Yes, you can get completely free Christian books, if you know where to look!

Thankfully reading this article reveals as many as 25 of the best ways, sources and tips to help you get the best Christian books for free!


Why Get Free Bibles by Mail?

It has often been said by new parents when they receive a child into the family that the son or daughter did not come with an instruction manual.

On the other hand, many individuals would argue that an instructional manual has already been provided and is in the form of The Bible.

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They would continue to assert that the Bible is the instruction manual on how to live a quality life as it relates to relationships with others, ourselves, and God.

It most likely will come to you as no surprise to know that the Bible is the most popular book as it relates to sales and ownership.

In actuality, the Bible consists of 66 books.

There are 39 books in the Old Testament and 27 books in the New Testament.

Many individuals, through The Bible, take their faith seriously and are zealous to get the “Word of God” into the hands of people.

To do this they provide The Bible at no charge.


Personal Story

The church/social service agency that I was affiliated with was always in need of Bibles.

The population that we served were impoverished individuals as well as individuals who were homeless.

When we held our church services, we always made sure that a Bible was in the book area of the church pew as well as making sure that our homeless shelter had a supply of Bibles when individuals requested them.

It always seemed that those who had fallen on hard times were always looking for hope and inspiration and often turned to the Bible as their source.


25 Best Sources & Ways to Get Completely Free Bibles by Mail


1. Research  

When looking to get a free Bible it is important to conduct your research.

The research should include not only where to find a Bible that is provided at no charge but what particular version of the Bible are you interested in.

Specifically, there are several versions.

Those versions of the Bible could include:

  • The King James Version
  • New American Standard
  • Revised Standard Version
  • Amplified
  • New King James Version
  • The Living Bible
  • And more

Selecting a particular version is a consideration based on where you are at in your walk of faith, whether the Bible will be used to study, devotional reading, etc.


2. Library

You can also check your local library to see if any Bibles have been designated as free and to be given to individuals who request them.


3. A Church Near You

In all likelihood, if you were to go to one of your nearby churches and ask for a Bible they would provide one for you.

The reality is that this is their mission in sharing the Gospel and a primary method of sharing the Gospel is through the giving of God’s Word.


4. Thrift Store

Another place to find a Bible that can be provided at a nominal cost or for free is at various Thrift stores.

In particular, The Salvation Army often receives donations of the Bible and they endeavor not to sell these Bibles but make them available to their customers at no charge.


5. Biblica

Biblica or the International Bible Study offers the New International Version in many different languages.

This online site allows for the Bible to be searched according to Biblical passages as well as specific words.

This online Bible site also offers the study of the same passage with the option of reading the same passages side by side in different languages.

Click here to check out Biblica


6. YouVersion

YouVersion is another online website on which you can read the Bible.

The site is extremely comprehensive as it contains over 1774 versions of the Bible and is translated into over 1248 languages.

Click here to check out YouVersion


7. Bible Gateway

Bible Gateway is an online website that allows the user to access all of the books of the Bible .

The site also provides a significant number of Biblical versions and is searchable by words found in the scriptures.

Although not downloadable you can cut and paste certain scriptural portions for your study and reading needs.



8. Study Light

Study Light is an online website that not only offers the user and the reader the opportunity to read the Bible but also provides additional resources to help in the study of the book.

Also, the site includes different articles that the individual might find interesting along with writings of historical nature and resources for ministers.

Click here to check out Study Light


9. Bible Study Tools

At Bible Study Tools the individual can find the Bible available to read online and have their choice of over 50 translations.

In addition, the site offers a variety of Biblical resources which include devotionals, commentaries by famous authors, and a concordance.

Click here to check out Bible Study Tools


10. Blue Letter Bible

Blue Letter Bible is another online site in which the reading of the Bible is offered.

Along with the Scripture, in multiple translations, the user can search through the Bible for a variety of topics.

Some of those topics could include:

  • Faith
  • Money
  • Love
  • Sin
  • Etc.

Click here to check out Blue Letter Bible


11. Audio Treasure

Audio Treasure provides a unique presentation of the Bible.

That unique presentation is that the Bible can be listened to rather than read.

The audio version of the Bible is available in a variety of languages.

An added feature is that the MP3 files can be downloaded to your technology device for convenient and easy listening.

Click here to check out Audio Treasure


12. The Online Bible

The Online Bible provides the opportunity to download Bible software on your Mac or your PC.

The software has a variety of translations, commentaries, and additional study aids to help you in your understanding of the Bible.

