If you want to know how to get free air for your tires, this article will come very handy.

It reveals some of the best ways and sources you can take advantage of, to get air for your tires, completely free!


First things first…

The importance of properly inflated tires cannot be overemphasized.

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Improperly inflated tires can have so many undesirable effects on your vehicle.  You may experience driving problems, increased tread wear, longer braking distances, and poor fuel economy.

Keeping your tires at the proper pressure helps improve your driving performance and your car’s life.

You will achieve maximum tire lifespan, improved handling and better gas mileage when your tires are properly inflated!

According to GoodYear Auto, a properly inflated tire has the following benefits:

  • Improved safety and handling
  • Increased fuel economy
  • Decreased tread wear
  • Reduced braking distance
  • Reduced CO2emissions

Also, according to Cars.com   “Improperly inflated tires can have all sorts of undesirable effects on your vehicle. Low tire pressure may result in lengthened braking distances, reduced fuel economy, increased tread wear, ride and handling problems — and even tire failure.

That said, why pay for the inflation of your vehicle’s tires when you have so many options to get free air?

Many places that have air pumps, like most gas stations charge money to use them and let’s face it,  It sucks to pay for air.

So how can you take care of your tires without incurring the cost of inflation?

There are several locations that offer air for free, and there is a simple way to find them.”

You don’t always have to pull out your wallet or swipe your credit cards to inflate your tires. You can actually get free air.

You can get free air for your tires in so many ways, and this article will provide you with insights on some of the techniques that work.

So, if you want answers on “How to Get Free Air for Tires near Me” then this article will come in handy.


Table of Contents

15 Best Ways and Sources for Getting Free Air for Your Tires 


1. Go to a Tire Shop

Some tire shops in your neighborhood can offer free air for your tires. You can drive in to inflate your tire when the pressure is low.

These stores not only sell tires but can offer customers free air for their cars when they drive in to enquire about, buy or get advice on tires.

Whether you buy tires or not, the added benefit of getting free air and tire inspections can inspire you to come back again!

So, check with some tire shops in your local area and let the experts ensure your tires are properly inflated for free!


2. Get a Portable Air Compressor

You can get a portable air compressor so you can inflate your tires whenever you want.

You don’t have to pay when you use this device.

Air Compressors come in various brands and variations. They are easy to operate. Portable air compressors are great for when you travel.

Most of the products you now see have a pressure gauge that allows you to see the actual tire pressure before filling it.

This is an important feature because most of the Air Compressors you see at stations don’t have a tire pressure gauge.

It is possible that your car comes with a portable air compressor offered as a bonus by the manufacturer. If not, then you can check out a good brand displayed with retailers like Amazon.

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3. Visit Your Oil Change Location

You can visit your local oil change locations and get free air for your tires. Your tires can be checked and inflated for free while you wait for an oil change.

This service is often offered as a perk to encourage you to visit again. In other words, it is offered as an added bonus to the oil change.

So, take advantage of the free air offered in the oil change stations in your area.


4. Take Advantage of Your State’s Free Air for Tires

In some states in the United States, gas stations are required by law to provide free air for tires.

When you fill up your gas tank, you can also inflate your tires for free. This offer may not apply to customers who are not paying!

If you are not buying gas, then you will be charged extra for using the compressor.

States like California and Connecticut have this law in place. Perhaps other states and regions may also adopt this law.


Get Free Air for Tires


5. Use a Bike Pump to Inflate Your Car Tire

You can Use a Bike Pump to inflate your car. If you don’t have an air compressor then a bike pump can be your alternative.

If you ride a bicycle and have a pump in your garage, then you can use it to add pressure to your tires.

This option requires a lot of physical energy from you but it is worth it when you know that you are getting your tires inflated without paying a dime!


6. Visit a Regional Gas Station for Free Air Pump

You can visit any gas station where you fill up and ask for free air. This is another way you can get air for your tires without paying a dime.

