EPIC Search Engine Optimization Tips for Bloggers



  1. Hi Freddy,
    This is an awesome post. Many newbie bloggers that put these tips into practice are sure to make a difference in their blogging life.

    EPIC search engine optimization plus epic content is sure to provide epic result.

    The simplicity and patience of doing this would readily make things work for us. Value addition in the efforts is still very crucial for SEO blogging success.
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  2. SEO is a technique we use to increase the number of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in search results.

    Sunday is correct. EPIC SEO plus epic content equals to epic result. SEO is beneficial is done accordingly. It’s wise to follow the tips given above, since many companies are committed in investing. The benefits are great and cost-effective.

    To wrap it up, your business definitely needs to have an SEO strategy in place if you are interested in succeeding in terms of online marketing
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  3. Hello Freedom Blogger,

    Awesome post!
    Honestly, these ways I’ve tried it, but it was limited to allintext. I’ve never tried allinurl and allinanchor yet. It is useful information. 🙂

    Yes, SEO takes time and energy so that it can be profitable. I currently only apply basic SEO techniques. I prioritize quality content and some others off-page SEO techniques. I think, if our articles useful to the readers, the readers will share it. Automatically our blog will increase in all aspects. lol

    Thanks for sharing.
    It’s nice one!

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  4. Hi Freedom Blogger,

    I learnt a few things reading this Blog post. I found the On page SEO information pretty spot on. I believe that no On Page SEO process was left out. Excellent information succinctly delivered.

    However today I’m not really convinced that on page SEO processes have any real significance, especially Keywords. A couple of years ago perhaps, today I hesitate.

    Apparently Google gives keywords little or no significance any more. While I know that Google is not the only search engine around, I still wonder if there is any real significance for keywords any more.

    That said Meta Title, Meta Description cannot be totally ignored. I think the jury is still out on Meta Keywords though.

    Apparently Google’s artificial intelligence engine, has become really – intelligent.

    It can understand English a heck of a lot better than native English speakers can (Okay, okay that may be a teeny tiny exaggeration). Hence Google can figure out what the webpage content is all about without being significantly – Told – by the page creator.

    Engaging, valuable content, now that is the kicker.

    If you create, valuable content, Google will find it, index it superbly and deliver it correctly to seekers of such information.

    Off page SEO, and appropriate content marketing on various social media streams, I’m guessing is what really separates the boys from men.

    Your section on Blog posts needing a – Jump Start – is superbly written and very informative.

    Re-purposing your Epic Blog post content as a podcast or a video and then delivering the same Blog post content in a different format to site visitors is spot on.

    Oh! Nothing says it like a cartoon does. Had a really good belly laugh when I read that. Seems to describe the commercial world we live in today to the ‘T’.

    Thanks for crafting this one Freedom Blogger. It was a real good one.
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    • Hey Ivan!!

      Right on with everything you are saying here! … and well about the keywords; you are somewhat right…..

      You still do need to sprinkle your content with keywords. You don’t really have to follow ALL of the on-page SEO, just do your best without stressing too much, and that should be enough.

      The off-page SEO is the most important here. You need to give your post a jump start by promoting the heck out of it. Google needs to see more engagement and activity on your content in order to decide how important it is to a user.

      haha I am glad you liked the cartoon here!

      Thanks for coming by and leaving a very interesting comment Ivan! .. I really appreciate it!

      I wish you the best!

      Cheers 😀
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  5. These tips has given me so much information. As a blogger, it is also important for us to read and listen of what other blogger’s ideas cos it will greatly help us for the success of our online campaign. I haven’t used the blogspot platform cos I am not yet sure of its SEO impact. Thanks for clarifying everything and I think I should give blogspot a try.
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  6. Hey, I really appreciate your write up. Blogging is proving to be a major tool for SEO as well as SMO. With keeping the keywords in mind, after the Google’s recent updates, it’s important for bloggers to also take care of the SEO Techniques and have strong Social Media backup!!

    Thanks for this.

    Have a great day.

