Wondering whether Feetify is a legit or scam site? Then you should absolutely read this review.

This is a comprehensive Feetify review which looks into facts about this platform for those who want to buy and sell pictures or videos of their feet online.


What is Feetify?

Feetify is easily the best and most active platform that connects buyers and sellers of feet pictures or videos. This platform has a huge database of feet pictures and videos from thousands of members who use this site.

Feetify is a social feet site where members connect, chat, and message friends who are either selling or buying feet pictures.

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Most users sign up with this website to buy the best feet images from the gorgeous females and males.

If you are interested in making money by selling feet pictures then you may have to consider signing up with Feetify.

Sellers enjoy good advantages selling their pictures on this site than on other websites.

Apart from making money from the customized feet pictures they sell, they also make money by receiving cash gifts from members who are pay to connect, chat, and message them.


Is Feetify Free?

Yes, it’s completely free to register as a model or buyer on Feetify. It’s also free to post pictures or videos on the site.

They have a premium version though, which allows models to get a lot more. Some of the benefits of becoming a premium member include:

  • You can get cash awards each month, if you are active
  • You can add an unlimited number of your feet pictures
  • You can add an unlimited number of your feet videos
  • Your pictures and/or videos won’t be deleted if/when others are
  • Your profile can be viewed by all buyers
  • Your feet pictures/videos can be viewed by all buyers
  • You can see and contact buyers directly
  • You can receive messages from all buyers
  • You can reply to all messages from all buyers
  • You can receive cash gifts from buyers


Is Feetify a Scam or Legit Site?

Feetify is definitely not a scam site. It’s a very legit site with over 150,000 active members.

If you have foot pictures and/or videos you want to sell then you may want to do this in one of the best feet websites out there.

While there are many places to sell feet pictures online, the very best and most active is Feetify.

This website offers better features, tools, and benefits than most other feet websites.

You should know also that Feetify truly PAYs sellers for just posting or sharing your feet pictures. Yes, this is no joke and you can read true testimonies from users.


How to Sell Feet Pictures on Feetify

There are steps you have to follow if you have beautiful feet pictures to sell on Feetify.

The steps are:

1. Join Feetify for free

You have to visit feetify.com and click on the “Let’s Get Started” or “Register” button to create an account.

Registration is completely free and so you don’t pay any money to become a seller.

On the registration page, you can enter the required details which are:

  • Your username
  • Your email address
  • Your password
  • Your birthday
  • Your gender
  • Your mission – which is to share and sell feet pictures or videos
  • Your city of residence
  • Your country
  • Your feet size
  • Confirmation of whether you are 18+ or not.

You will notice that “This field can be seen by Everyone” is set on most of the details you have shared.

After filling out the form, you can click on the “Sign Up” button to create an account.

After this, check your inbox for a confirmation link. CHECK YOUR SPAM/BULK folder after registering if you don’t see our email in your inbox.

After confirmation, you have joined and you can log in using your username and password to start selling your feet pictures.

2. Upload your feet pictures

You can start posting your foot pictures and videos so that interested buyers can see and buy them.

Make sure you share or upload the best beautiful pictures. Feetify has a rule that only high-quality photos must be uploaded.

Adhere to this, so you don’t get banned. You can customize the pictures and set a competitive price.

3. You get paid for your pictures

If your pictures get the attention of interested buyers, then you can connect with them and get paid.

You earn from the price you set. You can also earn when buyers pay to connect, chat, or message you.


What Kind of Feet Pictures Are Sold on Feetify?

If you check out the Feetify, you will discover different kinds are sold.

You can access the pictures of the complete leg with the foot, or you can view pictures that display only the feet.

You can even view celebrity feet pictures for free on Feetify.

Some pictures that models sell on Feetify include also the feet in footwear or accessories, while some others are just bare feet.

So, whatever is your preferred kind of foot picture, you may find what you want from some of the best feet selling websites.

Also, you should know that some feet pictures are sold along with videos. So, you now can combine audio-visual images for your needs.

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Can I Sell Feet Pictures on Feetify Even if They Are Ugly?

Yes, even if your feet are ugly, you can still sell your feet pictures on this platform.

Naturally, every foot is beautiful but you must always ensure you share and sell images of well-cared-for and hygienic feet.

The presentation of your feet is what matters and this can help you make a difference when you are selling the pictures of even the feet you consider ugly.


