If you are looking for ways to get easy cash without worries of getting into trouble with the law, this article is ideal for you.

It shows some very awesome ways to get easy cash that are not only very genuine but also completely safe.

easy cashYes, that’s the main word here – SAFE!

I mean, what’s the point of getting easy money money when you have to always look behind your shoulders and have always dread getting into trouble with the law?

The ways you will learn about in this article are not only safe and genuine but can be done by just about anyone.

And equally important – these are ways to make money that can be done by anyone, regardless of experience, education or skills.

So, even if you don’t have any particularly sophisticated skills or education, you can still use some of these to make easy money… safely.

And no, many of them also don’t involve spending money or spending a great deal of time.

That’s why they are easy 🙂


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The best way to get easy cash is to focus on doing what come natural for you.

In other words, doing those types of activities that you can even do without getting paid, especially those that you enjoy doing. In such situations it becomes even fun to do.

Thankfully there are many such activities or tasks that come easy for most people, yet really pay.

Of course they might not make you rich but they certainly pay. And if you do them often enough, the money can add up.

This article looks at some of these ways:


13 Ways To Get Easy Cash


1 – By Installing Money Making Apps On Your Phone

As hard to believe as it sounds, there are now money making apps that pay you money for different things, including just installing apps on your phone or even just leaving your phone on.

Easy Cash By Installing Apps

While some of them pay you for downloading and installing apps, some really do pay you  just for leaving your phone on.

For example, there are apps like Locket which pays people just for how often their phones remain unlocked.

If you sign up with this app, you get easy money just for swiping to the left or right of your screen to view ads.

You still get paid even just to view and use other aspects of your phone while interacting with ads that show up.

Click here for a comprehensive list of apps that pay you money.


2 – By Watching Videos Online

If you are one of those that really loves watching videos online or on TV, you can be getting paid.

Easy Cash By Watching Videos Online

You do what you love – and get paid for your time.

Swagbucks is one of the few companies out there that genuinely reward people with cash for watching videos.

You earn points for activities you perform and these points are eventually converted into free gift cards to use or cash.

Apart from just getting money for watching videos, Swagbucks also pays you for other activities you perform.

Some of these activities include just actively or even leisurely surfing the web.

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3 – By Playing Games Online

This is for those who love to play games on the Internet or their phones.

And who doesn’t, right?

Now you get paid by companies just for doing what you love.

Most of the programs pay you even if you are not great at the games you play.

The thing is they usually pay you to register to play the games and complete simple tasks during and/or after playing the games.

Some pay you just for downloading and installing their games on your phone, as well as for some of the time you spend playing the games.

Click here for a comprehensive list of websites and apps that pay you to play games.


4 – By Listening To Music Online

Who says listening to music should only be for fun? It can now be for money too, thanks to programs that pay people to listen to music.

Easy Cash By Listening To Music Online

Of course it’s not just listening to music but also rating the songs afterwards. It’s still easy money since it doesn’t involve a lot of work on your part.

Most of the companies that pay usually require you to do some activities apart from just listening to music though. But the activities are pretty easy and can be done by anyone.

They include either completing quick surveys related to the songs you listen to or rating the songs.

Some may include writing very short reviews about some of the tracks you listen to, to help others decide whether the songs are worth their time or not.

Overall, since it’s songs you usually enjoy and want to listen to, it’s pretty much easy money.

Read more about how to get paid easy money for listening to music.


5 – By Sharing Your Opinion

You can get paid by survey companies for sharing your opinion on products and/or services.

Getting money this way is definitely easy since it doesn’t really matter what your opinion is.

Whether your opinion is positive or negative, it’s valuable to the survey companies, and you still get paid.

My #1 most recommended survey company to join and get paid is SurveyJunkie. They have paid out several millions of dollars to their members over the years and they can be trusted.

My #2 most recommended survey company that also pays is Swagbucks. This company is also very reputable and is among the oldest in the online survey space.


6 – By Participating In Group Discussions

Similar to getting paid to leave your opinions in surveys, you can also get paid really easy money by joining in group discussions.

Get Quick Easy Cash

Even though it will involve you physically commuting to a location to participate in these group discussions, it’s still easy money as you don’t have to do too much work.

You just share your thoughts and opinions about particular products or services and you get paid.