Yes, when you travel or drive to some gas stations, free air for your tires may be offered.

So, check out regional gas stations near you for the opportunity to inflate your tire using their free air pump.

The good thing is that there are many gas stations out there that offer free air pumps.

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7. Visit a Grocery Store

When you shop at some grocery stores, you can get free air to add pressure to your tires.

Whether you live near the grocery store or you are a regular customer, this is an option you should explore.

You can also ask the cashier about their free portable air compressor so you can inflate your tires.

This technique will definitely save you money and you will get free air this way.

Even if you are not a customer, some will offer you the opportunity to get free air for your car.

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8. Make an Appointment With Auto Service Stores

Auto service stores like Good Year Auto Service  provide customers with the opportunity to get free air for their tires.

You can make an appointment with to have your tires checked out. As the tires are checked, you can get free air.

Using an auto service store has many benefits because they not only provide free air for your tires, but they also check for leaks, premature tread wear, and pressure-related damage.

So, when you go for a free alignment check or a flat repair, be sure to take advantage of the free air for tires.


Free Air for Tires


9. Check Out Auto Dealers

You can check out auto dealers near for free air for your car tires.

These dealers are not only places where you can buy cars; they can also provide drivers with free air to inflate their tires.

You may want to check out any auto dealerships in your area for free air for your tires.

It will be easier for you to enjoy free air for your tires if you are customer of any of these auto dealers.

Even if you are not a customer, you can also enjoy the free service from some of these dealers.

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10. Check Your Car Trunk

It is possible you have a car that comes with a car repair kit. This can include a portable air pump you can use to add air.

You can check the trunk of your car for this device. Most new vehicles you buy come with these kits.

So, if your car is a new model, check out to see if it has a free air pump.

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11. Check Out Car Washes

You can get free air for your tires at some car washes. Car washes clean cars for the owners. Some may also offer free air compressors which you can take advantage of.

Cash washes near you should be considered for free air when your tires are under inflated. Some of these places offer free air for tires as part of their car wash package.

You can check out online search engines to find one near you.

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12. Use an Online Search Map to Find Free Air for Your Tires

There are lots of online search platforms which can help you find where you can get free air for your tires. A good example is the website FreeAirPump.com.

online search map to find free air for your tires

This website has a searchable map of locations where free air for tires can be accessed across the United States.

With this site, you can access user-generated locations like gas stations, car washes, grocery stores and auto dealerships.

You can do your search by address or ZIP Code. If you are traveling, this tool can come in handy at ensuring you enjoy free air.

FreeAirPump.com is a great option for many motorists who want the best for their tires and to save costs.


13. Check Out Discount Tires

Discount Tires is a national tire chain the US. This company sells tire and you can get free air for your tires at some of their locations.

You can be a customer with this company and get your tires inflated for free.

More details on how to get free air for your tires can be accessed from the Discount Tires website.

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14. Get Your Gas in the RV Lanes and Take Advantage of Free Air for Your Tire

You can get your gas in the RV Lanes of some gas stations and get free air for your tires.

RV Lanes at gas stations fill up the tanks of campers with gasoline. You can use the free air compressors provided at these lanes if they offer the same type of gas.

Similarly, if you go to a filling station where normal vehicles can fill up with gas, you can take advantage of free air for your tires.


15. Ask Your Friend (Who Owns a Compressor)

You can still ask your friend who owns an air compressor to lend you one to inflate your car tires.

This is an easy way to actually get your car inflated without worrying about paying. Your friend may also give you the one that he or she no longer uses.

You can still do the same with your family members or colleagues.

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The above techniques can be used to get free air for you tires. If you are asking “how to get free air for tires near me” then the above techniques should be considered.

There are lots of things you can do – you can visit gas stations, cash washes, grocery stores and more. Also, having your own free pump, bike pump, or air compressor will help you inflate your car without paying any money.

In a similar vein, asking for help from your colleague, friends or loved ones would be a good decision.