10If you want to know how to flip money, this article will come very handy. It reveals the very best ways anyone can flip money!

When it comes to the word flipping the individual may think of a variety of things or experiences.


First things first…

There are flip charts, back flips, and flipping a coin to name a few.

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Another prime example may have been the person’s first job in a fast-food restaurant. In the restaurant, they may have been working the counter and taking orders from customers.

Eventually, graduation may have taken them to the grill to cooking burgers. Their role was succinctly defined as flipping burgers. It simply meant that the employee worked the kitchen and cooked hamburgers. When one side of the burger was cooked it was then flipped over and then the other side of the burger was grilled.

Another instance of flipping food may be in regards to pancakes. The same process applies and this was known as flipping pancakes.

Flipping can also have a negative connotation. If a person changes their mind easily from one viewpoint to another is known as flip-flopping.


Importance of Flipping to Make Money

In addition to these flipping terms expressed, flipping can also be referred to as an opportunity to have extra income coming into the household.

A prime example of flipping for extra cash is the purchase of real estate.

Due to the success of the housing market flipping was when an individual would buy a home at a reduced cost, invests in that home through renovations, and then would sell that home at a greater price.

This was all accomplished over a short time. This is known as house flipping.

Advancing this financial investment process and realizing a return on “flipping” there are many options available to an individual today.

Some of those options can be an investment as little as pocket change or can be a more substantial amount.

Let us pick up the financial spatula and look into the world of flipping monetary pancakes.

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Don’t Flip Out

When it comes to an individual and their money, generally people are tight-fisted in clenching their hard-earned dollars.

However, it is important also to remember not to be afraid of considering the flipping of your money.

In essence, every day, for the most part, you flip your money over to other people for various goods and services.

Whenever you utilize your money to purchase goods or services, you are in essence flipping your money.

You’re turning your money over for something that is provided to you in return. Unfortunately, with these types of expenditures or non-investments, there is no return on your dollar; the flipped money is not invested but expended.

Also, caution needs to be expressed when it comes to money.

A cynical approach needs to be taken. We are reminded that a fool and their money are soon parted.

Therefore, the need to be wise and prudent when it comes to our financial resources is critical. This makes knowledge on personal finance very important.

The harsh reality is that there are people who want our money. For the most part, this is a legitimate aspect of commerce as people offer products to consumers and the consumers in turn give the makers of the product their money.

However, a simple check of one’s email or other social media platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram will reveal that various flipping scams try to entice the individual.

Have you ever recalled getting an unsolicited email from an individual who shares a story of opportunity? These are usually illegal and scam ways to make money.

They explain that they have won a significant amount of money but its disbursement has been tied up by government red tape.

They explain that if you are willing to send money to cut the red tape to release the money they promise a certain percentage of the jackpot to you.

This is the highest order of scams and in essence, is a negative flipping opportunity to get you to send money for a promised return.

Therefore, it is important that when discussing flipping investment opportunities and even things like Financial Intermediaries and other money related topics that you don’t flip out.

This article does not endorse or suggest that any of these potential flipping money options are to be entered into.

They are simply meant to provide further learning and provide potential strategies for the individual to incorporate to make their money work for them.


5 Best Ways to Flip Money Legally 


1. Can You Spare a Dime?

In the old days it was common for an individual who was down on their luck to take to the streets and try to get money from people.

The standard line was “hey buddy, can you spare a dime.”

Well, the era of this phrase is in a time gone by because the idea of getting a dime was in order to buy a cup of coffee.

Today we don’t often think of our spare change. This is because a vast majority of our transactions are done with plastic through credit cards or debit cards.

However, a great way to utilize spare change and flip money would be through some of the best and legit investment apps.

One of those apps is known as Acorns.

The basic premise of this investment strategy is that when purchases are made, it gives you the opportunity to round up your purchases to the nearest dollar.

For example, if you bought an item for $.75, you would round up the purchase to one dollar with that $.25 being invested by the Acorns app.

In fact, that is the hardest decision about the process is whether to round up the purchase or not because Acorns does the investment for you by picking the various stocks to start putting your spare change to work.

Perhaps it’s time to start flipping our coins and create a financial oak tree out of an acorn.

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2. Flippin’ Real Estate

Probably the granddaddy of flipping money and one of the more lucrative ways that work would involve the world of real estate.