This is really easy money as you most often get paid right after the group discussion is done.

You can easily get paid easy cash of $50 to $200 for 1 or 2 hours!

This is perfect for those who need money now.

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7 – By Watching Ads Online

It’s really true – you can get paid just for watching ads online.

The companies involved usually pay people like you to view ads and give them your opinion, good or bad. Such opinions help them improve their ads and better target their audience.

So, even though it may appear like it’s free money, it’s not. You get paid for helping the companies involved.

Some of the companies that pay for this include:

  • Swagbucks
  • Nielsen Digital Voice
  • Perk TV
  • App Trailers
  • ETC

For a more comprehensive list as well exactly how each company works, check out –> Best Websites or Apps That Pay You Easy Cash To Watch Ads


8 – Get Easy Cash For Eating

Weird, right?

eat and get easy cash

It may be weird, but it’s true. You can get easy cash just for eating.

It’s mostly not just for the eating experience that you get paid for though. It’s usually for the feedback you give before, during and after eating at particular restaurants.

The companies and restaurants that pay people like you do so for the feedback they get from the process.

They use the feedback, negative or positive, to improve their food and overall service.

If you are worried about putting on weight while eating for money, don’t be. There are programs that can also make you money for losing weight.

You get paid to eat food and you end up also getting paid to lose weight. Heaven, right? 🙂


9 – By Shopping As A Mystery Shopper

No one ever complains that it’s hard work to shop for what they love. And that’s even when they spend their hard earned money without getting compensated.

What about getting paid for the shopping experience?

That’s what shopping as a mystery shopper is all about. It’s one of the easiest ways to get paid, especially for those who absolutely love shopping.

You shop, buy what you love, and get paid for the time you spent.

Click here to read more about how mystery shopping works and some mystery shopping companies that really pay.


10 – Get Easy Money From Cashback Sites like Ebates

Get Easy Money

Do you know how much easy cash you have been missing out on because you weren’t using cashback sites and apps?

A lot!

Cashback sites and apps help you get back a lot of cash you spend on shopping by simply shopping through them.

And don’t worry – you don’t have to pay any more than you are currently paying when you shop.

You pay the same amounts for the same things you buy.

Except you get back a portion of the same money you spend… thereby putting easy money right back into your pocket!

Since you will shop and buy the things you need anyways, why not get some of your cash back from the process!

Many of these types of cash back sites even have their own apps that pay you easy money. Some of the top cash back sites include:

  • Ebates,
  • Swagbucks,
  • Mr. Rebates,
  • iBotta,
  • etc.

These cashback sites usually have affiliations with hundreds and thousands of ecommerce, which makes it easy for you to find whatever item you want to buy from millions of online and offline sources.


11 – By Testing Products, Websites or Games

Unless you live in a cave, you visit different websites everyday and use different products everyday, don’t you?

Get Easy Dollars

What will you say if I told you it’s now possible to get paid for helping companies test out websites, games and other products?

Companies need everyday people like you to help them test out their websites, products, games, etc, before they launch.

This helps them identify and fix issues before the general public gets access.

  • Swagbucks
  • UserTesting
  • Ubertesters
  • TrymyUI
  • TestBirds
  • ETC

Some of these companies can pay you easy $3 to $10 for very short tests lasting between 10 to 40 minutes. If you have a few hours to leisurely put into this per day, you can end up making a lot.


12 – By Applying For Government Funds

This method of getting really free easy money still surprises a lot of people. They don’t think it’s possible to get free money the government.

Truth is – it is possible, and many are getting their hands on some of government money.

You should too.

From special student aid programs, weather assistance programs, low income energy assistance programs, child care support programs and even business loan programs, you can get free money from the government, if you qualify.

But how will you know if you qualify for free money without checking, right?

To see a list of the types of different such programs, and whether you qualify, check out –> How To Get Free Money From The Government.


13 – By Doing Simple Activities On Kingged.com 

Yes, this very site you are on – Kingged.com has its own really high quality unique program that helps its members get easy cash for performing simple daily or weekly activities.

These simple daily or weekly activities are as simple as:

  • Reading one or more articles you on the site daily or weekly
  • Reading the emails they send to you when you sign up for free

Just doing simple activities like these get you paid.

And what’s even surprisingly better is – whether you do all these daily or weekly activities or not, you still make easy money.

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