn you $10 Rue La La credit. This credit can be converted for free clothes from the Rue La La website.

Click here to check out Rue La La


5. Trade in Your Used Clothes at Swapstyle

Yes, you can trade in your designer clothes for others at Swapstyle. This will help you get free designer clothes.

Most importantly, if you don’t have money, this is an option you will find welcoming to get free clothes.

Click here to check out


6. Join Freecycle to Exchange Free Stuff is a network of people who are giving and getting stuff for free in their own towns and neighborhood.

It is made of up of 5,311 groups with 9,262,166 members around the world, and next door to you. Local volunteers moderate each local group.

You can become a member and join a group to get free clothes.

At Freecycle, you can post that you want clothes at the “wanted” section. You have other members reply to your post.

Click here to check out


7. Join a Local Group on Facebook to Swap Clothes

You can get free clothes through Facebook groups. You can sign up with a local group on Facebook to place wanted ads for clothes.

At a local Facebook group, you can discuss, find, and swap things that interest you. These will include free clothing.

To get started, simply find a local Facebook group where people in your neighborhood meet and exchange items.

If you cannot find one, then it would be cool to create one and invite others to participate.


8. Search and Get Free Clothes From Offer Up Marketplace

Offer Up is an online marketplace like Amazon that specifically helps you connect with local buyers and sellers. You can also find great deals on free in your area if you use this platform.

Yes, with Offer Up you will find great deals and discounts on clothes, furniture, cell phones, electronics, baby & kids items, sports equipment, used cars and more.

You will get free clothes from Offer Up when you search the “free” items list.

Click here to check out Offer Up


9. Sign up with OFree

OFree is a platform where you can give, get and trade free stuff locally. It has a mobile app you can use to give and get everything you need for free.

If you are interested in getting free clothing as well as other items, then you check out OFree.

Sign up with OFree, send a request and wait for a response. Turn on notifications to receive requests and messages from other users.

Click here to check out OFree

Talking about apps, there are lots of awesome apps out there nowadays, such as online shopping apps, dog walking apps, money saving apps, and money making apps.


10. Receive ThredUp Credits

Here’s now this amazing program works:

You can sign up with this ThredUp and send them high-quality clothing that you no longer want…

If the clothing is assessed to be in good condition, ThredUp will send you credit…

The credit can be used to get clothes for free!

You also receive $10 worth of credit for referring friends who use ThredUp.

Click here to check out ThredUp


11. Participate in Victoria Secret Reward Card Deals

You should take advantage of Victoria’s Secret’s rewards deals to get free clothes.

Victoria’s Secret is a website that sells women’s clothing and underwear.

It runs the Secret Reward Card deals where customer can win $10.00-$500.00 in Secret Rewards.

The promo does not require you to make any purchase. Just send in a self-addressed stamped envelope and request for the $10+ rewards.

You can use the rewards sent you to stock up clothes like dresses and panties for free.

Click here to check out Victoria’s Secret


12. Shop at Bob’s Stores to Earn Rewards

Bob’s Stores is a retail chain and home of the best brands of family clothing, footwear, and accessories.

This offers you the opportunity to participate in its reward program. You will earn $10 and also $10 as birthday rewards.

Use the rewards to get your favorite clothes or accessories.

Click here to check out Bob’s Stores

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13. Sign up with The Swap Soiree

The Swap Soiree is swap meet where members get to exchange stuff they don’t want with stuff they want.

It’s a bit like making money with Flea Market Flipping but with this members donate their excellent clothing and get a ticket in return.

The ticket can then be redeemed for items they want at the night of swap.

You can actually participate in this swap meet to get free clothes donated by others.

Click here to check out The Swap Soiree


14. Use Cashback from Ebates

Ebates is a website that rewards members with cash back for shopping through its partner websites.

With this platform, you can receive up to 40% discount in cash back at over 2,500 stores.

Use the cashback you earned from shopping through Ebates to buy clothes from stores. This another way to get free clothes.

Click here to check out Ebates


15. Sign up with Freegle

Freegle is a free website that promotes recycling and reuse of materials. It is based in the UK.

It helps in reducing landfills by offering free Internet-based service where people can give away and ask for stuff that could be thrown to the landfills.

Yes, Freegle help people give and get things for free in their local community

If you are looking for free clothes, sign up with Freegle, and you would be paired with someone in your locality to give you the free clothing.

Click here to check out Freegle


16. Refer Your Friend to Rent the Runway

Rent the Runway is a website that provides designer clothes and accessories for rental. You can take advantage of this online service to get clothes for free.

Yes, the main business of this platform is to rent out clothes but if you don’t have enough money to buy new clothes then this should be your destination point.

As a place to rent clothes, you can simply subscribe to any of its rental options like RTR Reserve, RTR Update or RTR Unlimited.

You will enjoy from 4+ pieces up to unlimited pieces on rotation. Use the referral code to earn $30 for each person you refer that use this service.