Who Can Sell Feet Pics on Feetify?

Just about anyone with feet pictures can sell feet pictures on this platform. However, the common sellers of feet pictures these days include:

  • Individuals with beautiful feet that want to share their pictures for others to see.
  • Feet fetishists that want to connect with other feet lovers and also make money in the process.
  • Photographers who have feet pictures as part of the pictures they are selling.
  • People who want to sell pictures as a side gig.
  • People who want to supplement their earnings by selling feet pictures to different people and across different platforms.
  • People who like the flexibility of working from home and using various photo-sharing apps and their smartphones to upload and sell feet pictures,
  • People who have a limited budget to establish a big business but would prefer the cost-effectiveness setting up a feet picture selling gig.

The list can go on and on.

Those who sell feet pictures are doing it for money. Some are also passionate about the idea of sharing the images of their feet with others.


How Much Money Can You Sell Feet Photos for on Feetify?

Feet pictures attract some money for the seller. The price of each feet picture is dependent on a lot of factors.

These include how much is set by the seller, the platform on which the feet picture is sold, the location of the seller and buyer, the quality of the images, the demand of the images, and how much commission the seller will pay the seller platform, etc.

However, in most cases, the average price range for a high-quality feet picture is from $5 to $1000+ per picture. Yes, you read it well $1000+.

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Why Feetify Is Best for Selling Feet Pictures

If you want to sell your feet pictures on the best feet website then you should definitely join Feetify.

One of the best interesting details about this site is that if buyers don’t pay you, Feetify will pay you as long as you for remaining active and posting and for posting high-quality feet pictures.

Feetify is one of the best websites for foot lovers. However, it offers many amazing features and tools that make it stand out from the rest.

That said, here are some of the reasons why Feetify is the best website for selling your feet pictures.

1. Feetify Is Free to Join

Feetify offers you free registration. You don’t pay any money to sign up or create a profile.

2. Creating an Account on Feetify Is Simple

Feetify is a simple website to browse and operate. The account creation process is simple and does not take a lot of time.

After clicking on the registration or sign up page, you can start to fill in the required details like:

  • Username
  • Email address
  • Choose a password
  • to confirm password

You then fill in the required profile details like Name, birthday, gender, your intentions (that is, to buy or sell feet pictures or videos), city, country, feet size, and age confirmation (that is, whether you are above 18+ or below 18+).

3. The Site Is Easy to Navigate

Feetify is designed in a way that allows you to sell feet pictures with ease. The pages are easy to navigate and the links are working are clickable.

The images are very clear and properly displayed.

4. Feetify Has Thousands of Members From Different Parts of the World

Feetify has thousands of members. This includes buyers and sellers.

As the time of writing this review, Feetify has over 150,000 members.

So, it becomes easier for you to share and sell your pics to a large number of potential buyers. Ultimately, you make more money this way.

5. There Is a Featured Page for Sellers to Promote Their Feet Pictures

Feetify has a featured page where sellers can promote their images or videos. On this page, you can add your description and pitch your pictures and videos to attract potential buyers.

The featured sellers’ page is also a place where buyers can connect with you, pay you, and give cash gifts, etc.

6. Sellers Can Access a Special Page to Contact Buyers

Feetify makes it possible for sellers to contact buyers. You can do this through the Featured Buyers page. Sellers cant checkout buyers have joined and are interested in paying money to chat and buy your customized feet pictures and/or videos.

7. Sellers Can Upgrade to a Flexible Premium Membership Plan

Feetify has a premium membership plan which allows both sellers and buyers to make the most of what they have.

As a seller, you can upgrade to the premium membership for $49 or $97 which allows you to enjoy benefits for a 5-month or 12-month period respectively.

You can upgrade cheaply and start getting access to tools that would make you sell to buyers profitably.

8. Sellers Enjoy Better Features With a Premium Membership

The premium membership allows the feet picture sellers to enjoy better services. You are provided with a special 20+ page welcome guide to help you get the best from contacting and selling your pictures or videos on this platform.

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9. Sellers Can Receive Cash Gifts From Buyers

Feetify allows buyers to gift cash to sellers. They can click on the “Dollar” sign under any seller to give them cash gifts.

10. Sellers Can Sell Customized Feet Pictures and Videos to Buyers

Feetify allows you to sell customized feet pictures or videos to buyers. These are your feet pictures or videos customized to suit the needs of the specific buyer.

