Yes, you can get completely free Christian books, if you know where to look!

Thankfully reading this article reveals as many as 25 of the best ways, sources and tips to help you get the best Christian books for free!


Why Get Free Christian Books?

Why not, right? Especially since it’s indeed possible and even easy, if you know how.

You see, books play a critical role in our attainment of knowledge.

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In addition, there are key books that are generally part of an individual’s library that could be the cornerstone of their profession or service that they provide.

For example, a doctor would most likely have in their possession or access to a book known as the PDR.

The PDR is known as the Physicians Desk Reference and is everything about prescription drug medications.

For a writer, it would be access to a thesaurus and dictionary and for a business leader, it would be reference books on management style, investing, budgeting, etc.



In the world of religion, it is no different as generally there is a basic book that is a cornerstone to one’s belief and the practice of their faith.

For the Muslim, it would be The Koran and for the Christian, it would be The Bible.

In addition, to supplement these writings many other peripheral books are written based on someone’s interpretation, insight, experience, etc. to help shed additional light on various book teachings and, in this case, as it relates to The Bible.

To help round out one’s beliefs it is good to read these additional books and to gain from someone else’s experience.

Therefore, when looking at Christian books there are thousands of books that can be obtained.

Let us research some of those sites in which Christian books can be acquired and provided at no cost.


Personal Story

As someone engaged in working as a previous pastor, I had an extensive hunger and thirst to read about other people’s experiences and walk of faith.

In addition to having many commentaries, Biblical dictionaries, concordances, etc. my library was replete with personal testimonies, and teachings of different authors.

Through the years I gave the majority of those books away and now have a desire to pick those books up once again but rather than pay for them I search online to find those same books to replenish my library and yet are provided at no charge.

I don’t feel bad about this because I had purchased these books at one time and had made that financial commitment and so to obtain them again at no cost doesn’t seem out of line.


25 Best Sources & Ways to Get Free Christian Books


1. Research

One of the great ways that you can obtain a free Christian book is to go to your favorite search engine and conduct a search on Christian books utilizing keywords such as free download.

In addition to books being available, other resources are provided at no charge as well.

For example, you may be able to find free downloadable devotions, Bible studies, etc.


2. Particular Book in Mind

If you know the title of the book you might be able to download the book at no charge in PDF format.

This is especially true of older books, but they still have a sound message and are offered by the publishers and provided to the reading audience.


3. Church Library

If you attend a place of worship often these churches have a library.

You could check out a book at the library or whatever their procedure is.

They may require that you go through a formal checkout process, exchange one book for another or provide you a book at no charge.


4. A Grain of Wheat  

A Grain of Wheat is a ministry devoted to teaching the Word of God.

The books that are offered are written by an author by name of David W Dyer.

The books offered can be downloaded in various formats including:

  • PDF
  • Word
  • ePub
  • MP3

Also, the option of having the publications mailed directly to your home is also available.

Click here to check out A Grain of Wheat


5. Moody Publishers Newsroom

Moody Press is a well-known publishing company that specializes in Christian books.

Through this website, you are able to obtain books at no charge.

You are provided the opportunity to select the book that you would like to review and then the company will mail out a copy by the United States Postal Service in exchange you would need to read the book and write and submit a review.

The website is https //


6. PaperBackSwap

At PaperBackSwap you are provided the opportunity of exchanging one book for a new book through a swapping process.

The exchange of books is when you list a book that you want to swap with other members.

If that book that you wish to swap is requested by another member you then mail that book to the person who asked for the book to read.

The cost to you is to ship the book but when you receive the book that you request there is no cost for shipping.

Once the book has been read you then can proceed to utilize the same process in requesting another book.

Although the site says paperbacks it also offers the opportunity to swap hardcovers as well.

Click here to check it out


7. Christian Biblical Church of God

A particular Christian book that is being offered is a tribute to the Biblical Translator by the name of William Tyndale.

The book is entitled “A Tribute to William Tyndale.”

This pioneer in Biblical literature was the first individual to actually translate the Bible into English from its original Greek and Hebrew languages.

Tyndale was the first person to print the Bible in English.

The site can be accessed here.


8. OfferUp

OfferUp is primarily a site for buying and selling items but also provides an opportunity to obtain things at no charge.

This includes the obtaining of books.

On the site, there is an especially designated session that is just for free items where you can find a variety of things that people are giving away.

The site or category is not categorized and may take time to sort through but there is a possibility that you could find a Christian book that you have been looking for.

Also, the site allows you to search for a particular name of an item that you may be certain looking for. You could conduct a search utilizing keywords such as Christian book, Bible, or if you know the name of a book that you’re looking for you can enter that name.

When searching for books there are in addition to free ones that are available at a cost.

The other benefit of utilizing this site is that if a free Christian book is being given away you will have the ability to view that book.

Click here to check out OfferUp


9. GeekyChristian

At Geeky Christian there are books that are available at no charge and can be downloaded as PDFs.

Also, the books may be available in either a Word format or as an audio file with an MP3 format.

A variety of Christian books can be found including genres related to

  • Creationism
  • Philosophy
  • Spiritual growth
  • Bible guides
  • Parenting
  • Marriage

Click here to check out Geeky Christian


10. Gospel eBooks

On this site, the reader looking for free Christian books can find e-books that are either free or have been discounted.

A variety of deals are generally posted every morning.

If you see a book that you would like to download you usually will be directed to the Amazon website to download any Kindle e-books that are available at no charge.

