Yes, there are Electrical Engineering business ideas you can make money with, if you know what they are and exactly how.

This article reveals as many as 25 best Electrical Engineering business ideas you can use to make money with.


Why Electrical Engineering Ideas? 

An engineer is a sophisticated occupation in which these trained professionals conduct research, test, design, and build various types of products.

Engineers are called upon to provide safe and economic solutions that provide functionality in response to technical problems.

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There are a variety of engineers.

Some of those types of engineers include

  • Civil engineers
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Production engineers
  • Chemical engineers
  • Biomedical engineers
  • Aerospace engineers

Under a broader heading are different types of engineering fields.

Those engineering fields include:

  • Civil structural engineering
  • Mechanical engineering,
  • Chemical engineering
  • Electrical engineering

An electrical engineer is a set discipline within the engineering field that focuses on the design, study, and creation of equipment that uses electricity, electromagnetism, and all electronics.

This occupation sounds pretty intense and therefore, there are many equally intense business ideas for an engineering electrical engineer to explore as it relates to business opportunities.


Personal Story

Growing up as kids it seems that certain jobs always seemed attractive.

Some of those jobs could have been an airplane pilot and flying a plane, being a fireman and rescuing people and driving a big red fire truck, baseball player, policeman, etc.

It seemed that the jobs that were appealing to us were exciting and had an element of danger and heroism associated with them.

Me, I always wanted to be an engineer.

An engineer that would guide the locomotive down the railroad track and do whatever it is that railroad engineers did.

The romanticism of being an engineer was the involvement in a powerful locomotive or engine, ringing a bell, and the thrill of a train speeding around on a track.

One of my favorite commercials in my earlier years was a commercial for candy called Good and Plenty.

The cartoonish character in the ad for the selling of the candy’s name was Charlie and the song sang about choo-choo Charlie and his driving a locomotive.


25 Best Electrical Engineering Business Ideas


1. Battery Production  

A business opportunity that presents itself to an engineer electrical engineer is in the area of battery production.

The production of batteries is not a complex process and is one that an individual with an electric engineer degree can start.

The two particular areas within battery production that can be explored are classified as fully automatic and semi-automatic.


2. Manufacturing of Boosters and Voltages Stabilizers

An opportunity to start a business as it relates to being an electrical engineer is the production of voltage stabilizers and boosters.

These two electrical products are required in both industrial settings as well as in residences. It is possible to start this business on a small scale and can be done within the confines of one’s own home.


3. Capacitor Production  

A capacitor is an electrical device that is used to store charges in electrical circuitry.

The purpose is to discharge the current at a later time.

This component does not require a significant amount of financial investment and can be a productive and significant way of earning large amounts of income.


4. Solar Panels  

Solar panels are the wave of the future as it relates to generating green power.

Especially in the light of several states legislating the installation of solar panels in new homes.

This provides the electrical engineer a powerful opportunity to take advantage of solar paneling and sell the systems along with providing installation oversight.

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5. Cathode Ray Tube Production  

Cathode ray tubes are an integral part of the x-ray machine process.

The construction of the tube includes a fragile evacuated glass envelope which is of significant weight.

For the protection of the handler, the tube is encased in lead glass to make it shatter-resistant and to minimize any x-ray emissions.

A cathode-ray tube is generally made for consumer products as it relates to medical x-rays and industrial x-rays.

The production of cathode-ray tubes can be accomplished with minimal capital investment.


6. Electronic Toy Production  

Who can resist playing with toys?

Especially, when they are electronically controlled and we can maneuver their performance with the use of a remote control device.

A great business to be involved with as an electrical engineer in the production of electronic toys.

These toys can be cars, robots, drones, etc.


7. Control Panel  

As part of an electrical system in a home or business or otherwise, an important component is the electrical control panel.

The control panel is to regulate the electrical equipment.

Also, an electrical panel is installed in the circuitry to safeguard the equipment that could be potentially damaged by short-circuiting or overloading.


8. Electrical Switches and Plugs  

An important part of an electrical system is the plugs and switches that are attached to the wiring.

For a modest financial investment, an electrical engineer business opportunity would be the manufacturing of switches and plugs.


9. Cooling Solution  

As part of providing the business and home with a comfortable living or working environment, the installation of cooling systems is a key component.

Therefore, an important and financial generating business financial revenue-generating business would be the engineering of cooling systems.

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10. Electronic Pump Regulator  

Electrical pumps are used in a variety of products.

The purpose of the pump is to draw out water from one area and transport it to another through a pump suctioning system.

To prevent the pump from incurring damage that may result from dry running, an electronic pump regulator is utilized.

Part of a business opportunity for electrical engineers would be the manufacturing of electronic pump regulators.


11. Weighing Scale  

An electronic weighing scale can be an important device that is not only used for retail purposes but in the home as well.

As the name implies, an electronic weighing scale is a device that is utilized to measure the weight of an item, product, or person.

For the retailer, needing the weight of a product is an important tool because it accurately demonstrates the weight of the product so that the proper weight and associated cost can be charged.

Sometimes having an electronic scale in the home is not necessarily a good thing if it involves the measure of an individual’s weight.

This would be an opportunity for an electrical engineer to be involved in the production of electronic weighing scales.


12. LED Lights  

The production of LED lights provides a product that is cost-effective and provides brilliant lighting and is possibly colorful in its use.

For example, many LED lights now are manufactured in various colors ranging from 2700K to 6500K.

The production of LED lights can include the colors yellow, dark, mild, red, yellow, etc.

The challenge with this opportunity is that production would require a grander scale factory setting that would utilize a sophisticated manufacturing process.

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Although, having said that, a LED light assembling business can be done on a smaller scale as a startup business.



