Email Marketing: 10 Basic Rules + Tips for a Perfect Email


Creating effective email marketing campaigns has become a complex task nowadays.

Every internet user receives a dozen emails everyday, and the number can grow to more active people.

According to a research, each web user is registered to an average of 6-7 newsletter, a factor which added to the chronic lack of time results in a reduction of the threshold of attention.


  1. Hello Atish,

    I’ve already checked this helpful post by Erik sir on your blog. Building an active email list and sending regular updates would improve the credibility of bloggers. Even though I’m familiar with this fact, I need to take needful measures to do efficient email marketing for my blog. I consider this post as an eye-opener and will take necessary actions.

    Many thanks to Erik sir for writing this amazing post for bloggers. Thanks Atish for publishing the post, glad you’ve shared it for Kinggers.

  2. It’s good to read an article that shares useful ideas to readers. These 10 basic rules and tips for a perfect email will assist newbies to produce an email that will hit the qualifications of a perfect email. There are crucial stuffs in email marketing that newbies must be aware of.

    I keep nodding while reading your post since I agree with all of them. All in all, the handy tips you put forward are basics, which, if implemented or exercised will result prolifically.

    My advice to newbies, they should take note of these tips and rules here. It is an all time tips that work.
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  3. Hi Atish,

    You have shared some of the fantastic tips in this article. You are right when you gave an emphasis on to limit the number of email that one sends to an email subsrciber. One should not litter someone’s mailbox.

    When we send less emails they get noticed and if the email contains personalized taste than that becomes fantastic. Moreover, I believe that one should send a welcome email to his new subsriber so that he can give him more personal touch and assure him that he will be receiving emails from a fellow on earth and not from a robot.

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  4. Hi Atish,
    Email marketing is crucial for online success. At least, it can serve as an alternative to search engine traffic.

    It becomes necessary that every Internet marketer is able to leverage on the pros of this system to increase revenue.

    The basic rules and tips shared in this post are very on track! Indeed, it would be ideal for newbies to bookmark these ideas for successful email marketing campaign.

    I must add that segmenting email audience is another important rule that must be followed!
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  5. Some great tips Atish, sure to help many email marketers.

    But I have to disagree with some of them.

    Sending only 2-3 emails a month is bad for your list. First, it’s very easy for your list to forget you, I know it’s happened to me. With so many emails coming into subscribers inbox’s, you need to keep reminding them your out there, you need to keep building the relationship.

    Another important factor, the lower your interaction with your subscribers, the better chance your emails will just go into their spam/trash/promotion folder. Email providers are keeping tracking, watching interaction and use it accordingly as to where the email lands.

    While it’s probably not the norm, there are actually a number of highly successful email marketers who write long emails. It’s all how you start the relationship and the expectations.

    Don’t mean to be negative, just my opinions 🙂

    Thanks for the share!
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