Titles of Christian books include both fiction and nonfiction.

Also, you can sign up for alerts so that when new deals are posted you will get notified.

Click here to check out this site


11. Faithful Reads

Faithful Reads offers new opportunities on a regular basis for both bargain Christian e-books as well as free.

Many titles are available across all of the book platforms which could include

  • Kendall
  • Duck
  • Kobo
  • Apple
  • And audible books

The variety of books available includes children’s books, Bible study guides, romances, and many more.

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Click here to check out Faithful Reads



12. Global Christians

For readers who are interested in downloading free books, they can obtain those books in a variety of formats.

The site is Global Christians and the formats include:

  • E-books in PDF
  • Doc
  • MOBI
  • ZIP
  • Or PRC formats

There are also a variety of books and articles for the individual to access.

Click here to check out Global Christians


13. Bibles Net

At Bibles Net, you will find a variety of Christian books that are available for download.

The downloaded books can be utilized in either PDF or Word formats.

In addition to books, there are other different types of Christian enrichment resources including games, study tools, and children’s Bible stories.

Click here to check out Bibles Net


14. Monergism

At Monergism, the site indicates that the Church should have access to Scripturally based books and that money should not be a hindrance.

Therefore, they offer Christian books at no charge.

Click here to check out Monergism


15. PDF Drive

PDF is a rich source of free e-books that can be downloaded and are available on PDF files.

The site boasts of having over 77 million free books and that there are thousands of titles that are Christian-focused.

Additionally, the PDF files can be converted to other formats such as EPUB or MOBI.

These books can the sent to your Kindle or to you through your email.

You can access the site at https //


16. Bibles for America

Bibles for America is committed to getting Bibles into the hands of Americans that want them.

The site will send you a free Bible at no charge when you request one.

Also, shipping is free, and to obtain a Bible you just need to complete the form found on the website.

Click here to check out Bibles for America

Also See: Best Sources to Get Free Bibles by Mail.


17. Baker Publishing Group

At Baker Publishing Group, the individual looking for Christian books will find both fiction and nonfiction narratives.

You can request a book in the mail, and it will be shipped to you at no cost if you reside in America.

Your obligation or responsibility will be to review the book and then promote the book through your social media platforms and other areas in which you have an Internet presence.

Click here to check it out


18. Craigslist

Craigslist is a multifunctional online site that ranges anywhere from finding a job, getting a job, using services, to obtaining free things.

Through Craigslist you can look for free items under the link and see if there are any Christian books available that people are willing to provide to you at no charge.


19. Freecycle

Freecycle is another “give away” platform that is not just restricted to books but a variety of items are given away at no charge.

The idea behind Freecycle is to recycle as much as possible and use different items over and over again that people have need of.

Click here to check out Freecycle


20. Bibles4Free

Bibles4Free offers Bibles for free for those individuals who wish to have a Bible.

To obtain a Bible the process simply involves filling out an online form and the Bible is sent to you through the post office.

Click here to check out Bibles4Free


21. Kids Club for Jesus

The books that are available through Kids Club for Jesus are books that have been donated.

Before they are listed on the website they are inspected and cleaned so that the books are presented in as pristine condition as possible.

The site allows for the potential individual to browse to see what titles are available and then can pick and choose what books they would like to have sent to them.

There is a book limit with that limit being five books per month per household.

The books can be ordered by calling the company directly or utilizing the easy online request form.

The books are provided at no charge but the shipping costs need to be paid by the individual.

Click here to check it out


22. MyFreeBible

At MyFreeBible you can receive a New Testament by completing the online form.

The New Testament will be sent to you at no charge through U.S. mail.

The request for a New Testament is limited to one Bible per individual and you can only make one request.

It will take anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks to process the order and for you to receive your Bible.

Click here to check out MyFreeBible


23. The U.S. Bible Society

At The U.S Bible Society you can fill out a form online and the U.S. Bible Society will mail you a free Bible.

Click here to check it out



The focus of FreeBibles is to get free Bibles into the hands of certain segments or pockets of the population.

The free Bibles offered by the site are specifically designed to be given to individuals who are incarcerated, those in nursing homes, and those who are homeless.

Click here to check out FreeBibles


25. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is one additional site in which items are available at no charge.

There are a variety of items including books.

There is a specific link that you can access to view what items are available.


Getting Free Christian Books by Mail FAQs


Why Would People Offer Books at No Charge?

When people offer something for free there is usually a reason and for an author to give away a book for free would mean that they are trying to market their book and have people possibly write good reviews and increase the readership for potential sales.

When it comes to giving away Christian books there may be other motivations.

One may include specific teaching that the author wishes to communicate to others that may help them with their walk of faith.

In other words, the gift of a free book is more of a ministry rather than a free gift.


What Does It Cost to Self-publish a Book?

To self-publish a book it is estimated that the cost can range anywhere from $100-$5000. This is according to https //


You Can Do It

One of the basic scriptural premises is that freely you have received freely give.

Many publishers and websites take that injunction to heart and offer books at no cost as a ministry to others.

As an individual who wants to learn more and enhance their faith why not take advantage of these gifts that are being offered?



Reading is a great way to expand one’s mind and is a good strategy to gain knowledge regardless of what profession or area of learning you are interested in.

Certainly, books that are written involve someone’s time and effort and there are associated costs as it relates to printing, marketing, etc.

However, if quality books that are written are offered at no cost through a variety of websites and other forums why not take full advantage of those offers, read, and be inspired with no output of money?

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