13. Recycling  

Electronic waste is a significant concern in today’s society and as it relates to the environment.

With the constant upgrades, consumers are taking advantage of these upgrades and subsequently, recycling their outdated technology.

Some recyclable electronic equipment could include TVs, computers, fax machines, etc.

Therefore, there is a market and a business model that can be followed in recycling this electronic waste at a profit.

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14. Inverter Production  

An inverter is an electronic piece of equipment that converts direct current into alternative sources.

An inverter is a handy product to have in the household or within one’s vehicle to maximize the electrical system of the vehicle and convert power through the inversion process to power our technology devices.

There is a demand for this business product as our reliance on technology increases.


15. Electronic Fan Regulator  

As part of providing comfort to one’s home is the use of a fan.

The fans manufactured in days gone by are completely renovated and overhauled in that the fans of today use several electronic components to enhance the service of the fan.

Specifically, an electronic fan regulator regulates the fan speed and can be a moneymaking idea as an entrepreneurial opportunity for an electrical engineer.


16. Optical Fiber Production  

Optical fibers are a conduit to transmit light between two fiber ends.

Optical fibers are critical as it relates to providing communication over greater distances and the ability of the fibers to provide greater bandwidth rather than wire cables.

Being involved in optical fiber production would be an opportunity for the electrical engineer in the current moment and as a trend in the future.


17. Generator Manufacturer  

When the power goes out or a portable source of energy is needed, an important piece of equipment to have is a generator.

There are different types of generators and also are built or constructed to provide service at different capacities.

A good investment as a business opportunity for electrical engineers would be in the manufacturing of generators.


18. Circuit Board  

As an electrical engineer, you are well acquainted with circuit boards and the printing that reflects the circuitry of the board as produced.

As an electrical engineer, you could be involved in or operate a business that designs and produces printed circuit boards.

This valuable service helps to reduce the cost associated with the manufacturing of the circuit board which in turn helps the manufacturer to realize higher sales. This in turn is very appealing and will allow customers to keep returning

The printing of circuit boards is not too involved and can be a moneymaking venture utilizing the electrical and electronics business concept.


19. UPS Assemblage  

UPS stands for uninterrupted power supply.

These power supplies are found in a variety of businesses and homes.

They are also utilized for industrial purposes.

A UPS is manufactured in different capacities and given sometimes the fragility of our power grid, is in great demand.

Examples of a UPS could include a battery backup for computers, server farms, and data centers.


20. Repair Maintenance  

Just about everything that we utilize and that needs power is equipped with an electrical system.

As an electrical engineer, this is your forte.

If there is a problem with an electric circuit, then this is a business opportunity that you can provide and be involved with.

Types of repair work could include working on vehicles, the aviation industry, etc.


21. Research  

Another component of expertise that involves electrical engineering is in the area of research.

As an electrical engineer, a business opportunity that you can be involved with is the testing out of equipment and new electronic ideas as it relates to research and development.


22. Electrical Products  

Utilizing your knowledge about electricity and its safe operation, an electrical engineer can start a business in the production of electrical products.

They may be employed by a company that wants to have an electrical device designed that fits their needs of utilizing power.

Examples of those types of firms that could utilize the services of electrical engineers could be construction firms, engineering firms, manufacturing firms, etc.


23. Air Compressors  

Air compressors are those mechanical devices that deliver pressurized air.

Often, the pressurized air delivered through air compressors are used to power hand tools and in conjunction with other functions.

Examples of companies that utilize air compressors could include service stations as well as large manufacturing companies.

An entrepreneurial opportunity for electrical engineering is to manufacture air compressors for the use of larger companies or even home air compressors.


24. Green Consulting  

As an electrical engineer, you may have a significant concern about the environment.

You can combine your electrical engineering degree, expertise, and license with obtaining an Energy and Environmental Design Certification.

This winning combination would speak loudly to your potential customers about your concern in providing your service as well as being environmentally friendly.

Also, you could use this combination to go into various businesses and serve as a consultant in bringing up those businesses to be more energy efficient.


25. Freelancing  

Another opportunity to be in business as an electrical engineer is by becoming a freelancer.

A freelancer is an individual who is not employed by an employer but is self-employed and takes on a variety of jobs affiliated with their talent skills.

As an electrical engineer, you can log onto a website such as and register as a freelancer looking for opportunities.

Once registered, you can search their platform and find jobs that require the skills of an electrical engineer.


Best Business Ideas for Electrical Engineering FAQs


What Skills Are Needed to Become an Electrical Engineer?

Some of the top skills that will serve you well in your career choice of electrical engineer would include:

  • Being a problem solver
  • Critical thinker
  • Basic circuit knowledge
  • Communication
  • Strong mathematical skills


What Is the Average Salary for an Electrical Engineer?

The average salary for an electrical engineer ranges from $68,288-$99,039 per year.

The difference is between the levels of expertise.


You Can Do It

The opportunities that are presented to you as an electrical engineer are, quite literally, electrifying.

Energy is a valuable commodity and at this time, one of the primary sources of our energy is electricity.

As an electrical engineer, the opportunities abound for you to be involved in a business that matches your skills and talents and provides you with a good stream of business revenue.



Often, we are not mindful of the small blessings that we enjoy in life.

When we turn the handle of the faucet we are accustomed to water coming out of the faucet or when we flip the light switch, we expect the lights to turn on.

For an electrical engineer, this is also an expectation but running through their mind, when the light switch is flipped on, maybe flashing across their mind is a circuit diagram, wires, electrical panel, etc.

This knowledge and experience can be put to good use as there is a variety of employment and startup business opportunities for this talented individual.

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