Looking to start flea market flipping from the ground up, or to improve how you currently sell at flea markets?

This article provides all the helpful information you might be looking for about making money selling at Flea Markets.

It looks how anyone can make money from flea market flipping, how it works, what to sell, where vendors buy their merchandise, and a lot more.

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Back to flea market flipping or selling, yes, you can make money selling at these markets.

The fact that there are many such markets almost everywhere nowadays means people are making money from them.

You can be one of those people too.

And instead of going into it without knowing important tips that can help you, reading this article puts you at an advantage.

This article shows you all you need to know, to help you make a success at it, even if you haven’t ever done any flipping or selling before.

It also shows you exactly how it works, what you can sell at these flea markets.

It also shows you exactly where vendors buy their merchandise, and a lot more.


What Is a Flea Market?

First things first, for the uninformed who doesn’t know what a a flea market is, it’s an outdoor or indoor market where used goods, collectibles, vintage products, antiques or cheap items are sold.

The people who sell at these markets are called flea market flippers or vendors.


What To Sell At Flea Markets To Make Money?

You can sell clothes, sell shoes, and even sell different varieties of wares at flea markets, such as:

  • Cooked foods
  • Farm produce
  • Farming equipment
  • Household items
  • Interior decorative items
  • Vintage clothes
  • ETC

Flea markets can take place at open spaces or they can be organized indoors. They can also be organized daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, or semi-annually.


What You Need To Get Started With Selling At Flea Markets To Make Money?

One great thing about this selling at flea markets remain the fact that you don’t need a lot of money to get started. You don’t even need any money at all, in most cases.

It’s a venture you can do in one weekend, that’s why some people call it a weekend business.

In terms of exactly how much you need, less than $50 is good enough.

You simply buy a folding table, which can be bought easily for less than $40 and a few plastic storage tubs for moving your products around and of course any vehicle just for carrying you and your products to and fro the flea markets.


Where Do Flea Market Flippers or Vendors Buy Their Merchandise?

Flea Markets

There are many places vendors buy the merchandise they offer for sale at these markets. Some of these include:

  • Other Flea Markets
  • Live Auctions
  • Estate Sales
  • Yard Sales
  • Thrift Stores
  • Online Classified sites like Craigslist
  • Online sources like Facebook Groups
  • Antique Pickers
  • Liquidations and Store Closings
  • ETC

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How To Flip or Sell At Flea Markets To Make Money?

There are techniques and strategies to implement if you want to get the best from selling at flea markets. These include:


1. Buy Items From One or More Flea Markets To Resell In Others

Yes, you can become a professional flipper by buying items from one or more flea market, yard sales, auctions, or thrift stores and reselling them in other flea markets for profit.

This is a simple buying and reselling strategy of business that also works great with making money at flea markets.

It works when you buy an item cheap, add your profit margin, then resell the same item at another flea market.

Many people use this method to sell merchandise at flea markets from year to year.

To succeed with this, it’s important to find out when sales on flea market would take place so you can strategize to buy and make money reselling at another.

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2. Buy Items From One or More Flea Markets At Lower Prices To Resell Online For A Profit

This is where you use the power and reach of the Internet to make more money than you spend buying from these offline sources.

flea market

You don’t even have to be an expert at selling online. You simply learn how to post the items online to make sales.

Many will buy from you because you have done the hard work of scouring through the flea markets to find items that they wouldn’t ordinarily find themselves.

You can even find best one day sales from other places to buy at low prices and resell at higher prices.

Some of the sites to list your items for sale include:

There are many other similar online marketplaces that you can use to resell items you bought from flea markets.

You can even find Facebook groups or similar online groups to resell items to within your locality.

I read once of someone even getting free makeup samples and other things online for free, and flipping them to others for extra money.

You don’t have to do that though, as it’s easy to buy items for really low online, to resell for a lot more…. thanks to successful flea market flipping.

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3. Buy and sell items that are “high quality and expensive”

buy and sell items at flea markets

To make real money selling at flea markets, you can master the art of finding and buying rare items that are of high quality.

Such items are easier to resell at higher prices than you bought them because everyone loves high quality stuff.

Although most items in a flea market are cheap, some could be sold at expensive prices if they are ‘high quality’ or made by expensive brands.

But of course, sometimes the most expensive items you can sell are those that are weird and vintage.

Such weird and vintage items might even help you make 1000 dollars fast, if done right.

So, take your time to search through the items on sale at different flea markets to look for durable and quality items.

You will do well looking specifically for those types of items that will appeal more to the taste of those who can and have the money to spend.

