Surprise surprise – you can really get paid to hang out with the elderly, thanks to elderly companion jobs!

This article reveals how it works and the very best companies and programs that pay or help you get paid to hang out with elderly people.


Why Elderly Companion Jobs?

All of us are getting older. Some of us have had a head start.

There are many rewards associated with being around those who are considered elderly.

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There is the reward of learning from them, hearing about historical events, taking advantage of their wisdom, and being inspired by their life story.

Also, some companies will provide a wage for individuals to hang out with the elderly. If you enjoy the company of seniors these opportunities may be your calling.

I had the privilege of visiting regularly a senior member of our church. She had been placed in a care facility by her family.

She was a delight and I enjoyed our conversations together.

Inevitably, at the end of our conversations, she would always conclude by saying, “It’s a great life if you don’t weaken.”

To this day I’m not sure about the context of her statement, but it has proven over time to be a source of comfort and a pearl of wisdom.


10 Best Elderly Companion Jobs That Pay You to Hang with the Elderly


1. Home Healthcare Worker: Visiting Nurse’s Association

As we grow older, the reality is that the aging process takes its toll upon the human body.

Some of the health issues that can be experienced include increased levels of cholesterol, high blood pressure, aches and pains in our joints, back pain, etc.

Additionally, any surgeries experienced by a senior can necessitate the need for a visiting health professional to provide home care.

Some of those continued services include scheduled visits from a physical therapist, visiting nurse, and other medical professionals.

One such organization is Visiting Nurse’s Association.

Their network of medical professionals to homebound clients consists of nurses, various therapists, socials workers, etc.

Their service provides a broad spectrum of healthcare needs to their patients.

These medical professionals are critical to meeting the ongoing health needs of seniors and allows these workers to earn a competitive wage as well as interacting with an enriching segment of our population.


2. Caregiver: Visiting Angels

There are many reasons why a loved one, who reaches a certain age, is unable to care for themselves independently.

Medical conditions could include recuperation from surgery, the reality of getting older, Alzheimer’s, etc.

Many families today, rather than committing their family members to senior living facilities, choose to have their family members stay at home.

To make this happen, a caregiver is often employed to care for the aged love one.

Such an organization comprised of caregivers is Visiting Angels.

These caregivers attend to the needs of the individual daily or work out a schedule to be in the home as needed.

Often, this group of dedicated medical caregivers works in concert with family members to share the compassionate duties of caring for the loved one.

Caregivers then have the opportunity to interact with these elderly individuals and provide the necessary care for their patients.

That care can include bathing, feeding, and just providing companionship.

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3. Retirement Center – Community Activity Director

Many retirement centers are self-contained and offer a wide array of services for the residents to maintain their zeal for living.

Some of those services include the serving of wine and cocktails before supper, providing an elegant dining experience, as well as maintaining a safe and secure living environment.

One of the important staff functions within a retirement center is that of an activities director.

The activities director is charged with the responsibility of scheduling and providing events that are designed to encourage the resident’s physical, educational, social, and physical involvement.

Some of those activities could include:

  • Going on various trips
  • Shopping excursions
  • Scheduling outside groups to interact with the residents
  • Having an exercise trainer come in and work with the clients on their physical fitness
  • Playing games
  • Other social events

If an individual has a flair and a talent for hospitality and enjoys working with senior citizens, then being an activity director at a retirement center would probably be the perfect fit.


4. Housekeeper: Merry Maids

Unfortunately, there are times or maybe a point in the life of a senior where they are unable to maintain the cleanliness of their home.

Therefore, seniors and their families look to bringing in a housekeeper to help manage the various cleaning chores of the household.

The obvious household cleaning chores include dusting, mopping, cleaning the bathroom, doing the laundry, etc.

This opportunity to receive pay while involved with a senior should not be viewed as being a maid or a servant.

The proper perspective would be for an individual fulfilling this role as a housekeeper being an individual who is helping another individual.

By tenderly and lovingly caring for that person’s home they are showing respect for that individual’s age and their decision and determination to stay within their home.

One particular agency that helps seniors with their housekeeping needs is known as Merry Maids.

This is an international franchise company that was founded in 1979.

Housekeeping personnel are sent to the home of the individual and they clean the home as well as pay certain attention to disinfecting particular areas in the home.


5. Senior Citizens Center

Many communities have senior citizen centers. These hubs of senior activity are a perfect meeting place for other seniors to get together and enjoy each other’s company.

Often, the activities and services provided offer a broad spectrum of things for the senior to be involved with and meet each of their particular and unique needs.

A senior citizen center will sometimes offer a lunch for the senior, provide recreational activities such as playing pickleball, playing games like bingo, and also offer movies and dances.

A perfect opportunity for an individual who enjoys hanging out with seniors and getting paid is to take on a position at a senior’s activity center.

This could be at a leadership level as the actual director or assistant director or as a clerk, or cook, or another employee that is hired by the city to provide this service to the senior population.

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6. Cook: Nurse Next Door

Nurse next door is an in-home care service provided to individuals who require special attention. They fulfill the role of caregiver.

Their services include comprehensive home care, care for dementia patients, providing companionship, meal preparation, and personal care for the individual, etc.