Click here to check out Rent the Runway


17. Be a Cardholder of Loft

Loft is a website where a variety of clothes, shoes and other accessories are sold. From this site, you can shop for the designer clothing you need.

Loft offers you the opportunity to get free clothes as you take advantage of the $15 store coupon giving on your birthday month.

Yes, you can grab a free shirt for yourself on your birthday. Of course, this offer is for cardholders.

Click here to check out Loft


18. Check on Magic Freebies

Magic Freebies is the UK’s most popular freebie site. You will get eight new freebies in your inbox every day.

You can get clothes completely free from this site if you sign up with your email. Click on the free stuff link and go to “free clothes and accessories”.

There you will find the latest clothes and accessories from around the web.

Some of the freebies offered on this site require you take some actions or participate in competitions, or use samples and provide feedback.

Click here to check out Magic Freebies


19. Share Your Style at Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is a website which promotes personal fashion styles for men and women. The experts on this site help people curate clothes that fit their style.

To make the most of Stitch Fix, the following three steps apply:

  1. You share your fit and style preferences by filling out your style profile
  2. You pay a $20 styling fee each shipment which is credited towards anything you keep.
  3. You try before you buy and send back the rest. Shipping and returns are free and easy.

You can also get clothes for free by referring people to use Stitch Fix. You will receive credits which you can use to buy new clothes.

Click here to check out Stitch Fix


20. Participate in the Schoola Fundraiser and Refer Friends

School is a school fundraiser platform. Parents and students donate clothes to clean their closets and also to raise funds for their school.

On this platform clothes are sold and buyers get up to 70% on the retail price.

You can also get clothes from this program for free if you refer friends and earn $10 for free.

Of course, this can be added in your account and you can use it to get clothes completely free.

Click here to check out Schoola

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21. Check the LetGo App

LetGo is an app that helps you to buy and sell locally. Use this app as an alternative to a flea market where you can find the best deals on pre-owned items.

You will also find free stuff on this unique platform. The free listings may also include free clothes.

Click here to check out LetGo


22. Become a Cleaner of Estates

If you work in some estates as a cleaner, you can get free clothes this way.

Yes, estate cleaners clean out stuff that the owners don’t want. Clothes could be among the stuff you are asked to clean out.

It is an opportunity for you to get clothes without paying for them. If the clothes don’t fit your size or style, you can sell them and use the proceeds to get new clothes.

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23. Swap Clothes for Free at Rehash

Rehash is a website where you can swap clothes for free. You can register with this website to swap your clothes, make new friends, and help the environment.

Use this site to get clothes from others for free. The swapping or trading clothes features of this platform is easy:

Find the clothes you no longer want, exchange them with other members and receive the clothes you want for free.

Listing items on Rehash is free but you may pay for your own shipping.

Click here to checkout Rehash


24. Use Referral Programs

You can get clothes without paying by signing up with referral programs of clothing websites. Check out most websites that buy, sell or trade clothes for their referral programs.

In these programs, you could be rewarded with clothes for free, or with free money or credits that you can use to buy free clothes elsewhere.

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25. Become a Good Actor

Yes, there are ways to make money with movies as an actor beyond just making money watching videos.

You can become an actor and negotiate for a free wardrobe. This means you will get free clothes as part of the contract.

Of course, you have to be good with what you do before you can have an upper hand in the contract.

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26. Shop at Garage Sales or Yard Sales

You can check out garage sales and the like to get clothes for free.

In particular you can take advantage of the last day deals and get free clothes from some of the vendors. In these places, you can get take advantage of buy one get one free promo.


27. Participate in the Sears Kidvantage Program

Sears is a renowned marketplace for buying different items. It offers the Sears Kidvantage Program which is a reward program that entitles kids to get clothes completely free.

You can sign up with this program in any Sears’s location that participates in the program.

How this program works is this:

Buy clothes for your kids and if they get torn or have holes, you simply return the clothes back to the Sears and get a replacement for free.

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28. Use Cashback Websites or Apps

You can get clothes from cash back points you earned from some cash back apps or websites.

The cash back bonuses or points you receive after making your purchase can be converted to cash or gift cards you can use for free clothes.


29. Search for Coupon Codes

Coupons will help you save money when you shop at clothing websites. The extras you save should be used to get free clothes.

So, search for coupons offers, especially from online marketplaces that buy and sells clothing and accessories.

Take advantage of the reward programs and save money for clothes.


30. Buy Clothes From Manufacturers With Lifetime Warranties

There are cloth manufacturers that offer their customers with lifetime warranties on the clothes they purchase. You should sign up with these companies to get clothes without paying anything.

The lifetime warranties enable you to get clothes without paying if the clothes you bought worn out for no fault of yours or if you get dissatisfied with them for some reasons.

Examples of popular clothing manufacturers with lifetime warranties in their offers include Nordstrom, Orvis, and Eddie Bauer



As you can see from reading this article, there are indeed genuine ways to get free stuff, including clothes. Try any of the above-mentioned 30 genuine ways yourself to see how easy they are.