This article looks closely at extreme frugality and explains all you need to know about it.

In particular, it provides very helpful tips for those who want to live an extremely frugal life.

Being frugal is a lifestyle that aims to save money for some people. Extreme frugality should do much more.

After all, it is a form of frugality that has gone to an “extreme” or higher degree.

If you want to apply frugal living then you may want to consider the extreme form of it. Yes, with extreme frugality you can save more without comprising your lifestyle.

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14 Extreme Frugal Tips you need to know


1. Sell Anything You Don’t Need and are not using

To save a lot of money you can check through your home and sell anything you don’t need.

It could be your second car, furniture, kitchen appliances, electronics, and so on.

If you would not be needing any of these things in the nearest future then you should sell them.

This is an extreme frugal tip that would help you save from scratch.


2. Downsize your home

Another extreme frugal tip you should apply today is downsizing where you live.

You should consider living in a cheaper home if you can survive it.

There would be no point paying the rent for “extra” spaces in your home when you can save that money.

Being extremely frugal is about being a survivor and saving as much money as possible.

You should also sell your home for a smaller space if you have a mortgage.

Of course, how small the alternative would be and how much you are going to pay would be dependent on what is obtainable in your area.

Also, you should consider renting a room from your loved ones e.g. parents, siblings, friends, etc.


3. Stop you to Home Internet

You don’t need to retain the home internet subscription when you can do without it.

Instead of paying a huge amount of money to maintain the subscription, you should consider using only your mobile phone data to browse the Internet.

You will save a huge amount on your browsing bill if you also cut all browsing activity.

You can also unsubscribe from the online games and video streaming services that could be luring you to use the Internet.


4. Stop Using Most Electrical Appliances

Most home appliances require the use of energy and gas.

These cost money to run.

If you are going extremely frugal then reduce the type of home appliances you use in the home.

You can do away with the washing machine and use your hands to wash and dry your clothes.

Get read of the water heater and boil your water and food on the stove.

Any appliance that uses electricity should be reassessed to help you save some money on electricity costs.

If you can do without it then forget it to save money.

For instance, you can keep your fridge and freezer to prevent your food from spoiling.


5. Become obsessed with couponing

You can save a lot of money if you go extreme couponing.

In other words, to become extremely frugal, you should be using coupons for your shopping.

A coupon is a voucher or a negotiable certificate that can be detached and redeemed as needed.

They also come as digital and non-digital.

Each time you use a coupon for a specific product or service, you save more.

Some coupons will help you save up to 90% on the item you are buying.

Extreme couponing means that you go to extreme lengths to use coupons.

Some people will never buy any product if there is not coupon voucher associated with the item.

Extremely frugal people are obsessed with coupons.

They only shop and save with coupons.

And they only shop at retailers or websites where they can save huge with coupons and discount deals.

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6. Shop At Farmers Markets

You can become extremely frugal by shopping at the farmers’ markets.

These markets host sellers of farm produce.

They also host sellers of homemade crafts, clothes, furniture, and other items that people farmers can buy from.

You can save a lot of money buying vegetables and fruits at the farmers’ market.

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Most vendors will offer discount boxes of fruit and vegetables that are still fresh.

Instead of going to a grocery store to shop for your veggies and fruits, go to the nearest farmers’ market and get huge discounts on fresh foods you can still freeze in your home.

The best people to use farmers’ markets are those who prepare meals with fresh farm produce on daily basis.

If you operate a small restaurant, then you can save a lot of money using farmer’s markets to buy your ingredients.

This an extreme frugality tip you must not ignore.

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7. Eat The Same Menu

You apply extreme frugality when you eat the same food on the same menu.

Instead of changing your meals to something a bit delicious and expensive, eat the same set menu in the morning or at night.

As long as you get all your nutritional benefits from the same food, there would be no point switching to the costlier meal.

You will save a lot of money if you stick with the same food each morning or at night.

So, always cook budget-friendly meals and save a lot of money.


8. Cut Your Hair

You should consider cutting your hair instead of going to the hair salon to do the same.

is an extreme frugality tip that will save you money.

Do you know that you can spend hundreds of dollars every year on hair cut alone?

Yes, this is true but you can still save money by cutting them by yourself.

Of course you can always sell your hair for money online, if it’s long enough.

As for cutting your hair yourself, you can learn how to do this by watching some free tutorials on the Internet.

Similarly, if you have kids, you can cut their hair by yourself.

You are sure going to save a lot of money monthly and yearly if you embrace this option.


9. Make Your Laundry Detergent

You can practice extreme frugality if you make your laundry detergent.

You are going to save a lot of money if you wash frequently.

In case you don’t know how to make a detergent, check out the Internet to learn.

You can check out a lot of free videos in places like YouTube and learn how to make different types of detergent.

You can also check out some free ebooks on detergent making.


10. Get a Roommate to  save money

You can get a roommate and save the money you pay for rent.

If you live in your home alone consider getting a roommate and cut down the money you pay for rent.

Also, if you own the home then sign up with a platform like Airbnb to get a roommate.

This platform can help you connect with someone who needs a room where he or she can share with others.

You may end up not paying for rent if you have more than one roommate where you live.

This is another way to practice extreme frugality and one of the good reasons to save a lot of money.


11. Live in an RV

You can become extremely frugal by living in an RV.

This is a recreational vehicle that you can drive around.

Yes, many people live in RVs and save a lot of money.

These motorized wheeled vehicles will save you on the cost of traveling as well as on living costs.


12. Grow your Fruits and Veggies

Instead of spending money to buy fruits and vegetables that you need at home, consider the option of growing your fruits and veggies.

If your home has enough gardening space then utilize it to grow your foods.

You are extremely going to save money if you do.

More so, these an extreme frugal living tips you should put into practice and save the cost of buying fruits and vegetables regularly.


13. Raise your Farm Animals

You can raise your farm animals to save the money you spend buying beef, chicken, mutton, pork, and other kinds of meat.

You will not need to buy animal meat and protein.

You don’t need to do the rearing of farm animals by yourself. Instead, you can buy a young calf and have a farmer raise it for you.

Similarly, you can also raise hens for eggs from your chicken farms.


14. Cook All Of Your Meals At Home

You will surely save money when you cook your meals at home. Instead of eating out at restaurants, you cool your meals at home.

You can be smarter with your home-cooked meal if you are smart about it.

Yes, this is important as some home meals would cost you more to prepare.

This is an extreme frugal practice you can put into consideration.



As this article has shown, extreme frugality is not that hard and can be done by anyone who wants to save money.

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