If you want to know all about the finding money on the ground superstition, this article is definitely going to prove very helpful.

It reveals all there is to know about this finding money superstition, the spiritual meaning and a lot more you need to know.


Importance of Finding Money

There are a number of circumstances in our life that can happen, and we are told what to do or how to respond.

Some of these superstitions may be true or not. However, if we don’t respond appropriately, we will be tempting fate.

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For example, we are instructed that if we waste salt, then sorrow would soon follow. In order to avert that sorrow in our lives, we are told to toss some salt over the appropriate shoulder.

Another activity that we were cautioned to avoid was to not walk beneath a ladder, have a black cat cross our path, or if we had the misfortune of breaking a mirror, then 7 years of bad luck would follow.

Perhaps these sayings can be labeled as superstition or perhaps there is some spiritual significance to them.

Therefore, maybe a quick look at the origins of finding money on the ground and possible meanings may be indicated.


Personal Story of Finding Money on the Ground

It’s funny how these things stick with you. For example, whenever I see a penny on the ground, a little rhyme automatically scrolls across my mind like a marquee banner.

That saying? “Find a penny, pick it up and all the day you’ll have good luck.”

The other interesting feature of finding a penny on the ground is sometimes I will walk past that penny and not pick it up.

But then I’m haunted by the possibility that perhaps it is a good luck indicator, and that maybe more money will come my way or be found.

So, I head back and pick up the penny in hopes that all will be well and that I will have good luck.


6 Spiritual Meanings of Finding Money on the Ground


1. Communication from Beyond

Some believe that finding money on the ground is an indicator that the individual is being communicated with.

The message being conveyed by the spirits and angels surrounding mortals is that the finder of money on the ground is worthy.

In other words, the message from the spiritual world is that the individual finding valuable money is valuable in this world and the world unseen.


2. The Universe Has Plans

One of the indicators of finding money on the ground is that the universe is trying to communicate with the individual.

Regardless of the amount or the value of the coin that is found, the universe is trying to communicate to that individual.

The message is that they are on the right path, and not to change the path that they are on because it is a path of good fortune and success.


3. Good luck

Money, in addition to being able to buy items, has a variety of attributes associated with it. Those attributes include power and value.

According to Chinese culture, money also symbolizes luck.

Therefore, if an individual finds money on the ground, that is an indicator of being lucky or that good luck is on its way.

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4. Power

There are beliefs that everything in this world has an energy that is attached to it.

Because money is exchanged for services and goods, it passes from one individual to another individual.

Therefore, each time money touches an individual, their energy is imparted to that item or in this case those coins.

Hence, the money that is found has been most likely been in the possession of a number of people.

Therefore, the energy from that coin and the energy from individuals who touched that coin now become part of the energy of the individual who has found the money or coins.


5. Money Follows Money

Also, finding money on the ground has the possibility of attracting more money.

The premise is that money follows the money and that when one finds money then more money will follow.

It is believed that money has a magnetic quality to it and therefore finding the money will attract other items of fortune.


6. Reminder of Deceased Loved Ones

To some, finding money on the ground is an indication that those that have gone on to their eternal reward are trying to communicate with those loved ones that are still in this world.

Therefore, many believe that finding money on the ground is a way that our loved ones are communicating with us from beyond this present life.

The conveyed message is that these deceased loved ones are sharing with the individual who finds the money on the ground that they are loved and valued.

One may rightfully ask if the deceased loved ones are expressing their love to us why is it that we do not find in $20 or $100 bills?

The answer may be that because coins are made of metallic substances. As such, metal has a greater survivability rate than does paper money.

Also, it may be because coins are reflective and therefore are more noticeable than the paper currency that is on the ground.


Spiritual Meaning of Finding Quarters, Pennies or Coins on the Ground

In addition to the meaning and value of the coins found, the particular denomination of the coin has symbolic relevance.

For example, if one finds a dime this represents the number 10. The number 10 in spiritual symbolism is denoted as the awakening number.

Finding a dime further solidifies the spiritual thinking that the spirits are on that individual’s side and things will work out.

Some believe that finding a penny on the ground heralds a new beginning. This is due to the fact that the penny represents the number 1.

In numerology, this is known as the angel number.

One is also the symbol of self-determination and independence.

