Looking to get free books for your kids? Look no further than this article, as it contains some of the best ways to get absolutely free books for your kids.

If you are a kid yourself searching for how to get free books, of course this article is also for you.

And whether you are looking to get free books to read online or offline, many of the techniques revealed here will get you what you need.

First things first though, it’s a good idea that you are encouraging reading in your kids.

Reading is absolutely essential for learning and both adults and kids should be encouraged to read books.

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As you may have already heard – readers are really likely to become leaders… and that certainly starts when they are kids!

The more books you encourage your kids to read, the broader their scope of knowledge.

Reading helps to reach their potential, especially with their writing and education. With the right start in reading and writing, your kids can even begin to implement some of the many strategies involved in how to make money as kids.

Early and continuous reading of books also help kids become imaginative and creative.

All in all, the importance of reading good books can never be overemphasized!


Why Try To Get Free Books For Kids?

Why not, right?

If there are ways to get books completely free for kids, why not explore them and save the money you would otherwise spend?

Just like many things in life, including looking for ways to get free food, ways to get shoes without paying, or looking for the best gas station to get cheap gas and even using cashback apps to get some of your money back on shopping, etc… why spend more when we can spend less, or not even spend at all?

Thankfully there are always ways to spend less or even not at all and still get what we need.

Books for kids are no exception.

In fact, knowing you can get books for your kids for free will push you to keep getting as many as you can for them.

And the more books you give to them to read, the better they become and the more likely they will become future leaders, 🙂

As parents or guardians, giving kids free books to read is like investing in their lives. You must not relent in doing this because you are training future leaders!

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Best Ways Of Getting Free Books For Kids

Below are 16 awesome ways to get free books for kids.

Some of these are online while others are by mail, but the end result is the same – your kids get FREE books… without having to pay.


1. International Children’s Digital Library

International Children’s Digital Library is the world’s largest digital collection of children’s books. It is tagged “A library for the World’s Children.”

how to get free books for kids

This non-profit platform is a research product funded by The National Science Foundation, The Institute For Museum and Library Services and Microsoft Research.

It has in stock over 4619 books printed in more than 59 languages.

The ICDL can be browsed to access books for children in different categories and also by genre.

Books from this this platform can be read online. So, you don’t have to download before reading nor need to have any special device to read books from this online library platform.

If you prefer browsing the library through your mobile device, ICDL for iPad, ICDL for iPhone or StoryKit can be downloaded for easy reading.

Click here to check out The International Children’s Digital Library

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2. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg can be used to get different types of free books for children.

It has more than 57,000 books and has a huge section dedicated for children. There are fifteen pages under the children’s bookshelf category.

You will find children’s books under the different headings that include: fiction, religion, school stories, history, myths, fairy tales, anthology, instructional books, etc.

Books from this website can be downloaded to be read in different e-readers like EPUB, Kindle, and Plain Texts. You can also choose to read books from this platform online.

Click here to check out Project Gutenberg

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3. Little Free Library

Little Free Library is a non-profit organization that inspires reading. This platform also sparks creativity and builds community.

ways to get free books for kids

A Little Free Library is a “take a book, return a book” free book exchange. It can come in different shapes and sizes. Anyone can take a book or bring a book to share with others.

Through the Little Free Libraries, children can access free books!

Millions of books are exchanged each year on this platform. There are over 75,000+ libraries spread over 88 countries.

There are books for children and readers of all ages and backgrounds using the Little Free Libraries.

Children and their parents can access a Little Free Library near them by using the World Map

Click here to check out Little Free Library

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4. ManyBooks.net

ManyBooks.net is a website that aims to provide an extensive library of books in digital format for free on the Internet.

This platform was established in 2004 and people of all ages and backgrounds can access books here with ease.

ManyBooks.net is one of the best places to access free books for children. It compiles books in different genres, languages and authors.

Books on this platform can be downloaded for free. A number of different book formats like PDF, EPUB, AZW, MOBI and more are available.

You won’t get free Internet but can also choose to read online for free. Another interesting thing about ManyBooks.net is that the books can be accessed in different languages.

Young readers can download or read books under different popular genres.

Click here to check out ManyBooks.net

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5. Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program

Barnes & Noble is more than just a popular book publisher and distributor. It also helps to encourage reading for kids through its summer reading program.

