First Five Things to Do When Starting an Online Business


The internet is loaded with tips for starting an online business – some of them great and some of them recycled and out of date. How do you, as a startup online business owner, know which things will help you learn the tricks that have made so many people filthy rich by building a successful business online?

First Five Things to Do When Starting an Online Business

Starting an online business is like science rocket for some because there are many things to consider. Even if you have the funds but do not have the right mindset, most likely you will fail. This makes sense of knowing the right process or sequence that will help you to succeed. Here are first five things that you mostly can consider when you start your online business:

Finding a need

If you are planning of starting an online business you should find first your target market before looking for the product that you want to market. This means that you should identify your target audience that will be using your products or services. Through the help of the World Wide Web you can find ideas thus making your search narrower. It also entails finding the keywords that most people search, but fewer competitors. It is also important to check the sites of your competitors so that you will know what they offer.

Writing Your Sales copy

As soon as you start planning for your online business, you should also consider writing down a sales formula that will drive visitors to buy your products or get your services. Creating a compelling headline can arouse the interest of the visitors. You should also let your visitors know how your product can answer their needs and make sure to create your credibility so that visitors will be convinced to buy your products. Making a strong guarantee can give positive impression.

Designing and building a website

After identifying your product and target market, the next step that you should do is creating your website. Make sure to create a website that suits to your business. Keep in mind that the website is the front liner of your business that is why it is important making it user-friendly.  If you do not have knowledge in creating a website the best thing to do is to hire a professional to do the job for you. This way you can ensure of having a website with professional look.

Promoting and Advertising

Effective advertising is important in order to drive target buyers to your site. You can use the search engines in driving traffic and this can be done through PPC advertising. This advertising strategy can make your site appear on the pages of the search engine and to test various keywords, selling approaches, prices and headlines.

Establish credible reputation

Most people nowadays are using the internet in finding information. That is why it is important to provide credible and useful information so that you can attract more traffic and eventually higher ranking in the search engine. All you have to do is to include a link in the information that you provide in your website.

When starting an online business it is essential to make your customers as the primary consideration. Likewise, you should also identify those loyal customers and give them rewards. Although the internet and the technology are changing, yet the techniques on starting an online business still remains the same.


  1. Hi Omar,

    You are right about these being among the first things to do when starting an online business but I think most readers would prefer reading a bit more detail about each of them.

    Either more details on each of them or at least links to more detailed articles about each of the five things you mentioned.

    That nonetheless, thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Omar,

    You are right, knowing the target audience, creating sales copy, designing the website, promoting the business and establishing credible reputation are first five things to when starting an online business.

    For the newbie, these tips would come handy, and for the expert, these tips would be built upon.

    Starting an online business requires plan and it is important to follow the steps!

  3. Hi Omar,

    It is interesting having to read about the first five things to do when it comes to starting an online business.

    Indeed, these tips are hands-on and they would be helpful to newbies who want success at creating and promoting content online.

    However, the bottom line of every step to be taken would be to appeal to the needs of target audience.

    • Hello Celine,

      Thanks a lot for stopping at here and leave your thoughts.

      Yes, starting a business whether online or offline starts and ends with the better knowing the needs of our audience and the ability to produce or provide standing products/service to solve their problems.

      My warms,

  4. Hi Omar,

    When starting a new online business, research is necessary on who the target audience and what he wants.

    If there is a well defined objective of meeting the needs of the audience then it would be easier venturing into the right niche, the right technical skill and the right promotion.

    So, a good knowledge of the audience should guide the individual on how best to become successful online.

  5. Good morning Omar,

    I liked how you started your post “some of them great and some of them recycled and out of date” <– It rhymes LOL

    I agree, that if you're starting a business it can seem like rocket science and it may even become overwhelming to some, but you have pointed people in the right direction with these 5 steps.

    Although, I'm not sure I would ALWAYS agree with finding your target market first before your product. Some people may already have their own product or an idea in mind, so from there, they would have to find their market second.
    Marie Yovcheva recently posted…Inspiring Quotes To Motivate Your Entrepreneurial SpiritMy Profile

    • Hello Marie,

      If you have already your own products/services, you have already started your online business because you are supposed to find, identify and analyze your target audience and create products that solve their problem.

      In case you want to start your business on the internet from scratch, then it`s better to start with finding a need and produce products that serve this need.

      Thanks Marie for giving your thoughts here, that`s what pushing me forward.

      All my best,
      Omar Saady

  6. Hi Omar,

    Yeah, that’s right! If you can do these tips, then you do not have to worry about starting an online business. Everything you need is here in this article.

