If you want to know how to become a Fitness model to make money, this article will prove very helpful.

It reveals the different ways you can become a Fitness model, the different ways you can make money and most importantly, some of the best modeling agencies that can help you get paid.

In fact, some of the modeling companies included in this article pay models from $40,000,  $70,000 to as much as $200,000 annually!

You will even learn of a fitness model who earns a staggering $2,111,778 per year!


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Why Should You Become a Fitness Model?

The fitness modeling industry is becoming increasingly popular and competitive. However, most people don’t know about fitness modeling or how to make money from being one.

Fitness models are making a kill on the front pages of magazines and signing lucrative deals with brands like Nike, Puma, and Adidas, making it a rewarding and lucrative industry.

As a result, every adult is hoping to become a fitness model someday.

Becoming a fitness model is similar to fashion modeling. Although you may have the aesthetic the industry requires and are excellent at snapping good workout photos, you must be ready to put in the effort it takes to become a fitness model.

Living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a good physique contributes greatly to physical growth and it is instrumental for people who want to become a professional fitness model.

This article will explain everything you need to know, including steps to become a fitness model and companies that pay fitness models or help them get paid.


10 Best Tips to Help You to Become a Fitness Model


1. Make Fitness Your Lifestyle

Fitness modeling is all about your body. The body of fitness models is significant.

Hence, to become a fitness model, you need to consistently work for your body to ensure that your body meets the ever-changing and daunting requirements of the fitness modeling industry.

Your body will be under a lot of pressure to be camera-ready; therefore, it’s essential you monitor your diet, workout consistently, and stop smoking.

You can’t cheat your body; what you give is what you get.


2. Know Your Attractive Features 

Fitness modeling isn’t just about your body shape; it’s equally important that you maintain a beautiful smile, glossy hair, and flawless skin at all times.

Since most of your pictures will end up on billboards, catalogs, and magazine adverts, you must dedicate a lot of time to physical looks by spending a good chunk of time in the gym.

Unlike runway models with easily attractable features, you need to work extra hard to look healthy and friendly to attract a broader consumer base.


2. Know the Importance of Nutrition 

According to a cliché, “you are what you eat.” The same goes for the shape of your body.

Nutrition plays a huge part in how you look, and it’s crucial to maintain a good body structure to stay at the top of your game.

Plan your meal and control your diet. Watch the calories you consume and make sure it complements your current fitness goal.

However, in an attempt to maintain good shape, don’t cut nutrients when you cut calories. This could result in a severe health complication

  • Watch your body fat, weight, and strength gains
  • Consume more protein and carbs
  • Reducing calories gradually when burning fat


4. Do Your Research

You must do extensive research to understand the industry’s requirements and adapt fully to bring your dream to fruition.

Start by reading fitness-related articles that talk about lifestyles workout and top fitness models in the industry.

Nothing is stopping you from dreaming big. Aspire to become a top model by reading and following what you’ve read.

  • Do your research
  • Ensure you strictly follow through with the result of your research
  • Seek professional help with complicated aspects.

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5. Get an Agent

Getting a good agent will help you create a long-lasting career and increase your potential earnings.

Your race to the top wouldn’t happen by chance. It takes dedication, commitment, and, very importantly, the services of a good agent that will introduce you to high-end sports clients.

Modeling agencies are always looking for new talents; you just have to talk to the right people or use google.


6. Participate in Fitness Competitions

Model agencies organize fitness competitions from time to time to scout for new models.

Participating in these competitions is one of the fasted ways to be reach the spotlight in the industry.

Enter fitness competitions to establish yourself and connect with the fitness community.

Within the framework of the completion, you will meet vendors, photographers, and coaches.


7. Have Body Awareness and Confidence

Be confident in your body size, and shape. Your confidence has a way of making you look like a pro even when you are not.

Take pictures with friends and be receptive to criticism as you work on your poses and angles. Your hard work will show in your photos and help you get high-paying gigs.

Overall, the most important quality of fitness modeling is to always be yourself. Don’t feel intimidated by others.

Identify your weakness and work on them. You are unique, and the more you play to your uniqueness, the better you’ll become.

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8. Get a Professional Trainer

There’s no limit to what you will achieve when you are receptive to learning from an experienced trainer.

Since you are just starting, it’s crucial you seek the services of a professional trainer with years of experience in your niche.

You can only achieve so much on your own; a trainer can help you achieve career goals quickly.

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9. Pick a Niche

The fitness model industry is a big pie with a lot of niches within your reach.

This is an excellent time for additional research to figure out what type of fitness modeling you desire.

Some model as bodybuilders; some work within the yoga space, while others advocate healthy living through diet.

Although these niches are interwoven, they are different, and all you have to do is to:

  1. Do your research
  2. Pick a niche
  3. Adjust your lifestyle to suit your desired niche within the industry.


10. Define Your brand

Understanding your brand makes you stand out from the crowd and defines your mission and vision as a fitness model.

Perhaps your brand can be built on the different life trajectories that inspired you into fitness modeling.

It’s important you understand your brand and what you represent in the industry; this gives you a clear mission and makes you move faster without distractions.


Fitness Model


10 Best Modeling Agencies That Pay Or Help Fitness Models Get Paid


1. TRUE Models

TRUE is a model management company located in New York and founded by Dale Noelle to bridge the gap between clients and models across the fashion industry.