Also, the downloadable software from Online Bible allows for the support of various foreign languages.

Click here to check out The Online Bible


13. Friend

A great place to obtain a free Bible would be from a friend.

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Often individuals have many Bibles in their homes are different versions.

Asking for one of their Bibles, they, most likely, would be happy to gift you one of theirs.


14. Craigslist

An online website that has several free items available for the asking is

You can go on this site and see what the availability is of obtaining a free Bible.

Click here to check out Craigslist


15. Bibles for America

At Bibles for America, you can access this website and request a free Bible.

Only the New Testament is provided with shipping being free as well.

Click here to check out Bibles for America



Another website on which you can request a free Bible is at FreeBibles.

The offering of free Bibles is available to those who are in care facilities, incarcerated, or homeless.

You can also donate to this site by giving a financial contribution or donating a Bible.

Click here to check out FreeBibles


17. U.S. Bible Society

The primary mission of the U.S. Bible Society is the importance of the Bible and making this book available to all.

The version that they provide is the King James Version and the submission of a form is required to receive your copy.

Generally, the order to be fulfilled will take up to a month.

Click here to check out U.S Bible Society


18. Spread the Word Campaign

At Spread the Word you can request a Bible and one will be mailed out to you if you do not reside in the United States.

Their thinking is that Bibles within America are available and that people have access to obtaining one.

Some of the countries that they have given Bibles to include:

  • Austria
  • Colombia
  • Egypt
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Many more

Click here to check out Spread the Word


19. Hotels

One standard item that is found in a typical hotel room in the dresser drawer is a Bible.

This Bible is provided by the Gideons.

Even though the Bible is there and intended for the use of the hotel guest, it is also available if the individual wishes to take the Bible with them and keep it.

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20. Apps

Another option for obtaining a free Bible is by downloading a Bible app onto your smartphone.

Often these apps are available at no charge provided in different versions, study Bibles, and concordances, as well as the app feature utilizing an audio listening opportunity.


21. WayFM

WayFm is the online site for a radio station that is dedicated to broadcasting religious content.

They also offer a free Bible to anyone who makes a request.

The version of the Bible that they offer is called Help Finder Bible and is written in a different translation known as the New Living Translation.

Click here to check out WayFM


22. Bible Senders

Bible Senders, operating since 2007, will send a Bible to anyone who requests this book.

The request for a Bible can be made through their contact page with a message and your request.

They do qualify this request but indicate that not necessarily all individuals asking for a Bible will receive one.

This is due to the reality that they get over a million requests per year.

Also, there is no particular version of the Bible that they subscribe to and therefore you may receive a different version other than the King James version.

Click here to check out Bible Senders

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23. Living on a Dime

A free Bible can be obtained from Living on a Dime.

Currently, however, the site indicates that they are unable to send Bibles at this time to residents of the United States.

Those living outside the United States they can add a Bible to their shopping cart and utilize the coupon code “Free Bible.”

When checking out click the apply button and when checked the book will show up as free.

Click here to check out Living on a Dime


24. The Gideons International

The Gideons International, at their website, offers daily devotions from the Bible for the individual to read.

They also provide the opportunity to download the Bible App from Google Play or the App Store.

The site does not provide free Bibles but members of Gideon International can provide Bibles at no charge.

Click here to check out The Gideons International


25. My Free Bible

My Free Bible offers the New Testament to those upon their request.

By clicking on the link on the landing page you are directed to the order page in which you can provide your personal information along with your mailing address to receive your free copy of the New Testament.

Click here to check out My Free bible


Free Christian Bibles by Mail FAQs


What is the Most Popular Version of the Bible?

The most popular version of the Bible is the King James Version.

This most popular version was indicated by those who responded to a survey in which 55% of those who responded indicated that this was their favorite version.


In Which Language is the Bible Most Read Today?

The languages in which the Bible is most read today are:

  • Spanish – 381 million users
  • English – 258 million users
  • Portugese – 195 million users
  • Chinese – 110 million users
  • Russian – 85 million users


You Can Do It

If you wish to have a Bible provided to you at no cost, there are a variety of local and online resources that will provide you with this inspirational and meaningful book.



The Bible is a series of 66 books designated and divided between the Old Testament and the New Testament.

Many believe that the Bible is The Word of God and outlines God’s plan for their life.

The books are comprised of realistic stories of mankind, their faith, and God’s plan of forgiveness through the love and sacrifice of his Son.

At the very least it is an inspirational and motivational book of wisdom.

At best it is truly a book that one can build their lives on and live a successful life.

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