This is a very comprehensive review on EasyShift money making platform.

It shows you how this platform works and exactly how to make money with it. You will also learn the best answers to the top EasyShift FAQs.

While there are lots of legit money earning mobile apps out there that can be used to make extra money on the Internet, EasyShift is one of the exceptional ones.

This app can be used to get paid to complete tasks known as Shifts. Your report is needed by EasyShift clients to make decisions for their products or services.

Keep reading to learn all there is to know about EasyShift. Most importantly, you will get answers to the most frequently asked questions about EasyShift.

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What Is EasyShift?

Easy Shift is an app that allows the user to complete quick jobs at local stores and shops and get paid. The user is paid after completing the job or Shift.

Yes, with EasyShift you get paid to shop, get paid to eat, and even get paid to explore your city!

You also get paid to complete secret shopping gigs.

This app works like other apps like Gigwalk, Field Agent and Mobee.

EasyShift was established by Quri, Inc. – US-based Company. In 2018, this company was acquired by a computer vision and analytics company called Trax.

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How Does EasyShift Work?

You may be asking how EasyShift works. Well, this app works in the following details.

You have to visit the website at and sign up.

After your registration is confirmed, then you will begin to reserve Shifts or jobs to be completed. Yes, that is as simple as that.

EasyShift has clients that it delivers vital information to. These clients include manufacturers, developers, retailers, and merchants.

The clients would like specific information on how their products or services are sold and used by customers in specific locations.

Also, another type of information they want is that concerning competitors. They trust EasyShift to get these and other details for them.

EasyShift will now employ people like you to sign up and get the information for their clients.

You can complete a lot of simple tasks like:

  • Checking out prices at stores
  • Taking photos of products
  • Uploading photos of products and services
  • Checking out promotions about products
  • Submitting surveys to the EasyShift app

After you have completed your Shifts, then EasyShift will verify and pay you.

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How Long Does It Take to Complete a Shift?

You don’t have to spend the whole day doing a shift with EasyShift. On average spend about 45 minutes or less on the task given to them.

You can also spend less time depending on your experience, your skill, and the tools you have in place to complete the shift.


How Do I Sign Up With EasyShift?

To sign up with EasyShift is easy. You have to follow the processes highlighted below:

  • You must make sure that your mobile device is compatible and supported by the EasyShift app. Check out your version of iPhone or Android phone to see the compatibility.
  • This app works on mobile phones. You cannot use it on tablets, iPads or other similar mobile devices.
  • If you have confirmed your smartphone is compatible with the app, then you can download and install it from the Apple AppStore or the Google Play Store.
  • Your phone number is verified before you start using the app. This is important because EasyShift wants to make you can receive text messages with your phone number.

In doing this, EasyShift app will text you a code, and you would be asked enter it on the app. This makes it easier to verify your account identity.

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How Reserving Shifts Works?

Reserving Shifts is a system whereby users can choose or set aside a job they can do on EasyShift App.

The process of reserving shifts works in the following steps:

You have to browse all the available shifts on the platform

Click on the ‘shifts’ in the footer of the app to see a map that displays your geographical location.

The available shifts in your location will appear green pinpoints on the map.

Shifts that are already reserved will appear gray, while the shifts you have already reserved will appear in blue pinpoints on the map.

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You can click on the available shift to understand the requirements

Remember, to start reserving, you must focus on the green pinpoints on the map.

Click on one of the pins twice to see full details about the task. The details you will check out include:

  • The name of the shift
  • The average completion time estimate of the shift
  • The pay range of the shift
  • The point total of the shift
  • The store location to complete the shift
  • The address and distance of the store from your location, etc.

You also get to see the due date and time for this job under the “Reserve Shift” button at the bottom.

You can now reserve a shift

If you have checked the details on the green pins and you find the shift you like, then click to “Reserve Shift”.

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making money with EasyShift Review


How Do You Complete Reserved Shifts on EasyShift?

You are expected to complete the reservation you have made before the expiry date. Most reservation will expire in 24 hours but some have had expiry dates.

Expiry dates are set by the business clients of EasyShift, and they cannot be extended.

So, once you click on a task, make sure you read and follow the recommendations and complete it before the expiration.

You should begin your task, at least 3 hours before it is due. This is advisable in case of technical difficulties.

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Follow the recommendations carefully and take your time to complete the task.

After you through with a task, you can then submit. But remember, submissions cannot be redone or edited.

So, take your time to complete the task before you hit the ‘submit’ button.

Once your shift is submitted, EasyShift team will review it. Then it could be accepted or rejected.

