Are you a woman looking to gain financial independence and hit those goals?

As a woman, it’s important to set up financial independence.

Here, we’ll discuss how to set it up, along with 30 helpful tips to get you started.


What Does it Mean for Financial Independence for Women?

This means that you’re not relying on other people.

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Remember, financial independence can mean a billion different things, depending upon what matters to you.

The gist of it is that a woman is able to support her financial goals and continue to accomplish them.

Sometimes, that’s not working, other times it means working to the point where you’re hitting those goals, but not sitting there looming over them.

Right now, most people are not financially independent.

They’re barely holding on, barely able to catch their breath, and it can be stressful.

That’s why for women, it’s vital to be independent.


Why It Matters for Woman

Financial independence is great for anyone, but for women, it’s absolutely vital.

Remember that relationships are equal, and for women, which means you should have an independence that’s not based on your partner.

This also keeps you safe, especially if there is a chance that he’s not so good, and you need a divorce, or to breakup.

It also keeps you abreast of the financial decisions that you make.

That’s why it’s so important, so you can help yourself, and also help other people too.


30 Tips to Help Attain Financial Independence for Women

Here are 30 tips that change the game and allow women to achieve financial independence.


1. Become Aware of Spending

Do you spend a lot of money on excess things? Do you love to eat out or get Starbucks every single morning.

While it’s not going to afford a down payment on a house, noticing that you’re spending that, and adjusting your money so that you have a little more can help you spend wisely.


2. Break Down the Expenses

Start to put together a budget.

Look at what you’re going to make, and the expenditures that you have.

There are tons of apps that allow you to do this.

It’s important to become aware of where the money is going, and look at the expenses, so that you can cut them down, and put them towards investments and other things.


3. Stop Spending More Than What’s Earned

In our day and age, we spend a lot of time with our credit cards.

Which is great and all, but it puts us into a big financial rut.

Credit card debt can hold you back from so much, and sometimes, if you’re constantly putting yourself into debt.

If you find that you’re spending more than what you have, look at what can be cut.


4. Don’t Be Afraid to Cut the Little Things

A daily coffee routine, a subscription service, movie theater trips, those little things add up.

You might not realize it, but that energy drink you’re buying adds up.

Start to cut the costs and start to get rid of the little things to save up and start on your future.


5. Start Building Investments

Most women don’t even realize that they’re missing out on investing.

Many times, investing in the stock market can be scary.

But they offer results that are fast, and in as little as three years, you can see growth.

Go for low-risk portfolios, and while they won’t be as strong of results, they’re also much easier to manage, so you can start to grow.


6. Build Credit

While yes, credit card debt can be scary, building credit is really important.

Paying this off can build your credit score.

Sometimes, if you have a lot of credit that you pay off, it can lower, but as you start to settle out, it can definitely boost up in amounts over time.


7. Have an Emergency Fund

If you don’t have an emergency fund just yet, it’s very important that you do.

Usually, about 3-6 months of expenses is more than enough.

This is helpful especially when health problems come up, if you lose a job, or if there is an emergency.

Try to start building this, and it’s important to understand.


8. Figure Out the Financial Independence Number

This is a number that means that you’re actually truly independent.

This is vital for those ready to just stop working period, as this determines the dream number that you meet.

This can change, but usually, the annual expenses multiplied by 25 is the sweet spot.

That number sounds huge, right?

Well, when you start investing in the long-term, that number becomes far less scary.


9. Avoid the Lifestyle Inflation

What’s that?

Well have you ever gotten a bonus, and suddenly your current expenses can’t pay for it, or maybe you barely are scaping by despite expenses.

When you’re able to stop following the trends, stop the lifestyle changes and inflation, you’ll realize that you have way more money, and you can put all of that into retirement.

Sound cool, right?


10. Savings is the Game

Always make sure that savings is the first thing.

Before you pay yourself, pay the savings account first.

Always make sure that you’re saving money, and always make sure that you don’t forget to focus on that.


11. Paying Yourself Does Work

Yes, paying into retirement, savings, and all of that is good.

You have to be aggressive with this though, as this can be tempting to mess up.

You want to make sure that you keep less there, as it helps you stay on track, so you’re not wasting money.


12. Spend With Purpose

This is really important.

Next time you buy stuff, start to spend with purpose.

Do you really need that new dress? That new eyeliner? Probably not unless it’ll make or break you.


13. Only Buy Items That Are Worth It

This is another important one.

Next time you buy something, you have to assess the worth.