Here, kids in Grades 1-6 participating in the reading program are rewarded with free books.

free books for kids online

In the Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program, kids are expected to read as many books as possible. Kids simply follow these three easy steps to benefit:

  1. Read any eight books this summer and record them in the Summer Reading Journal.

Tell them which part of the book is your favorite, and why.

  1. Bring your completed journal to a Barnes & Noble store at the specific time period.

For 2018, it was between May 15th and September 3rd, 2018.

  1. Choose your free reading adventure from the books listed in the journal

You can download the Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Journal in English or in Spanish to access more information on how to actually get free books via the program.

Click here to check out Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program

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6. BookBub

BookBub is another reputable platform where you can get access to free books for children.

Although you can pay for some books, there are a lot of FREE books in different genres that can be downloaded from this platform.

The books that children can get for free on BookBub are mostly ebooks though.

You will be provided with links to the websites where they are distributed and can be downloaded for FREE!

The places where these books can be accessed include alternative sites like Amazon, alternative sites like Craigslist, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Google and Kobo.

You can choose any of these platforms based on the device you want to read the book with.

Your choice would depend whether you have Kindle, Nook, and any other type of ereaders!

Click here to check out BookBub

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7. Kids World Fun

Kids World Fun is another wonderful platform where you can find free books for kids.

They provide a wide selection of fun, informative, educational and inspirational books for children.

websites that offer free books for kids

This is an online portal for kids, parents and teachers, including those doing childcare jobs!

Books on this website can be read online, or you can download them to read whenever you want.

Just as the name suggests, Kids World Fun is a great place to find fun, bright and animated books that children love.

There are eBooks available for kids of any age bracket. So, you can access free books for children from Kindergarten up to 8th Grade.

Click here to check out Kids World Fun

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8. Reading Is Fundamental

Reading Is Fundamental is a platform that aims to provide free books and literacy programs to children across America.

It was established in Washington, D.C. in 1966. RIF receives funds from grants, corporations, community organizations, and individual donor support.

According to the FAQ page:

Reading Is Fundamental provides new, free, high-quality books and supporting literacy resources to children across the country.

Many of our programs are implemented in schools, libraries, Head Start programs, health clinics, and other places that serve children with the greatest need.

With the launch of Literacy Central, RIF’s new, free digital resource designed to foster literacy development in children, parents, teachers, and literacy volunteers can access activities, games, reading passages, lesson plans, calendars, and videos paired with classic and popular K-6 books for free, anytime.

You can visit the Literacy Central page and click on “Find a Book” to access any book of your choice.

Click here to check out Reading is Fundamental

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9. Bibliomania

Bibliomania is another well-known website that provides free e-books for children.

Kids can take advantage of this website to read books in different genres like poems, articles, short stories, and plays.

On this platform, you can read the books and plays from the best poets, dramatists and authors.

Talking about poets and poetry, do you know you can get paid to write poetry? You absolutely can!

You will find great authors like Mark Twain, Shakespeare, Sherlock Holmes, Dickens and Joyce, Anton Checkov and Edgar Allan Poe.

To make the most of this platform, kids can read for free using the search engine to find short stories, poetry, drama, fiction, interviews, and articles.

They can also click on the sub-categories to find the names of authors, poets or dramatists for the book title they read.

Click here to check out Bibliomania

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10. Amazon FreeTime Unlimited

Amazon FreeTime Unlimited is a platform from the popular online ecommerce giant, Amazon.

where to get free books for kids

It is an all-in-one subscription platform where kids can access thousands of kid-friendly books, movies, TV shows, educational apps, and games on compatible devices like Kindle, iOS, Android and Amazon Fire.

Kids are provided with unlimited access to thousands of books and learning materials, including books showing them ways for kids to make money.

According to website, “FreeTime Unlimited allows each parent to customize their child’s experience to provide the most relevant books, videos, apps, and more in an environment built from the ground up just for kids.

In addition:

Parents also receive access to easy-to-use parental controls that allow them to find the right balance between education and entertainment.

Parents can personalize screen time limits, set educational goals, filter age-appropriate content, and also manage web browsing and content usage based on their preferences.

The Amazon FreeTime Unlimited can be accessed for just $2.99 per month. This will be charged after the free one-month trial. Prime members will save a great deal with this plan.

Click here to check out Amazon FreeTime Unlimited

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11. MagicBlox

MagicBlox is another really great website that has a large collection of children’s books.

