Do you like food?

If you do, you’ve probably wondered what’s the best food to sell online? What food ideas work?

Well, fear not, because here, we’ll give you the best food ideas to sell online and offline, and of course, why each of these rocks!


Why Food Ideas to Sell to Make Money?

If you’re good at cooking, food is a no-brainer, of course!

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But you also may wonder why you may want to sell food?


  • It’s a good way to make money being creative
  • The sky’s the limit
  • It can turn into profitable businesses
  • There’s not always a lot of competition

It’s good too because a lot of foods are easy to make, and then you can sell this to other people.

With that said, here are the 20 best foods to sell, both easy and those that are a legitimate business opportunity.


20 Best Foods to Sell to Make Money

Here, you’ll find out the best foods to sell and also a section on why each of these rocks.


1. Toast

This may seem simple, but toast has a lot of options.

You can make regular toast, but also those with ham, cheese, and even other jellies, jams, and other meats.

Why this Rocks

It’s simple.

You literally just need a toaster or pan.

You also have a ton of different ideas that come along with this, so there’s a lot to choose from.


2. Biscuits

Similar to toast, we have biscuits.

There are many different little successful businesses that sell this, including Callie’s hot Little Biscuit, which is a food truck that sells sausage and chicken biscuits in charlotte.

But you can put your own little spin on these too.

Why this Rocks

If you’re familiar with southern cooking, you probably know that biscuits are like a staple out there, so that’s something to consider.

They’re also simple too, and they’re good breakfast food.

Sell it on a food truck, and you’re good to go.


3. Candy

Candy is another good one that’s pretty easy to sell.

You can make your own, such as taffy or fudge, or you can resell different recipes that you cook.

They’re simple, and you can do a lot with them.

Why this Rocks

You can buy this in bulk and even resell it if you want to.

It’s also tasty too, and lots of people just like candy since it’s a nice little sweet treat.


4. Cookies and Baked goods

Another easy item is cookies and baked goods.

There’s a huge variety, and you can sell these either at a food truck, in another store, or you can have your own business.

You also can sell these from home and offer cute packaging to customers who buy from you.

Why this Rocks

Again, it’s obvious.

This is simple, there’s a huge variety, and you can even add custom packaging to reach more customers and improve your brand.

Plus, if you’re not interested in opening up a store, you can make all of this at home and then sell online or even at fairs or even flea markets if you so desire.

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5. Vegetables

Do you grow your own veggies and always have too many to eat yourself?

Why not sell them!

There’s a large market for fresh produce, and people will pay a little bit more for fresh veggies that you can sell them.

Why this Rocks

If you’re already growing this, it’s just making a small profit on foods you’re already making.

If you’re not, well, it can be fun to grow, and it’s a food that’s good for selling if you want to get into that business.

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6. Sauces

Sauces are another good one.

There’s a huge variety, so you don’t have to worry about competition, but also, you can get creative with this.

The world of sauces is diverse, so no matter what, you’re able to sell just what you want to.

Why this Rocks

It’s easy to do, you can actually prepare a ton, then preserve, and from there, use custom packaging that works for this.

It is also something you can just sell right now without needing to do too much work.


7.  Jams

Jams also offer a lot of variety to your food creation desire.

Jams are good for toast, baked goods, and other items.  They’re sweet, and you also can get creative with these too.

Why this Rocks

Again, easy packaging to utilize, you can create your own brand, and also, you can stand out from the crowd by making a jam that’s normally not around.

You also can get creative and maybe add foods that normally don’t fit, like jalapenos, in order to create a jam with a kick.

You also can pair these with toast or breads as an incentive to offer packaged food deals.



8. Popcorn

A tasty snack, this one is also a very popular item to sell.

It can be normal buttery popcorn, but lots of people get creative with their popcorn making and may offer a unique take on the tasty treat.

Why this Rocks

You can sell unique popcorn to stand out from the crowd, for starters.

But also, you can sell at different events.

It’s good as a concessions food for games and such, but you can also sell this at other locations too.

The possibilities are endless with popcorn.


9. Mini Cheesecakes

Mini cheesecakes are another very fun item.

They can be multiple layers or just two, and they can be topped with fun little decorative items.

Why this Rocks

Again, while it does fall in the baked goods section, I feel these are a bit different.

You can do more with these, such as sell them in a bakery or offer them as little gifts.

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You can start a dessert business, and there are plenty of different kinds of options to choose from with this.

There are always people looking for the perfect little treat to share for an anniversary, and you can also sell these as proportions for the health-conscious people out there.