  7. Good post. You provided good tips here but my concern is that it looks like there’s much more to all these than what we are made to believe. I mean, hundreds or even thousands of people will do these tips but only 10 spots can take the first page of Google for any keyword, what happens to the others that do not rank? What did the 10 do specially which others didn’t do? That’s why I think there’s more to it than that. Some secrets probably that most don’t know. What are your thoughts on this?

    • Hi Kevin!

      The answer to your concern here is very simple; the posts that are ranking on the first page are simply providing A LOT more value AND people LOVE them a lot more than the rest. As simple as that.

      Remember; Google’s number one priority is providing the user with the best service possible. They will only show the user content that is VERY popular amongst other internet users.

      And one quick note here; you DO NOT need to rank in the first page of Google or any other search engine, in order to get free organic traffic.

      By looking at my Google analytic tool, and the webmaster tool, I see one of my blogs getting a lot of traffic from keywords I don’t even rank in the first 3 pages of the results.

      It has been proven over and over again – that you do not need to rank on the first page in order to get some free organic traffic. NOW, of course!, you would get A LOT more organic traffic if you were on the first page of a search result.

      Just to clarify things for you here.

      Thanks for your comment and concern Kevin! … you had good points there! 😉

      Have a great week!

      Cheers! 😀
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  8. This is some very valuable information that can help people get their article posts ranked higher. I think writing valuable content with key words in the title, meta tags, and article us the most important.

    So many people are interested in just writing articles and putting content on their blogs and expecting their blog to take off. If you do a half job on articles and don’t put in the time and effort to have quality content on your website, people will notice and turn their head.

    I cannot tell you how many websites I have seen with terrible content and they made me not eant to go back. Put in the time, effort, and hard work into your project for a sustained amount of time and good things will happen. Certainly pay attention to the details as well.
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    • Hey Lawrence!

      Thats right man!

      EPIC, unique, fresh, very valuable, high quality content – always wins online!! 😉

      And if you combine that with a lot of targeted traffic, you are on your way to so much viral traffic!

      When you present your visitors with this type of content – most of them will want to share it on social networks, and even link to it. Just imagine a few hundreds doing this, what are the chances of your blog post going viral in social networks?

      And this will result in higher rankings in the search engines!!

      Which in return, will result in even more traffic.

      This is something very successful bloggers talk about. The ability to have your blog posts go viral online, and rank higher because of that.

      This is why the advice of blogging daily, is not such a smart advice. Because, how long would it take you to create a very epic blog post that is very well optimized for the search engines? … I would say a few hours.

      And how many hours in a day an average person has to work online? .. just a few hours.

      If you are trying to publish content on a daily basis, the quality of the content will drop tremendously!! … this will results in frustration when you see your content do very very bad online.

      And on top of that, you will not have enough time to do the marketing!

      To build a successful blog online you must implement the 80/20 rule. 80% Marketing and 20% Creating Content.

      Recently, I watched a training video from a very successful blogger online (Derek Halpern) – he built a 6 figure income from his blog online averaging 2.5 blog posts per month! ..

      His best advice is to concentrate on create the best blog posts EVER – and then concentrate a lot more on marketing those blog posts! 😉

      Search engine optimization with EPIC content and MASSIVE marketing – is the best way to build a successful blog online!!

      Thanks for passing by and leaving a comment man!

      Have a great week! 😀
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  9. Great day Freddy, and great article you have here.

    This is such a long article. But I never regret spending long time reading your post and reading it all over again because I learned a LOT from it.

    And yes, these epic search engine optimization tips are really very helpful specially to people who are still new to blogging.

    Congratulations for the job well done.

    Have a great day ahead.

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    • Hey Dennis!!

      Well, the best articles are the ones that are detailed and give you lots of value! 😉

      Im glad you are learning a lot from what I share!

      These are great tips for the new blogger, for sure. They just need to realize the importance of the quality of their content.

      When you work a lot on creating the best content for the Search Engine’s Users, that’s when the search engine will favorite your post!

      The main priority of the search engine is to take good care of their user, after all!


      So, it only makes sense to always keep the search engine user in mind!

      You get what I mean!

      Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment!

      Have a great week, Dennis! 😀
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  10. Valuable post! This is how I do my keyword research most of the time if I’m not using a paid program.