    Yes, target audience is crucial. In any business, you must know who your target audience. It will make your business become more focused. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice day!

    Nanda Rahmanius recently posted…30 Days Using Instagram: What I LearnedMy Profile

  7. Hey Omar,

    I think finding a need surpasses all other things and developing the capacity to meet that need online should follow.

    It is one thing to build a website and it is another thing to build a business around a website.

    To ensure success with online business there must be the capacity to create and deliver value to the target audience.

    You are right about these five things to do when starting an online business. Hopefully, new comer to the game will find them useful!

  8. Hi Omar,

    An online business is not something to be delved into if one needs results! The place of goal setting and planning is important before anything else.

    If there is a clear cut goal or objective of what the business intends to achieve then all other things will follow.

    So, I urge that goals be set and plans be made for content creation, content promotion and value delivery!

    • Hey James,

      All right, Setting goals and putting a solid action plan is must-do before doing anything on our lives.

      Specifically when it comes to do internet marketing business, we should focus on content creation, content promotion and value delivery!


  9. Hi Omar,

    It is revealing for beginners to know that an online business is something worth starting.

    If this be the case, then it would also make sense to do what is necessary to achieve good success.

    Basically, the core tasks of businesses should be to identify needs and providing the capacity to fulfill those needs.

    Since service delivery is going to be implemented via online, it becomes necessary to gather all necessary resources for achieving it!

    • Hello Paul,

      Yes Paul, Starting an online business starts and ends with identifying needs and fulfilling those needs. In other words, it starts and ends with how to find hot niche markets and create quality products to solve their problems.

      Thanks so much for stopping by here and leave your thoughts, that`s always what keep me going.


  10. Hey Omar,

    The five things to do when starting an online business you have explained in this post are in order.

    One must embrace the fact that if proper foundation is laid there would be good success with online business.

    However, whatever that is to be done when starting an online business must be geared towards meeting the needs of the audience!

    • Hello Amit,

      Thanks for leaving a comment here,

      Yes you`re totally right, the most important thing for starting a successful online business is having a solid plan and stable foundation.

      Also we should identify the needs of our audience properly so that we can start our business wisely.

      Thanks again

  11. Hi Omar,

    One thing I must mention is that before any success is expected or achieved with online business, there must be passion.

    Passion is the strong desire and likeness for the niche in question. Without passion, the online marketer would easily be discouraged with challenges.

    A highly passionate online marketer would keep going and keep taking massive action even when the odds are working against him!

  12. Hello Winford,

    Nice to hear from you friend

    Just Starting an online business is so easy, however it’s infinitely more difficult to grow and sustain it.

    When you face challenges and fall on some hard times (and it always does), it’s your passion and commitment that ultimately get the business through the other side.

    Thanks so much Winford

    Omar Saady

  13. Finding a profitable and one that is not too saturated is probably one of the most important things when it comes to you selling a product or service. When you find the right niche, most of the hard work is already done. Now you have to market your product. I think this is where the sales copy comes in handy. With these two things and website, you can make a very successful business. Great post!
    Lawrence Berry recently posted…A Beginners’ Guide to Calisthenics TrainingMy Profile

    • Hello Lawrence Berry ,

      Nice to see you here commenting on my post,

      Yes, you are alright, Finding a profitable niche and not saturated is one of the most essential things when it comes to sell a product or service.

      And as you said that sales copy comes later after you find the right niche marketing and create valuable products for its audience.

      Thanks again Lawrence


  14. Hi Omar,

    that’s a great list of things to know when starting an online business! I absolutely agree with all of them, especially with what you say on writing copies for products.

    I meet a lot of online stores, for example, where the descriptions of the products are so boring that the desire to buy something is just disappearing.

    That’s why it is really important to present your product in a “tasty” way. You also mentioned that “you should also let your visitors know how your product can answer their needs”, and it is so true! Highlighting how the product can solve my problem will definitely make me think that I really need it.
    Krystsina recently posted…33 Finance Expert Tips for Millennial EntrepreneursMy Profile

    • Hello Krystsina,

      Thanks for your awesome contribution on my post.

      Writing sales copies is one of the most important factor to sell your products or service online, since you can`t meet your costumers face to face you have to write convincing sales copy that highlight your products features.

      Thanks again Krystsina


  15. Hello, Omar
    Totally agree with the items, concerning ads. Nowadays more and more people prefer shopping online and social media are part and parcel of any online business. Thank you for such an informative article.
    Keep forward)

  16. Hello Omar,

    All five of these steps you’ve outlined are critical and effective to starting your business. This will get anyone that’s new at running a business up on their feet and in the right direction. A newbie can follow these easy steps and in no time be up and running.