This can even be one of the jobs for stay at home moms looking to make extra money, even pregnant women who want jobs to make money.

Apart from stay at home moms, students looking for how to make money can also give this a try, in their free time.

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4. Practice good negotiation skills

businessman at flea market

Mastering the art of negotiation is very important if you want to make money buying and selling at flea markets.

Whether you are buying merchandise to resell or you are trying to sell your stock to an interested buyer at these markets, you should apply good negotiation skills.

How you bargain or negotiate would determine how much you will earn from each item, especially when haggling is allowed.

Read people and be polite when wrangling.

Also, ensure that your bargain covers your overhead cost.

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5. Be detailed in describing the items you are selling

You must be descriptive with the items you sell at flea markets.

State if any there are any damages, dents, scratches and scuffs, etc on any of the items you want to sell.

This helps to give your potential buyers all they need to make a buying decision. It also lets them know what benefits they would enjoy with the item, before they buy.

More so, it is significant that you are sincere about whatever else the buyers need to know, before they buy.

People would trust you for not making an item sound better than it is. And the more people trust you, the more likely they will come again to buy from you, or even refer others to buy from you.


6. Promote your merchandise using various methods

You should promote your flea market merchandise using various means.

Never rely only on foot traffic in the market because you could possibly have more competition.

Instead you should drive more customers to your booth or stall by advertising where you are and what items you have for sale.

Some of the ways to do this can include:

  • Offering coupons
  • Running classified ads
  • Printing and distributing flyers
  • Using community boards
  • Reaching out to people in churches
  • ETC

The more places you advertise your items for sale, the more people will find out about them and reach out to you to buy.

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7. Be creative to arouse curiosity

You should be creative to arouse curiosity of potential customers when selling at flea markets.

You could draw attention with things like:

  • Running special contests or competitions
  • Giving special and amazing discounts
  • Giving special bonuses
  • Giving free offers
  • Giving extras
  • ETC

Arousing the curiosity of passersby at flea markets can provide the opening you need to talk about your offer.

But of course you don’t want to be seen to irritate shoppers or appear aggressive, so moderation is the key word here.

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8. Be ready to Demonstrate

Some items require practical knowledge on how they work. You need to master how such products work.

Mastering how they work will make it easy to offer a demonstration if or when needed.

Your demonstration tactics should be easy, simple and instructive.

You can also apply the use of video demonstration to inform and entice people to buy your item or items.

Demonstration will bring clarity to the potential buyers mind, allowing many of them to buy more from you, than they would otherwise.


9. Offer a reliable customer service

You can make more money when selling your items at flea markets if you offer a reliable customer service.

You should treat customers well and open up opportunities for future transactions. One happy buyer can return and buy from you over and over again, or even refer others to buy from you.

That’s why you should always go the extra mile to assist them get what they want even if you run out of stock.

If you are known to always provide help and support before, during and after every transaction, many people will be glad to buy from you. And they won’t even care if your prices are higher than that of other vendors.

They can even decide to meet you again to buy more from you, even outside the particular flea market you first met them at.


10. Consider automated payments 

shopping at the flea markets

Potential customers may not always carry cash when shopping at the flea markets. You can take advantage of payment technology to make it easy for customers to pay for items they buy.

Consider using credit/debit card payment systems, mobile banking with smartphone applications.

Accepting cash and check for payment is good but you can expand your earning capacity accepting more methods of payments.

Thankfully there are easier ways of accepting credit card payments these days, even using your smartphone. The beauty with such solutions is that they can work even without electricity.


More Tips To Help You Make Good Money Selling or Flipping At Flea Markets 

  • Attend one or more more flea markets before thinking of getting involved in selling yourself
  • Learn from what other sellers have done, especially successfully, to replicate in yours
  • Go as far as talking to other sellers to hear directly from them on what works and what doesn’t

sell and make money at flea markets

  • Try your best to choose the right booth at the flea market you want to sell your stuff in
  • Get to your booth early to set things and display your merchandise in good time
  • If you can, it’s a good idea to shelter your booth, especially on hot or rainy days
  • You don’t have to always wait for passing traffic if you can use other means of driving traffic to your booth yourself from printing and distributing fliers, using social media, etc.



These have been ideas and tips to help you make money selling stuff at flea markets. Before you delve into this money making venture, you must ensure to do the necessary research of the market, the bestselling products, the legal requirements, etc.

Lastly, as I mentioned earlier, making money selling at flea markets mostly falls into how to make money offline, not online.

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