    A lot of people think search engine optimization is hard. Although it can be if we target the right keywords it’s actually very easy. I get people asking me every day why they don’t rank and when I ask then if they have done on page SEO, they ask me what it is. Information like this is great for meople to read.

    Once again thanks for the great poast
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    • Hi Franklin!!

      This is a great way to find keywords, right! 😀

      Yeah, I see a lot of people who just publish content and expect it to rank just like that.

      You must learn the entire process, and also learn about keyword research. Once you learn how to find the best keywords to rank for, it is a matter of following the On-Page and Off-Page process, and also a matter of time!

      I use this simple method to find long tail keywords to rank for very fast. I just like using this method more than using software, not sure why! lol

      Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment man!

      Have a great week! 😀
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  11. Hi Freedom Blogger,

    You are one of my favorite blogger on kingged. I always write to read your post. Are you owing any personal blog? If so, get me the URL please.

    By the way, great post. you emphasized the content, on page seo and off page seo very well. If would like if you post a list of do -follow sites here. I am finding it from a long time.

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    • Hi Nikhil!!

      Im glad you like the value I share online!

      That makes me a happy camper! 😀

      These are helpful tips to help you get more free organic traffic from the search engines!

      You just have to take the time to truly learn this information, and then take massive consistent action with everything!

      If you want to learn more from me, check out my other posts here on Kingged and look the link to my internet marketing blog!

      There is a lot of knowledge there as well! 🙂

      Thank you for your support, comment, and kind words man!

      Have a fantastic week! 😀
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    • Hi Radwan!

      Yes!! .. if you implement everything here, very consistently, you will get results!

      You just need to take the time to really learn this, and really understand how everything works, and how you can implement it. Then, take massive consistent action with the entire process!!

      Search Engine Optimization is a great strategy to drive free organic traffic to any website online. It is one of my favorite strategies!

      Thank you for coming by and leaving a comment!

      Have a great week! 😀
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  12. Awesome post! I love the fact that most of the tips mentioned are so simple yet extremely underused even by the best marketers, especially using Google Search to mine the internet for web pages that share your target keyword.

    For on-page optimization, I would refer you to Backlinko’s Off-Page SEO Best Practices practices to give a more visual idea on what you’re referring to on this post.

    For off-page tactics, John Cooper from PointBlank SEO lists down all the link building tactics you can use to create a link profile for your site/blog.

    Referring to these resources along with your post will help more bloggers gain more traffic from search engines.

    Keep up the good work!
    Christopher Jan Benitez recently posted…Finding Guest Blogging Opportunities to Increase Your Online ReachMy Profile

    • Hi Christopher!

      I agree. These are simple tips, yet not every online marketer takes the time to utilize them.

      Neglecting the search engine optimization process can lead you to some frustration. That is because you might be working hard on creating content for your blog, but then you don’t see much organic coming to it.

      When you take the time to implement simple search engine optimization, your content can get free organic traffic for a long time. And that is the type of work you are proud of, and you feel like your hard work is paying off.

      This is why it is important for every content marketer, to learn search engine optimization and learn how to implement it every time a piece of content is created for the cyberspace.

      I do SEO for every piece of content I publish online. I implement it for my videos, blog posts, guest posts, and even social network content!

      Search engines can send traffic to any type of content you have online. SO, you must capitalize on it!

      Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment, Chris!

      Have a fantastic weekend! 😀
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  13. Is it a post or an E-book? I’m wondering Freedom blogger 😉

    Such a comprehensive post on SEO, great. I’m following most of the SEO strategy which you’ve listed here but yet bookmarked to crosscheck at times.

    I would say that the SEO has to be done in a clever way to please the search engines and you’ve well explained the On-page SEO with enough screen shots.

    Nothing is missed, thanks for your epic guide. Keep writing.

    • Hi Nirmala!

      haha this is just an epic blog post! .. lots of valuable knowledge on SEO here! 😉

      I’m glad you are learning and taking action here. That’s always great to hear!

      Just understand, you always want to not only please the search engines but also the search engine users. Because, the search engine would not be successful without their user.