11. Sellers’ Feet Pictures/videos Can Be Viewed by All Buyers

Feetify allows the feet pictures or videos from sellers to be viewed by all buyers. This is especially with the sellers who are premium membership.

If every potential buyer can view the picture you want to sell, then it means that you have more opportunities to make more money.

This is because the percentage of people who are likely to buy or complete your call to action will increase.

12. Sellers Get Increased Exposure When They Are Featured on Feetify Ads on Big Sites

Sellers of feet pictures or videos get increased exposure if they use Feetify.

They are featured on Feetify so they are easily accessible by potential buyers.

Besides, they can get more exposure when Feetify ads are displayed on big websites for promotion.

13. Sellers Are Paid by Feetify for Being the Most Active 

If you sell feet pictures via Feetify then you are paid for just being active on the platform. You may be wondering how this works, well, it is simple:

If no one buys your pictures or videos but you remain active and post high-quality pictures and /or videos in one month, then Feetify will reward you and other members with cash.

So, to qualify for this payment, you must remain active and post your best high-quality pictures every month.

Premium members who post high-quality pictures and/or videos every month are added automatically to the special “Featured Member” page to get paid.

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Feetify review


Benefits of Becoming a Premium Member on Feetify

Feetify is a platform where you can join for free. You only get limited benefits as a free seller member.

However, you can sell and earn more when you upgrade as a Feetify Premium Member.

You should become a premium seller with Feetify and enjoy the benefits highlighted on the “Upgrade to Premium Seller” Page:

  • Feetify PAYS the most active premium sellers every month who post the best quality feet pictures/videos if no buyer does!
  • You can add an unlimited number of your feet pictures
  • You can add an unlimited number of your feet videos
  • Your pictures and/or videos won’t be deleted if/when others are
  • Your profile can be viewed by all buyers
  • Your feet pictures/videos can be viewed by all buyers
  • You can see and contact buyers directly
  • You can receive messages from all buyers
  • You can reply to all messages from all buyers
  • You can receive cash gifts from buyers
  • You can sell your customized feet pictures to all buyers
  • You can sell your customized feet videos to all buyers
  • You can get your profile/pictures rotating as “featured” on the homepage
  • You can be among those “featured” on our ads on big sites, for increased exposure!
  • You get a much faster response from Feetify support team if/when they have questions or issues
  • And MOST IMPORTANTLY, Feetify REALLY PAYS the most active premium sellers every month who post their best quality feet pictures/videos, if no buyer does!

So, there are lots and lots of benefits when you decide to sell your feet pictures on the Feetify.

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Rules For Selling Feet Pictures on Feetify

If you want to sell feet pictures or videos through Feetify.com, then you must adhere strictly to their rules. If you don’t then you can be banned.

The following rules have been highlighted for users on the Rules to Members page:

  • You must be at least 18 years old to participate in Feetify.
  • Don’t use a fake profile picture of someone’s face or feet, claiming it as yours.
  • Don’t post fake feet pictures/videos of someone else, claiming them as yours.
  • Don’t post celebrity feet pictures/videos or those you find from other sites or Google, claiming them as yours.
  • Don’t post low-quality pictures/videos. The real money is in buyers giving you cash tips and buying your customized versions, so feel free to post high-quality pictures/videos.
  • Don’t post pictures/videos that are overly burred or overly water-marked. Again, the real money is in buyers giving you cash tips and buying your customized versions, so feel free to post high-quality pictures/videos.
  • Don’t post repulsive pictures/videos (yes, some members do). They will get removed and you could get banned.
  • Don’t post pictures/videos of minors or anyone below 18 years old.
  • Don’t mass-message other members, especially buyers.
  • Don’t harass other members, especially buyers.
  • Don’t post your email address, social media profiles, or payment details publicly. Instead, you should communicate with buyers by using the Feetify messaging system. Most importantly, we advise buyers to only buy or pay through Feetify payment system right here, to protect them from getting scammed. The same applies to sellers; to keep your privacy safe and to ensure you get paid by buyers.



As you have seen from this comprehensive Feetify review, it’s indeed a legit platform for buying and selling feet pics online.

It’s easily the best and most active platform for those interested in buying and selling pictures of feet on the Internet.

To get the best from this platform though, make sure you adhere to the site’s instructions and rules.

Upgrading to premium membership offers you a better opportunity to enjoy more benefits.