As part of the service they prepare the necessary dietary foods to maintain the senior’s health and in keeping with any special medical conditions.

Some senior citizens have special dietary needs. This may be due to a medical condition or just the chosen lifestyle.

A prime example of a special diet would be if an individual is a diabetic.

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One particular service that provides home cooking for the elderly is known as Nurse Next Door.

The representative individual could not only prepare the meals but also do the shopping for the senior.

If the senior is capable, the cook/caregiver could take the senior with them to the grocery store.

Then coming home, the nutritionist or cook could interact with the senior by preparing the meals and then sitting down and enjoying the meal together.

This is an extremely important role for an individual to play in a senior’s life as it meets their current and ongoing health needs.


Get Paid to Hang out with Elderly via Companion Jobs


7. Errands: Comfort Keepers

Many seniors are homebound for a variety of reasons.

Sometimes they are incapable of getting out due to mobility problems.

Others may have given up their privilege to drive due to physical restraints.

In either case, some senior citizens find it difficult to get out and do their necessary grocery shopping and perform other errands.

Comfort Keepers is a solutions company for in-home care of elderly adults who need specialized attention.

Their employees are fully insured and bonded and go through a rigorous process of reference checks, employment history, and a national background check.

Services provided include feeding an individual, providing oral hygiene, bathing, light housekeeping, grocery shopping, and errand services, etc.

Therefore, a wonderful opportunity for an individual to earn money while hanging out with the elderly is to be part of this organization and serving individuals especially seniors.

They can either transport the individual themselves or just run the errands on their own to get the needed chores accomplished.

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8. Gardener: Task Rabbit

One of the favorite activities of a senior is tending to their garden.

Unfortunately, aging can disrupt this enjoyment and older individuals find it difficult to weed, plant, and nurture plants and flowers.

If an individual has a green thumb for gardening and would love to work with a senior tending their garden, this may be a paid option to hang out with seniors.

This can be accomplished by striking up an agreement with a neighbor.

Another option is to sign up with a website called TaskRabbit.

By registering as a tasker and meeting several requirements, it is possible to be matched up with a senior who has gardening needs.

This can be a paid opportunity but also a wonderful way to interact with an older individual.

Possibilities include doing gardening or helping the senior to garden and recapture the enjoyment of working in the garden.


9. Pet Care: Fetch! Pet Care

May seniors have four-legged companions within their household.

Due to physical restraints, the golden-ager may find it difficult to care for these members of the family.

Through Fetch! Pet Care or working independently the individual wishing to interact with seniors can approach pet owners to help with the care of the pets.

Services that can be rendered include trips to the Veterinarian, pet sitting or puppy sitting, or exercising the pet.

Fetch! Pet Care is a service provider that matches a quality dog walker with a pet owner.

The schedule and availability to do the exercising or caring for the pet are based strictly upon the customer’s needs and schedule.

Once a pet service provider has been identified, a meeting is conducted to make sure that the customer and provider are comfortable with the chemistry between the provider and the pet.

Walks can range anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes and along the way, the dog walker will provide a photo and video updates of their pet’s day out.

To be a dog walker and make money, the individual needs to pass an extensive background check involvement, extensive interview process, and provision of necessary personal information.

The dog walkers go through a specially designed certification program and then must pass a quiz to receive the standard certification.

GPS tracking is available at all times. The cost for the service varies upon the geographical location.


10. Odd Jobs: Wonolo

The older person staying within their home still requires that small projects be accomplished.

It could be the fixing of a leaky faucet, painting, running toilet, etc.

Wonolo is an app-driven service provider that links up an individual that needs a job performed with an individual who has the qualifications to successfully perform that job.

On the app, various job descriptions are posted.

The worker reads the job description carefully to see if they qualify for the work needed to be performed.

The work is then scheduled and when the job is completed it is marked accordingly.

Once the job has been completed satisfactorily, a confirmation will follow and a performance rating will be provided by the individual requesting the work.

Payment occurs within 1 to 5 working days.

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Get Paid to Hang Out with Elderly via Elderly Companionship Jobs FAQs


How Do I Become an Elderly Companion?

In desiring to become an elderly companion, you are doing a good thing.

As far as education requirements there are no degrees required but a high school diploma or equivalent is needed.

To be considered by a company as an elderly companion you will likely need to participate in a training program.

In addition to the formal training program, you most likely will be partnered with another individual to gain some on-the-job experience.

Additionally, a prerequisite may be the certification in CPR training which can be taken through many organizations including the Red Cross.

Of course, the individual will need to have a background check completed and most likely a valid driver’s license will be required.

A calming and soothing disposition would be most helpful to soothe any anxious moments that the elderly individual may demonstrate.


What Is Companion Care for the Elderly?

Companion care can best be defined as a tender and compassionate care service provided to elderly individuals.

These individuals are generally disabled and are dependent upon the care of others.

The actual care for an individual would include routine measures to make the senior citizen feel safe, provide service to enhance and expand any limited functionality, and other services such as grocery shopping, picking up medications, etc.



What could be more rewarding than interacting with a senior citizen? They’re delightful, have incredible insight, and have an abundance of experiences to share.

Additionally, they can be very candid.

It can be an enriching experience and to be offered a wage to care for these treasures further enriches the experience.

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