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Why Are Shifts Rejected?

There are a number of reasons that would make EasyShift reject the shifts you have submitted. These include:

  • You did not follow the directions completely.
  • Your photos are unclear and incorrect.
  • You did not provide correct data, etc.

If you have been rejected once, the EasyShift customer support may remove it to keep your reputation.

However, if you have multiple rejections, then your EasyShift reputation would be affected.

This will affect your chance of getting jobs in the future. Of course, you need a good shifter reputation to get jobs with EasyShift.

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What Happens if You Cannot Complete a Shift?

If you are unable to complete a shift or you decide to back out, you can release the job.

If this happens, it would be placed on hold for two hours. After this time, the job can be reserved again.

Yes, the Shift can be reserved again if it is still available after the 2-hour hold is over.


What Are the Things That Can Make EasyShift Close Your Account?

Yes, the account can be closed if you engage in activities that EasyShift sees as taking advantage of them.

According to the EasyShift website, the behaviors that can lead to the closure of your account include:

  • Intentionally submitting Shifts that are not at the required location.
  • Submitting photos that are not of the required products or subjects.
  • Frequent submittal of fraudulent data.
  • Intentionally submitting any other data known to be incorrect.
  • More unapproved Shifts than approved Shifts.

Contact EasyShift account if you feel your account may have been closed in error.


What Are the EasyShift Levels?

EasyShift levels are your ability to take more shifts. As you successfully complete each reserved shift, then you can go to enter the next level.

The subsequent EasyShift level gives you the ability to unlock more shifts and earn more points.

There are nine EasyShift levels. Each level has its point requirements and job (shift) opportunities. The list of the nine levels include:

  1. Rookie – This level enables you to unlock 1 shift. You can accumulate 0-12 points.
  2. Clerk – This level enables you to unlock 1 shift. You can accumulate 25 points.
  3. Agent – This level enables you to unlock 2 shifts. You can accumulate 75 points.
  4. Senior Agent – This level enables you to unlock 3 shifts. You can accumulate 150 points.
  5. Manager – This level enables you to unlock 4 shifts. You can accumulate 300 points.
  6. Supervisor – This level enables you to unlock 5 shifts. You can accumulate 500 points.
  7. Director – This level enables you to unlock 6 shifts. You can accumulate 700 points.
  8. Vice President – This level enables you to unlock 7 shifts. You can accumulate 1000 points.
  9. General Manager – This level enables you to unlock 10 shifts. You can accumulate 1500 points.

So, there you have nine EasyShift Levels. You start as a Rookie with the ability to reserve only one job per day.

You can grow in levels until you reach the General Manager where you can take on 10 jobs in a day.

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How Much Money Can You Make With EasyShift?

You can make some money with EasyShift but not too much.

Yes, you can earn from $2 to $20 from each shift. Some members on forums have commented they make between $50 and $100 a month.

However, you may incur some expenses when you complete EasyShift tasks. This could affect your earning because you will not be reimbursed.

For instance, if you reserve shifts that are too far from your location, you will not be reimbursed for the travel you make.

However, if you make a purchase in carrying out a shift, EasyShift will reimburse you.


What Is the EasyShift Bonus?

A bonus is an additional payment for a shift. Shifters are sometimes provided with extra points or bonuses to make extra money online at zero cost to you.

For example, Shifters can get an extra $1 as a bonus for each additional display they locate when they are working on a shift.


What Do You Do to Earn More Money With EasyShift?

There are things you can do to earn more with Easyshift. If you apply them, then it could be real fun using EasyShift as a source of extra income.

The following tips should help you boost your EasyShift earnings:

  • Start your shift early so you finish on time. It recommended you start a shift not later than three hours before it’s due.
  • Refresh your map often so you can shifts that are updated daily.


How Do You Get Paid by EasyShift?

EasyShift pays you through PayPal, making it one of the easiest ways to make money with PayPal. You can cash out when you like.

There is no minimum withdrawal limit. When you cash out, you may receive your money within 48 hours after EasyShift has approved of it.

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What Are the Pros of Using EasyShift?

Many members admire EasyShift because of the following benefits:


What Are the Cons of Using EasyShift App?

There are some things that members don’t like about EasyShift. These are:

  • The customer service may not respond quickly to email.
  • Working on a shift could be more stressful than the pay you get.
  • Shifts may not be available for everyone.

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The above review contains just about everything you should know about EasyShift.

The review also revealed the answers to the most important questions about this awesome app and how you can make money with it.

To get the best result with this, make sure you read this review and adhere to the rules and guidelines of making money with this app.

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