      If you want the search engines to send you organic traffic – then create the best content possible for their users! 🙂

      Always keep that in mind!

      Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment!

      Have a great week! 😀
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  14. Thanks for your valuable suggestions Freedom Bloggers. The tips and facts mentioned in this post are worth reading and I have taken some clues out of it so that I can implement them in my blog networks.

    An thanks for WordPress and its different SEO plugins. They have made life easier for us when it comes to optimizing the blogs for search engines.

    An ultimately, keyword research and content makes the difference.
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  15. Hey,

    I think this is my second comment on your article, seriously telling I had no plans for commenting here but to read the content wrapped in it.

    But you forced me to comment. How ? Because you said it so easily and simply. You provided the on page SEO tips in just a couple of sentences.

    I would like to add some value to it, I hope its not already written in your article here – Try to keep your focus keyword in the beginning of the article instead of putting it at the end.

    One more thing I liked about your post is that you didn’t put natural backlinks over social exposure, blog commenting and guest posting because I believe you cannot get natural backlinks until people get to know about your stuff.

    Bloggers say create great content and you’ll get natural backlinks. Seriously ? How would anyone know about your content if you don’t tell them. This might be okay and working for already established blogs but what about those who just came to this field and have just started their very first blog. So content promotion is necessary and once your piece of content is in notice of others then you may gather some natural backlinks.

    Thumbs up to your article. Keep sharing your knowledge.
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    • Hi Karan!

      I’m glad you enjoyed this post! 🙂

      Search engine optimization is only complicated, when you think is complicated. You know what I mean?

      This is why I try to explain this information in a simple way. So people can learn fast, and implement fast.

      And yeah, you do need a lot of consistent promotion for your blog and its content. Without a lot of promotion – you will crickets on your blog every day. haha

      It does not matter how good your content is – if no one is really reading it, then what is the point on creating more epic blog posts?

      You need an audience. You need not hundreds but thousands of people reading your content.

      Just think about it this way; if one of your blog posts helped one or even ten people, the chances are it can help 1,000 or even 10,000 other people. You follow what I’m saying here?

      Massive promotion is the lifeblood of your blog. Your blog cannot take off without it.

      I’m happy to hear that you get this simple but powerful point!! 😉

      Thank you for coming by and leaving a comment!

      Have a great weekend!
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  16. Hi Freedom,

    Really EPIC post you’ve got here.

    From the things you covered about SEO, I can say am doing well with my on-page optimization but I’m still improving in my off-page optimization strategy.

    I’ve not read any post that’s as simplified as this on keyword research using Google and I didn’t know I could find out how many site are using the keywords in URL e.t.c. I’ll try it out.

    All the tips you mentioned are EPIC and detailed. I bookmarked it so I can read more later.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Have a great day!
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  17. Hey there! Great article 🙂

    I think keeping it simple is one thing that a lot of newer bloggers forget…heck I forget this all the time. It’s easy to be so focused on wanting success that you convince yourself everything HAS to be complicated, when in reality just taking a chill pill and sticking to the basics is usually the most direct path to success.

    Keep up the great work!

    • Hi Jonathan!! …

      haha yess man … keeping it simple can become difficult! .. that is true!

      And sometimes we are our own worst enemy! ..

      If you really think about it – everything is simple to do – we are the ones who convince ourselves that things are too hard.

      You have to take little steps forward anyways – so never focus on taking big steps because that is where you tend to over-complicate the process.

      Keep it simple, and keep it moving! 😉

      Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment bro!

      Keep up the great work!

      Have an awesome week! 😀
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  18. Freedom Blogger:

    Great article with specific steps that many can take immediately.

    Google’s Search Inquiries Suggestions tool should be used to find long tail keywords for OLD POSTS as well as new.

    Going back and seeding multiple old posts with relevant long tail keywords will COLLECTIVELY produce substantial free search engine traffic.

    And yes, adding images with good alt tags and adjusting the META keyword tag are musts, also.

    Thanks again for this incisive post.
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    Top 101 Blog Directories And RSS
    Submission Sites – Weekly Update #230
    My Profile