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Added to the dynamics of finding a penny is whether the penny is found heads-up or heads down.

A penny that is found with the heads up means that it is symbolic that the individual finding the coin will be presented with new beginnings and positive change awaits on the horizon.

On the other hand, if the penny is facing tails up, the belief or superstition is that the penny should be left alone.

This is because a tails-up penny is an indicator of bad luck coming one’s way.

If an individual finds a dime, that number represents, in numerology, the number 1 (1+0).

It is thought that the spirit guides are trying to communicate and encourage individuals to release any negative thoughts from their minds.


4 Possible Individual Responses on Finding Money on the Ground


1. Did You Notice?

One of the options, when an individual comes across money on the ground, is that they don’t even notice.

This means that they might see some small denominational coins on the ground and don’t even give it the time of day.

Generally, people who see pennies or nickels on the ground don’t think it’s worth the effort in stopping and picking them up.

The implications of ignoring money on the ground are twofold.

It is an action that represents not only that interaction at that particular point in time with the coin but in their overall reaction to events that might be considered as bringing abundance.

Consequently, this is a valuable insight to an individual in that it reflects their overall attitude towards being open to what the universe and abundance have to offer to them.



2. Did You Ignore?

Another option that an individual might take is if they see the money, they may just simply ignore it.

Once again, this is an indicator of one’s attitude towards the universe offering them abundance.

Often, people that ignore coins on the ground do not perceive these incidents as reflections of wealth or significant enough to do anything about it.

However, if an individual saw a dollar bill or other paper currency, they would most likely pick that money up.

This ignoring of coins is a reflection of their attitude as it relates to money and abundance


3. Did You Notice, And Pocket

The third response of an individual coming across coins on the ground can be that they not only know the value of money, but they stop and pick it up.

These individuals believe that money is money regardless of the denomination or the amount.

Generally, an individual feels fortunate and lucky that they came across this money.

Unfortunately, an indicator of an individual who stops and picks up money is that they may see or believe that money is limited in its availability.

These individuals have a mantra that a penny saved is a penny earned.

Often, these individuals have a mindset of believing that money is scarce, and they better grab what they can.


4. You Notice, Picked It Up, and Recognized the Abundance

The final response of an individual is that not only do they notice and pick up the money, but they acknowledge the abundance of receiving money in that particular situation.

These individuals when they come across money on the ground will not only take the time to stop and pick it up, but in doing so they always express an attitude of giving thanks for their windfall.

These individuals have an attitude that they believe money is a source of energy.

When that energy comes across their path such as a coin on the ground, they recognize that energy and its reflection of abundance in an individual’s life.

When an individual gives thanks then the flow of abundance is even greater in that person’s life.

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Finding Money FAQs


Can I Keep Money That I Find on the Ground?

The actual laws indicate that an individual who finds money, especially large amounts of money, (hundred dollars or more) should turn that money over to the local authorities.

If no one claims that money after a certain time period, then the police can give that money to the individual who found it.

Different communities have different laws on the books.


What Is the Spiritual Meaning if I Find a Dollar Bill on the Ground?

The meaning of finding a dollar bill is just the same as when other coins or money are found.

It is an indicator that your spiritual guides and mentors and angels are cheering you on. It is also an indication that you are on the correct pathway that you have chosen in life.

According to those that are wise in these ways, it is important to be aware of what the individual is thinking, ponder the money that you have found, and match all this and what is going on in one’s life.



The next time you happen to come across some coins or other money on the ground, rather than picking it up immediately or walking on by and ignoring it, take it at the moment.

Specifically, stop and think about what you are thinking about.

If it happens to be a loved one in your life, then just perhaps, that loved one is communicating with you.

Or, if an individual is concerned about finances and how they will meet their obligations, then finding this money might be the universe speaking to that person in regards to their worth and that abundance is on the way.

Of course, there may be some reality to all of this, or it just may be mere superstition.

We live in a world where science is stronger than superstition and facts are sometimes more powerful than fiction.

However, just perhaps there may be a little truth mixed in with all of these events that may happen in our lives.

The undisputed full reality is, however, that if you come across a penny or other assorted pieces of monetary change, you are that much richer as to what you have found.

Consequently, that was a stroke of good fortune or good luck because you have become a penny or wealthier.

Give thanks!

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