If you are looking for free books for kids, then MagicBlox should definitely be one of your options.

Kids that are between the ages of 1 and 13 will find free books they can read online with their computer or mobile device.

Registration with MagicBlox is free and will give you one FREE book per month. According to this website:

You can choose one of our Access Passes to get access to our books through your browser or tablet.  Use our Ladybug Access Pass to choose 1 book every month.  Your selection gets reset on the day you signed up every month.

Or, if you want a few more choices per month, go with the Bookworm Access Pass, which gives you up to 5 books per months.

And if you’re really looking for a great reading resource, choose the Butterfly Access Pass and soar with all the knowledge and adventures you’ll get.

The website is well organized and you can easily find the most suitable books kids of any age,  beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

Click here to check out MagicBlox

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12. DigiLibraries.com

DigiLibraries.com is one more platform that offers great ebooks in different categories.

Both adults and children can take advantage of the fiction and non-fiction titles featured on this platform.

read free books for kids on the internet

The mission of this website is to provide quality ebooks for download.

The books are provided Free and can be downloaded for different file formats that include EPUB, PDF and Mobi, etc.

Thus, if you have readers or devices like Kindle, iPhone, iPad, The Nook, PC, MAC, etc., there is a high chance that you will find a digital book suitable for your digital format.

This free ebook library offers free books for kids.

In the juvenile fiction and juvenile non-fiction categories, you will find a variety of topics including classics, biographies, school & education materials, recipes, science fiction, sports & recreation, and other subcategories suitable for children.

Click here to check out DigiLibraries.com

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13. Children’s Books Online: The Rosetta Project

Children’s Books Online is a great place to find children’s books. It has a wide collection of classic books.

The online library is a volunteer-driven project. It was founded in 1966 and has grown from the work of a single man with a handful of books.

It now is a  vibrant volunteer-driven organization publishing new books and translations every week.

Books on this website are indexed in various categories including pre-readers, very early readers, early readers, intermediate readers, advanced readers, and adult readers.

Books in this library are available in the museum store as multimedia books.

Also, there are audio books which kids can listen to online.

Click here to check out Children’s Books Online: The Rosetta Project

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14. Librivox

Librivox is a website that provides access to public domain books for free. Most of the books are in audio format and read by volunteers.

The benefits of this platform include:

  • Librivox is a non-commercial, non-profit and ad-free project
  • Librivox donates its recordings to the public domain
  • Librivox is powered by volunteers
  • Librivox maintains a loose and open structure
  • Librivox welcomes all volunteers from across the globe, in all languages

You can access this website to find free children’s audio books.

Click here to check out Librivox


15. Fresh Fiction

Fresh Fiction is a website that provides information to readers about recent authors and their books.

best place to get free books for kids

This platform focuses on the following genres:

  • Fiction
  • Romance
  • Mystery
  • Suspense
  • Thriller
  • Horror
  • Science fiction
  • Fantasy
  • ETC

You can sign up with this platform and have information about the authors and their recently published books sent to you.

As you join this community, you can review books and leave your thoughts.

You can get free books by reading them before they are published and leaving your opinions.

Both digital and hard copies can be accessed for free on this platform.

There also is quite a collection of children’s books on this website.

Click here to check out Fresh Fiction


16. Book It! Program

Pizza Hut organizes a reading program which encourages children to read and win free books!

Your children can participate in this 6 month reading program and win books and other prizes.

For the 2018-2019 program, the following details are shared on the website:


Pizza Hut is awarding a chance to win a $10,000 college plan to participating BOOK IT! Readers who read their heart out all six months of the 2018-19 program! Kids who earn a Reading Award Certificate for a free, one-topping Personal Pan Pizza® will also receive an official Reading Journal when they visit Pizza Hut. Complete all six months and collect all six official stickers for a chance to win.

Entering to win is easy:

  1. Encourage kids to read their heart out
  2. Collect all six stickers on the Reading Journal
  3. Fill out the entry form on the Reading Journal
  4. Send the entry form to:

    BOOK IT! Reading Giveaway

         7100 Corporate Dr

         Plano, TX 75024

  1. Ensure your entry form is postmarked by May 1, 2019 and received by May 15, 2019
  2. Cross your fingers!

Click here to check out Pizza Hut’s Book It! Program


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