TRUE represents all models and embraces a vast network of clients that provides lucrative deals for fitness models.

In addition, TRUE provides services in production fitting, showroom, talent representation, runway, trade show, career guidance, and commercial talent assignments to models and works with many diverse groups to support their careers.

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Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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2. IMG Models

IMG is recognized and ranked by IMDB as one of the best in television and film management in the country.

The headquarters of IMG is located in New York; however, its associate companies are located across North America, Europe, and Asia.

These associate companies’ strategic and geographic location gives their models a wider reach and opens up market opportunities worldwide.

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3. State Management Company

The State management company is a model management company founded in 2015 to provide modern alternatives that involve a progressive, holistic and personalized approach to the rapidly evolving fitness model industry.

The State management company offers a broad collection of trained talent to promote and represent brands.

State management supports and helps fitness models make money through support, connection and teamwork.

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4. Naturally Fit Agency Texas & Los Angeles

Naturally Fit agency boast of one of the top directors in the industry, like Annette Dominguez O-Hair.

They pride themselves on an uncanny ability to recognize and develop talent while also putting fitness models on the fast track to work with powerful brands like Nike and Neiman Marcus.

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5. Sports and Lifestyle Unlimited Models & Talent 

Through its strong working and professional relationships with other agencies, production companies, and casting directors globally, this company provides endless modeling opportunities that range from TV commercials to print fitting and motion capture to its models.

The possibilities are endless with Sport and Lifestyle companies.

Click here to check out Sports and Lifestyle Unlimited Models & Talent 


6. Stetts Model Management New York, NY

Stetts is a talent-oriented company that provides support for industry talents.

The management team has been able to stay abreast in the entertainment industry and command respect in the model and talent development division; by training their models on how to fit a garment and handle different picture postures.

Click here to check out Stetts Model Management New York, NY


7. Silver Models New York, NY

The company went through a rebranding and was acquired in 2017 by the BMG Network.

Since its acquisition, the BMG group has helped navigate the company by putting sports models and athletes on commercial print adverts, Billboard adverts, Editorial, TV, and feature films.

The management team has achieved such a huge feat in a short period.


8. Wilhelmina Models

Wilhelmina is one of the oldest talent management agencies in the world. She was founded in 1967 by Dutch supermodel Wilhelmina Cooper.

Wilhelmina has continued to evolve to embrace the latest practice in the industry while also setting the pace with its reach.

Over time, Wilhelmina Models has earned its respect as an agency that offers full-spectrum model management for all.

Click here to check out Wilhelmina Models


9. Reel Athletes 

Over the last decade, Reel Athletes has established itself as a force in the entertainment industry by representing top athletes, sports and fitness models, actors, and fashion models.

Reel athletes are full-service talent agencies specialized in trade shows, print work, runway, commercials, film, and television worldwide.

Click here to check out Reel Athletes 


10. The Society Management New York

The Society company is an offshoot of Elite World and has been in the industry since 2013.

Society management has consistently represented a long list of professional models that project brands’ image and their creative partners through production, branding, advertising, and marketing.

They offer excellent services to their clients without compromising on their parent company’s values of integrity, honesty, respect, and professional service.

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How to Become a Fitness Model for Nike

When clients, especially huge powerhouses like Nike, are selecting fitness models to represent their brand, they lookout for the following.


Powerhouses like Nike tend to select fitness models or personal trainers who do yoga 4-5 days a week.

Endurance and strength

A fitness shoot can last for 4-6 hours or a full day, and they expect their models to be active for at least half of these hours.

Good physique

It is essential to maintain an excellent shape to project your flat stomach and abs.


Other Creative Ways to Make Money as a Male or Female Fitness Model


Selling meal plans

You can make money by writing about several fitness industry meal plans and selling them for a reasonable price.

Selling Fitness Products

More people prefer to work out from home due to their really busy schedules. You could sell them a Fitness tracker, Jump ropes, Foam rollers, and Pre-workout supplements.

Fitness Writing

You could also create a blog and make money through advertisement, brand partnership, paid membership, and affiliated marketing


Making Money With Fitness Modeling Apps

It’s exciting to know that you can get paid for exercising. Fitness apps are one of the easiest side hustles you can take on.

Listed below are some apps that pay you to work out.

  • Sweatcoin
  • Achievement
  • Charity Miles
  • Lympo


Fitness Modeling FAQ


How Much Do Fitness Models Get Paid?

Fitness models get paid based on gigs. Therefore, popular and busy models tend to earn more than their less active colleagues.

However, depending on the model’s schedule and the negotiation power of his/her agent.

Most fitness models will make around $40,000,  $70,000 to as much as $200,000 annually.


Who Is the Highest-paid Fitness Model?

Chloe Ting is the highest-paid fitness model.

She has over 19 million followers on her various social media platforms and earns $19,997 per post.

She is estimated to earn over $2,111,778 per year.


How Do I Become a Fitness Model?

Most fitness modeling agencies lookout for fairly tall, lean, and fit body types with curved muscle tone.

They also look out for models with great skin, a healthy glow, shiny hair, and a friendly smile.



This article contains some of the most important steps and information to help you launch your career as a fitness model.

It’s vital you follow the steps above and work with some of the listed companies to get paid while actualizing your dream.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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