10. Pre-Mixed Spices

Pre-mixed spices are a great way to hit a different type of demographic: the health-conscious demographic.

You can put spices together, mixing them to offer a seasoning blend that they’ll be able to use on their foods.

You can offer a subscription service, or even boxes or individual jars that are good.

Why this Rocks

You can offer fresh spices to try out.

Not just that, though, if they’re worried about their health, you can create health spice jars that have some of the healthiest spices, including turmeric, oregano, and basil.

It does offer a different demographic to sell to.


11. Herbs

Similar to spices, you can put together her blends, put them in a jar, and then sell them to others.

Why this Rocks

It’s fresh, you can do branded packaging, and not just that, people use spices to flavor their foods, so it’s certainly one that should be considered if you want to really stand out.


12. Pickled Foods

Do you like different pickling foods to preserve? Why not sell it.

You can pickle just about any fruit or veggie, and you can use a brine solution or other types of solutions.

Why this Rocks

It’s great for food preservation, you can get creative with the solutions for the baths, not just brine, and you can flavor it with different herbs and spices to stand out.


13. Beef Jerky

Beef jerky isn’t just one kind of food, there are so many different kinds of jerky out there to choose from, offering a lot of creative ways to make a fun snack.

Why this Rocks

People love beef jerky.

It’s a simple treat, easy to make, and definitely offers a lot of fun, creative means to really get people excited.

You can try different recipes with this too, and it also is a good snack food for those on the go.


14. Berries and Fruits

Again, if you like to grow these foods, have at it.

You can take those fruits and turn them into a profit, selling them at flea or farmer’s markets.

Why this Rocks

You’re already growing these bad boys, so why not turn a profit with this? It’s simple yet effective.


15. Beer

Beer is not a food, but it’s worth mentioning because this is a very profitable market.

You can usually make beer at home, and with these craft beers, you can sell them to others.

Why this Rocks

It’s simple, you can make it local or homemade, which does offer branding perks, and it even can come with unique packaging.

The only downside t this one is it’s sometimes hard, to begin with, and it takes more time than others.

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16 Hot Sauce

Hot sauce is another one like spices or herbs.

You can put this with a variety of different foods, and there’s a lot of benefits to be had.

Why this Rocks

You can be creative and make this really spicy.

You also can take advantage of branded packaging to help you stand out from the crowd with this one.


17. Coffee

Coffee is the nectar of the gods, and if you want to sell to others, it’s pretty easy.

You can pretty much make anything, and if you’re a barista, you definitely will benefit from this.

Why this Rocks

Coffee tastes good.

It’s bitter, but you can make it less bitter if you want.

This is a good way to put barista skills to the test.

It also offers branded packaging ideas.

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18. Ice Cream

Ice cream is a great dessert to sell, and it can be done in different styles, from yogurt to gelato to even sorbet and different custards.

Why this Rocks

It’s incredibly creative, and it’s also something that people like, even when it’s very cold outside.

If you’re creative and inventive, this is a great option.


19. Smoothies

Smoothies can be made with a variety of ingredients, including health-conscious types of ingredients, offering more creativity to those who sell them.

Why this Rocks

It’s simple.

You can do a lot with it, offering endless creative freedom.

But along with that, if you want to make healthy smoothies, you can do so with this too, offering some major benefits if that’s the type of business you want to run.


20. Pizza

Finally, we have pizza.

Pizza may seem simple, but it’s really good for you to consider as a business.

Why this Rocks

Simply put, the endless recipes.

There’s so much you can do with pizza that it offers boundless creativity, and that’s something a lot of younger entrepreneurs like.


Top Food Ideas to Make Money Selling FAQs


What’s the Best Food Item to Sell?

Usually, anything that’s good in a food truck or in a shop is good.

For example, baked goods, ice cream, and even small snacks are best to sell since there’s always a group wanting those.


How Can I Start My Food Business?

Ideally, you can do so by just figuring out which niche you want to be in, building the business, and beginning to sell from there.


What Are My Options for Food Business Places?

Your options usually involve both online and offline types.

For online, a website where you showcase the items, new recipes, and the like is good.

For offline, you can do a storefront or rent out space from another business to sell.

Alternatively, a new means to sell to others is food trucks, since you can drive them everywhere.

If you’re in a city that’s bustling with these, they’re a great food option if you’re looking to consider this.



If you want to sell foods, these are the 20 best foods to sell, and for each one, we offered the best ways to do so and why each of the rocks.

There are boundless options to choose from, so don’t think that you’re limited to one food type or another, but rather there’s a lot to choose from.

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