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In a nutshell, a house flipper actually buys a piece of real estate or home that is on the market and then quickly resells the home at a net profit.

One of the ways that this can be accomplished is to buy homes in which the demand for house sales is low. That’s making money with Real Estate investment in a nutshell.

At a certain point in time, the owner of the home may want to sell their home that has been on the market for quite a while.

Most likely, if the home doesn’t sell in a fairly short time, the owner maybe willing to consider a bid that is quite lower than what they hope to realize.

If this perfect scenario is achieved, the house flipper can buy the home, add a few improvements and then resell the home at a higher cost.

Their work and improvements made will add to the resale value of the home, especially when expertly staged by a home stager.

Depending on the market, the financial process can be quite a windfall for the individual who successfully flips homes.

This option of flipping your money is a little bit more intense due to the fact that there are legal contracts to wade through.

Adding to this process is the work that is done by the individual to add those improvements to the home.

Although more labor intense, the payoff or financial reward is much greater than other flipping money opportunities.

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How to Flip Money


3. Shop till You Flip

For some people, the highlight of their Saturday morning is to scour their city’s neighborhoods looking for yard sales.

These make-shift retail stores can contain a treasure trove of items for purchase.

They are easily identified as demonstrated by treasure maps plastered on telephone poles or public informational signs directing the buyer in which direction to go on their treasure hunt.

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Mainly shoppers are looking for bargains but the possibilities of resale abound.

In actuality this is a great way to purchase items and flip them for money. All the shopper needs to do is go to these various neighborhood stores and browse around.

Who knows what may be for sale who knows what may catch your eyes with these items being offered for sale.

They are usable items that are part of the homeowner’s inventory. The owner wants to sell, make money and declutter their home.

Once these items are purchased at a negotiated price then the new owner can do whatever to fix up the purchased item with a little cleaning here and there and possibly a little repair work.

Once the tender loving care has been applied these items maybe presented to other people for resale.

One individual in our neighborhood actually walks around the city to get their exercise and while doing this is on the lookout for items that people have discarded as junk.

Sometimes adorning a front lawn is an item advertised as for “free.” The shop till you flip neighbor doesn’t need to be invited twice.

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The stories are impressive as rickety bikes have been restored and sold after being fixed up.

Or guitars which are restrung and refurbished are sold to a guitarist to strum out music once again.


4.  Flip and Kick Those Tires

Often, when people are in the market to purchase a car, there are a number of items on the checklist that they go through.

Of course they want to know how safe the vehicle is, what features the vehicle is equipped with, what color the inside and outside of the auto is, checking under the hood and delving into miles per tank of gas on the highway and in the city.

Additionally, no vehicle purchase or use of the vehicle would be complete unless one was to kick the tires.

This brings us to an opportunity to flip your car and earn some money. This is different from getting paid to drive your car around or even getting paid to put advertisements on your car.

Instead it can be accomplished by not selling your car but actually renting out your vehicle to others who only want to use transportation on a temporary basis.

Basic questions of insurance, driver safety information and liability would be major questions to ask and have answered before you hand over the keys.

Fortunately, there is a website to help facilitate this flipping money opportunity that is gaining traction. By logging on to Turo.com., the interested vehicle owner can delve into this option of renting out their vehicle.

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5. Flip Your Coins

Life seems to be going pretty good for you right now. Consequently, your thoughts of investing your hard-earned money to realize some better returns on that money are now part of your forward-thinking.

Good for you!

You can accomplish this by using standard savings vehicles such as a money market, savings account, etc.

However, you realize that the rate of return on these investments is minimal. Also, you want to begin the investment process but it seems like you have only a few coins or dollars at the end of the month to invest.

That doesn’t matter. The important thing is your desire to build a nest egg and make your money work for you.

You can do this and many vehicles provide this option to flip your money to earn a better return.

By wanting to do this you are more than halfway there and as it has been said, “Where there is a will, there is a way.”

With a little perseverance, strategy, and commitment, you can flip your money and possibly see your money grow.


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As this article has shown, there are indeed legit ways to flip money. Some of the ways have been included in this article.

Remember, it is also important to maintain a balance. You work for your hard for your money and you should make sure your money works for you.

Therefore, it is important to understand that when utilizing any methods to flip your money that caution and research are the operative words.

Generally, if it sounds too good to be true it usually is.

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