Is that new dress going to benefit you in the long term? Or do you already have a dress that works.

You probably don’t need twenty pairs of jeans.

This is really cool.

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Building mindful spending helps you stay on track.


14. Start to Plan for Retirement

Women tend to live a bit longer than men, and it’s important to make sure that you’re also planning for this.

That way, you’re not working during your golden years.

If you haven’t yet, start to plan.


15. If the Workplace Has a Retirement Account, Do This

If your workplace does have work-sponsored forms of accounts, this should be invested in.

HAS or 401(k) are vital.

Companies match this too, and you can make more money.


16. Consider Roth or Traditional IRAs

Be mindful of these that there are limits though.

They’re not ideal, but they can be good for investing and growing.


17. Change Your Mindset

Remember that financial independence will change you.

Make sure to focus on the mindset you have regarding how you handle money and start to be more mindful of the money you’re spending.


18. Work to Achieve Financial Literacy

If you’re not literate with your finances, that’s mistake number 1

If you don’t know investing and money terms, learn these today.

There are so many tutorials online that it’s easier than ever.

If you need help, there are people that can teach you the ins and outs too.


19. Use Apps to Help

If you’re bad at keeping up with budgets or hitting financial goals, there are apps that let you start to do this.

They’re simple, and made for people who aren’t super financially literate, so remember, if you’re doubtful about your ability to budget, consider these


20. Keep the Credit Utilization Low

Credit utilization is another word for how much credit that you use.

Good credit utilization is basically you don’t use it for a lot of debt.

The goal is 30% utilization.

So, let’s say you’ve got a credit limit of 10K.

the utilization that you should have should be 30%, or about 3K.

Remember to use this smartly to keep your credit scores nice and high.


21. Negotiate Salary

If you’re someone who is on a salary, you should consider negotiating this.

Remember, some people have bad salaries, and this can be a major problem for their ability to be truly financially free.

If needed, try to consider negotiating a bigger salary, and you should be respectful, and make sure to make it so that you have other offers et up.


22. Don’t Be Scared to Ask for Pay Raises

This is another one that a lot of us get worried about.

You never know, because some employers might pay more.

They might’ve been expecting, but it also may not be expected, so consider asking.

It can’t hurt you, right?

And of course it can really help with your multiplying money.


23. Max Out the Work 401(k)

If you have a work retirement plan, one way to take advantage of this, is to max it out.

This means that, when you retire, you get the max amount.

The way to get this is through HR, so consider possibly using this.


24. There Are Also Health Savings Account

Those with high deductible health plans can sometimes create a health savings account.  You can put up to $7300 in one of these.

This is a good way to also look at your money, how you spend it, and putting it in wiser locations.


25. Bolster Your Confidence

Did you know that you might be underselling due to confidence.

Start to be less insecure and become more knowledgeable.

As a woman, you can bolster this, and you’ll stop underselling yourself, and give yourself what you want.


26. Have a Good Support Network

Support networks are vital for women.

A good support network will help you get better positions, better pay, and more leadership.

Find those supportive friends and keep them close.


27. Consider a Side Hustle

While not for everyone, a side hustle is a good way to start boosting financial independence.

You’ll start to realize that side hustles can start to become real, passive income.

If you love real estate, side hustles in real estate can make you a great side income.

There’s a lot to be had with this and being financially independent does include good side hustles.

Check out some of the following side hustles for more ideas:


28. Share the Knowledge You Have

If you have knowledge that you normally don’t hear people discuss in the realm of finances, share this.

Obviously, don’t be annoying, but if someone asks for your two cents, or asks how you did it, then just tell them.

This is a great way to bolster people up, and it can build confidence for many people also working towards this.


29. Take Care of You

Another big thing is to understand that taking care of yourself is really important.

You have to understand that burnout is very real.

If you push yourself way too hard, you’re going to struggle.

Remember, it’s not the end of the world if you’ve got to take care of yourself during this, because it lets you be a better you!


30. Focus on the Future

Finally, make sure to focus on the future.

If you want to be competent at this, always make sure that you’ve got the future in mind.

You should save as much as you’re able to and set aside half of that every single month.

That way, with the future, you can grow, and you’ll be able to really shine.

The future is where you want o to go with this, and if needed, realign yourself so you are focused on the future as well.



For women, financial independence is key.

Try these tips today and see for yourself the benefits of this.

For a lot of people, financial independence is key, and this can as well be the answer you’ve been waiting for.

Try it today, start with these tips, and build the future of your dreams!

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