If you want to know the best ways and sources to get free books by mail, this is a perfect article to read.

It reveals the very best ways and sources anyone can use to get completely free books mailed to them.


What Are Free Books by Mail?

Free books by mail are books sent to you by post or email. These books are sent by request or as gifts. They could be fiction or non-fiction.

They could also be children’s free books, romance, biographies, or other genres.

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If you qualify for free printed books then you can receive them by post.

Similarly, if you qualify for ebooks, then you should expect to receive a link to download them in your email.

A common fact about these books is that you don’t pay to get them.


How to Get Free Books by Mail

You don’t pay to get free books by mail. However, you can get them from websites that allow users to read and review.

Another way to get free books is by accessing free books programs offered by some non-profit organizations.

Some book companies also promote free books for readers and their customers.

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14 Best Sources to Get Free Books by Mail

The following are some of the best places to get free books by mail.


1. LibraryThing

LibraryThing is a website where you can see a list of books. This is a book review site.

You can sign up with this website to find many free copies for review.

New authors who want to get feedback from real readers list their books on this website,

Members can request them as there are limited copies for reviews.

To increase your chances of getting free books, you can add a review request to multiple titles.

After you have made a request for free copies of books for review, the copies can be sent to your email.

After reviewing the book, you can keep the copies.

Click here to check out LibraryThing for free books by mail.


2. OnlineBookClub

OnlineBookClub is a program that allows you to get write reviews about books and get paid.

You can sign up with this program and leave short and honest reviews.

With OnlineBookClub, you can receive books and review them.

After your review, you can also get paid cash for your opinions.

You will get to keep the hard copies of the books that you receive in the mail.

Click here to check out OnlineBookClub to get free books by mail.


3. Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Programs

Barnes & Noble is the popular book publishing company. From this company, you can get free books by mail.

You should take advantage of the Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program aimed at kids.

The program helps to promote literacy among children of all ages.

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A child or a teenager can participate in this program by reading a journal.

Once the journal is completed, they can bring the journal to a nearby store to collect a free book.

As the name implies, this program takes place in the Summer. You can take advantage of this program to get free books for your kids.

However, you should know that you don’t get free books by mail with this program but you get the free books from the nearest Barnes & Noble book store.

Click here to check out Barnes & Noble’s Summer Reading Program to get free books.


4. NetGalley

NetGalley is another popular website where you can get free books after reviewing them.

It is also a website that “help books succeed”. From this platform, you can discover new books.

You are required to sign up and receive books for review. Most of the books for review are preleased books, and they could come in printed or electronic copies.

One of the interesting things about NetGalley is that most of its books are available in different languages.

So, if you are fluent in languages other than English, you can sign up and review with the language you know.

NetGalley will give you a free ebook or physical copy after you have completed the review.

Click here to check out NetGalley.

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5. Titletrader

Titletrader is another legit website that allows you to get free books online. On this platform, you can exchange books with other group members.

If you have used books you no longer need, then you can swap them for titles you need.

Titletrader is also a place to swap used used appliances including CDs and DVDs.

To make the most of this platform, you need to sign up and post the titles of the used books you want to get rid of.

You will qualify for free books and other stuff once you comply with the demands of the platform.

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Free Books by Mail


6. Imagination Library

This is a non-profit organization owned by the award-winning country music singer Dolly Parton.

It was established in 1995 to promote literacy for kids. The organization originated from Sevier County, Tennessee.

It now has a country-wide spread in the USA as the program promoted books to other states.

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As at the time of writing this piece, the Imagination Library has gifted more than 150 million free books by mail.

This is made possible through the help of local communities, libraries, preschool programs, service organizations, and partners.

If you want to get free books for kids, then you should consider this library.

The vision of Dolly Parton in establishing this library is to ensure that preschool kids have access to read books even when their parents cannot afford them.

Any child from birth to 5 years in the US, Canaday, Australia, UK, and Ireland can sign up with this program and receive one free book each month.

Click here to check out Imagination Library by Dolly Parton.

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7. Harlequin Reader Service

Harlequin Reader Service is a book club for those who love reading romance novels. Yes, you can register and get free romance books.

You will get two free romance books by mail for just signing up.

One of the interesting features of this site is that it sends top-rated books by top media platforms like USA Today and New York times to its members.

The platform will also send you two gifts.

Also, as a member, you get discounted books off the cover price. The regular titles would be sent to you by mail.

Click here to check out Harlequin Reader Service.

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8. Read Conmigo

Read Conmigo is a program that will send you free books via mail. The program is for those living in Texas, California, and Florida.

Read Conmigo was founded in 2010 by Infinity Insurance. It was founded as a bilingual literacy program that promotes the understanding and teaching of English language and Spanish languages.

Hence, the program allows the supplies of free books in English and Spanish.

You can access different kinds of free books for families. It would interest you to know that Read Conmigo has sent free books to more than 150,000 families since it was established.

Apart from getting printed copies, Read Conmigo provides families with the opportunity to access and read free ebooks.

These ebooks are compatible with platforms like  Amazon Kindle, Android devices, and Apple iOS.

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9. BookMooch

BookMooch is another popular and legit platform you can sign up with, to get free books.

You will get the books you want by swapping with others.  It is a community where you can exchange used books with others.

You can visit the website and enter the title of the book you want to give away. In return, you will also get requests for books from other visitors to the site.

BookMooch operates the points system. You will receive points whenever you mail in your books.

The points you earned can be redeemed for book requests from others.

With BookMooch, you don’t pay to join, instead, you only pay for the postage cost when you send books to others.

Click here to check out BookMooch to get free books by mail.

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10. Fresh Fiction

Fresh Fiction is another legit platform you can check out if you want to get free books by mail. To qualify for a free book, you must read and review the fiction sent to you.

As a reviewer, you are expected to provide a comprehensive review of the books sent to you.

Fresh Fiction has a large collection of books for reviewers. There are also hundreds of children’s books for those who are interested.

Fresh Fiction ensures you pass an exam before you qualify to work with them.

If you are interested in getting free books by mail then take advantage of what Fresh Fiction offers.

Click here to check out Fresh Fiction.

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11. Enchanted Book Promotions

Enchanted Book Promotions promotes new books for authors and book publishers. You can read books from this site and post reviews in exchange for free books.

This company has a good variety of genres that book reviewers can take advantage of.

All you need to do is simply select the book you like and post the review on the blog.

Users can also post book reviews on Goodreads or Amazon.

You are expected to make the review within one month. If you meet the deadline, you can qualify for more free books.

Click here to check out Enchanted Book Promotions to get free books by mail.


Other platforms you can also check out for free books by mail include:

12. GoodReads

13. LibraryThing Early Reviewers

14. Lola’s Blog Tours



The above are details on how and where to get free ebooks by mail. You can sign up with any of the above platforms to get free books.

Of course, each of the above websites has its requirements. You are expected to meet them.